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The Rich and Powerful Chang An The Rich And Powerful Chang An Chapter 23

The Rich And Powerful Chang An Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Xu Chang An did not know what had just happened and why the emperor punished Xiao Qing Yan. In his opinion, this matter should not be dragged on Xiao Qing Yan's head anyhow. You dont have to kneel here. You go back first. Xiao Qing yans burning pain on the back was just been beaten ten whips by his Imperial Father. But he didnt know why imperial father was angry. What does he mean by his remarks? What did it mean by ignoring the overall situation and not making progress? Even if he wanted to break his head he still didnt know what his father meant. After careful consideration of the dialogue with his imperial father, Xiao Qing yan felt puzzled. He came into the palace, summoned by father was because of Min Yu's matter, however imperial father did not mention a word, but took the initiative to mention his own marriage affairs. What kind of person is w.a.n.g Fei? Do you have any resentment against him? And The father asked him about his opinion regarding the throne. It seemed like The imperial father was angry after listening to his own recommendation of Jing w.a.n.g. Is fathers heart meant it to be Xiao Qing Nian? Xiao Qing yan had only just had a conversation with the emperor in his head. Xu Chang An had been kneeling on his side with guilt, and neither of them said a word. Xiao Qing Yu came almost an hour later. The first thing he said was to Xu Chang An. "Xu Chang An! Aren't you satisfied being a w.a.n.g Fei? Why bother looking for fight with a woman? You, a man is more jealous than a woman ah? This highness warns you! You dont think youre really Xian w.a.n.g Fei or Xian w.a.n.g Residence's Master. Let me tell this, my big brother will give you up to sooner or later. Youd better not make a mistake in his house!" Hearing Xiao Qing Yans mishap, Xiao Qing Yu rushed to The Palace. After entering The Palace, naturally he asked the Palace's people of what was going on. At first, he heard that the Cefeis family had come to complain. Xiao Qing Yu intuited that this was the harem incident. It must be caused by womens fighting and scheming against each other for a man's attention, and then made his brother be involved. Xiao Qing Yus character, Xu Chang An had heard a little about it, and he did not care about it. He just said a sentence that his Highness misunderstood and no longer talked much. It was Xiao Qing Yan who spoke next to him and explained, Its not what you think. Dont join us here, go back to your home. Since knowing his brothers mind, Xiao Qing Yan thought he would have a good time like this, what he want to do he could do anything. No need to fight for that position. It was very good to be a rich leisure person, at least mother should be satisfied. Brother! You dont really like him, do you? Hes a man! Xiao Qing Yu was unhappy. He hated Xu Chang An from the bottom of his heart and was not ready to save face for him. Anyway, even if his brother really took a fancy to him, he would not do anything for him. Whats more, he didnt believe that his brother really took a fancy to him. Xiao Qing Yus words made Xu Chang An nervous. He looked at the person beside him with a guilty heart and found that he(XQY) had no change in face and expression, and could not say what he felt, Xu Chang An ignored the loss of his heart and ignored Xiao Qing Yu as well as Xiao Qing yan. Humph! I dont want to bother you! In fact, he knew that his brother was punished in Changsheng Palace, Xiao Qing Yus worries had been half gone, he knew that no matter what they brothers did, no matter how angry the emperor was, as long as the emperor could think of the mother in Changsheng Palace, he would not really do anything to them. Xiao Qing Yu came and left in a hurry. Xu Chang An wanted to open his mouth and say something to Xiao Qing Yan, but he never opened his mouth. Besides apologizing, he didnt know what to say, but Xiao Qing Yan probably didnt want to hear his apology. Xu Chang An and Xiao Qing Yan knelt on their knees all afternoon in the Changsheng Palace. When the sky was dark, they were sent out of the palace by the emperor's people. After kneeling all afternoon, Xu Chang An was tired and sleepy, and his legs could not be straightened more. When they returned to residence, they did not see Min Yu. Qin Xin was waiting at the entrance. Seeing the two people, she did not ask much. She sent the two back to the courtyard and left on her own initiative. Clove, go to order hot dishes first, and then let people prepare some hot water. The names of the maidservants in Xian residence were all flower names. Xu Chang An could not remember many of them, so he remembered the girl who served with him these two days. This Clove was a little like ChunYu, but he also felt she was good, in the future could let her