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Combatants Will Be Dispatched Combatants Will Be Dispatched Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Spy Will Be Dispatched

There is a corporation known as "Kisaragi." A mega corporation that everyone present day on Earth knows of. I'm currently in a conference room at the headquarters of Kisaragi.

-and that's the current situation No. 6. Do you understand?

No. 6, do you understand?

Not one bit.

After hearing my immediate answer, the generals took a long sigh as they questioned my intelligence.

..Then, I'll explain one more time. Combatant No. 6. As a soldier of the Secret Society of Kisaragi, we want you to conduct some reconnaissance activities. Your mission is to investigate the ecology of local organisms. If there are natives, investigate their military strength. And you are to investigate whether there are resources or land that are worth our while to invade..


I have no problem understanding up to here.

That's right, up to here, it's nothing different from an ordinary mission.

Another thing, the dispatch location is another planet and not Earth. Understand?


As expected, I don't understand at all.

After hearing my immediate reply again, the two generals gave baffled looks. With long and lovely black hair that comes down to her back, and beautiful enough to seemingly cause a chill is Glacial Astaroth. With wavy and burning red hair, and a busty body that's generously exposed is Blazing Belial. These two female generals, while wearing lewd swimsuit-like outfits.. They always act cheerfully while calling themselves with such titles. Glacial Astaroth, who was previously explaining, gave another sigh.

.No. 6, just what don't you understand? I'm not even using words that are hard to understand.. I'm just ordering you to infiltrate as a spy.

Standing next to her, Blazing Belial was agreeing and nodding.

I understand the mission's content. What I don't understand, is the unknown planet outside of Earth part. I can put up with your weird cosplays or pitiful self-titles.. But a fully fledged adult telling me about planets outside Earth or different worlds whatnot even if it's me, it gets tiring.

Yo-youu, Don't you dare say our General uniforms are cosplays!

What do you mean pitiful, No. 6? Have you thought that way about us all this time?

The two generals were overflowing with embarrassment.

I mean, it's normal for you two to talk about strange things, but today it's much worse? Were you influenced by watching an isekai anime involving reincarnation?

Youuu, just because I let you talk! Alright, listen well Combatant No. 6! Right now, our Secret Society of Kisaragi is on the cusp of world conquest. You understand right?

Well yeah, I know.

With a bulging vein on her forehead, Astaroth patiently began to explain.

World Conquest.

That's right, that World Conquest.

The Corporation that I belong to.. While always calling itself an evil organization, we commit any evil act for the sake of world conquest.

Even I, as soon as I entered the corporation, went through reconstruction surgery and was used as a combatant. With having world conquest as the goal being no longer secret, a megcorporation, evil organization, the Secret Society of Kisaragi.

Currently, there are no countries that can overthrow this large organization with military strength. Although there is some resistance economically, it's only a matter of time before it's resolved.

Then, once world conquest is complete, what do you think will happen to you combatants?

I tilted my head as I didn't understand the meaning of Astaroth's question.

.? After world conquest is achieved, won't we become rulers that will live out the rest of our lives immersed in pleasure?

As if. There will be massive layoffs.


As Astaroth's reply took root, Belial and my voice overlapped.

What do you mean by layoffs Eh? Then, doesn't that mean we'll be laid off?

That's right.

A cold breeze blew through the conference room.

..Oi oi oi! You shouldn't joke around. Till now you made me go through hell, sent me to all kinds of dangerous places.. Now that matters are finished, you're throwing us out! You even made me go through reconstruction surgery, my body is full of scars! Take responsibility! Specifically, I'll be a great house-husband so let me live with you.

Hey, I'm a general that's also a combatant. Will I be laid off as well?

Even when Belial and I are all up in front of heras worthy of her epithet 'Glacial', with a cool face

Well, calm down both of you Ah, Ahhh No. 6, I'll explain step by step so stop tugging on my clothes! It's gonna fall off! Stop! The General uniform is already very revealing! It's dangerous. Dangerous!

. HahHah As she breathed roughly, with a scared face and on the verge of tears, Astaroth hugged her body while distancing herself.

Really, listen you two! First Belial. You're one of the top generals, you won't be laid off. Even after global domination is achieved, we need to possess some level of military strength. And, combatant No. 6.

Unlike Belial, who was breathing a sigh of relief, I, who was a lowly combatant, became terrified.

As if piercing my inner self, Astaroth turned her gaze to me.

Unlike Belial, you're just an ordinary combatant. Even so, you were a member of Kisaragi from its very beginning, you're close enough with the generals. Even now it's up to the point where I can call you one of the top generals.

Then, can you raise my salary a bit? Although I was here since high school, the pay right now is basically the same from when I worked part-time jobs.

However! If we show favor to you and neglect the other combatants, our organization will be in trouble!

The talk about the pay raise was dismissed.

Then what's going to happen? If you say layoffs will be determined by fairly drawing lots, even if it's me, I'll use my modified body to blow you away?

UhAs if that would happen.. So that's why we should go back to what I was previously saying!

