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Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Your name is [Jeanne Luna Irina] The day after childbirth, the baron's mansion. A meeting was held with relatives to name the born child. Actually, it's okay to leave it to Jeanne and me, that's the point, but we decided to call all the girls who were related to me, following Dianne and Laila, with Jeanne's intention that they were already family. "It's a boy, isn't it?" "Yes" "It's a boy and a half dwarfI'm sure he'll be a muscular and promising child" "Well, a male dwarf is pretty much like that" Jeanne is breastfeeding in an easy chair. It is interesting that she can do it with such a small body or perhaps I should say her b.r.e.a.s.t.s got bigger for breastfeeding. "Andy do you also want to drink?" "La, Later" "" Even though everyone is seriously thinking, it's bad for me to just compete for Jeanne's with my child. I want to drink. I'll definitely drink later. "By the waythat cat beast?" Luna was pointed at by Jeanne. She declared to be my female slave, so I also called her to this conference. By the way, because Neia is an outsider, she didn't come here, but practices with Boyd in the gra.s.slands. "She is Luna Basil, a cat beast from the desert colony" "?" Jeanne looks like as if she has a ? on her face. Speaking of that, Jeanne was the only one who was sleeping in the carriage at that time from the incident to the end. "I'm from a cat beast colony northwest of the desert labyrinth. My grandma was Lailas friend" "Muu? Why are you hereare you Andy's female slave?" "Yup" Let me tell her a little more. When Luna came to visit us at night, Jeanne was no longer in Ba.s.son and there was no point of contact, so there was no way to explain what the surroundings were like. "Namename, gaa. Is a Trot-like name good?" "I think it's good to be a Celestlike name" "In the Purple Clan, it's decided by fortune telling" "Ho. There are so many dragons in the dragon palace who have a naming specialty" "My granduncle is one at our palace" "Even in Klaves, the old experienced wise man provides us with a good name. It's just a choice" "Our mother did it, right Dianne-chan" "Well, father has a reputation among our mothers that his naming sense is not good" In this way, there are various customs in naming someone. "Well, lets calm down. There's no help to talk about how to name the child. Won't the people gathered asking for a name itself, not the method?" Irina claps her hands together with her fan and tries to take control of the situation. She is not a female slave, but she originally resided in the baron's mansion and attended by Jeannes recommendation. "That's right" "E, Emmhow about Aaron? It's my father's name, but it's not uncommon in Trot to give the children and grandchildren the names of the parents" "Shouldn't you keep it for your own child Anzeros-san?" "U, Uh, you're right" Although Anzeros has withdrawn, it isn't bad to take the parents name. "Ho, why don't you take the name of that knight called Arthur" "That's a little awe-inspiring" "Ho? Is owner dissatisfied with a name that seems to be strong?" "That's not true, but when I think I'll call this child Arthur" In fact he's a half dwarf, so he's likely to become stronger sooner than me, which is not funny. "Mmm, I heard from Phaser before that the dwarf fairytale protagonist was called Gilius" "Are you talking about that bad guy who steals repeatedly with his gold axe?" "Yup" "It was also transmitted to my colony" "If you think about it, it's a bit of a troubling name" "What?" Maias proposal was voluntarily withdrawn. "Come to think of it, Andy, isn't it alright to give him the name of your father?" Dianne proposes. "Hmm. As far as I heard from Sir Guto, he was a good father who had ambitions" "Nn" Irina agrees, but I'm a little lost. Certainly it is not bad to take the name of my father. I don't have a father anymore and the people in Polka, including Jackie, called my father Boss Smithson instead of his first name. There will be no confusion. But I wonder. Is that okay? I think it's not bad. I don't think it's bad, but I cant decided it so easily. I feel like I have to refuse someone at least. My father's relatives already have only a bag. My grandfather died before I was conscientious. "Hmm" "Don't you like it?" "Should I better call Cherry Blossom Clans Christie? If it is that woman, her study is deep and to find a name" "No, thatmy