wait around, training her to be big yatou. (rank higher than small yatou) w.a.n.g Ye, you sit down first, eat something first and then see the wound on the body. Xu Chang An remembered that he had the medicine of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and this medicine should also be available in the warehouse of w.a.n.g Residence, so no one had to call a physician. Xu Chang An only knew that Xiao Qing Yan certainly had other injuries, but he did not expect that he would be so badly injured. When he was ready to give medicine, Xiao Qing Yan dismissed all the people in the room. Xu Chang Yan knew that Xiao Qing Yan should not want to let people know that he was injured, so he thought that he should serve him bath, anyway, they were all men, Xiao Qing Yan was still implicated by him, he should take care of people. No, just wipe it with hot water. Oh, alright. He thought Xiao Qing Yan was tired and wanted to go to bed soon. When Xiao Qing Yan loosened his robe and exposed the whole back, he looked at the crisscross wounds on Xiao Qing Yans back. Two slashes even broke the skin. The startling red made Xu Chang An trembled and knelt down on the ground. I'm sorry! Its all my burden on you! At this moment, Xu Chang An had no time to think about why the emperor had such a big fire, why he would be cruel to Xiao Qing Yan, he never thought Xiao Qing Yan would be so seriously injured! There was only one thought in his mind, all of which was his doing, Momo and them, and Xiao Qing Yan were both harmed because of him. How could he be so useless? When he was a child, he had to drag his mother down. He still had to drag down the people around him when he grew up. Aren't you tired of kneeling? Get up and wipe me first. Why he was beaten by his father today, Xiao Qing Yan himself was not clear, but he knew he was beaten definitely not because of Xu Chang An. Nn, alright. A little clearing Xiao Qing Yans back wounds, Xu Chang An thought it was good that his back was against him, or he really did not know how to face him, he did not like him, now was it called him disgusted. Your Highness, Ill go again and clean up the water. Wipe your face. He had been running all afternoon today and he was supposed to be sticky and uncomfortable anywhere but the wound, he was going to have to wipe it carefully. Why do you always call me Your Highness? Accordingly he had been t.i.tled w.a.n.g, the address of His Highness was for the prince who had not yet been t.i.tled w.a.n.g, Xiao Qing Yan knew that Xu Chang An would still call him w.a.n.g Ye, but also always unconsciously changed the t.i.tle, especially when there was only the two of them. Forget it, call it whatever you like. Looking at Xu Chang Ans stunned look, it was obvious that he himself did not notice. Right! Your highness, wait a moment! After being stunned, Xu Chang An caught a glimpse of the wound on Xiao Qing Yans back. Suddenly he thought that he could make the wound on Xiao Qing Yans back clean, without leaving any scar. He and Chunyu, as they wandered in the rear courtyard of w.a.n.g Residence, saw wild cotton leaves on the garden walls and at the foot of the garden. This kind of weed leaves not only had a wonderful hemostatic effect, but also made no scar left on the wound, even deep wounds, never left a scar. Without consideration like that, you can live in Xu's home for more than ten years. G.o.d is good to you. Looking back at what Xu Chang An just looked like, Xiao Qing Yan laughed unconsciously, and he guessed it right. Xiao Qing Yan knew that he didnt hate Xu Chang An, his w.a.n.g Fei would be him or someone else, but also he would be a man. It might have been a sudden thing for others when the emperor wanted to point out to him the male wife, but he had found it out three years ago, so he was now open to it. Xu Chang An suddenly ran away, Xiao Qing Yan could not wait all the time, let the yataou outside renewed the clean water for him to come in, he was ready to look at the knee injury, Xu Chang An came back, and holding a handful in his hand. It was not a flower nor a gra.s.s. It looked like a medicinal herb. Your Highness, this, with this, the wound on your back won't leave any scar. Xu Chang An took up the herbal medicine in his hand and signaled Xiao Qing Yan to look at it. His face was full of smiles. Xiao Qing Yan was the first time to see him laughing so freely and naturally. He just laughed. But Xu Chang An in front of him was different from before. Finally, he looked like what a man of his age should look like. What is this? It looked familiar, but he could hardly remember what it was called. I dont know, but Momo said it resembled cotton leaves, and because it was wild, I called him wild cotton. This is very useful, Dongxue used to stop my bleeding with this, but also applied to the wound on top woiuld be a very good scar-free effect. Your highness, you turn around. Finally, he could do something for Xiao Qing Yan. Xu