As if noticing my faint intentions, Astaroth started talking in a distance with an awkward posture.

As I was saying, No. 6. If we manage to fully rule the Earth, it'll be alright if we just find new places to conquer. Even if this is the first time I heard about the layoffs, there were many talks from a while back. Such as if wars don't exist anymore, everyone's workload will likely decrease. After occupying the land, we'll use our power to reign, so there will be nowhere to spend money is what I'm saying.

Belial, who was beside Astaroth, brought up those words.

Is that's why you brought up this world? From the beginning, if there was such technology, even if it's a world with only beauties with big boobs, I would quickly go there. But alas, it'll probably be after technology has developed enough to be able to even go to Mars or Venus first.

Those two were looking at me as if I were a retarded kid. Those two had expressions that looked like they had something to say.

We'll leave that talk for later. Let's continue in Lillith's room. No. 6, follow me.

As she was saying that, with a serious expression different from the norm, Astaroth turned around and I tilted my head as I followed her back.

- The last of the three top generals, Black Lillith's laboratory.

There were many mysterious items lying around inside. I had no idea what they could be used for. Among them, the one that stood out was

No. 6. Do you know what this is?

At the end of where Astaroth was pointing, there was a massive machine set up. A glass pod that could fit many people at once.

What is this? It looks like a machine that can teleport things like in the movies.

As soon as I said that..

There was a voice coming from inside the lab's owner's room.

That's exactly what it is No. 6! You're an idiot, but you have good intuition.

The one who called me an idiot, is a cute, young girl with black hair neatly cut short, dressed in white. Black Lillith. She was the one who performed the reconstruction surgery on me. She's a crazy in the head, mad scientist.

Exactly what I said Eh? That's a teleportation machine? This piece of junk?

To call it a piece of junk.. How rude. This is a proposition for mankind that can potentially solve any problem. It's one of my greatest masterpieces that I've ever made.

Astaroth furrowed her brow when seeing Lillith highly tensed, since she's normally a gloomy character.

What are you doing Lillith, you're wearing something white again. I told you to wear the General uniform. The General Uniform.

I told you I don't want to. It's embarrassing. Also wearing something white makes me look a scientist right? And I wanted to tell you since morning, both of you look like cosplayers from low budget p.o.r.nos.

Ah, I also thought that.

Wha What did you say?

As if shocked, Astaroth and Belial stopped moving.

Well, it doesn't matter what those two do.

Anyways, a teleportation machine.. You've made something amazing again. I've often heard from within the organization that Lillith sama is the foremost scientist in the world, but since you spent so much on useless research, I thought you were a huge squanderer.

Ah, as always you say things to your superior so bluntly.

As Lillith received a slight shock, I earnestly observed the pod that was behind her

So.. how is this connected to my mission?.

At the sight of me tilting my head, Lillith's eyes brightened up as if saying that I asked a good question.

Do you think aliens exist out there?

Well, isn't that a given? Although I can't say for sure.

It's just that within our secret society, there are members that look like ghosts. And in the world, there is a mysterious group known as heroes that exists. So with that said, nothing in this vast universe would surprise me.

Currently in this universe, even within the observable universe there are many planets, similar to Earth, that are being discovered. With water, and the color green. a suitable distance from the sun, even the size of it is similar to the Earth. For you who's always working hard, that planet is your big reward.


Then, Lillith glanced at me that was wearing an expression of confusion.

You don't have any interest in extraterrestrial planets? In this vast universe, there's a countless number of suns around. Furthermore, there are numerous planets revolving around the vicinity of each sun. In other words, there are countless worlds out there! An astronomical number. The act of counting it would be at the top of the stupidest things to do!

Lillith's face became very red, possibly as a result of getting too excited. After taking a breath, and spreading both her hands out, she went off on a tirade.

It's literally an unknown world. There may only be uncivilized primitives, or perhaps the planet's civilization is far more advanced than that of Earth's. It's even possible that your favorite world of swords and magic exists. Do you not want to go to that kind of world!?

A world where I'll be loved for whatever I do, or a world with a different aesthetic sense where I'm seen as a super good-looking guy, maybe there's even a world where there is no other man other than myself. In other words, that means you're going to send me to one of those worlds, right? Then, let's begin right away! I'm ready whenever you are!

Lillith looked at me, while I was murmuring to myself, with a disgusted look. She turned around and gestured towards the lab.

Hmmm I see. I'm glad that you approve. Also you will not be the only one dispatched Alice, come here.

After she was called, a blonde haired girl wearing a white one piece appeared. At first glance, she looks like a 6th grader? She was staggering while carrying around a huge backpack unfit for a small body.

Who's this brat? For the record, I hate kids.

Are you referring to me? You're just an underling combatant, don't overstep your boundary.

Hah? Did you just say that? You shitty brat! Even if you're a kid, I won't forgive you! I'm a combatant from an evil organization. Don't underestimate the biggest corporation known worldwide, Kisaragi!!

