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Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Polkas miraculous spring and Proof of the Hero [Irina Maia Luna Apple] As summer draws to a close, Polka in one go enters fall. "The leaves in the forest are already yellow" "At Ba.s.son, you can still wear a s.h.i.+rt for another month" The bar at night. Keiron and Lantz, who went hunting towards the forest instead of training said so. "It's going to snow in two months" As I tilted the beer, both Keiron and Lantz looked surprised. "In 2 months!" "It is too early!?" "It's not an exaggeration or anything to be in the snow for half of the year here in Polka" Yeah, nothing exaggerated. Maybe it's going to snow much earlier. "It's about time our moms started to put their energy into preparing their preserved food" "That said, we don't have to be as desperate as before because of the forest elves" Johnny and Keel who were drinking nearby also supplement. The late summer of the calendar is the fall of Polka. We're getting ready for the next one, feeling the change of seasons a little earlier. Luna's initial training seems to be going well. That's because I don't understand the curriculum as a special scout soldier. "The ability of scouts depends on the ability to weave the entire image of the reconnaissance from a piece of information in a short time. The rest is abundant means of escape. Selenium is an unusually high scout at the degree of perfection" "Well, it's a matter of life and death and I was a travelling half elf girl" The counter where the girls gather. Selenium is a little proud of Dianne's commentary. Well, I think it's okay to brag. There won't be any amateurs who can say this to Dianne, who is also a former intelligence agent. "Luna is completely inferior to Selenium in terms of physical abilities. She has good intuition and memory. The rest is the ability to select and build information and to make decisions when pulling" "I think it's better to have combat skills than not to have themif I teach her a little bit, it's going to be a lot of stuff" Aurora sharpens her mouth, but Dianne says Not good. "Teaching that kind of thing is something that needs more experience. I want scouts instead of infantry and if she learns to fight badly before she gets used to the work as a scout, she tends to recklessly imitate. Now it's time to learn how to take the information home." "I see" "We can do as much as we can, but we don't have to let Luna do it. If we think about going to a regular formation instead of a special mission, that will also be for ourselves, but we don't have much time right now" "It's almost winter" Dianne and others seem to understand that the winter in the demon territory is similar from the speed of the coldness of Polka. Although it may not be as long as Polka, exploring in the snow in winter will be extremely difficult. Moreover we don't want to prolong the mission. If possible, it is better to clear up as soon as possible. "Well, let's not be impatient. If you get impatient and die, you cant regret it" Selenium smiles while tilting her c.o.c.ktail. Good grief. When I returned to the inn, Anzeros and Laila were just leaving from the front door. "Where are you going?" "Ho. Baron-dono's mansion" "We want to help Jeanne" I'm happy to have them. Jeanne and Peter are still troubled to live in the baron's mansion. Peter is crying all the time and requesting that his diapers are changed or he wants to drink breast milk, that's why the baron kindly lent a room as it would be difficult to take care of a baby in a restless temporary lodging. Thank you Baron. Rather, I often see the baroness (Mother of five children) teaching Jeanne her mother's knowledge, so I don't think there was a strong recommendation of her. And then. "Andy's child is our child" "Hoho, a human child is something that can be taken care of" Both Anzeros and Laila are a bother. And more than that, they seem to be receiving an extraordinary maternal stimulation for the baby. "Peter is so cute" "Umm, so let's leave Jeanne's help to us" They stand up and head to the baron's mansion. I appreciate it, but I'm a little lonely. "I will come with you!!" "Yes Yes" "Don't be rude to Peter, it's a delicate child" So. When we went to the mansion, a thorough support system was set up by the free aunts and baroness and there was no s.p.a.ce for me to enter. a.s.sistance to a first-born child, in a town with little population and entertainment, seems to be a kind of entertainment in itself. What about the lack of a parent's whereabouts? Even I am the parent. "Andy. Let's take a bath together and change your mood" "Baron!" Also trying to get involved with Peter, the Baron, who had been thrown out by his wife, aims for the hot spring with me. - To warm up, we go to the back mountain which looks down on the woman's hot spring through the underpa.s.s. Today's women's bath peeping party (Temporary Name) is the baron, me and Goto. Goto, who is an ogre, followed the underpa.s.s by shrinking his body. There were bathers in the hot spring before the bonfire. Luna, Apple, Maia and Irina. And then. "Hum, it might be a hit today!" The baron's eyes s.h.i.