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Certificate of Conformity Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 1 Part 1

Note:This is atypical of the danmei novels I have read. For one thing, I am really extra, doubly sure that the leads are psychos. I was expecting romance and drama but what I got was suspense and horror. Oh, and A LOT of angst.The reason why I am translating this is because I want people to accompany me into the bottom of this pit.So what are you waiting for? Jump in!(/)/

Warning: Contains noncon and dubconYOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


"Su Yi, I broke up with Song Wenze."

The man who said this had an extremely handsome face. His facial features were very three-dimensional. When you look at it, he looked a little like a mixed-race person. Under his eyebrows, he had a pair of deep peach blossom eyes and the slanted edges were smudged with a hint of pink.When he smiles, his eyes are slightly bent, and the dark brown eyes will shine with brilliance. At this time, his brows wrinkled with distress, and the eyes were dim.

Chen Heng slightly narrowed his eyes and poured him a cup of tea. He said quietly: "Who initiated the breakup?"

"Of course it is him." Ou Yichen raised his eyebrows. "Song Wenze said that he has no sense of security. He also said that I am attracting b.u.t.terflies everywhere, but is it my fault that Im so handsome?"


Ou Yichen, who had a handsome face filled with anger and grievance, confessed to Chen Heng. "Su Yi, I don't want to be with Song Wenze."

Hearing this, Chen Heng smiled a little: "Youve been saying this for the past seven years."

The man who was in a state of loss of love touched his nose and said, "I am serious this time."

Chen Heng just smiled.

There was a sigh near his ear: "Tell me the truth, if we didn't break up, do you think that we'd still be together now?"

Chen Heng was dumbfounded, and his face looked helpless. "Why do you have so many ifs, you were the one who left me at that time."

"Hey, I thought wed still be good friends." When all is said and done, he was still ashamed in his heart, thus the voice of the man was much smaller.

Concealing the ridicule in his eyes, Chen Heng asked: "What about now?"

"Now..." Ou Yichen thought for a while, just as he was about to answer, a phone suddenly rang; he subconsciously went to pick it up, but found that the man opposite him got to it first.

Chen Heng gestured to him and strode to the side.The sun shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows, outlining his tall, straight silhouette.


"Mr. Su, you have a parcel here, dont forget to come pick it up as soon as you can." The voice of the neighborhood guard was heard on the phone.

After the car accident that killed the original owners parents, his relatives tried to curry favor to get some of the money they left behind. The original owner broke off with them, and he also did not like making friends. After so many years, he only had one friend: Ou Yichen. So who would send him a package?

Chen Heng subconsciously tightened his brows, but his tone was still mild: "Do you know who sent it?"

"I don't know, they didnt write their name on it."

"Okay, then I will come over in a while."

After hanging up the phone, Chen Heng went to Ou Yichen and apologetically said: "Sorry, but I have something to do; Ill be going first."

Ou Yichen listened with obvious disappointment. "If I had known earlier, I would have gone to the bar to drink. If it were not for you insisting that I come here to drink tea, I wouldnt be here."

Chen Heng: "Your stomach is not good, drink less."

"Okay, okay, I know. Go, arent you busy?" Ou Yichen waved impatiently.


When he left the cafe, Chen Hengs originally genial expression was replaced by a cold, ironic look. On his handsome face was a hint of an indifferent, cold-blooded smile.


His name is Chen Heng, he came from another world. In a world where technology is rapidly developing, he is a core member of the X organization; the organization that holds the world's highest technology.In order to maximize his brain capacity, he created his own brain development system and with the most accurate data and years of experience, his brain utilization rate increased by nearly 10%.

Because of his genius mind, he decided to go to medical school on a whim. When everyone thought that he was interested in becoming a surgeon, he dropped under everyones eyes and performed surgery on his own body.

No reason. He just wanted to personally handle his organs and feel their soft, smooth texture.When his warm kidney lay in his palm, he merely snorted and threw it back in.

Thats the way he is, no matter what he does, he must do his best.In his mind, there is no right or wrong, he is eternally pursuing, just like his name, Chen Heng, to become eternal.

People in the organization are very afraid of him and feel that his behavior is incomprehensible.

When a person's behavior does not follow the common sense, people feel uncomfortable, disgusted and fearful, others are used to privately calling him - pervert.When this perversion is still very good, they usually add a prefix - a fascinating pervert.

Chen Heng does not care about appearances; he enjoys the loneliness of being at the top, and continues to strive forward diligently.

Until that day.

Whenever he thinks of that day, he still feels that its very ridiculous.

Chen Heng developed a lot of new biological agents in the X organization, but he did not expect that he would be brought down by his own invention.He never wastes time on useless sleep, but he was put in a coma for a whole night. When he woke up, his body was full of signs of being violated, especially between his legs, with numerous hickeys and bite marks peppering his body.

Although Chen Heng did not have any s.e.xual experience, the tingling and sticky feeling behind him, let him clearly understand that he was raped.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw an equally naked figure.The face is unremarkable, he doesnt recognize it, and Chen Heng can't even remember if the person is a member of the organization.

His eyes fell coldly on the other's face, as if studying the highest level of academics.

The man was aware of the cold eyes of Chen Heng. The other party slowly opened his eyes, and there was a trace of confusion in the dark eyes.

"Woke up?"

Hearing the familiar enchanting voice, the man was surprised, and then his eyes flashed madly with love and he couldnt believe it: Chen Heng? He later found out that the two were naked --- naked on a bed, his dark face suddenly turned red and purple, stuttering and saying: "We...we..."

Chen Heng nodded. "As you can see, we had s.e.xual relations."

The man was blushing and bowed his head: "I will be responsible for you."

"Responsible?" The cold ice-like man suddenly laughed. "I don't want you to be responsible." His eyes narrowed dangerously, his handsome breathtaking face expressionless, "I want your life!"

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