If you're violent with me, the power core built into me will blow. Everything nearby will be wiped out. If that's fine with you, then go ahead. And my official designation isn't brat, I'm a Kisaragi manufactured beautiful girl type android.

An android for real? I mean that deadpan voice, and her blank expression.. After hearing those words, I started to think it was possible.

It's a relief that you guys are hitting if off well. Then let me start the introductions. This child is Alice. She's made to be your supporter as a high-performance android. She's also one of my greatest masterpieces.

Unlike the cheap lives of combatants such as yourself, an enormous amount of money was invested into developing me. So cherish me. And I heard you were an idiot, so leave the brain work to me.

. I'm sorry, but I don't need a piece of junk that's foul mouthed and potentially dangerous

As I was talking, I stood in front of the pod and started my equipment check.

To the right side of my waist is my usual pistol.

Extra bullets were loaded inside my belt.

On the other side of my waist is my beloved battle knife that I bought with my bonus.

Truth be told, I'm a little uneasy about taking just these to another world.

Looking at you, it seems you're already determined to go.

Astaroth said this with a warm smile, different from her usual cold face, after overcoming the shock of being treated as a cosplayer.

. That look When I first met her after being hooked by the fraudulent poster for a part-time job interview.. The reason I chose to work at the suspicious organization that is a so called secret society was because of that smile I liked.

That smile makes it possible for me to do this and that, paint my hands in evil, and make me willingly declare war against the whole world.

Fine, I'll go. I'll go! In the end, it comes down to this right? Since I was selected out of all the combatants, I'm somewhat of a representative of Kisaragi!

To the me that's proudly speaking, of course Astaroth will vigorously

Huh?. Oh, oh- right! That's right! Out of all the combatants, only you can accomplish this important mission!

Oi, how did you select the personnel? Belial? How did you choose who would go?

Instead of asking Astaroth who wouldn't easily crack, I turned to Belial, who was still crouched in a corner muttering to herself. Since she didn't look like she could lie her way out, I asked Belial.

It's not lewd The General uniform is not lewd huh? The selection process? Astaroth, for sure rolled a dice and..

I'm counting on you No. 6! Now, now.. there's no time! Hurry up and go in!

While quieting down Belial, Astaroth shoved me inside the pod.

If I safely return, I'll definitely force them to give me a general's salary even if it's the last thing I do.

If you need an weapons or any other material, you can apply for it by sending a memo through this mini transmitter. If you send a memo through this, we'll be able to know your coordinates through the chips embedded in you or Alice.

As Lillith was explaining, she handed something like a wristwatch to Alice and me while grinning reassuringly.

I don't know where I'll be sent, but if I'm able to endlessly use Kisaragi Corporation's equipment, then nothing scares me.

After I entered the glass pod, the foul mouthed piece of junk followed suit.

Oi, you were called Alice right..? Didn't you say that when you're attacked, you power core will explode? Will this be ok for you? Please, don't just self-destruct..

Self-destruction is every villain's dream. Well, it'll be alright. Besides, it seems I was made to be your support. It's unheard of a support killing the one they support.. So I'll just do that when the time and place isn't determined.

I was just telling her not to self-destruct Is this girl right in the head?

Combatant No. 6

Astaroth called out my name in a cold, blank expression.

But, I immediately sensed something wrong when looking at that uneasy expression.

Well, it's just that.. With you, you were a member ever since you were still a student. I told you before, but I think of you as one of the top generals of this organization. This isn't a lie.

Just what is this girl saying right before I'm about to go..

I entered this organization as a part-timer around the time I was a freshman in high school. After that point, in a short time span, we conquered most of the world. If we wanted to fight with the army, there were clashes with the perverted group of self-proclaimed heroes wearing full body tights. If only we had the technology of that group of perverts, it could have been applied to so many different things I've also fought with transforming humanoid robots that could combine. Since those times were so dangerous and unreasonable, I told myself that I would quit many times, but

It was fun. Being together with everyone in this organization. Well I don't know what'll happen. I can't promise that I'll return safely, but I'm actually looking forward to this dispatch a little. Well, I'll do my best to return. And if I return, please raise my salary to that of a general's.

You idiot. When you say such things, you're supposed to promise that you'll safely return. Since the three of us will always be waiting for you to return. If you return, you can be the 4th top general. It wouldn't be so bad to call us the four heavenly kings.

During my time of reminiscing, Astartoth gave a firm smile as she said that.

.Anyways, I'm in my twenties now.. At this age, calling myself one of the four heavenly kings is a little embarrassing

Mhm. I really wanted to go Good for you No. 6~, since you can go on adventures in an unknown world. I should've fixed the dice to land on me.

the dice? What, Belial sama was a candidate for this as well?

Belial, with a 'what are you saying look', laughed at my question.

Of course, isn't it for sure that it would be? On the dice: 1,2 was Astaroth. 3, 4 was me. 5 was Lillith. 6 was you. Since Astaroth said that it could only be left to the most trustworthy personnel, these were the possible candidates. She was the one that said rolling the dice was best to ensure fairness.. but when 6 landed, she started going off on how since it's dangerous, that she'd be the one to go.

