Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields Chapter 66: Raising fund

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With the sixty liang, she can use it to buy land. An ordinary one is four liang per mu[mu, a traditional unit of area(1 mu=0.0667 hectare)]. So, they can buy fifteen mu, and all these are just for planting cotton! Although it is a difference from her original plan, she could only make do with this for now.

Next year, the whole family will have to suffer a bit. After that, they will be much better off.

When Lian Fang Zhou said she wants to put all of the money, including the earning that they have yet to receive from charcoal, to buy land to grow cotton, the whole family was shocked.

Third Aunt was the first to object. Full of anger and agitation, she spoke, "Fang Zhou, don't be silly! Everyone has been deliberating over this matter these few days. They wish to avoid it as much as possible, and none would step forward. If it were a worthwhile matter, the government would have already passed it to those big landlords and influential squire. How could us ordinary citi ....

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