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Otome Game no Akuyaku Reijou o Tanoshimitai! Otome Game No Akuyaku Reijou O Tanoshimitai! Chapter 5

Sweet smell, soft touch. In front of me, Prince Alan was very close.

Dumbfounded, I solidified. Prince Alan was looking at me with a bright red face.

"Liliansama kissed Prince Alan Liliansama is Prince Alan's fiance!?"

I see, to become engaged for this reason it was probably different in the original game.

Such a thing. Because the original Liliana shouldn't be.

I was thinking absentmindedly. A servant lifted me up and put me on a chair.

"It has become a serious thing"

Prince Alan too, at the words of the servant, got up.

Rose petals were grazing us in the strong wind. As if to inform the beginning of a storm.

Even now, Prince Alan repeatedly opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish.

"Liliansama, are you hurt?"

"I'm fine, Leila. More importantly, is there a way to annul this engagement?"

"It is impossible. There are too many witnesses now"

There surely are too many servants We cannot make it sound like it has not happened.


"Prince Alan?"

"Liliana, is it unpleasant to be my partner? And, the hat Thank you"

That reminds me, I was holding his hat in one hand.

"Liliansama, why did you not use wind magic?"

"Ah, as Leila said, I should have used magic but I wonder why, my body moved on its own"

Thinking about that, I realized something when I was climbing the tree.

I was climbing rapidly without minding my skirt flipping over.

Because I didn't want to look at Prince Alan's sad face anymore.

"Liliana, sorry, if I wasn't wearing that hat One day, if you find your favorite person, we could cancel our engagement anytime"

"Prince Alan"

But I don't want to damage his life

"Well. Let's go to the castle now, Liliana. We can hurry up in a carriage with your parents and a few servants"

"Prince Alan Is it fine like this?"

"I don't dislike the present Liliana. And because of the tradition"

" I am really sorry"

At my words, Prince Alan only smiled. I dressed myself in a hurry and got on a carriage.

After a while, we arrived at the castle made of white bricks. The castle is so big, it cannot be compared with my house. Then I received an engagement ring this day. It was a ring handed down from generations.

"What a beautiful ring"

"It was a ring mounted with beautiful gems from all over the world. It has been prepared from the moment I was born"

Wow, amazing. I feel like a super celebrity!

The ring was altered with magic to fit my size. It fitted so smoothly to a small child finger, as one would expect from a fantasy world.

"I will treasure it, Alan"

"Because there is only one ring like this in the world. I have a matching one"

"It suits you very well, Alan"

"It suits you too, Liliana. But these many gems are, are defeated by your radi uh radiance!"

* * * * * * * * * *

(He is deep red and he is fumbling)

Looking at Alan's circ.u.mstances, it made me smile a little.

But Alan is serious and said in a small voice, looking at me.

"But, Liliana. You can fall in love freely without minding about the engagement. I permit it"

"Prince Alan"

"Actually, I would rather not but I can endure it"

I was somewhat feeling sorry, it was all my fault

Then from the castle, we headed to the church. Only the relatives including our parents were there.

"Then, let's begin the ring ceremony"

Reverend-sama watched us alternatively. While Prince Alan was looking at me, he took the ornamented ring on the altar.

Then he inserted the ring in the fourth finger of my right hand and kissed it.

Shortly after that. There was a big thunder



Frightened, I crouched down. Prince Alan rushed over in a hurry.

The thunder was nearby.

"Calm down, Liliana. It will not strike here"

"I was surprised Kyaa! Prince Alan"

Prince Alan suddenly hugged me close, I became bright red. I couldn't say anything on the spot and looked at him.

"Don't call me Prince Alan anymore. Call me Alan"

"Addressing you without honorific"

"Will you call me Prince Alan even if we will get married?"

"Then Hmm Alan"

"Good. Liliana. Look at the ring. The golden ring looks compatible with your beautiful blond hair"

"The golden ring suits you well too"

Well, because it was Alan, everything suited him. Except for that hat.

"Huhu, that is for the best"

"Alan, Lilianchan, I wonder if you are not flirting too much"

"Queen-sama! Something like flirting"

"That's all right, Lilianchan. I was just kidding. Well I am surprised that you are his fiance"

"I am really sorry!"

Queen-sama definitely wanted to choose the fiance!? Her plans were broken because of me!?

"Anyway, I was thinking of talking to your engagement with Alan"


I see, because of that, Liliana automatically became the fiance. I see.

"Alan is shy in front of the others I was thinking of choosing you as a childhood friend"

"I see"

Being convinced, Alan was a little embarra.s.sed.

That reminds me, Alan from the game didn't have a particularly sociable image.

Compared to the other characters.

"Until the banquet, you will have to stay at the castle for a while You should relax. I arranged delicious meal for you"

"Thank you very much, Queen-sama!"

"because we can prepare your favorite dishes, feel free to request it"

"I am so grateful! Queen-sama!"

I bowed, being somewhat excited. Queen-sama watched over us while smiling.

King-sama too was smiling with a calm face. At the rear, I saw Leila breathing a sigh of relief.

Without knowing that the lightning had split a nearby tree

* * * * * * * * * *

Lords and important persons from the country were invited, as well as amba.s.sadors and diplomats from outside the country. This big banquet was held for Alan and me. I was wearing a red dress with pearls on a gorgeous gold embroidery so with this on, I couldn't have a peaceful meal. Alan is wearing a white suit embroidered with gold. My bang was raised, the remaining hair was tied up by a red ribbon.

The coordinated outfits with the skillful use of gold from royalty were very gorgeous.

"Wow Somehow, there are only important looking persons" "They are all here to celebrate, Liliana. Is there someone you recognize?"

"There is none"

(Because, I don't have memories from before)

Although greeting pa.s.serby's several times, I grew impatient not knowing anyone

While looking at the guests at the other side, we returned to our sits. The higher seats where we could see all sort of guests was perfect for mental strain.

My feet were soon shaking. Even though my role was just like a tree in a school scene.

"Our family's Alan is engaged to Liliana from the Rose family, both will proceed to the marriage when they will reach 18"

A voice could be heard. Looking at the scene from above, amongst several people, a figure was familiar.

Probably a childhood capture target. Staring at it absentmindedly, Alan pulled my sleeve.

" I don't like it when you look at other boys"


(Cu, cute he is burning with jealousy)

I lowered my gaze to break into a smile. Alan's face was bright red.

After a short time, while we were in the middle of the greetings my stomach growled.

"What is it? Just now"

"A big noise"

While the audience was noisy, I turned white.

Then, Alan raised his voice unexpectedly.

"Ah I am sorry, I was nervous and didn't eat breakfast. Can Liliana and I eat? From where we are seated, we can see tasty looking meal"

The audience was more and more noisy. The King-sama's face was red.

Alan winked at the embarra.s.sed me. What an angel, super gentle.

Returning to our seats, the servants came over with food. I started eating slowly, greedily devouring without minding the others.

"Alan Thank you"

"I was hungry too"

(While saying that, your treat didn't diminish, Alan)

How kind you are. While having teary eyes, I slowly chewed delicious meat.

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