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Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, Another Drama Rebirth Of A Star: Another Day, Another Drama Chapter 23

Rebirth Of A Star: Another Day, Another Drama Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Honeymoon (2) The sky was clear, and the suns.h.i.+ne was reflected by the vast ocean, dyeing the sandy sh.o.r.e a golden yellow. The scenery was breathtaking, but Lan Jinyao was unhappy. She gloomily crouched on the sand while picking up Every so often, she would resentfully glance at the man who was swimming while only wearing a pair of boxers. He'd just been swimming for a short while, but he'd already attracted a group of beauties. Just then, a woman who pa.s.sed by Lan Jinyao purposely stopped by her side and rudely glanced at Lan Jinyao's waist, which was surrounded by excessive fat, with contempt. Lan Jinyao felt her self-esteem receive a harsh blow. Suddenly, standing up, she threw away all the in her hand and walked towards the sea in an imposing manner. The murderous vibe that this fatty gave off when she saw those skinny beauties was undoubtedly boundless. As soon as she entered the water, she swam to Fu Bainian's side and drove those women away. However, they didn't swim too far and lingered at a distance where they could covetously eye Fu Bainian. "Fu Bainian, you were unexpectedly staring at another person. Why didn't I realise before that you were a big pervert?" Because of her flailing about in the ocean, salty sea water splashed Fu Bainian's face. Fu Bainian stared at the woman in the water, frowning as he remained silent. Which eye of hers saw him looking at other women? When he saw Chen Meimei, that fatty, once again revealing an expression that he was very familiar with, a strange and bold idea abruptly emerged in his mind. Perhaps, Chen Meimei, she He suddenly smiled evilly at Chen Meimei; he knew that she couldn't refuse his smile. Used her moment of distraction, Fu Bainian grabbed her hand, and whispered in her ear, "Does my wife feel jealous? Blame those women that surrounded me! I left you out in the cold, but now it's our time to be together. I'll take you into deeper water to swim a few laps!" With that, he pulled her hand and swam towards deep water. Is Fu Bainian's brain oxygen deprived? Did he just try to flirt with her? Failing to understand why Fu Bainian's att.i.tude towards her had suddenly become so strange, Lan Jinyao stared at the side of his face. Immersed in her suspicions, she was oblivious to the fact that he'd slowly been tugging her to an area of the ocean where there was nothing but deep sea. This area of the beach was dangerous, so no tourists were swimming this far out. An ominous premonition rapidly flashed a warning in Lan Jinyao's heart, but before she was able to ponder where that ominous premonition came from, Fu Bainian slowly let go of her hand. He looked at her with a complicated expression before he started swimming towards the direction of the beach. Lan Jinyao abruptly remembered a scene she'd played in a movie a long time ago. The movie was a horror film. The female lead's husband had an affair, and he didn't want to give his wife half of the property when they divorced. He schemed against his wife, and when they were at the beach, the husband let go of his wife's hand and returned to the sh.o.r.e alone. Then, sharks suddenly appeared and scared away all people, but the female lead felt a piercing pain when she was. .h.i.t by an unknown object in the sea, dying the sea a blood-red. In the end, everyone thought that a shark had killed her. The image that flashed through Lan Jinyao's mind made her tremble and goose b.u.mps rise on her arms. Lan Jinyao looked at the tranquil, deep water around her, and then examined the clear and shallow water ahead. She was quivering from head to toe. Her hand swiftly swiped at the water as she started swimming. The sea split beautifully on her both sides of her body as she swam forward; her movements agile as she pushed herself through the water. Fu Bainian watched Lan Jinyao from afar as she approached the beach. Watching her body's vigorous and flexible movements in the water, his eyes turned as dark as ink. He stood near the sh.o.r.e, waiting quietly. Under the scorching sun, the secret hidden in his heart greatly stirred up his emotions. With great difficulty, Lan Jinyao finally reached the sh.o.r.e and started cursing Fu Bainian. "Getting rid of me isn't so easy, you know!" Fu Bainian was still staring at her with a complicated expression. When Lan Jinyao looked at him in confusion, he suddenly said, "Chen Meimei, according to my knowledge, you can't swim. So, when did you learn how to swim?" He recalled everything that he'd previously seen at the pools. It seemed that ever since that minor car accident, Chen Meimei's personality had changed entirely. Although he'd always kept this secret in his heart, he was now keener than ever to figure it out. After all, his conjectures were far too bold; almost detached from reality. Lan Jinyao's heart thudded against her rib cage upon hearing Fu Bainian's question. Not good! It turned out her imagination was too creative. Therefore, when Fu Bainian had led her into deeper waters, it was all so that he could confront her. In actual fact, Chen Meimei was unable to swim! Her eyes evaded his piercing stare, and she forced herself to calm down. After all, this is not something that just anyone could accept. But, how could she have known that Chen Meimei wasn't able to swim? What sort of person would get a premium members.h.i.+p to an expensive pool facility if they couldn't swim?! Fu Bainian continued questioning her, "When you woke up this morning and saw that I was sleeping in the same bed as you, you screamed. If it was Chen Meimei, I'm sure she would've already pounced on me, but you" Lan Jinyao retorted, "I was just too shocked, all right?!" "I only saw shock on your face! There was no excitement at all!" He kept going, pointing out more differences between her and the real Chen Meimei, "When you married me, all you were thinking about was the agreement between us and your role! You didn't care about me at all, right?" His accusations struck like a series of heavy blows to Lan Jinyao, leaving her dumbfounded. She stood blankly on the spot and didn't know how to answer him. Her hands fisted tightly by her sides, betraying her innermost emotions. After a while, Lan Jinyao finally dared to met Fu Bainian's gaze as she gravely said, "What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say that I love you? Even if I said that I loved you more than life, you still wouldn't reciprocate. When I stand in front of you, you only show disgust. Do you really want to hear this? How do you want me to treat you, Fu Bainian?" Fu Bainian was unprepared for her retort, so he was momentarily baffled. Lan Jinyao continued, "Fu Bainian, you've repeatedly said that you'll never like me, so what else can I say? I'm already delighted just staying by your side." Seeing the sudden change on his face, Lan Jinyao inwardly cheered for her superb acting. Even Fu Bainian was able to be deceived by her. Unexpectedly, after a moment of silence, Fu Bainian revealed a lost expression. He lay on the sand and gazed at the blue sky. Then, he softly said, "Do you remember what I told you before? There was a woman who I liked with all my heart. Your personality is very similar to hers. Do you know her name?" Lan Jinyao silently stared at him, gradually becoming frustrated. Why did she have to listen to her husband say that he likes another woman? It was then that she realised she couldn't compare to Chen Meimei. Chen Meimei had at least dared to admit her love for Fu Bainian. Yet, even though she now looked like someone else, was still too afraid to say anything. She closed her eyes, obscuring the tears that had welled and preventing them from falling before she whispered, "What was her name?" However, after waiting for a few minutes, she still didn't get a response. When she finally managed to stifle her tears and open her eyes, she discovered that Fu Bainian was long gone.

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