Alright! Since preparations are complete, Combatant No. 6! I will now give you your official mission!

Astaroth, blushing furiously, shouted over Belial, who was about to reveal something important. What the heck, am I really being treated like a general? Am I important to them? ..Hang on, my nose is becoming stuffy.

I turned to Astaroth who, despite blushing red, somehow had a blank expression

..Astaroth sama before I go, can I have a hug?

I'll give you your mission! You have two objectives. First, build a base in a safe area. Then set up the teleportation machine in that base. This will make it possible for round trips between that world and Earth. This part will mainly be done by Alice.

Belial, who was grinning after seeing Astaroth completely ignoring what I just said,

Oi No. 6! Not just a hug, ask for a kiss. Only in times like this will Astaroth not get angry~

If you do, I'll freeze you! Ah really, the explanation isn't progressing!. Second, investigate the strength of the natives, resources, and terrain. This mission is on top of your combatant work. Earth right now is experiencing a global food crisis because of population growth, soil pollution caused by wars, diminishing habitable lands from rising sea levels, and so on.. If your dispatch location is habitable by mankind, all of these problems can be solved at once.


Hold on, this is way beyond the organization's fate, it involves the fate of the world. This is a huge mission.

That's a given of course. That's why failure will not be accepted. And if you do fail, just remember that you won't be able to return. As Lillith mentioned, if you want certain equipment, write it down in a memo and transmit it. With that said, as of now, we can only send things that can fit into this glass pod.

..Of course

In other words, the organization is fully behind me, with unlimited use of its equipment. All of it.. for this?

Also send regular reports weekly Send pictures that show you are alive and well.

As Astaroth was saying that she gave a small chuckle.

I was about to embrace this version of Astaroth but I was forcefully dragged into the pod.

- Well then, are you ready?

Lillith started doing final checkups while standing in front of the pod that Alice and I were in.

Next to her, Astaroth was holding her hands together while lowering her head. Belial had a somewhat anxious gaze stuck right to the glass. It was as if she was trying to carve my image into her eyes. She kept staring at me.

Send me off with a more cheery mood. I'm getting somewhat nervous now.

After hearing my words, Astaroth said,

. Yes, you're right. You're already determined. If we worry further, we'll just be giving you anxiety. I'll pray for your safe return, Combatant No. 6.

As if saying a final farewell, Astaroth said that with a serious expression.

What's with all this fuss. Honestly, I really don't think this will be a long-term trip? I have a good feeling that I'll find a good building fit for a base. Then the teleportation machine will be quickly set up. And before you know it, it'll be possible to go back and forth.

But, it's the worrisome part that I'm concerned about. Isn't it possible that the teleportation process won't go smoothly?

Belial said that with a dreary expression while I was talking in a relaxed tone.

Don't worry, there's no way Lillith sama will fail. Isn't she's the world's greatest scientist?

Astaroth and Belial, without any words, looked at each other.

Next to them, Lillith was silently getting ready to teleport us.

I have something I want to ask Lillith sama, what's the success rate for teleportation? How many trials were there? And also even if you can teleport us to the confirmed planet, can you teleport us exactly on that planet's surface?

Up to now, the success rate for teleportation is 100%. I exercise my right to remain silent on the number of trials. And again, I use my right to remain silent on whether I can precisely send you.

I'm sorry. In the end, it looks like I won't take this mission.

As I was trying to get out after saying that, Alice held my arm and refused to let go.

Oi, don't get in my way you piece of junk. Wait a second, first let me out of here.

After coming this far, what are you afraid of? It's common sense to always have a backup you peon.

. This girl.. She really is a piece of junk!

You idiot. As a human being, I can't save and load like you! If you don't want to be in a sudden accident in this world, then don't ever call me an underling!

Ah, ahhhh, don't pull on my cheeks. My artificial skin is getting squishy. Fine then, I'll stop calling you an underling if you start calling me Alice.

Well. Looks like any further tinkering won't improve anything. Shall we start the teleportation process?

While I was in the middle of pulling on Alice's cheeks, Lillith made a dangerous remark.

At that moment, the pod that Alice and I were trapped in started spewing smoke.

Wha? Lillith sama, Smoke suddenly..! A lot of smoke is suddenly coming out!!

That's to sterilize all of the bacteria you're carrying so that it doesn't follow you to the destination. And one more thing. If you contract any unknown illness over there, you won't be able to return here, so be careful.

After hearing those uneasy words, I was just about to break out of the pod but Alice kept stopping me.

.Combatant No. 6! With your modified body and our developed combat suit, you'll be able to adapt to any environment. I'll wish for your safe return!

Since it's you, I'll trust that you will return for sure! Don't forget my souvenir!

Hey wait a second! Stop! Stop! Oi, shouldn't you run a few more trials or whatnot?! Huh? Oooiiiiii!!

