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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 9

Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Sunrise and Warm Feelings "Still not getting up? It's already so light outside." Yun Shi Wei shouted and another burst of sounds came from the door. Thud thud thud. "Eldest Cousin" She yelled in a panic. Yun Shi Yi ignored her. His two hands grabbed onto the dainty figure currently straddling his own body and ruthlessly raised his waist in one stroke. "It hurts!" Ruan Zhu screamed, bending her waist from pain and clutching the bed with her hands. Her eyes gleaming with unshed tears, she angrily looked at him: "Gentler, you really hurt me." "What did you do to Zhu Zhu?! Open the door, hurry and open this door!" From outside the door came Yun Shi Wei's anxious shouts. Thud thud thud..another round of fierce knocks sounded out again. All the servants of Wutong Building ran over from whatever they were doing, Xiao Feng and Xiao Shan at the forefront. Seeing it was their own second young master that was causing the disturbance, they all lost their heads out of fear. Second Young Master was not someone they could aggravate but inciting Eldest Young Master was absolutely out of the question. If this disruption was to cause the latter to lose his temper, they would all be severely punished. "Second Young Master, do not pound the door anymore. If the door breaks, Eldest Young Master will become angry." Xiao Feng was the first to persuade him: "The consequences of this disturbance so early in the morning is not good. If the Master and Madam knew of this, Second Young Master may be punished." Xiao Shan was worried that the Eldest Young Master would soon come out and start scolding. If that were to occur, he and the rest of the servants would also be punished and could only blame their bad luck. Unable to bear it any longer, he spoke with less tact that Xiao Feng: "Second Young Master, do not blame this one for speaking out of turn. In Eldest Lady's eyes, you are merely a secondary husband. Which house will have a concubine like you, so courageous as to rush over so early to pound at the Eldest Lady's door?" Yun Shi Wei became furious and his eyes blazed with rage: "Have you absolutely disgraceful slaves blinded your useless eyes? You dogs dare to look down at your family's Second Master?!" Not allowing any time for explanations, he lifted up a leg and aimed a kick at Xiao Shan's hip. Yun Shi Wei's large strength from practicing martial arts caused Xiao Shan to fly over two meters away. Fortunately, the servant boy had spent a few years learning Chinese boxing with his master, so he had a strong and healthy body. He would have most likely become disabled if it was not for that foundation. Even so, the kick caused Xiao Shan to collapse on the ground, unable to move. Xiao Feng was worried Xiao Shan would suffer even greater losses and nervously said in a manner meant to hug Yun Shi Wei's thigh: "Second Master, Second Master, based on this servant's loyalty for so long, will this Master please be magnanimous and not lower oneself. Please spare his worthless life!" "Humph. This time I'll pardon his worthless life. Next time he dares to babble nonsense, see if I don't ruin him and sell him off to a blind village beggar woman." After Yun Shi Wei finished releasing his anger, he faced the door again. While all of this was occurring, the pair inside the room were immersed in their own world and didn't seem to notice the commotion outside. His eyes were glued to the dainty body that straddled his waist and to the nicely rounded pair of perky b.r.e.a.s.t.s that shook in tandem with his every thrust. The sight was especially alluring. The hazy sunlight streaming in through the curtains made it seem as if she was glowing, causing him to increasingly lose his mind. "Wife, today, this husband will let you enjoy yourself fully." Yun Shi Yi smiled evilly. His right hand moved down her body and found the small bead that drove her crazy. He pressed a finger down on it and gently pushed it around, while at the same time, thrusting his lower back ferociously upwards.. "Ah!" Ruan Zhu violently quivered and shrieked: "Don't do that, hurry and remove your hand. I can't take it!" But the movements of the man underneath her did not stop. His left hand firmly held onto her waist, preventing her from escaping. His right hand continued to fiddle with her small bead. At the same time, his waist never stopped ramming upwards, becoming more and more violent with each and every stab. "Ah, ah.let me go.I don't want.." Ruan Zhu repeatedly screamed in pain, but after a period of time, there was also a sort of numbness in addition to the frightening agony that she felt. It was like an electric current that started from her innermost regions and spread throughout her body in waves. She was not sure when it happened, but traces of pleasure started appearing amidst the soreness. The heat and the pain were both excruciating, but at the same time, she felt so comfortable that she could die. Yun Shi Yi's breathing was shaky and his face kept turning redder and redder. His eyes were misted over. He hated that he was unable to completely merge with the female on top of him, two into one, never separating for all of eternity. Fiddling with her tiny hand, he suddenly reached for her chest and grabbed hold of a plump