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Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 644 Dominating A Martial Arts Grandmaster Part 1

Chapter 644 Dominating A Martial Arts Grandmaster Part 1

Translator:Nyoi-Bo StudioEditor:Nyoi-Bo StudioThe terrifying aura had only just been released and had not yet been able to suppress Mo Wens power when it was suddenly swept back. In an instant, it was as though nothing had happened.Bu Xingyis facial expression showed his fury. One of the veins on his temple throbbed in anger.He had just discovered that there was actually a formless power in this world that was able to suppress his attacks with ease. His rich cultivation could not be unleashed at all. In the face of such opposition, he could only barely manage to maintain his cultivation at the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. A dignified Martial Arts Grandmaster like him had such astonishing cultivation, but right now, he was only left with a tenth of his power.For a strong practitioner, this situation was very depressing. He was full of power, yet he couldnt use it. It was as though a millionaire had become a pauper in an instant.Bu Xingyi was now in a very unenviable position. He about to attack Mo Wen, yet his cultivation had dropped to the intermediate stage of theElixir realm suddenly. How could he attack this youth with only 10% of his ability left?Bu Xingyi was enraged. He stood still although his facial expression kept shifting. He glared at Mo Wen, but as time passed, no attack came.Mo Wen chuckled while staring at Bu Xingyi, who was still wearing a puzzled expression. Mo Wen more or less understood what was happening.This space indeed had a mysterious force that suppressed the ancient martial art practitioners cultivation. However, it only affected those ancient martial art practitioners who had cultivation that went over the set limit of this space. In other words, this space had an invisible law that stipulated the maximum cultivation that ancient martial art practitioners could have. Once ones cultivation exceeded the limit, their power would be suppressed by the force in the space.Mo Wen could sense that Bu Xingyis aura right now was merely equivalent to that of an ancient martial art practitioner at the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. The quality of Bu Xingyis Inner Qi was far better than the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm but other than that, there was little difference.Combining all his strengths, Mo Wens cultivation prior to this was at most equivalent to the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. However, when he had been in that mysterious galaxy, Mo Wen had been showered with divine light. The three divine techniques that he had then practiced had gradually harmonized, indirectly causing his Inner Qi cultivation to step up. His cultivation now showed vague signs of being at the later stage of the Golden Elixir realm.Therefore, Mo Wen could sense that there was a force in this space suppressing his cultivation. It was likely that the upper limit for the cultivation in this space was the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. His cultivation slightly surpassed this stage, so he felt some pressure. However, since his cultivation didnt significantly exceed the limit, the pressure he felt was comparably small.Jin Ying didnt feel the suppressing force because her cultivation was at the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. Her level of cultivation was lower than that of Gong Zhangyan. Since her cultivation didnt reach the upper limit of the space, she would not be affected by the mysterious force.Old b*stard, are you dumbfounded? Mo Wen said with a cold smile. A phoenix which has lost its feathers is inferior to a chicken. I would like to see how you can act in such an arrogant manner. Mo Wen said with a cold smile.Mo Wens hands were behind his back and he viewed Bu Xingyi with condescension. The look he gave was practically a blatant provocation.Normally, if he had encountered such a Martial Arts Grandmaster, Mo Wen would have run for his life. But now, with the suppression of the mysterious power, Bu Xingyis cultivation was no longer more powerful than his own. Mo Wen did not need to fear him anymore.Brat, what did you say? Bu Xingyis face was sullen, his expression utterly terrifying. At this moment, Mo Wen provoking him was practically adding oil to the fire. A callow little b*st*rd was actually daring to humiliate a Martial Arts Grandmaster like him.I said you are even lower than a chicken, Mo Wen said nonchalantly.Jin Ying stood at one side as she stared open-mouthed at the scene in front of her. She had believed that something would happen to Mo Wen as he was chased by a Martial Arts Grandmaster. She had been somewhat worried. But right now, the situation had completely turned on its head. A scene that she never imagined appeared before her.Bu Xingyis bizarre embarrassed expression made her want to laugh uncontrollably.She finally understood what Mo Wen had said earlier about cultivation being suppressed by a mysterious power. From the looks of it now, this space indeed had a power that suppressed the cultivation of ancient martial art practitioners. However, her cultivation was too low, not having reached the upper limit of the space.Jin Ying was intelligent beyond compare. After thinking about it, she couldnt help but laugh. Bu Xingyi was very unfortunate. A dignified Martial Arts Grandmaster had just appeared and immediately had stepped into a deeply embarrassing situation.Jin Ying knew that in a situation where Mo Wen faced an ordinary ancient martial arts practitioner with the same level of cultivation as him, he would easily be more powerful than his opponent. Even if Bu Xingyi was a Martial Arts Grandmaster, with his cultivation suppressed down to the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, he would most likely not be a match for Mo Wen.You are looking to die! Bu Xingyi was a dignified Martial Arts Grandmaster, the Ming Temples third Sect Grand Elder. How could he stand being humiliated by a callow youth? Enraged, he did not care whether he held an advantage or not. His silhouette moved quickly towards Mo Wen.Bu Xingyi believed that as a Martial Arts Grandmaster, Mo Wen would not be able to match his power even if his abilities were suppressed. Bu Xingyi was confident that an ordinary intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm practitioner could not compare with him. After all, he was a Martial Arts Grandmaster. The quality of his Inner Qi and the martial arts teachings he had learned made him vastly superior to an ancient martial arts practitioner of the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm.Since the upper limit for cultivation in