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Round 3.2

PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was a mental illness in which people suffered a major change or psychological trauma. Most of the patients would suffer from insomnia, nightmares, emotional dissociation, and numbness towards pain. They would absolutely avoiding things that might trigger their traumatic memories. Some even had severe conditions such as anger problems, excessive vigilance and even ma.s.sive changes to their personality.

And XiaoXiao suffered some of them!

XiaoXiao frowned, her delicate and beautiful face became whiter, but in her eyes there was an anger that was about to erupt. "Get out of my way!"

Bai Lu was adamant in persuading her. She spread her arms trying to prevent XiaoXiao from escaping. "Duanmu, listen to me" As the two of them went head to head, several young men walked from a distance: they wore a gray vests, camouflage overalls, and military boots. This was the Panthers uniform during their daily training. They had never seen this group of men before so they must be the newly recruited men who came today to report.

"Senior Sisters, Good morning."

As the saying goes, no matter where you were sweet-talking was a good way to start a conversation with opposite gender. These children were very polite.

Bai Lu didn't have time to babysit them, she just wanted to convince XiaoXiao to go to her counselling appointment on time. She nodded slightly at them, and pointed to the field not far away from them. "If you're the new recruits, gather and wait there!"

Because XiaoXiao's way out was blocked by these new recruits, her anger was raising but fortunately, it didn't flare out. So regarding these new recruits, she immediately ignored them.

The new recruits were nervous when they first arrived at the base. After seeing these two beauties, who both had very different styles, the bitterness they had felt before had vanished like smoke.

Especially after seeing XiaoXiao. Her beauty was definitely lethal.

But, was she truly their senior sister? She looked very young, was she truly an adult? The one who was dressed in the white coat and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with intellectual beauty must be from the medical squadron. Could it be the loli sister was also in the medical squadron?

The youngsters brain immediately began to overheat because their imagination. They would be treated by a pair of beauty if they had any injuries!

As they imagining it, a loud voice sounded out from the field. Its volume was enough to pierce the eardrums of anyone who heard it.

Newcomers, dont just stand there! Come here!!!

The group was immediately frozen. They stood perfectly still like a rod, gave their salute, then hurriedly went off to the field.

Bai Lu, who had also become dizzy because of the roaring voice, began looking for XiaoXiao again; but she was already long gone. This made Bai Lu let out an angry sigh and stomp away.

On the field, the new recruits and three veteran members of the Panthers immediately introduced themselves to each other.

The current captain of the Panthers was an enormous, mighty man named Zhang Wu who was 31 years old this year. He had been on the team for 8 years. His body resembled Sylvester Stallone in the movie First Blood: he had a dark complexion and rough muscles all over his body. His big hands could even stun a tiger when coupled with his thundering voice. As he was the captain, everyone loved to call him Boss.

There were 11 people on the active veteran team member of the Black Panther. The tallest one, with a sun-kissed skin tone and scholarly looks, was the number one sniper in the Panthers. His name was Wei Jun but everyone called him Old Wei. He had just turned 30 years old and had been in the Panthers for around 6 years.

Then there was the man with a smaller height than the first two. He had delicate and pretty facial features that made him to look a bit feminine and a mole under his left eye. He was the man in charge in main a.s.sault Wei Xiao. He was 28 years old and had been in the Panthers for 5 years. Although his look was a bit sissy, there were only a few people in the Panthers who could win against him. This person was called Big Gun.

This time, these three people were responsible for handling the new recruits. As for the remaining 8, 2 were lying in the hospital because of injuries and the other 6 had gone to the city council to handle the recent kidnapping cases.

Zhang Wu stood there straight, looking like a wall. His features werent as good-looking as a movie star, in fact, he was rather dark skinned his skin was as black as a bottom of a pot. With the same expression always on his face, he clearly wasnt a beautiful looking man.

You guys run 20 laps around the field!

The five new recruits took a glance at the field they were in. The perimeter of this field was about 2 kilometres long. If they had to have to do 20 laps it was about 40 kilometres long. Shouldnt they do a welcoming party or something of the sort first?

Zhang Wus tiger-like eyes looked at them sharply. Whats wrong? Was it too easy for you guys? Then do 30 laps!

Suddenly a sorrowful cry sounded out.

If you dont start running now Ill add another 10 laps!

Yes captain, well run now! They didnt dare to say anything else and hurriedly ran around the field.

Wei Xiao said, These guys seem pretty good.

Zhang Wu answered, Whats so good about them? We still dont know if they can withstand the training.

The Panther team's training was more stern and harsher than even military training.

Take your time! Zhang Wu roared while watching the new recruits running. As he saw their running speeds started to lowering, he immediately roaring at them. Didn't you guys already eat? Speed it up!

Old Wei suddenly said. After you finish running, we will enter the martial training hall. Only then will you know what suffering is!

Wei Xiao and Zhang Wu suddenly remembered what happened last time, and chills spread over their skin.

Yet Old Wei started laughing and said deviously, It will be a good show to look at!

After they finished running 30 laps, the 5 new recruits sat on the ground while trying to catch their breath. They took the mineral water that were handed by the veteran members, and then poured it into their mouths and on their heads.

Thankfully, because they were all army personnel, after resting for just a few minutes all of them became energetic again.

Lin Jun, the most handsome out of the five recruits, sneakily asked Old Wei who was standing near him, "Senior Brother, who is the pretty senior sister, the smallest one, that was here a moment ago?

When Old Wei listened his question, his eyes flickered with a naughty glint and a mischievous smile bloomed in his lips. "You want to know?"

The other recruits immediately gathered around him. They were all about the same age, around twenty years old. All their youth they had been in the military training, even though they had met female soldiers, as the military was very disciplined and strict, exchanging personal gifts were forbidden, even if it was just food. They could only see and hang out near one if they were able and didn't dare to act recklessly. At first, they had thought that Black Panther only consisted of male members. They didn't expect it had a fairy sister as a member!

For a regular police officer it would be hard to get married; it would be even harder for a member of the special police.

This kind of matter they needed to act quickly

"Senior Brother, say it quickly."

Old Wei's smile was filled with malicious intent but, unfortunately, none of the recruits were even aware of it.

"In just a moment, you guys will know."

Then he pointed to the martial arts training hall. "The rest period is almost over; don't start becoming lazy. Next one is martial arts training!"

"That's so quick!"

d.a.m.n, ahh, they just did 60 kilometres run, and they hadn't even had a lunch yet.

"Don't complain. Or do you guys want another 30 laps?"

The new recruits hung their heads low and ran towards the training hall.

Old Wei's eyes were shining brightly and there was a devilish smile on his face. He pulled the other 2 veteran members to follow the new recruits into the hall.

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