father's name isn't bad, but there's a mental crossing to give my child the name of my father" "Haa" "Oh dear, you're an indecisive man" Dianne and Irina gather together and shrug their shoulders. Well, it can't be helped even if Im called indecisive. But my first child. It's okay to get lost. I mean, I usually waver. "I'm going to have a child with everyone here, right" "If you spend so much time naming one person, you're going to end your life just by naming all of them" "No, wait. Not everyone. I'm sure Irina won't give birth" "..Mu, was that so?" "Irina!?" The person who hated to become pregnant should not feign ignorance. "Well Well. Either way, everyone remaining here will give birth, Andy-kun" "No, you are the other person or I should say you are an exception Hildsan" "Eh" "It's not eh!" Why is this person eager to give birth? W, Well, anyway. Surely it's not going to be ridiculous forever. First child. I can give the special name of my father. That's true. I dreamed of working in the same workshop as my father one day. The name of my father which entrusts this dream. In such a frightening home, I don't want to tie my child's future, but its my child. It would be nice to have such a wish that someday it could be realized instead. "Yos.h.i.+" I turn to Jeanne and look at the little baby held in her chest. "Jeanne. I'm going to name this child Peter" Peter Smithson. I entrust my son with the name of my father who was once known as Polkas master blacksmith, a liquor-loving woman who was weak and pa.s.sionate. "Yes. Alright. Andy" Jeanne nods firmly. "Good. Your name is Peter Smithson from now on" BabyPeter holds the breast as if he doesn't concern my voice at all. A shameless fellow. "He is engrossed with your" "Eating gluttony" "Its Andy-san's son, maybe he just loves" "Hoho, it's a promising child. He'll drink my milk eventually" "No, Not good Lailoneesama! What do you plan to do if Peter no longer wants to suck on my thin b.r.e.a.s.t.s!" "Hohohoho" The place is wrapped in laughter. "First of all, you should make sure that Laila's milk comes out, too" "Andy, I also give birth" Irina prompted and Luna appealed, but Dianne coughed. "That's what it's all about" "?" Dianne nods with Hilda. "This time, Selenium became pregnant, so there was a hole in the formation of the special mission" "We may not be able to prepare replacement personnel every time in the future. Luna, Anzeros and Aurora in particular. So is Laila and Maia. I can't let them go on a future expedition like that" "That's whyI'm going to put contraceptive magic on everyone until the exploration mission ends" Eh!? The voice of dissatisfaction rises simultaneously from Anzeros, Aurora and Luna. Laila and Maia aren't so bad, as their s.e.x is primarily because they want to be pampered by their owner, rather than wanting children. "Of course, I and my sister also have it applied" "I'm sorry. If you have Maia and Lailas wings, you probably won't be working until next year, so be patient for a while?" "Uuif that is the case" "I'm an elf and I have fewer chances for pregnancy than normal. I'm sorry" "That's not what was promised, Dianne" "Be patient, Luna. Instead, if the magic is applied, you can do it with Andy as promised" "" Luna seems to be convinced. "It's hard" "Yes" Irina and Jeanne, who are in somebody else's problem mode, laugh together. "If anything, Irinchan would also get the contraception magic. Andy-kun, you're going to have a bad time, aren't you?" "NunaaN, No, he just have to c.u.m outside in the first place" For some reason, Irina declined. I wish I could give it to her. It's comfortable and easy for me to be able to c.u.m without hesitation. And at night. "NhehePeter wouldn't stop crying because he was hungry, so I cant take too long. Just a little?" "Ou" I was sucking on Jeanne's faint bulge in the starlit outdoor bath in the dark. The open-air bath is not the usual male or female bath. It is a small built special bathtub that is a part of the hot spring. At this time when there is not much time since childbirth, pregnant women usually take a bath, because they will get leftovers at birth (It seems to be bad lochia) and so on. A normal menstruation can endure as much as a bath until the end, but rather, the midwife wants her to soak in the miraculous spring as much as possible to speed up recovery. So, it seems that this kind of thing is made use by women in such a period and those who have been