this space was the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm, it was also impossible for Mo Wens cultivation to surpass that limit. He did not believe that Mo Wen had the ability to exchange blows with him.Old b*stard, now is the time for me to repay you for chasing and trying to kill me. Mo Wen coldly laughed. He took a step forward. Bu Xingyi was dashing towards him with a palm strike ready and Mo Wen responded with the same tactic. The power of their palm strikes collided. Mo Wens figure only shook slightly, but Bu Xingyi was sent back a step.The two of them had not unleashed any martial arts teachings; a mere clash of strength had already determined where they stood.Bu Xingyi looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. He had not expected that he would lose to a junior ancient martial art practitioner like Mo Wen in a clash of strength.Jin Ying, who was standing to one side, was astonished. Mo Wens power was outrageous.Even if their cultivation was suppressed, a Martial Arts Grandmaster should still be much more powerful than the ordinary intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm practitioners. It would be impossible for an intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner like her to win against Bu Xingyi. It would even be very difficult for her to last long against him.However, that was for ordinary ancient martial art practitioners. It was different for Mo Wen. The power of his body was already so strong. Setting aside his Inner Qi cultivation, Mo Wens physical body was actually more powerful than Bu Xingyis.Little runt, I dont believe you. Bu Xingyis face turned red. With a low roar, his silhouette flickered. A swift wind swept up from the ground, flipping up crushed stones. Bu Xingyis silhouette once again appeared before Mo Wen.Enlightened Buddha Fist. This time, Bu Xingyi unleashed his martial arts teachings, no longer just using brute force.The Enlightened Buddha Fist was one of the Ming Temples famous martial arts teachings. It was listed as one of the five Ming Temple absolute martial arts teachings. It had shocked many in the ancient martial art world for hundreds of years, leaving them awestruck. As the Ming Temples Sect Grand Elder and a Martial Arts Grandmaster, Bu Xingyi had long since attained the highest level in his Enlightened Buddha Fist practice.A dazzling white light lit up from Bu Xingyis fists. The white light was like a brilliant sun, shining on the world and causing the gloomy light around them to brighten up.A terrifying heat started to warm up the surroundings. The temperature rose frenziedly. The dry leaves and branches on the ground started burning while the rocks began to melt.A streak of white light flashed past. It was as though a meteor was traveling through the sky. In an instant, the white light crashed towards Mo Wen.Mo Wen was stunned. He didnt know which rank of martial arts teachings the Enlightened Buddha Fist was. Even he was shocked by the mighty power. Bu Xingyis fists, which glowed in white light, released a destructive aura. It seemed as though the power coming from him could burn heaven and earth.Right now, Bu Xingyi could only unleash intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm cultivation, yet the Enlightened Buddha Fist was still so powerful. If he had the cultivation of a Martial Arts Grandmaster, only God knew how much more powerful his attack could be.Mo Wen had been able to escape safely earlier because Bu Xingyi had underestimated him. If Bu Xingyi had demonstrated his martial arts teachings since the beginning their first encountering, then even if Mo Wen had been able to escape, he would probably still suffered greatly.When faced with such an attack, Mo Wen didnt dare to be careless. His figure shook and a terrifying aura was released from his body. His aura increased steadily, and in an instant, it had doubled.The Glory of Thunder!Mo Wen did not hesitate. He demonstrated the legendary rite of passage martial arts right away. With Bu Xingyis attainment in martial arts teachings and his understanding of high-rank martial arts teachings, common martial arts teachings could not pose a threat to him at all.Only the rite of passage martial arts could directly harm him.Of course, Mo Wen possessed many incredible martial arts teachings too. For example, he knew The Heaven and Earth Great Shift and Tai Yin Claws, as well as others.Unfortunately, he had not had enough time to thoroughly practice these martial arts teachings. He had barely practiced them at all. Even though the rank of those martial arts teachings was high, his martial arts teachings realm was low. So, he could not really demonstrate the might of those martial arts.Until now, he had only reached the third level in his practice of The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, which was the martial art that he spent the most time working on. The Heaven and Earth Great Shift had a total of seven levels. The third level could at most be counted as an induction. Perhaps it was effective in handling some common ancient martial art practitioners. However, using it to attack a Martial Arts Grandmaster like Bu Xingyi would be a joke.Furthermore, the martial arts teachings practiced by the Martial Arts Grandmaster was not necessarily weaker than The Heaven and Earth Great Shift.In the end, Mo Wens time spent on cultivating his martial arts teachings was too short; he did not have a sufficiently strong foundation. He spent almost all of his time on improving his cultivation, neglecting his martial arts teachings practice. If he was given another few decades to practice those top martial arts teachings that he had mastered bit by bit, his combat ability would surely double.The might of the Enlightened Buddha Fist was astonishing, but the might of the Glory of Thunder was even more terrifying. When faced with such rite of passage martial arts, all the laymans martial arts teachings paled into insignificance.A shapeless thunder flashed past Mo Wens fists. The destructive forces permeated through the empty space. Everywhere his force went, space was distorted slightly.Bu Xingyis facial expression changed slightly. Right now, he suddenly recalled what a complicated character this Mo Wen was. He was mysterious from top to bottom. After all, Mo Wen had been able to escape without a scratch. In terms of ability, Mo Wen had surpassed even a pinnacle of Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner.Even a pinnacle of Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioner would find it difficult to escape from Bu Xingyis hands, let alone to retreat without a scratch. This youth could not be measured by the same standard as other intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners.

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