Chang An was happy. His voice was excited. Xiao Qing Yan, who had already turned away, listened to Xu Chang Ans words and immediately had his(XCA) present appearance in his mind. He must be full of pride at the moment. Xiao Qing Yan thought that Xu Chang An must be proud now. After Xiao Qing Yan turned around, Xu Chang Yan looked at what was in his hand and frowned, but he did not hesitate to send it directly to his mouth. Xiao Qing Yan had several wounds on his back, but fortunately there were only a few in the place where the skin was broken. The medicine in his hand should be enough, and the tongue should not suffer too much. Not long after he turned his back, a cool feeling came from his back. Xiao Qing Yan knew that Xu Chang An had made no other movement when applying medicine to him, and his body was bowed slightly to make it convenient for him to apply medicine. Your Highness, please dont move. Ill find a cloth strip. What was on the body was not herbal ointment, or else tied it with cloth towel would be better. Your Highness, you are pa.s.sive, I will help you with a cloth, and you will be able to take it down tomorrow. When he couldnt find anything, Xu Chang An tore up his clean undergarment. Anyway, he was now Wait! Did you do stupid things again? You dont have to taste it yourself. Your Highness, I I didnt think twice. The bitter taste of the herb had spread in his mouth, Xu Chang An had wrinkled his face. Then he thought that he had done something foolish on his own, and all of a sudden the whole face was wrinkled together. I am really stupid! How could Xiao Qing Yan and him be the same? At that time, because there was no money to buy medicine, Dongxue would use weeds to stop his own bleeding, but Xiao Qing Yan's position as First Prince of the Great Xiao, did not know how many valuable medicinal herbs were in w.a.n.g Residence, even ready-made ointment and pills were a lot of it, he was foolish enough to use weeds to dress his wounds, his entire back got dirty. Knowing that Xu Chang An had tasted the medicinal herbs, Xiao Qing Yans first reaction was that Xu Chang An was experiencing the toxicity of the herbs, but he could not finish his words, and the person in front of him even had a face of remorse? Otherwise, Ill wipe it for you again, and then go to the warehouse to find the cream to stop bleeding and remove the scar. Ha. ? What did he laugh about? No, you say this medicine is so magical, Ill try it. Xiao Qing Yan didnt expect Xu Chang An to care about this. This guy was really didnt know the rules. He was the prince. Since he was a child, his food and clothing had been kept under control. Unknown food and clothes never appeared in his residence. Even the meals prepared by the imperial kitchen would have special tasting eunuchs before it was sent to his mouth. He dared to wound himself with herbs that he did not even know the name and the nature of the medicine, but he was worried about such insignificant reasons. "Then I continued? Your highness, you can rest a.s.sured that the effect is really good. It will not be worse than the cream in w.a.n.g residence." Xu Chang An really didnt expect Xiao Qing Yan to be so good at talking. He used to be very careful when he was with Xiao Qing Yan. He had to think about everything in his mind for a long time. He really didnt expect Xiao Qing Yan to be so bad as he thought. After giving Xiao Qing Yan a good medicine, Xu Chang An found his legs were very uncomfortable. He had just been nervous but didnt feel it. Now after relaxing, he felt as if his legs were weighing a thousand pounds and he didnt want to move at all. Your Highness, you sit down, Ill look at your knees." Kneeling for a long time, Xiao Qing Yan was bound to feel uncomfortable. Sure enough, when Xiao Qing Yan sat down and pulled up his trousers, his knees were red on both sides. The warm ointment was applied to the skin, and the cool feeling made Xiao Qing Yan felt comfortable in his legs. After he got up, Xu Chang An also stood up. Xu Chang An wanted to wait on Xiao Qing Yan to sleep first and then take medicine by himself. How could he know that Xiao Qing Yan had made a noise to let the yatou outside prepare hot water for him to bathe? Theres no wound on you. Take a hot bath and go to sleep. Youll feel better. All right. w.a.n.g Residence always had spare hot water. In a moment, the yatou prepared the hot water for Xu Chang An. After arriving at the outside bathhouse, Xu Chang An unconsciously looked at Xiao Qing Yan inside, and let the yatou who was going to serve him take a bath to go out. After soaking in the warm water, Xu Chang An took a long and comfortable breath. He was really tired today. Since he entered the palace in the morning, his whole person was tense. Now he could relax. Its really comfortable, really comfortable. T/N: I love this chapter! LIKE and Comment make me happy. >Chapter 24

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