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Lonely Attack on the Different World Lonely Attack On The Different World Prologue

TLN: Been thinking about this novel as well as The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs, but I dont think tackling three LNs at once is a good idea. I might choose to do one, the other, or maybe neither. Sorry if the translation seems a bit stiff. This prologue uses somesyntax more complex than Im used to. Prologue

Memories of the former world circled around my head like a revolving lanternwait, memories? It seems that I dont really have that many.

Youre one of those cla.s.smates that I dont recall. I dont remember you, but I do remember that I forgot about you. Maybe?

d.a.m.n it, are you serious. Since its come to this, Ill have to unleash whatever trump cards I have towards you! People like you are incompetent!

Killing me would be a waste of his precious casts, which have a usage limit, so understanding that well, it seems hes trying to figure out the minimal amount of casts necessary to kill me. Though it seemed that it was best to keep the invocations for powerful techniques up his sleeves in case of an emergency, hes already run out of options.

After all, neither he nor I play a leading part in this other worldyet even so, were taking the place of our cla.s.smates. Since theres a valueless, nameless supporting role companion in the midst of the killings, yet acts like a protagonist, doesnt that indicate an error in the calculations? If the result of a calculation is wrong, then didnt the calculation process go wrong somewhere?

This is not the equation that will make him the strongest, this is the end, this is the solution.

Goodbye. Whoever you are

Hes continued to copy all kinds of skills by killing cla.s.smates while aiming for invincibility. As he raised h.e.l.l, the effects of swung swords and fired magic attacks continued to tear and destroy my body, but even so, he was screamed all the while due to things not going as planned.

Why! This is strange, this just isnt right. You should have died many times over by my calculations! Why dont you just dieeeee!

In a world of swords and magic, mathematically-calculated, reliable attack skills create a high likelihood of a fatal blow, so him constructing a multi-attack was inevitable. Like I said though, its pointless, as youve definitely made a miscalculation. Well, youre just unlucky.

I have no need for your left-over shoddy skills, disappear! Stop kidding me!

He had kept a grudge as he waited until he had enough skills to be 100% sure that he would kill me. He continued developing his futile attacks while utilizing his probability theories. Its fine even if I get hit by them all, asI wont die at the very least, meaning that I will be the one doing the killing.

His worries remain as he grows restless. His body manipulation cast does not go as planned and my legs keep moving, my body has already gone out of order since long ago. Ive already lost my senses and my consciousness isnt working,youre not usually able to move such a tattered body in the first place, you know? So like I said, its useless, but even so, he came raising a fuss while slas.h.i.+ng his sword.

Judging by how he was looking at it, it seems he cant comprehend the stick of wood that I was raising overhead. His cheat-like sword equipment was broken, his prideful magic s.h.i.+eld was tattered, and the magic he kept firing had no effect in killing me. Seeing me about to swing the wooden stick downwards made a display of how this incomprehensible world can go beyond calculations, and how it loses its meaning. This other world is always full of nonsense, so in that case, they certainly can deceive your calculations, right? Whoever you are.

While firing his deadly multi-attack skill towards me, he groaned Guh, in annoyance as he tried to destroy me. I only have shoddy skills which arent worth stealing, and it seems hell suffer a heavy loss of precious skills by trying to kill me. With this, he should lose that cheat technique which allows him to steal cheats from killed cla.s.smates, making it a big loss for him even if he killed someone again.

Everything from my left wrist and up was gone, my elbow was broken, left to dangle, my face also seemed half burnt to a crisp, and that technique just now cut off my feet, but even so, I kept walking and he opened his eyes wide while blankly starting, only letting out a mumble.

You monster

It seems I became a monster in his eyes after becoming incomprehensible to him. He couldnt find any answers using his prideful calculation ability, which in other words means that he couldnt comprehend the meaning of the deceit going on.

For mathematical geniuses, a world where 1+1 doesnt always equal 2 will treat them like fools, and their probability theories will definitely fail. This is a world where the dice will roll an M, you see. Anything other than 100% can mean 0%, and at the same time, anything can happen if the probably is above 0.

Since hes a genius who can calculate an answer instantly, I just have to cut off his chances right from the get-go. Taking measures, I foiled his moves, unleashed my opening attack, watched out for traps, tricked him, deceived him. His chances turned into chaos by the middle stage, and made the foreseen outcome of the endgame simple. Then, his simple calculations on how to kill me no longer worked. I became a monster by the end, and his probability thinking ability was increasingly reaching its limits.

His calculations were infinitely increasing, and when he tried to solve them, his equations were breaking down, he reached a computational overflow. Hes honing his sixth sense to conduct a.n.a.logical reasoning. He cannot calculate the prediction for rolling a die that he doesnt know the contents of, he doesnt grasp the conditions for making 1+1 equal 2, hes making calculations without defining even one variable, resulting in a meaningless answer.

I then swung the wooden stick downwards, that was probably the only calculation you got right. Your HP turned to 0, your magic wall and cheat armor have lost their purpose, but it seems you havent understood why.

Pretty unfair, isnt it?

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