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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 10: SHE MUST BE FOUND

Shanghai, China.

Li Corporation was busy as usual.

The only difference was everyone was stiff. No one was talking to each other if it wasn't necessary. The atmosphere was totally like a middle school where a bad-tempered principal was on the round.

And why was that?

Because their President was in bad mood, just like a bad-tempered principal.

Some of the employees sighed.

When was the last time boss acted normal?

It was probably nine months ago.


Room of President Li

There was a sound of something crashed.

Assistant Si Guen was trembling seeing his boss going mad.


Twenty minutes ago...

"Boss." Si Guen knocked the door.

"Come in." A frosty voice from the inside.

Si Guen gulped. Today he brought a very bad news. His boss's temper was very bad lately. Since he came from Italy. There wasn't a single day when he talked normally like before. He got an excessive cold and distant aura, exact opposite of what he was nine months ago.

After praying silently to Lord Buddha, Si Guen went inside the office.

There he saw his boss and his younger brother.

"Did you find anything?" A cold voice swept inside the room.

Si Guen gulped again.

"The gangsters we were searching for were not found. Most likely their every information was wiped out from the world."


Si Guen almost jumped. His boss' fist almost cracked the table.

"What else?"

"Um...We found some lead which gave us information about Miss. We got some footage after searching for eight months."

Si Guen's boss stretched his hand.

With trembling hand Si Guen gave his boss the envelop.

The President opened the envelop and took the photos.

The pictures were with some gangsters and a girl.

The gangsters took a girl's dead body and then threw the woman in the river The Po.

The gangsters looked exactly like those ones nine months ago in Milan and the girl looked like her!!

The President threw his glass and it was crashed on the wall.

Si Guen couldn't stop his legs from trembling. He glanced at second master who was calmly sitting in the sofa.

"Leave!" The President roared.

"Y-yes Boss!"

Si Guen left the room so speedily that even Usain Bolt would fail if there was a competition.

He cried inwardly, 'Why did Boss's temper become so terrible?' *Sob*sob*

The President was trembling in anger.

'She is dead! Impossible! She cannot die!!'

He felt like he was in torture. After that incident in Italy he couldn't sleep properly. Every night he would dream the same dream.

A dream of her, sitting in the dock, as he was leaving she gave him a forlorn look and then smiled at him like she was blessing him a loving life. Then she got hurt in the head, blood was gushing down and was covering her face.

He felt like he was going crazy. Blood was boiling inside his veins.

'My heart is saying she is alive. Yes, she cannot die. She must be found! She must be!'

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