+ne. There was Neia. "Nuhuhu, I had a little academic interest in that girl's figure" "As one would expect from the baron" "I'm sorry for that honesty" We quietly look closely. No, I can't see their figures well because of the distance and the steam. "Nuhohoho" Goto began to rub naturally with the dwarf's telescope while magnifying and peeking. Masturbating while looking through a tube-type telescope should be difficult because the field of view shakes, but isn't this a problem for this guy? "Goto, lend me the telescope" "I'm sorry 10-man captain Smithson, but that's all there is to it. Ah, but after I pulled out three times" Does he feel like pulling three shots out as it is? Rowdy. "Tsk, I change the position" "Andy" "10-man captain Smithson!" Im not stop by the both of them. I can't control my academic interest in how big Neia's are. I tried to get as close as possible and the distance approached half of the distance. Although not as much as the baron, I'm quite confident in securing the point of peeping on the female bath. And from that position, Neia's limbs and spoken voice were clear. Neia's body should be said to be a compact glamorous body and the chest and b.u.t.tocks were quite tasty compared to her small height. However, the body shows different characteristics when viewed nearby. "Emm, Neisanthat, terrible" When Apple said nervously, Neia smiled. "It's ugly, isn't it?" Her body was covered with old wounds. There are numerous nail marks, burned scars and twitch marks on the back, chest, belly, arms and legs, regardless of size. I could not help thinking that it was certainly a little awful. "I don't say it's ugly, but I'm wondering how much you've done" "Seventy percent are wounds during training. Thirty percent are marks of battles with monsters and devils" "Hmm. So much from training" "That's because of training. If you get this kind of wound in battle, you'll die" "Nevertheless, training is merciless" Neia returns a smile which seems to be embarra.s.sed to the last to the impression of Irina. "A hero is the strongest warrior who fights on the back of the country. It must be the strongest. No matter what time he appears, he must be a hope that the people can feel Its alright. It is not few that someone dies at the training stage. But that's what works just to make the most of it to the people" "It's a difficult time" "Di, Did Neia almost die during training?" "If you look at the wound, you'll see it? I can't say that I didn't mind the spear penetrating my back" "Hyaa" "I don't want to be a soldier to do that muchDianne is a boss who didn't do such a painful thing and I'm glad" "If it's for Andy, I will endure that much" Apples say several impressions. "Nevertheless, when it comes to such an ugly body, it is human nature that you don't want to show your skin to others. Even though it's summer, I've been wearing armor and so on and I'm sorry for the hot weather" She continues to smile with a warm smile without being stuffed to the end. A brown nude approaching there. "It is so" "Hyawa!?" Hilda was the new entrant who hugged Neia without hesitation. "Wh, What is it!?" "Hmm, it would be really hard if there were so many scratches on your skin, wouldn't it? It would be a complex, the muscles and skeleton would be distorted and the skin would be convulsed and teared" "Uhwe, well, that's right" "Tha, ts, why. Leave this to a magic doctor" Hilda shouts and pushes Neia down to the washroom. Neia is confused and shouts St, Stop!?. And then. "There!" Maia makes an ice ball above her head, stands up, throws it. Towards the rock where the Baron and Goto are hiding. Landing. A scream. "Pe, Peeping!?" "Hmm. There was some sign but it was there" "Yeah. I know that when Hilda pushed me down, something was said" "You're not hitting Andy?" "That's okay. Andy isn't over there" Im exposed!? No matter what the area was, Hilda was horse-riding Neia and even her s.h.i.+ning fingers on the wound were sneaking around. "It, It hurts somehow" "KIAI patience. I'm opening a wound that has been twisted once" "Eh!?" "You may not know Neichan, but this miraculous spring is the best healing place on the continent. Even a deadly wound can be cured without a trace as long as the person is still alive. However, because such a deep, old wound has already settled in the body, it takes time to undo it. That's why I have to untie the wound that became entangled once" "Ha, Haa" "Alright, believe Hildsensei You'll get back to pearly skin like Apple-chan in a week" "That's what?" "Do. You can't do it elsewhere, than here. So it hurts a little bit, but youre going to be patient" That's Hilda. "So. Irinchan" "I know. We're already doing it. Maia, go" "Yup" Irina looks at me. My body doesn't move anymore when I think it's bad. Irina's original spell, the Snake Eye that binds the opponent only with a line of sight. And, Maia invades the bush where I am hiding. She lifts me up who is stuck in the peeping pose by the waist. "Su, SuSuSu, Smithson-san!!? S, So close!?" Neia is confused by turning her eyes around while being treated. Hilda makes a thumbs up to Maia while operating with one hand. And then. "The bad husband who peeps into the girl's bath without hesitation should relieve his stress a little" "Hilda is it