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Chapter 78 Legend of the Holy Light (Arc 6.11)

Carnia glared at Jing Yang, wanting to pounce over to scratch up his face. "Don't be delusional, Davis will not be tricked by you!”

Jing Yang ignored the furious Carnia, only looking at the demon king. "What do you think of my proposal?”

The demon king looked at Jing Yang's face, and could not look away no matter what, his original thought of wanting to kill him had disappeared without a trace. As long as he could have this person, he wanted to try any chance he could get. "You sincerely want to work with me?”

"I'm already standing here, is that not sincere enough? When I make a contract with you, although I can receive your power, my life will be tied to yours. If something happens to you, I will also not be able to survive. What else do you have to worry about?" Jing Yang said.

"What do you want to get from me?" The demon king asked. "What is there that Orede cannot give you, that I can give you?”

"I want you to help me become the emperor of the humans." Jing Yang said with a greedy look in his eyes. "The lifespan of humans is not as long as the demons. While I am alive, you must let me become the emperor. After I die, the human clan can be ruled by the demons.”

"You want to be the emperor?" The demon king looked at him with some surprise.

"In reality, I don't care at all about whether or not other humans live or die. I don't want to live a life pretending to be a good person." Jing Yang replied. "I want to experience what it feels like to have the supreme right to control everyone's life and death.”

The demon king pondered silently. The purpose that he said was reasonable, he could not find any flaws. And like he said, once he made a contract with himself, he would become the last person who would want him to have an accident. If he could take this opportunity to not only seize the humans but also have this person, there could not be anything better. No matter how strong Orede was, as long as this person stood next to himself, he would also no longer be his opponent.

Once he thought of how Orede would look when he found out, the demon king couldn't contain his excitement. "Good! I agree!”

"Davis!" Carnia looked at the demon king in disbelief. He did not think that Jing Yang could easily move the demon king with just a few words. "Don't believe him! He is lying to you, he definitely has some sort of plot to want to harm you!”

"Then now, you will lift the contract with Carnia and make a contract with me!" Jing Yang said.

The demon king stood up and smiled. "Since you can't wait, let's do it now.”

"Davis!" Carnia pounced over and held the demon king, with tears in his eyes. "Don't trust him! Don't trust him! He really wants to harm you!”

The demon king pushed Carnia away. "I let you go destroy the humans, and what did you do besides getting together with Louis? Not only did you not achieve anything, but you even lost my treasured illusion bone!”

"I didn't, I didn't!" Carnia shook his head frantically to deny it. "I only love you, and have only been with you. I was only playing with Louis, and wanted to deceive him so he would trust me.”

Carnia crawled over to hold the demon king's legs and pointed at Jing Yang. "The matter about the illusion bone must be related to him. He must have stolen the illusion bone, believe me!”

The demon king very impatiently kicked him away. "What you did in the human lands, do you really think that I don't know? If you succeeded, I would not have calculated accounts with you, but now you are just a useless waste, even if I keep you you will not play any role!”

"Take him to the demon temple!" The demon king commanded the soldiers on the side.

"Davis! Please! Please! Don't do this to me, I really really love you!" Carnia cried in tears to beg the demon king, but the demon king did not soften. He was dragged out of the temple by the soldiers, his cries gradually disappearing.

The demon king looked at Jing Yang. "After you have made a contract with me, you must kill Louis and those officials yourself, as you said.”

"Of crows!" Jing Yang said with certainty. "I will do what I say.”

"Very good." The demon king smiled. "Then let's go.”

Jing Yang followed the demon king to the demon temple. Carnia's hands and feet were tied together and he was lying on the ground. Because he was endlessly crying, his mouth was blocked. When he saw the demon king and Jing Yang come in, he let out wu wu sounds, wanting to talk.

Louis and the others were quickly brought it, or more accurately, dragged in.

The demon king had been injured by Orede, and the anger in his heart was difficult to appease. He temporarily could not deal with Orede, so he vented his anger by first torturing these people. Louis had been tortured the most severely, and his two legs were already basically wasted.

Seeing the trapped Carnia on the ground, and then looking at Jing Yang standing there, Louis and the rest were very confused and completely couldn't understand what was going on.

The demon king took out a knife from the high platform in the temple and walked toward Carnia.

Carnia shook his head and tears kept flowing down. He never thought that the demon king would be so determined, and abandoned him just like that.

The demon king sliced his knife on Carnia arm, and then sliced once on his own arm. Then he released his demon magic to take back all of the power that he had left in Carnia's blood.

Carnia was drenched in sweat from the pain. When he and the demon king had made the contract, he had only felt that he was filled with endless power, and had never forgotten that kind of feeling. He never thought that after the release of the contract and the power was withdrawn, he would suffer from such excruciating pain.

His heart was filled with despair, sorrow, pain, and sadness, all kinds of emotions. The most was regret. If he had known that this would be the result, he should not have fled the light temple at the very beginning. If he hadn't escaped, he would just be a normal human now. Maybe his life would be very ordinary, but at least it wouldn't be this painful.

