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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 16

Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Night is Hazy "I'm all right. It's just that my body is limp and I can't muster up any strength." She lowered her gaze to squint at his crotch that currently resembled a protruding tent. Her elegant eyebrows knitted in distress and a faint melancholy could be seen in her eyes: "Eldest Cousin, it must be awfully difficult to bear, right?" "Are you currently able to?" Yun Shi Yi gave a smile that was not a smile and pushed her hand back under the blanket. But she took it out and reached directly for her target. Holding his enormous member, she lightly rubbed the soft silk material that separated the two from directly touching. "Nn!" Yun Shi Yi groaned, his lower body unconsciously tilting forwards. Under the ministration of the little hand, a limp feeling steadily saturated his body, and pleasure resembling a current rushed into his head. His breathing quickened. Frantically pulling at his belt, his pants immediately slid downHe placed her little hand on top of his heat source that had long been swollen and painful. She was merely holding him, but he could see and feel their flesh in direct contact and it was as if he had been burned. Trembling violently, his phallus continued to swell in size and rose up even higher. She sat up, as she thought it was inconvenient to be sitting down while trying to carefully relieve his suffering. The brocade quilt shifted with her movements, revealing her full snowy peaks and the stunning view immediately dazzled the man's eyes. He propped his shaft on her chest, the touch of the young girl's tender softness making him feel exhilarated. "Zhu Zhu, me too." Seeing them, Yun Shi Wei's blood vessels puffed up, causing his little brother to also stand up straight. Seeing something so delicate and something so solid rubbing against each other creating the ultimate pleasure caused him to gasp for breath. Grabbing her other hand, he placed it on his own heat source. She held a shaft in each hand, stroking them back and forth with the same movements. Both of them were so large that she could grasp only part of them, but her tender hands still gave the two brothers unparalleled pleasure. "NnWife, you can go faster, just a little faster. Ah..I'm almost there, just like this" "Oh, oh..Spouse..I am also soon." Ruan Zhu had been stroking them for a long while now and her hands felt sore. Placing their gigantic phalluses on her full chest, one on each mound, she pressed down on them with her hands. The two men simultaneously twitched forward, their movements very fast as they impatiently gasped. Continuously making low groans, it seemed as if they were in a state that was both pure agony and extreme bliss. They each separately pulled on one of her arms while their other hands covered her small hands that she had placed on top of her chest. Controlling the strength of her small hands allowed themselves to feel even greater stimulation. One moment pressing down hard, the next moment rotating her hand in circles, continuously rubbing The two brothers continued to wreak havoc on her pair of lovely b.r.e.a.s.t.s while experiencing the exquisite pleasure of her hand on top. They were completely intoxicated with this feeling and longed to stay in this position, never separating for eternity. An indeterminate amount of time later, the two men suddenly increased their speed, their movements becoming faster and faster. The first was Yun Shi Wei, who fiercely thrust for a while, shouting as he released all the hot liquid in his body on her chestImmediately following was Yun Shi Yi, roaring loudly as he also discharged his dense pa.s.sion.[a] The two brothers tightly hugged her, one on her left, the other on her right, both breathing heavily with loud gasps. For a long time, neither of them were willing to let go. "Wife, you are so good." Yun Shi Yi placed a kiss on Ruan Zhu's lips before grabbing a towel from the table to wipe her chest. Yun Shi Wei placed his hands on her two soft peaks, playing with them by sometimes pulling, sometimes kneading. The spongy sensation made him be increasingly crazy about her. Gradually, Ruan Zhu's face became tinged with red and she impatiently gasped. Her body leaned on Yun Shi Yi while her hand once again grasped onto the huge scorching rod. Lowering his head, Yun Shi Yi sealed her mouth with a kiss. One hand caressed her body, fingers trailing from her belly to even further down, separating the two slender legs, pushing through her seductive flower petals, and entering. Ruan Zhu arched her back, softly trembling under his affectionate care. Her eyes were covered with a layer of haze, almost as if a drop of water was going to drip out. Her lips were a little moist and her originally white as snow skin had been dyed to a flushed red. Seeing her emotions stirring, Yun Shi Yi increased the strength used in the finger currently digging within her body. His eyes filled with affection, he then lowered his head to bring one red plum into his mouth, tongue nimbly teasing. At the same time, Yun Shi Wei had taken the other bud into his own mouth. Although what he was doing could only be described as crude gnawing', he fortunately controlled his strength, and the slight ache gradually transformed into numbness throughout her body. An indescribably delicious taste coursed through the the two heads at her chest, flowing into their bodies. "Wu" So hot. She felt as if she was on fire and the sensation was extremely uncomfortable. Ruan Zhu twisted her body painfully. Someone save her! "Nn, ahh" From her mouth suddenly came a series of delicate moans. Her body repeatedly trembled, her legs helplessly randomly kicking the bodies of the two men, causing them to each raise a thigh to press down on her flailing legs. But after the surging wave in her body finally eased, she didn't even have the strength to even move. "Wife, do you feel well now?" Yun Shi Yi panted, moving his head away from her chest. "Nn!" Ruan Zhu's entire body was sweaty and she collapsed onto the bed from exhaustion. Hearing him ask, she couldn't help but become shy and slowly nodded. Yun Shi Yi grabbed a towel and once again wiped her body clean. Placing a clean square between her legs, he held her in his embrace: "Willing for our hearts to only hold one person while never separating even after the hair on our heads have turned whiteall the men in this world have such thoughts, but only a few have the fortune to be treated this way by their spouse. Though the time I have spent with Wife is short, there is a sense of camaraderie, and it has left a deep impression on this husband." Yun Shi Yi revealed the thoughts in his heart, but Ruan Zhu thought, isn't it not like this? In her past world, she had expected to remain alone until death. Yet in this life, she could actually be treasured like so in his heart. It would be a lie to say she was not touched. Reclining on his solid arm, contentment suddenly welled up from the bottom of her heart. Yun Shi Wei was still l.u.s.tily playing with her chest as if he wasn't satisfied. Being relieved once did not make his large member deflate. On the contrary, it had the tendency to bring it up to another level. Ruan Zhu was really helpless. This was the period every month when her health was at the weakest so she really didn't have the energy to help him again. "Zhu Zhu, let's do it again!" Panting, Yun Shi Wei begged and placed her little hand again on the source of his heat. Yun Shi Yi was also uncomfortably swollen but he was even more unwilling to hurt her. Extending an hand to push his brother's away, he warned: "If you don't behave, I'll open this window and throw you out into the courtyard to cool off." Yun Shi Wei resentfully grumbled: "This is my courtyard. You're acting as if you're the master, like a turtledove seizing a magpie's nest[b]." Yun Shi Yi sneered: "Okay, good. I'll just take Zhu Zhu and leave. Whatever you want to do, you can do alone. In the future, there's also no need for you to go to my Wutong Building." "Don't. I was wrong, is that not enough?" Yun Shi Wei hurriedly begged for forgiveness, immediately becoming much more sincere and well-behaved. Smiling as she heard the two men bicker, Ruan Zhu laid between them and not long after, closed her eyes. During the night, she was woken by Yun Shi Yi. Half asleep, she drank a bowl of brown sugar and honey water before burrowing into his arms and falling back asleep in his embrace. Because she was feeling uncomfortable, they stayed at the Yun manor for a few more days. Early morning on the fourth day, they packed up and got on the carriage, embarking on the road back to the city. [a] Author used YSW's name twice so I listed YSW first because he seems more hot-headed than YSY.[b] , idiom meaning taking what is not yours TN: Author finally stopped using those boxes. (`)

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