fine?" "Nn, it's already meaningless because I'm already on the contraception magic. Today I'm going to concentrate on treating Neichan" "All right" The fact that she can refrain from it because she is under contraception magic is quite scared to think that it is directly connected to the strength of Hilda's pregnancy ambition. I mean, doesn't she feel like flirting with her husband anymore? "Andy-sama, you have your pet here, so don't let everyone move before you're satisfied" Maia walks in good spirits behind the bushes with me on her arms. "Huhuhu, If you're starving for women so much, it's not like you're going to comfort them with your body" "NNowI'll show you everything in my room without doing this" "Because I've applied contraception magic on me, I should have s.e.x every day. It's magic that will let you do it without hesitation" Irina, Apple and Luna also follow this. And when I came out behind the wall of the women's bath, Irina lifted the Snake Eye and Maia lays out a illusion boundary. "Now, no matter how much you mess up, there will be no problem" "Andy-san, don't hesitate to tell me whenever you want to do it. I'm there for that and I don't have any contraception magic applied, so it is a good thing to put it out" "Applesly. I was really happy with it" "Lunchan can help Andy-san and his friends, so it's good, isn't it?" "By the way, the frequency of nursing may be somewhat higher" "Andy-sama, me too. I don't have training, so if you have time, Andy can do it freely from morning to night" "You're too greedy Maia" At last, even though my body began to move, it was a little cold because I was thrown out with a naked lower body at the beginning of autumn. However, in front of beautiful nude girls with hot spring dew that come close to me while talking about strange estrus for each of them, I have not withered enough to break my waist forever. "Go, Good, if you want to do it too, I will also make love to Hilda!" "Huhu, yesss" "Hurry, Hurry" "Andy-sama, throbbing" "It's a superb item whenever you see it" I caught Maia, who was close at hand and pushed her down on the soft gra.s.s. Of course, Maia does not wear even a single thread, therefore she pushes up only her b.u.t.t as it is. "I'll goyou are already so wet, you erotic pet!" "Nn" I pierced into Maias p.u.s.s.y overflowing with soup that was slimy without touching it. A slimy and cramped hole greeted me with joy. The narrow hole swallows my p.e.n.i.s like a strange inhalation, but when I pull it out, I feel the resistance that it is tightly clinging to it. It's as if her v.a.g.i.n.a insists to keep me in its mouth forever. "Hey, Irina line up your b.u.t.t and raise it. Luna and Appleemm, entertain me from behind with your b.r.e.a.s.t.s" "Greedy man" "Andy-san's a lecher" "Are you glad to touch my chest like this?" Three people cheerfully come near as it is. While feeling Apple's on the right back and Luna's on the left back, I stroke both Irinas and Maia's small b.u.t.tocks, shake my hips while putting my fingers in their and b.u.t.t holes, occasionally changing the holes of those two. And then. "I, I'm about to c.u.mIrina, where do you want it!?" "Li, Like thatI, I!" "If you don't want it, I will give it to Maia!" "Wawa, no, I, I insiden, no outsidewell, I won't complain about anything in the meantime! "Ah" Irina thoroughly loses control of herself and I start e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n inside Irina on purpose. "" Feeling it, Irina pushes up the waist drastically and tries to receive the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n in the back of her v.a.g.i.n.a. That's it. In other words, in her att.i.tude, she want to say c.u.m shot with all her power, but why do she just say something complicated? "Haaahaaahaaa" "Sorry, I put it inside" "Fo, Fool" Irina accuses me only with her mouth, while her waist moves as if to apply the juice from the glans to the cervix. "It's the same even if you put it outside, so can you release it a few more times?" "U, Umm, if it's the sameI don't care about it today anymore, I can pour it out as you like" It's kind of an excuse to myself. I really love c.u.m shot, but I can't afford to make a half elf with an clan leader. But (I seem to have been celebrated as a heroic one) I can't be refused if she was asked by meis that an internal excuse? "You're a bad clan chief" "Su, Suddenly what you say. It's bad that you ask in the first place" "Irina, if you don't want it, I'll put it out somewhere" "Maichan, please change the place once" "Now I and Apple-chan are in charge of the p.e.n.i.s" "Sm, Smithson-dono says he's going to pour it into me three or four times more. If you're a female slave, you're not going to be able to speak!" "Simply don't inflate!" After all, everyone will receive three or four shots equally. "Haaa" "Andy-sama's d.i.c.k, I love itit's nice and warm and you can rest a.s.sured that it's put in and sucked" "It's a waste of contraception" "Maybe I'll become pregnant this time" While having s.e.x with four people on the gra.s.s, I dreamed of a future where all of them embraced a child like Jeanne and I rubbed their as I smile that no one will know this.

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