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Throne of the Apocalypse Throne Of The Apocalypse Chapter 10

I will help you with anything.

I need you to obtain some magic materials for me. Heres the list. Lin Yun said while handing a list to Raymond.

After Lin Yun completed the myriad colors potion, he stayed home. Because he was dissatisfied with how he performed the 2 hurricane whip spells. Whether it was power or accuracy, they were completely lacking compared to his performance in the final era.

However, this was to be expected. After all, Mafa Merlin has been stuck in level 9 apprentice for a long time. His talent was bad, whether it was manas control or manas capacity, he was below average. This was because of defects in his bodys const.i.tution. Hard work could only help him in acc.u.mulating more mana, but with his bodys defects, it would be impossible for him to advance to the mage rank.

Of course after Lin Yun occupied the body, he stepped into the rank of mage using a simple and an overbearing method that stemmed from his otherworldly control over mana. But in the end, he didnt get rid of the bodys defects.

Even though he formed the mana vortex, the problem was far from over. What would he do if he wanted to advance from mage to archmage, or from archmage to magician, or from magician to t.i.tled magician. The bodys defects will be a bottleneck the blocks Lin Yun future advancement. If he didnt solve this problem, then itd be a nightmare for him.

The knowledge available in this era isnt enough to deal with this problem. Anyone born with these defects will have his path to become a mage, blocked. They wont be able to handle intense mana, so how could they advance to the mage rank.

But fortunately, Lin Yun isnt from this era.

He knows at least two ways to solve the problem of the low mana capacity.

The first method is to use a special meditation technique to change the way mana flows. However, the time consumed by this method would be very long. Lin Yun would be stuck at mage rank for at least 3 to 5 years. The second method is to use potions to strengthen the body. This method is much faster. It would take from 10 days to half month which is almost negligible compared to 3 or 5 years.

But of course the cost would be high. It would require a lot of materials that are considered precious even in this era. The 30,000 GC in Lin Yuns hands certainly wouldn't be enough.

But Lin Yun was in no hurry. He estimated that it would take him some time to reach the peak of mage rank. During this time, he would focus on understanding the world.

After getting another opportunity to help, Raymond left in a hurry, which left the old butler lamenting that his son now is big shot that doesnt have time to spend with him.

Too unfilial, The next time he comes, give him a good beating. Lin Yun had no problem smearing Raymond. After that he went to the mages guild.


The mages guild was also located on Triumph street, two blocks away form the golden rose shop. From afar, one could see the tower of sages piercing the sky. The runes inscribed on it were clear. Whether it was the darkness or the shining sun, nothing could hide the mythical dazzling light.

Lin Yun stood under the tower looking at the inscribed runes while waiting for the guard to check his permit. From the runes, Lin Yun concluded that the tower was constructed in a time of wars. These runes are generally used for military purposes. It would take at least 10,000 person to exert the true power of the tower. And from the way mana seems to flow, the runes were definitely activated before few times. It wasnt suitable to call it a tower, but rather a formidable castle.

Welcome to the tower of sages. The guard said respectfully after seeing the golden magic mark on the crystal card. This golden mark indicated that was the highest permit which granted freedom to read any book in the tower of sages library. There were only 7 of these permits in the whole of thousand sails city. Each owner was an authority figure in their respective fields. That wasnt someone a lowly guard could offend.

Thank you Lin Yun took his permit and smiled to the respectful guard. And stepped in this magical palace with a thousand years history. If the tower of sages was the palace of the entire thousand sails city, then its library was the treasures vault of the city. It has the richest and most comprehensive collection of books in the entire east of the kingdom. Every year, countless mages come from thousands of miles away just to enter the library even for one day.

For mages, Knowledge is an addiction. Their thirst for knowledge everything else. Countless mages in mount Luo area wont bat an eye paying a hefty price, if they could obtain a permit.

Of course, Lin Yun who held the highest permit, didnt feel that way.

From time to time, Lin Yun would meet a hurrying mage along the beautifully carved stairs. Before long, he was standing in front of the entrance of the library on the 18th floor.

The library was very quiet. From outside, you could see many people wearing black robes sitting on the reading tables. They were absolutely quiet, even if one of them spoke, they would keep their voice down. Other than the rustling sound of turning pages, there was nothing else.

It was a good reading environment.

Lin Yun entered the library and tried not to make noise. After that, he found a seat in a corner and put a sign that someone was sitting there. When he was about to get up and search for books, a young mage wearing a black robe came to sit across him.

After the young mage sat down, he slammed the three heavy books in his hand on the table. The bang startled Lin Yun who was getting up, and couldnt help but frown and stare at the stranger in front of him.

Hey, Merlin, Dont tell me that you forgot about me? the young mage looked about 25 or 26 years old with handsome features, but for some reason Lin Yun dislike him, so he couldnt help but frown.

Unfortunately that wasnt Raymond. If Raymond saw Lin Yun frowning, he would shut up immediately. After all, he was almost killed on that day at the golden rose shop. And now, Lin Yun didnt frown once, but twice.

Because of his ignorance, he saw that Lin Yun obviously wasnt happy with him, but he didnt mind it and said smugly We met last month at the monthly meeting of the chambers of commerce, How could you forget about me so soon. Im Mason, the one who gave you a beating and broke your nose.

Mason? Lin Yun tried to recall the memories of Mafa Merlin. It turned out that he had a deep impression of him.

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