After Astaroth and Belial's words, Lillith started talking to me while I desperately cried out,

Listen well No. 6. It hasn't failed even once so the success rate is at 100%. But what if I kept running trials and an accident occurs? That's right, the 100% success rate will be no more. In other words, if I keep running more trials, the success rate will drop. That means the odds of you safely crossing over will drop as well.

.I thought about Lillith's words.

There's no way that's the case! There's something off about the way you calculate the odds! You're definitely not a genius scientist! They say that there's a razor thin line between an idiot and a genius, you're definitely an idiot!!

How.. How rude! Your manners go straight out the window when your blood rushes to your head. The whole world desires my brains, yet you're probably the only who says such things. Then off you go Combatant No. 6! I'll be waiting for the good news~!

As Lillith was talking, she activated the teleportation machine!

Dammmmmnnnnn it! If I return, you'll be sorry!!!!!!!

As soon as I got teleported, a cold strong wind hit my face.

As I slowly opened my eyes, there was -

Idiot! That girl's definitely an idiot! A huge idiot! Wahhhhhhh! I don't want to die, I don't want to die,! I don't want to die!

Don't just cry, and calm down a little. I've estimated the distance to the surface to be about 30,000 meters. We don't have much time left until we crash.

The place that I was teleported to was up in the air where the surface looked faint.

Does it look like I can calm down in this situation?! Alice, you're a high performance model!? You actually have something like flight mode right!? Right!?

The only thing I have is a built in self-destruct function.

You piece of juuuuuunk!!

The sound of the wind from falling whirled around my ears. Alice, who was also in the middle of falling at a high velocity, handed me her backpack that she was carrying.

Hey, wear this. The very intelligent Lillith sama and I expected something like this might happen. If you set the teleportation coordinates near the ground, then even if there's a slight calculation error we won't come crashing down to the surface with this.

From a closer look at the backpack, I realized it was a Kisaragi parachute.

This was a special production for descent operations for those wearing heavy-ass battle suits.

As soon as she said that, Alice started grabbing on for dear life.

You don't have your own!?

Well there's no budget. You have to save up when you can. I leave it to you to deploy the parachute, so you better not mess up. If I crash into the surface, the surrounding area will blow up.

Just taking her with me is like a punishment game in itself!

With a parachute on my back, I had some peace of mind. Once again, I looked down at the surface.

Oi Alice, look over there. There's something like a town.

However there's quite a lot of undeveloped land. Even if there's intelligent life around here, it seems like their population is quite small.

Quite a bit away from our expected landing point, we saw something like a fortified city.

There was a huge castle right in the middle. And there were huge, towering walls enveloping all of the farmland surrounding the city.

Outside of the fortified city, a maroon, barren wilderness was spread far. It spread as far as towards an endless forest that seemed to be able to shroud even the whole world.

In our long time of descent, I checked the surrounding terrain. After landing safely, I gave a sigh of relief.

..Alright. Alice, send our coordinates to our stupid superiors right away. A safe base is a pipe dream right now. After receiving the parts for the teleportation machine, we'll assemble them here. Then we'll immediately return. I'm going to grope that twerp's tits until she cries.

It's impossible to assemble the parts in places like this because it's a super precise machine. It's not possible unless it's in a clean room without a speck of dust. In addition, since we used that device, it'll take about a month for the space we used for teleportation to stabilize. If you want to return, you'd better first secure a base of operation.


Again! I was fooled again! I'll never forgive them ever again!! When they asked me if I'd be willing to undergo reconstruction surgery.. They said that if I work hard with an enhanced body, my career would accelerate! And that I would make a ton more money and that I would become the most popular guy around!! Those words hooked me in! How much do you think I'm earning right now!?

I may not know your situation, but you don't have to be so pessimistic. Within this vast planet, we've pinpointed and discovered a town with intelligent life. This is a very good sign. Well first, let's go to that place we discovered while we were falling.

As Alice said that, she started walking hastily towards the fortified city.

We landed in the very middle of the open wilderness.

No matter how much I curse my situation here, the situation will not improve. But, I wonder how long it'll take to get all the way there.

Oi. I forgot because I was a little out of it before, but I'm going to introduce myself again. I'm the oldest of the elite combatants that survived every battlefield I've been in so far. I'm the one and only Combatant No. 6.

As I was following Alice's back, I said my name once again.

I'm a Kisaragi manufactured beautiful girl-type, high performance android. Kisaragi=Alice. I'm pretty much the same as you on the corporate ladder, so feel free to address me casually.

Since I'm the senpai, that was my line. Well whatever. More importantly, what can you do? I can't do anything but fight. Ah! Since I mentioned fighting.. weapons! Lillith sama told us that if we needed anything, we should use this. If the teleportation machine is a no go, then at least let's get a mobile buggy, even if it's a small one.

Alice, who was walking side-by-side with me, suddenly came to a stop.

I'll explain on that note. Hey No. 6, how many atrocity points do you have?

-Atrocity points

It was one of the reasons that Kisaragi could be established as an evil organization.

In each individual's personal, embedded chip, points would be levied for each atrocity committed.