roundness, ruthlessly squeezing and rubbing it, while his hips went against her wishes and increased their speed. Bang! The door was smashed open and a large silhouette walked in, shouting: "Don't be scared Zhu Zhu, Second Cousin is here to save you." The servants saw their second eldest master had broken through the door and entered the room. They could only look at each other. Based on the sounds of a man shouting and a female tantalizingly moaning, they didn't have to think to know what the people inside the room were doing. Tian Chu's population had a high ratio of men versus women so the more beautiful a female was, the more valuable she became. In the Yun family, excluding Madam Yun and a few elderly lady servants-c.u.m-wet nurses, there were no other females, much less young females in their prime of their youth. These male servants were all young boys and at an age where they were the most vigorous. After only hearing a few sounds, their blood was boiling but no one had the courage to step into the room for a look. Xiao Feng was clever. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone else was still muddle-headed, he walked towards the entryway while sneakily glancing sideways. In the s.p.a.cious living room, beyond the moon gate and behind a beaded curtain, what came into view was an absolutely beautiful female profile, curvy and exquisite, dainty beyond compare..He shook from head to toe, almost tumbling to the floor. In a hurry, he tightly closed the door, his heart palpitating. If his masters knew of what he had just done, he would not even have time to think about explaining to save his little life. Yun Shi Wei first entered the living room before arriving at the moon gate that connected to the bedroom. Pushing aside the beaded curtain, he rushed into the inner chamber. What entered his eyes was the image of a female sitting astride a man's waist. Her body was white and sparkling like snow, dainty to the extreme. A thin sheen of sweat covered her skin like a layer of hazy gloss. Her soft and ample chest jiggled incessantly with every violent movement from the man underneath her. It was as if his whole soul was being seduced and ecstasy was nibbling away at his bones. The two people inside the room were currently at the most antic.i.p.ated part and didn't notice at all that someone had walked in. Even if they were aware, they would be unable to do anything about it. Yun Shi Wei foolishly stood there, staring blankly at the scene before him. His forehead was dotted with perspiration, eyes red with l.u.s.t, and his breathing had sped up. The thing at his pants swelled to an uncomfortable degree and pushed against the seam of his trousers, as if at any moment if would spring out of its restraints. He unconsciously walked straight towards them, a trace of the female's unique scent entering his nostrils. The heavy fragrance caused him to become dazed for a split second. With trembling hands, he touched the two soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s. A limp feeling spread from the top of his body to his every pore. His brain went blank, devoid of any thoughts except of thoughts of her, only her. "Why is it you, hurry and let me go" Ruan Zhu cried out in panic. She had suddenly felt pain at her chest but it turned out to be Yun Shi Wei, who had opened his mouth and taken hold of a flower bud. He gently sc.r.a.ped and bit at the tip with his teeth. "Nn.." Her chest trembled. Suddenly, she quivered as a flood of pleasure rushed out from her innermost areas and burst into innumerable sparks that lingered as her body spasmed uncontrollably. "Ah, ah" She screamed. Her two legs restlessly moved on the bed as her body continued to twitch incessantly. Her entire body was without strength and covered with sweat. Her body went soft and was being held up by Yun Shi Wei, who flanked her. As she climaxed, her little alley squeezed, exponentially intensifying the pleasure, causing Yun Shi Yi to unable to remain calm. With eyes scarlet with l.u.s.t, he roared and thrust his waist a few more times before abruptly stabbing viciously upwards, madly releasing the hot white fluid housed in his underbelly, b.u.t.tocks shuddering fiercely. "Wife, wife" He loudly gasped for air, his entire body drenched with sweat. Ruan Zhu really was exhausted and collapsed in Yun Shi Wei's embrace. She breathlessly said: "Second Cousin, let me go and get out quickly. What will the servants say when they see this?" "Zhu Zhu, I am your secondary husband. It should be my turn now, right?" Yun Shi Wei lifted up his head from her bosom and asked with an unsteady voice. His two hands didn't stop stroking the place that gave him the greatest release. "But I haven't prepared for it yet, so now is not a good time. Remove your hand and let me think for a bit. How about waiting until tomorrow night?" She had just crossed over so was unable to be like the girls of this era who believed the "one woman, many husbands" protocol was absolutely fair and reasonable. She had received a very traditional Chinese education and the multi-thousand year policy of man is superior to woman' that she was so ingrained with, could not be so easily changed. She will learn to accept this world's customs and learn to accept him, but required time to do so. TN: If this was any other novel, Xiao Feng would have already died.

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