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The Strategy of Washing Clean a Slag Shou The Strategy Of Washing Clean A Slag Shou Chapter 14

Arc 1: The Presidents Unfaithful Lover

Chapter Fourteen

When Su Yang rushed into the studio, all the staff members were already in place, the stylist hurriedly dragged him to the dressing room. Director w.a.n.g told him about the added part of the story.

This scene was added by me temporarily, it was an inspiration that came from you. He pointed to the script and said: You will be named Sheng Rui, the girl you secretly loved is named Wen Qin who summoned up the courage to confess to your friend, while you are watching by the corner. Improvise youre acting, understand?

Su Yang nodded, after his friend rejected the girls confession at the beginning of the story, it was this confession that caused a series of misunderstanding summing up to become more ridiculous. Director w.a.n.g wanted to add a male perspective here, editing it into a set of flashbacks of memories. This will allow the audience to look into what the male characters see and feel, also making Sheng Ruis secret love more bittersweet.

Even he has to admit that this kind of play is very skillful, the characterization and plot give the story a nice finishing touch.

He lost his previous dissatisfaction and seriously said: Yup, I know what to do.

Director w.a.n.g suddenly smiled and patted his shoulder and said: If it is you, then everything will be fine, I coached for more than 10 years but this is my first time encountering an actor like you, you have that refreshing aura. If in the future we meet again, Id like it very much if we can have the opportunity to cooperate again.

You flatter me too much

Su Yang quickly and modestly said a few words but he also knows that Director words have a large impact.

Hes not dumb, the original owner hasnt learned acting, even the basic positioning hasnt reached his ears yet, if he suddenly becomes too good, people will become skeptical, so although he is better than the average newcomer, his actions dont warrant enough attention of the upper echelons, good is good, but not to the extent that will attract the special treatment.

Director w.a.n.g used this words as a form of appeas.e.m.e.nt. After all, Su Yang is backed by Fu Zhou. He doesnt have the same status as others, if he wants to ask for more scenes, providing him a few is inevitable.

After these two people were done exchanging words, Director w.a.n.g left to do other things, Su Yang carefully built up his characters state of mind.

A youths secret love that he just suddenly became aware of, was dealt a heavy blow by reality. If it was anyone else, they will feel insecure and frustrated and will most likely rather chose to abandon this girl but not Sheng Rui, he chose to silently wait.

This gentle yet a bit stupid kid, the boy will likely be shocked, disappointed and sad but he wont grieve.

He stared at his face in the mirror, there was a faint powder on his cherry colored lips. The scent of flowers was thick, the stylist was helping him with his hair.

He turned his head and said: The cheeks are white and lips should be lighter. Its better if we make it look my face look bleak.

Seeing the stylists was a bit surprised, Su Yang smiled at her slightly, this girl is not that old, her face was red, she probably has a busy schedule.

Although its winter, the scene was supposed to take place in late summer, Su Yang was wearing a thin white shirt, rolled up sleeves and standing in the cold, the black school uniform outlined his two long, slender legs, the wind, ruffling his clothes, occasionally brushing his slim waist.

The sunset reflected a golden glow in the sky.

Su Yang looked on in front of him, not really seeing anything special, but currently, he is Sheng Rui, so in front of him he saw two people, a cheerful young lady and a tall boy who appeared indifferent and lazy.

One is his crush and the other is his best friend, at this moment, the girl shyly handed a pink letter to the boy.

The letter appeared delicate, even from afar, its as if he could feel the weight it contained Suddenly clutching his fist, pale face filled with shock and confusion.

The boy cast an indifferent glance at the pink letter, then suddenly turned around. The girl trembled and seemed to want to say something but no words came out. She could only bite her lips as her eyes redden.

Su Yang quietly looked at this scene, the sadness in his eyes cannot be mistaken, clear yet faint, as if the wind blows will be enough to break him, his thin lips lost their color as he pressed it into a straight line, a sour taste spread in his mouth.

Seeing the girl helplessly squatting down, he stepped forward and moved half a step but stopped.

A girl as strong as her doesnt need his comfort. The only thing he can do is pretend he never saw anything.

He quietly looked at the front, no one knew what he was thinking. Just looking at that hunched over figure makes him feel distressed.

At the end of summer, the breeze carried an autumn air, the girl watched the boys back and silently shed tears not realizing that another boy witnessed her sorrow, distress, and sadness.

Director w.a.n.g, its already been half an hour, this should be enough for later editing, it should be enough to move the audience sympathy.

Director w.a.n.g glared back and said: Yes, this ones done! Prepare for the next one.

The next scene has nothing to do with him. Su Yang immediately hugged his body and tried to warm up, his whole body was frozen stiff.

The technology in this era is too backward. This kind of cross-seasonal plot doesnt even provide the actors with some heating facilities, making people suffer in the cold.

The crew set quickly gave him some hot water. Su Yang held the cup, though it didnt help much with the cold. Suddenly, he felt a warm coat covering him. His eyes turned slowly then widened.

Su Yang blurted: Yu Zican!

When Wen Xiuning heard these name, he can only laugh. He reached out and helped him tighten the coat. In your eyes, do you only see Yu Zican?

Su Yang went stiff and exclaimed: No, I just didnt expect to see senior coming here. I was just too excited so I said it without thinking.

Wen Xiuning put on his hat onto Su Yangs head then took him to lounge.

This movies song was sung by me. It just happened that this setting was where Ill be recording the video. I just want to take a look at the proceedings. I didnt expect to meet you here. This can only be fate.

Su Yangs brain was a bit slow in response, he wasnt able to guess the words behind his phrase. He obviously, sincerely just thanked him: Youre my savior

Wen Xiuning looked around and asked: Dont you have any agent or a.s.sistant?

Su Yang thought, does Fu Zhou counts as his agent and a.s.sistant? Well, It counts. But obviously, it isnt something you can just tell others, so he said: Im still arranging for one.

Wen Xiuning looked at his pale face, his lips long ago lost their color and thought of him standing in this cold, weathering the wind and suddenly his heartbeat start to quicken.

Unlike the performances that were full of excitement and actions shot in B campus, this one is equally more dazzling that people cant move their eyes away.

Its as beautiful as a western oil painting that contains unlimited imagination. Elegant, graceful, rich and beautiful. A masterpiece that has colors that rhyme is, no matter the appearance, charming enough to make onlookers infatuated only because of this person.

Wen Xiuning finally realized that some people were born to perform on the stage. Someone who people will go crazy and possessive over that person, someone that should be carefully held in his palm so that no one else can see.

It is not a sin for a good person to want to monopolize others.

-Its blasphemy.

Sorry for the long wait the releases might take longer from now on until winter break comes sigh

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