I didn't think it had to go that far and that it'd be fine even if I didn't do anything evil but the generals seemed to value the point of being evil over anything else.

If you collect these points by committing atrocities, there is a system for exchanging them for equipment or other rewards.

If you continually commit atrocities, you'll be recognized as an exemplary member of the evil organization. Also if you spend your saved up points on better equipment, then come war time, you'll be able to stand out even more.

In that case, your value will definitely go up and you'll slowly climb the ranks.

Since I don't really dirty my hands with petty atrocities, I'm often ignored by the other guys in the organization.

The top generals told all of us Kisaragi members to not be mere brutes (human trash) or common crooks, but strive to become the charisma of evil or something like that..

I really don't get what those girls are saying at all..

My current amount of points is about 300.

. I doubt we can invade that fortified city with just the two of us. Well nothing can be done about that.. Let's save our points by continuing on foot, then infiltrate the city.

Talking about invading in this situation Her words are quite scary.

Hey wait a second. Are you saying atrocity points are needed to send stuff here? Just how much of a sweatshop is our corporation!? This is a huge project!! It's a given that we should be able to spend more money!!

Besides here, there are as many potential planets as there are stars. You might be the first to explore another planet, but eventually, there will be many more planets to be explored. There's just no budget to spend lavishly for each planet. And another thing, the Earth's conquest isn't even over yet.

. Why does this feel like an RPG game where I'm told to kill the Demon King while only being given a meager allowance.

Even so.. Since I only have the ability to fight, I can't even refuse this mission.. Damn it all, just because they used layoffs as an excuse.. An evil organization indeed!

If you don't want to be laid off, then work hard. If people can live here.. Whether it's exploration work or fighting off unknown creatures, your work will be easy. At least here, the atmospheric composition is suitable for you to breathe and move around. Just those conditions alone make this very favorable.

Alice was tapping the back of my neck as she was saying that

If that's the case, then even more so, they should stop being so petty with atrocity points and send me the best equipment!! If they do that, then no matter who my enemy is, this No. 6 sama will Ow! Hey, just what did you just inject me with!?

I injected nanomachines to raise your immune system so that you don't catch any unknown diseases. Well, it'd be great if the intelligent life, residing in that fortified city, is easy to handle. Since they chose a planet most similar to Earth, there's a high likelihood that a civilization of homo sapiens, such as yourself, is developing here. I don't see any high-rising buildings. If they're an underdeveloped civilization, then this mission will be a breeze.

Just like an android, Alice's expression didn't change at all as she was saying such scary words.

Afterwards, just how much did we walk through this vast wilderness..

Slowly, the fortified city could be clearly seen with the naked eye. As we came this far, we

Liar! You said it yourself that this is a planet similar to Earth! There's no such thing on Earth, you idiot!

Now's not the time! Draw your gun! You better not miss by saying their numbers are too large!

We were surrounded by black, alien-like, and grotesquely shaped four-legged animals. As I was pulling out my handgun from my waist, I shouted at Alice who was hiding behind my back.

Oi, you help out too! Why is a robot using a human as a shield!?

While I was taking care of any four-legged beast threatening to approach..

I told you that I'm a high performance android. Since it's high performance that pursues reality, my fighting ability is the same an ordinary girl.

You useless piece of junk. Saying that you're high performance is definitely a lie right!? From now on, you better start using honorifics when speaking to me!

As I was shouting at Alice, one of them ran at me.

I thought it was going to bite me apart. But its back, where there should be nothing, suddenly opened wide.!

I'm.. I'm gonna be eaten!

With all my might, I resisted the huge jaw that was originally closed.

Alice! Aliiiiiceeeeee! I'm not enough! Its jaw strength is on par with my own strength. Oi, do something! My hands are getting tired!

My strength is increased by a modified body and the combat suit. Just what are creatures of this world eating!?

Since I'm a piece of junk, I can't think of any countermeasures. I'm sorry that I'm a useless girl, Combatant No. 6.

Please, please help me! I'll take back my words-!

While I was saying that, a second, then a third beast was approaching.

While I was preventing the one in front me from closing its jaws, I kicked the others away.

Then, use your atrocity points and give me a shotgun as a present. If you do, then I'll do something.

I'll give it to you, so hurry up and take care of them!

As soon as Alice sent the memo, the surrounding beasts simultaneously saw an opportunity to attack. It was then..

It sounded like a foreign language. It came far away from the direction of the fortress city.

As I looked in that direction, I saw the sight of a group on horses coming this way.

No, on a closer look, they were creatures that looked like horses with horns on their heads. The armor-clad group was riding imaginary creatures commonly known as unicorns. It seemed like they were shouting something while riding towards this direction.

It's arrived, No. 6! I'll help you, so you better start using honorifics when speaking to me from now on!

I turned around after I heard her, and Alice was holding a shotgun.

Alice came out from behind my back. She directed the barrel of the gun at the beast in front of me and fired.

BANG! The beast flew and collapsed. It rolled around a bit while shrieking feebly.

Since I was finally free, I picked up my pistol from the ground and fired it at the beast near me.

