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Transition To Another World, Landmines Included Prologue

Chapter 001: Prologue (One)Yo! Im an evil spirit! But Im not evil!Huh?That exactly summed up my feelings and emotions at that moment.There, reclining on his back in a lazy manner, was a young boy, who looked to be no older than ten.And floating up out of the darkness around him were numerous souls Souls!?Ha ha ha! Everyone must be feeling really confused right now. Dont worry, thats totally natural. You guys are human, after all! Oh, but no longer so!So saying, he burst out laughing again.Hey, this isnt funny at all!Im really super confused over here!Thats why Ive prepared some presentation slides for you guys! Look over here!I looked towards where the boy was pointing, and saw a white screen materialize.Wow, hes prepared for this.On the first slide, a few black words were displayed on a white background.During a school field tripYes, thats right.We were on a school trip I remember being on a bus heading towards the airport.I nodded, and the slideshow continued.Bus met with an accidentThe entire cla.s.s perishedBad EndingThats all!?And all explained in a few simple words!At that moment, all the gathered souls, I guess theyre my cla.s.smates, exclaimed in our hearts.You must be joking!Yep! Wasnt that simple and easy to understand!? What? You want more details? You want to see what happened? Oh no, no, definitely not. Thats too graphic. The Motion Picture Rating a.s.sociation would get mad at me. Besides, youll see nothing but blurred-out images, you know?The Motion Picture Rating a.s.sociation!?No, wait. Too graphic, blurred-out images, that means I must have died horribly.All of us didIt probably wasnt just a normal traffic accident.Hmm? You dont remember dying? Yep, I helped you to forget those memories. We dont need those painful memories of suffering, do we? Even if you remember, why would you want to talk about it?Oh, I guess hes right Especially if wed all been burned alive.But, that boy(?) is an evil spirit, right?He seems to be able to answer all our questions, even though were not voicing them out.Why am I called an evil spirit? Hmm, its strange, isnt it? Whenever I feel like it, I help dead people find their new career path, but it seems like they dont always appreciate my help.Career path?Yes, like helping people who die young to transition to another world. Oh, your teacher and the bus driver had lived out most of their lives, so I sent them to be reincarnated. Thats why theyre not here now. I looked around and counted the souls. There were 32 of us.There were 16 guys and 16 girls in my cla.s.s, so its true that only us students are here.Which means that my childhood friends, Haruka and Tomoya, must be here too.Not that I can identify them in this state.Yes!! As about a quarter of you are thinking now, your entire cla.s.s is transitioning to another world! Youre all going to a game-like world, where everyone will gain different statuses and levels! Isnt that great!?Youre getting too excited here, evil spirit!Thats probably why others call you evil!And how did he know that a surprising number of students in my cla.s.s enjoy reading light novels?Of course, that includes me.This isnt reincarnation, so youll stay the same age. Its also not a summoning, so you wont be subjected to impossible trials or be enslaved! Isnt that great!?Yes, I guess that does happen.Ive read stories of people getting summoned out of the blue, told to become a hero, just to be killed in the process.Anyway, who in their right mind would jump into battle, after being told to do so by a stranger?Well, I guess maybe they had no other choice, and had to do so to survive. Youd like to go to an Otome game world? Hmm, not possible! This isnt a game, so we dont have such scenarios in place! You gotta work hard with what youre born with! The level of hardness is similar to your previous world, so what you desire is definitely within reach! Isnt that great!?No, thats impossible.If the next world is like the previous one, then its definitely impossible for the girls in my cla.s.s.Expecting them to have the wiles to seduce beautiful men is asking too much.A harem? Thats the same thing! You can have one if you have charm and money!Yes. Needless to say, the boys in our cla.s.s are just as bad.Are there ways to cheat the system? Nope! Im just helping you to transition because I feel like doing it! Oh, and because Im so generous, Ill leave all of you with the ability to talk, read, and write! Any more questions? If not, lets get you ready for the transition!With that, the boy waved his arm, and what looked like an application window appeared before me.At the very top was a display reading 150 points. Under that was a list of races and skills, each with its own required number of points.You guys are going into a completely different world, so you cant make the transition as you are now. Because Im generous, you can choose to edit your profile just a little.At the top is the number of points at your disposal. Everyone has about the same number of points. How many you have depends on your specs and abilities before your deaths, so if youd trained your body or studied hard, then you have more. Hard work always pays off. Isnt that such a great phrase!?Hmm. Is 150 points good or bad? Its hard to tell since I cant talk to my cla.s.smates around me.My results at school werent bad. I wasnt too shabby at sports, either I wonder how the evil spirit even judged things like that.But Ill be glad if Im considered above average, if not among my cla.s.smates, then at least when compared to the average person in the next world.I mean, I dont know if therell be any social safety nets in the next world, especially since Ive never even been there before.Well, even the guy with the lowest points here is above average compared to people living in the next world, so I think all of you will do just fine if you work hard!If we work hard, huh?He said that we cant cheat the system, so that means the life ahead of us wont be a walk in the park.I should keep that in mind when selecting my skill set.You want skills that arent on the list? Well, ok, I did say Ill help you guys out, so Ill add them if you want.The ability to hijack someone elses skill? Hmm, alright.The ability to copy someones skill? OK.Gaining 2x EXP? Well, Ill add 4x and 10x in as well!Skin brightening? Huh, you really want that? I guess you can.Heros essence? You wanna be a hero?Oi oi, all you guys are just naming skills off the top of your heads.And here I was, trying to take this seriously.The self-proclaimed evil spirit continued to add skills to the list, essentially turning n.o.body down.Skills that sounded useful came attached with a high price point, those that didnt came cheaper.The whole thing seemed quite balanced outOh, just a note. Skills that require more points that you have are not displayed in your window. If you made a request and it didnt show up on your list, thats the reason why!It seems like the boy had just added such a skill to the list So that means there are skills worth more than 150 points.What I need right now Is a guide on how to use this window?The descriptions attached to the skills are just too uninformative.Ooh, there are some people who arent used to this, I guess. Probably a girl who doesnt play games. Lets add a Help function.Oh, there it is. Comes at a cost of 20 points What? I need to pay to get help? And it doesnt come cheap at all. Isnt it only useful at the beginning?Alright, thats about it, Im guessing? Do pick the ones you want. The window will close in about an hour. Remember, you cant cheat the system, so make sure to make wise choices!Thanks to the requests made by everyone, the list in my window had expanded to many times its original length.There just seems to be so many And we cant cheat the system, he says.But maybe there are skills that buff us so much that it resembles a cheat?I mean, Skill Copy requires 100 points, which is most of what I have.Am I really going to be OK?

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