injured because the hot spring becomes muddy after that. It seems to have been there for a long time, but I never knew. Well, there's no public eye, so I can go in with Jeanne. "A little sweet" "Well, it's just that waythis nipple, suck it too" "I know" Even though she gave birth to a child, her tiny body doesn't change as much as Jeanne's fleeting. Doing naughty things, the sense of immorality that seems to be mischievous to the child is as usual. "You gave birth to my child with such a small body" "Ehehe. Did you understand with this? No problem at all, even if it's very small I can please Andy's c.o.c.k properly and even give birth to a child safely. I'm sure you'll continue to have s.e.x without worrying about it" "Even if I drink breast milk?" "Of course" With such a young body, Jeanne appeals to me that she is perfect as a woman and a female slave. I love her for showing her confidence that I continue to accept her s.e.xual desire while her body is still dyed by me throughout. "Then, do you want to do it after a long time?" "Lets do it" Then, while licking her b.r.e.a.s.t.s in a reluctant manner, I try to lift Jeanne and put her on my waist, but a shadow jumps down from somewhere. "I finally found you, Smithson-dono, Jeanne" "Looked for you" Luna holds Irina in a princess carry pose. "Wh, What" "It's not like it's been a long time" "Promise with Dianne. I can always do it with Andy" Irina put her feet on the ground. Taking a step forward, she immediately slips because of the hot water, but she is supported by Luna. As usual, her motor nerves are useless. "Muu, it's been a long time since I've been here. I'm slightly more relaxed" "Hmm, Im not a demon. Let's get along well" "Me too. I talked to Jeanne just now that we will do it together" "That's rightI thought it was time because I was going to go back to bed" Apparently, I was going to have a big battle of having s.e.x and sucking over here, and then who will suck over there, as if to grab Jeanne's body with Peter tonight. Inside Jeanne. It's not bad to continue to enjoy Jeanne all night long after a long time, but I think it's tough because she lost her physical strength from the childbirth. Or is it because she is a dwarf? Dwarves are incredible. "Either way, in front of Smithson-dono, there are two thirsty maidens'" Irina takes off her long robe, throws it into her undressing bag and happily comes into the bathtub. Luna, on the other hand, didn't change her expression and quickly stripped off her head coat and thong and threw it away, before quickly jumping into the bathtub and rubbing her body against me. "" "Muuah, Im the first?" "Understood, Understoodouch" Just as I thought Irina slipped and fell down by entering the bathtub while seeming to hurt my kneecap a little. Four people in a bathtub that is originally for one person. Hot water is greatly reduced. However, the view of a young girl with small b.r.e.a.s.t.s, a young cat beast girl who is healthy and well-balanced and the nude body of a undeveloped elf after a long time is very attractive. I extend my hands from the hot water towards the chests and hips one after another and rub them. "Nn" "Ah, as usual, there is no hesitation for a lecher like Smithson-dono" "What's imminent?" While putting Jeanne's b.u.t.t on my left foot, Ireach out between Irina's crotch with my left hand and kiss Jeanne while grabbing Luna's chest with my right hand. It's a very d.a.m.ned cramped line up. "Jeanne, I'll put it in" "Nalright. It looks like I'm not busy at all" I move Jeanne's b.u.t.t and move it over my p.e.n.i.s. And, Luna slides her so that it sticks to my arm as I inserted my p.e.n.i.s into Jeanne in the water sideways. "Nuu" As usual, my c.o.c.k is buried in the narrow v.a.g.i.n.a. It was so cramped that I couldn't imagine that a child could go through. After all, her body is recovering quickly due to the effect of the miraculous spring. "U, kuas narrow as ever" "Is, Is that so? I was just wondering what i would do if you told me it is loose" "That's not true" The hard thing is that it is tight, but I don't feel like to break as I feel how my d.i.c.k is held tightly. "Jeanne is greedy" Giving up on me, Irina looks amused as she sits on the edge of the bathtub. Her slender body s.h.i.