The beasts were shrinking in shock from the sound of the shotgun. It didn't take long for us to get the rest. -

The head of the group riding unicorns was a woman, so I assumed she was the leader. She looked like she was asking for information just as we finished the battle.

Since she was wearing armor, I couldn't properly rate her. But from her face alone, she was exactly my type, a strong-willed beauty.

The woman with light- sky blue hair got down from her horse and pulled out her sword towards me.

******** now! What did you ********!? ************* come from?!

Although I had no clue what she was saying, I understood that I was being questioned.

Oi Alice.. What should I do? She's so animated..

Well just wait a bit. Let's listen to what she to say a little more, then think of what to do.

Even if we listen to her more, we don't know her language

That's *** where ***** from? **** no ******.


Also, you're not carrying something like ***. Answer me! Just who are you guys!?

Hey Alice. I think I might've awakened some mysterious power since arriving on this planet. I don't know why, but I'm starting to understand what she's saying. The already powerful me has an awakening. Nothing surprises myself..

I don't really get what you're saying but it's probably because I'm uploading a rough language data to the chip embedded into you during reconstruction surgery.

Eh, wait? It's possible to do that with the chip inside me through reconstruction surgery? I didn't hear anything about that. It gives me the creeps a little.

Now's not the time for trivial things. Leave this to me.

As Alice ignored my words..

Knight sama, allow me to explain so please calm down.

Ignoring my surprise, she pretended to be an innocent girl while explaining the situation fluently in this world's language.

Back in our country, I was, in a way, a leader of a unit that worked endlessly everyday to protect the people.

However one day in battle, my heart and mind broke down from a terrible accident. Currently, Alice is my acting guardian. I'm following her to heal my heart and mind, a journey to find myself again. Then as soon we emerged from the forest close to the fortified city, we were attacked by those beasts and lost all our possessions. Also, my tone is rough, manners are lacking, and I have no common sense. Sometimes I do funny things.. but because of my head injury, please overlook it with an open heart.

The woman who was listening to Alice's ridiculous story..

I thought you were thieves or hunters, but travelers I apologize for questioning you forcefully, but we also had a reason. A villager reported that he saw something fall from the sky within this area. So that's why we came out to investigate the situation

I turned around from that woman's sympathetic look. Wordlessly, I pulled on Alice.

.Just what was that bullshit? Why am I being treated as slightly insane? Why did you suddenly establish some weird setting? Just what's your deal? Do you have something against me? Do you really want me to destroy you?

Everything was determined based on the various things I've heard from Lillith sama. Listen well No. 6. You're an idiot who'll be found out sooner or later. However with this setting, you'll be able to ask about anything, even things that should be common sense that everyone here should know. Even if you do the dumbest things, they won't be suspicious of you. Instead, they'd look at you sympathetically as they would at a pathetic person and that would be that.

Alice explained this all at once with a deadpan expression.

As for me. Since it's impossible to say that we're siblings because of your black hair.. I, a beautiful young girl, was almost kidnapped by a passing lolicon. Then you showed up and helped out. As you were fighting off that lolicon, let's say your originally deficient brain, suddenly experienced a serious error. So then after feeling tremendous guilt since you turned out this way helping me, the admirable and beautiful, young girl decided to travel with you How's that?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN HOW'S THAT!? Just how skilled is this lolicon!? And just like last time, in the middle of your story, you occasionally fuck me up. Stop that! Also why am I the guy with a screw loose in his head, while you alone, are an admirable, beautiful girl!?

Though that's what I said.. Although it's frustrating, I can't think up a better setting than what she's proposed.

And she does have a point.

I'm not saying that she has a point about my brain, but if my memory is known to be lost, then it'll be useful when things go bad.

Then, while suspiciously looking at us when we were whispering to each other,

.Well, I understand your situation. Normally I wouldn't believe you if you said that you passed through the Great Evil Forest. But after seeing this, I'll believe you. Our kingdom will welcome you However, that's only if you decide to stay after hearing about our kingdom's situation.

After the armored woman spoke, she pointed at the corpse of the beast.. For some reason, it looked like she had an anxious smile.

On the way to the city, we were listening to the armored woman's explanation.

It all happened one day. The neighboring nation of demons suddenly notified us of a declaration of war against our Grace Kingdom.

The other knights were off to investigate the report of something falling from the sky.

That "something" was definitely us.

Since the parachute was heavy, we left it at our landing point.. But even if they find it, there's no way they'd be able to connect it to us.

Though it's all of a sudden, but what's their goal for the declaration of war. For resources? Or for food?

At my question, the armored girl shook her head. Their goal is land. You said you guys were from another nation, but in this area, there's very limited land that's habitable for humans. Their land is continually undergoing desertification because of a colossal beast called the [Sand King] residing there. But even so, it's not like they can colonize the Great Evil Forest right nowTherefore, that's why they probably have their eyes set on our kingdom.

The Sand King or whatnot, Great Evil Forest, etc.. I don't know why, but those disturbing words are making me feel unpleasant. Will it even be profitable invading this planet after calculating all the risks?