Carnia remembered when he had just been brought back to the temple by Sylvie's grandfather, a very kind old man. After he had followed him back to the temple, he had never gone hungry again. He let people teach him how to read and write, o teach him how to distinguish between right and wrong. In his times of pain, he had even personally released his light power to help him relieve the pain. He had never treated him badly because he would be very likely to bring disaster to the people.

Sylvie was right. His grandfather might owe all of the humans, but the only one he did not owe anything was him.

The contract with lifted, and Carnia lay on the ground lifelessly. Louis still didn't understand what in the end was going on.

"My contract with him has been terminated, now I can make a contract with you. Give me your hand." The demon king stretched his hand out to Jing Yang.

Louis widened his eyes. He thought that he must have heard wrong, Sylvie actually was making a contract with the demon king. "Sylvie! What are you doing? You're also going to betray the humans?!”

Jing Yang looked down at the already crippled Louis, and then turned to the demon king. "Give the knife to me, I'll do it myself.”

The demon king smiled and handed the knife to Jing Yang. He took it and lowered it to his arm, quickly swiping once.

The demon king stared at his arm. Just when he thought that bright red blood was going to flow out of that white arm, he suddenly felt pain in his chest, as if he had been pierced by something. He looked down, and a gleaming silver sword was pierced into his chest.

Jing Yang retreated a few steps. That sword was immediately pulled out, and the demon king spewed out a mouthful a blood. He slowly turned his head and saw the man standing behind him, immediately staring. "Orede!”

Besides Jing Yang, no one had seen clearly when Orede had appeared, and even more so no one knew how he had suddenly appeared here.

Louis and the rest were all stunned.

The demon soldiers immediately surrounded them, but because the demon king was injured and did not command them, they didn't dare to act lightly.

As the demon king was turning to look at Orede, Jing Yang quickly stabbed the knife in his hand into his back, and his demon magic immediately started to release from his body.

Orede gave Jing Yang a look, and Jing Yang quickly walked behind him.

Blood endlessly dripped out of the demon king's mouth, and he said in a somewhat vague voice, "It turns out, this was really, your plot. It's funny, I actually believed it.”

"That is because you are not only incompetent but also stupid." Orede said expressionlessly.

Orede had been wearing the invisibility cloak and constantly following along next to Jing Yang. How could he let him come here by himself. This was the method that Jing Yang had come up with, and originally Orede did not agree, feeling that it was too dangerous. He didn't want to make him take risks. But Jing Yang told him that he was absolutely certain that he could fool the demon king, and as long as they cooperated well enough at that time, they would definitely be able to succeed.

The demon king showed a twisted and malevolent smile. "You think that this can kill me? If it were anywhere else, I might have already died. But this is the demon temple, the demon magic of the demon ancestors can shelter me. Now, I must let you know what is called no return!”

The demon king used the last amount of strength in his body, wanting to activate the demon magic left by the ancestors in the demon temple. The demon temple began shaking, and a large amount of demon magic rushed out of the ground, even lifting the roof.

Jing Yang's purpose was precisely to force him to use the demon ancestors' power, and then he could completely end the demon clan.

Jing Yang used the system to raise his power to the highest, and then released his light power, which immediately cleared out the demon magic. But there was still a lot of demon magic beneath the ground, which was gradually but endlessly emerging.

Jing Yang gathered his light magic, and shone it toward the sky. Suddenly, a huge column of light appeared, making people unable to tell whether it was shining down from the sky, or Jing Yang shining it up toward the sky.

Such a scene had never appeared even in dreams, they could not even think of it in their fantasies. The demons only felt incomparably pain, their bodies seeming to melt away.

Yet Louis and the humans were staring openmouthed, shocked beyond return. Under the holy light, their physical pain seemed to ease, their entire bodies enveloped in comfort. Carnia looked up. Jing Yang was standing at the center of the holy light with his arms raised upward. That holy and incomparably strong power seemed like only he alone would deserve it.

The demon magic left by the demon ancestors was cleared cleanly. Jing Yang took back the holy light, but because he had overused his power, his body shook. Orede immediately held him and let him rest in his arms.

The demon king's magic power had been exhausted, he lay on the ground lifelessly. He knew that everything had gone beyond rescue, whether it was him, or the entire demon clan, this time they had been completely finished. Even the demon magic in the demon temple had been cleared, this new saint called Sylvie was too powerful, he was not his match. Without the demon temple, the demons could no longer be strong.

The demon king looked at Orede and Jing Yang. He was unwilling, he still wanted to continue to live, but…unfortunately…

The demon king's body slowly dissipated into ashes, and the demon temple began to collapse.

The demon temple was very large, and the walls were very high. Running out now was certainly too late. Jing Yang again launched his holy light power, making the walls collapse outward.

Translator Notes:

[1] delusional – 痴心妄想, idiom, means getting carried away, wishful thinking [2] just a few words – 三言两语, idiom, means expressing succinctly [3] act lightly – 轻举妄动, idiom, means to act blindly without thinking

Random Notes:

About one hour: 9 am – 10 am, for 3.5k characters to 2.5k words. Time for a good old wrap up chapter and then that's the end of the arc!

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