+nes more obscenely by the shadow of the moonlight. Luna rubs her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against my arm as fast as she can and occasionally stretches her tongue out to my cheeks. In that state, Jeanne, with her immature body, shook her waist as her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are swaying as she looks comfortable on me. I think it's a terrible sight, but I want to satisfy all of them with my c.o.c.k. I grab Jeanne's little hips with both hands and use it wildly as if to hurry and start putting in and out my son. "Na, a, aaaa Yes, YesI want you to thrust stronger" Jeanne finds joy in such intense s.e.x. There is no fragment in the color that demands tempering because she is young or after childbirth. As usual, she was a perverted girl who wanted to be exposed to her s.e.xual desire and to have s.e.m.e.n poured into her like a toilet. On the other hand, I slammed my c.o.c.k mercilessly. The uterine ostium at the back of the v.a.g.i.n.a opens and it is beaten by my c.o.c.k. And after a violent round trip, "Agaaa, kuuit, its coming in" "O, Oo!?" It seems that the glans has entered the womb. A extraordinary feeling dominates the glans. "Oh, my G.o.d, this isisn't that a bad thing?" "E, Eheheyeah, if it is Andy's d.i.c.k, in my wombits welcomed" "N, No, but" "e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n" Jeanne murmurs with some pain and an expression of excessive euphoria. "Without change, e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.nI want you to do it, okay?" "" "My wombI'd like you to try seeding directly into the room where I raised the child" "Jeanne" "Again become pregnantyou still have a way to go Andy, to my child's bag" "Jeanne!" "Nowyou're going to spill it into the most important bag at the very back of my body" "Jeanne!!" I feel unbearable and shake my hips strongly in the delusion of perverted pleasure that Jeanne talks about with her hazy eyes. As if to violate the cervix, I grabs Jeanne's young waist and pushes my d.i.c.k in with force, as if masturbating in the flesh ring in the cervix. Jeanne endures it while mothers milk is leakingno, she enjoys it. Even if there is pain, if it is s.e.x with me, it's a feeling for Jeanne to enjoy. Knowing that well visually, I shake my waist with excitement and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e in the back of Jeannes p.u.s.s.y. Byuuuu, Byuuu, Byuuu "Aaaaaaaa" Jeanne agonizes to it and she falls down to the surface of the water. She doesn't drown because her face is on my chest. Due to the sperm h.e.l.l that was casted by Anzeros a few days ago, Jeanne's womb was now filled with as much s.e.m.e.n as if to feel a mug. "Ha, gaaaae, so, much" "So, Sorry" I completely forgot. But. "It was so good, Andy" Jeanne was happy. Jeanne, who puts her elbows on the bathtub and lingers in the sideways enjoyed the sight of me putting Luna on top of Irina, who was hungry on the edge of the bathtub and inserting my d.i.c.k into two holes one after another. "Nyaaaa!! Nya, Nyaaaake, keep going!!" "I, I'm going to use your female genital as a toyus, use it tightly!" "It's your punishment because you jumped into my flirting with Jeanne" "Nyaaa!?" I pull on Lunas tail. "Th, That'spu, pull it out!" I thrust my middle finger into Irina's b.u.t.t hole. In the same way, while I was playing with the two lower bodies, Irina first got accustomed. "Na, a, aaaano, not good, doing it so muchkuaaaa!!!" Then I grab Luna's waist and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e with full power. "Higuua, aaaaaaaa!!" Luna also gets weak enough to receive a c.u.m shot. s.e.m.e.n leaks from Jeanne's crotch and spilling out from Luna. It was nice to have a clean bathtub. It is relatively easy to clean. "Wh, What are you doing, Smithson-dono" "?" Irina, who should have bear a grudge, looked up at me from the bottom of Luna, with compelling eyes. "If this cat girl is finished, it's my turn to have it taken out" "Ehno, you're not good" "If you don't e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e, I'm not going to let you go without permission, but if you e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ewe'll have a good time" "It sounds like you want me to c.u.m inside that way" "Is, Is c.u.mming inside not good? I just want to have fun" A complicated fellow. I have s.e.x with Irina as it was and tried to c.u.m inside. "Idiottherefore I told you to c.u.m outside" She was complaining with a grumble as she pressed her hips together voluntarily until the last drop of the remaining soup came out. Strange fellow.

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