At least, these guys will have their hands more than full.

After taking our lands and enslaving us, it's likely that their goal is to eventually colonize the Great Evil Forest. But our kingdom has a legend passed down from the ages


Why won't my heart stop beating furiously?

That's right, a legend. When mankind is threatened by the Demon King, a crest will appear on the chosen one's hand and obtain incredible power. After endless hardships, he will eventually overthrow the Demon King.. So it goes..

I took off my combat gloves, and revealed the back of my hands.

Am I, the chosen one?

No matter how you look at it, that's just a bug bite.

Alice's small voice interrupted me, but my hopeful gaze still turned to the armored woman on top of a unicorn

Uh Even if you stare at me with those eyes, the crest has already appeared on the Prince's hand


After seeing my deflated look, the armored woman quickly changed the subject.

Come to think of it, we haven't introduced ourselves! My name is Snow. I am this Kingdom's commander of the royal guards. What about you guys?

Combatant No. 6.

I'm a beautiful girl type, high performance android named Kisaragi=Alice.

Calling yourself a beautiful girl type or high performance is a little too much

In that case, why'd you say Combatant No. 6? What happened to your real name?

After hearing our self introductions, Snow, with an interesting face, tilted her head.

Coombaatant no? And you're Kisaragi=Alice? More importantly, just what is an android?

I guess our names are hard to pronounce by the people of this world. Snow was repeating our names out loud.

You can just call me No. 6.

I'll be grateful if you can just call me Alice.

Is that so? Then I shall. However, do you understand this kingdom's situation now? If you guys stay in our kingdom, you will all be welcomed Also if you don't have any money for your travel, I can introduce you to some work. This is also fate. Won't you just hear me out?

As Snow said that.. I couldn't tell if she was just laughing by herself, but it looked like she had an ulterior motive behind her suspicious smile.

Then suddenly, Alice turned to me and spoke in Japanese.

Hey No. 6, this is a good opportunity. Ask her to introduce us to some work. A good workplace environment to gauge the combat ability of this planet's people. Even better, if we can live in the castle, it'll be easier to sabotage it from the inside.

You really are a heartless android. But, yeah.. We do need a home base until we finish our investigation. If we go with the flow, we won't need to show identification when entering.

Snow tilted her head with a strange expression while watching us talk.

I apologize. Since this person is an idiot, I talked in our native language to better explain the situation. Please tell us about any combat-related work.

Oi, can you stop belittling me every chance you get? Well, whatever As Alice just said, I'll take any combat-related work. I look forward to working with you.

After hearing those words, Snow..

Ah, that's what I should be saying. I look forward to working with you as well. I have a lot of hope for you two! Hehehehehehehe.

No matter how you looked at it, her smile was definitely suspicious..

I am Snow, the exclusive knight for Princess Tirris, and the commander of the royal guards! I found some travelers and escorted them here. Open the gate!

As soon as Snow raised her voice, the soldiers opened the gate and saluted.

Thank you for your hard work! But travelers Just where did you Anyways you must be exhausted, please take a rest back at the castle!

As soon as the gate opened, there was a sight that betrayed by expectations.

Behind Snow riding her horse, Alice was in a good mood polishing her shotgun with a cloth. It looked like she was embracing something precious. However, even she stopped moving after seeing that object.

On the streets, there were various buildings built from bricks here and there.

Since I didn't see any utility poles, it seems like they don't have electricity yet.

From seeing all the pedestrians coming and going, it seems like there's a lot of diversity here judging from the various hair colors and skin tones.

Yeah, so far.. I understand that their civilization is still at the level of wearing armors and relying on horses for transportation.


Hey Snow, just what is that? That looks like a tank to me..

That's right Right after going through the gate, there was a heap of rusty red scrap metal that looked like it was once a tank.

Hmm? Do you know what this relic is? This is an ancient weapon that defended this kingdom from the threat of a giant demon. In a time where there was no wall, it was said to have been used right here against the giant demon until the very end. Although preservation magic has been cast on it to save this technology As you can see, most of it's decayed.

If this is considered an ancient weapon.. That means in the past, there existed a civilization that was on a similar level to that of the Earth's. It started out with words describing a fantasy such as the legend of the Demon king, then it suddenly became a sci-fi story. This is a warning sign.. wait.. Wait a second!

Magic? Just now you said preservation magic right!?

WhatWhat's wrong? Your breathing's a lot faster now. For your information, I can't use magic Don't, Don't look at me so blatantly disappointed! There's only a limited amount of people with magical talent. Nothing can be done about it!!

So there's magic in this world

That's it. She said the Demon King did this or that It's not strange at all to have one or two magics.

It's not strange

I outstretched my palm towards the sky and shouted vigorously.


.. You did mention he'll say some weird things once in a while, is this one of them?

Yes. These eccentric outbursts may be troubling sometimes, but if possible, I hope you can just leave him be.

Looking at my frozen posture with serious expressions, Snow and Alice were whispering to each other.


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