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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 23

Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Teasing Glossary word word description [1] word text description [2] word text description word word description word word description "Be more gentle, it really hurts." She gritted her teeth. This guy never knew how to be considerate. Everything he did had a bit of a violent flair. Could he have transmigrated from the Jura.s.sic age? Yun Shi Wei halted his kisses and crawled onto the chaise lounge, neatly undressing himself in the process. He pulled her into his lap so that her soft body was in his arms. His eyes were covered with a layer of haze as he gasped for breath: "Spouse, I know you also like doing stuff like this. After I make you comfortable in a little while, you'll definitely enjoy this." Remembering his frantic movements on that day, a sense of dread overcame her. Bracing her hands against him: "Let's wait until Eldest Brother returns tonight to talk about this. I haven't prepared yet so let's not do it now. Don't hold me so tightlyah, my waist is going to break!" Was he kneading dough or hugging a person?! Ruan Zhu was in so much pain she wanted to thrash around but couldn't. His two arms were like a vice, holding onto her waist so tightly she felt as if her lower back would snap. Yun Shi Wei appeared to have not heard her and continued trying to push aside the clothes on her body. Finding it troublesome to undo her belt, he simply teared at the fabric so in the end, the precious Jiangnan cloud brocade was reduced to rags in his hand. "Beast!" Ruan Zhu's temper flared. She fiercely kicked him with her legs and scratched at his face with her fingernailsYun Shi Wei lifted a st.u.r.dy thigh to restrain her naughty legs and bound her wrists above her head with the strips from her trousers that he had just ripped. Having had her wrists tied by him, Ruan Zhu was so furious her face became white. Opening her mouth wide, she ruthlessly bit him on his right shoulder. The flesh that was in her mouth was very tough and had a sort of open country taste. But after she let go, what entered her sight were two rows of shallow teeth marks that simply were not threatening at all. "So comfortable, I also want a kiss" Yun Shi Wei demanded for more with a low voice as he gasped for breath, his eyes turning red with desire. Barbarian! Beast! Ruan Zhu repositioned herself and in one move, took hold of his lips and bit down hard with her teeth. Salty blood flowed into her mouth. "Spouse, that's not how you kiss." Yun Shi Wei cried out as he struggled to throw her off, painfully sucking in a breath of air. But just as he turned his head, the female's tender and white skin came into view. A slender figure with a body of jade, splayed against himthis was actually a sight to behold. He rested his hands on top of her chest, her two perky b.r.e.a.s.t.s fitting in his hands. His entire body trembled. Unable to bear it any longer, he rubbed that stiff rod at his crotch against her soft b.u.t.tocks. Seeing her continue to struggle against him, he quickly said: "Rest a.s.sured, this time I'll definitely be gentler and won't hurt you. It's already been so long since we've been together, this really isn't something a human could endure. My body's already on fire." "Then untie my hands. What exactly is the meaning of tying me up?" Was this regarded as rape? Didn't they all say that the secondary husbands of Tian Chu were the same as the obedient historical concubines? She failed to see which part of him could be regarded as obedience'. Ruan Zhu was unbearably livid but she knew that she could not use strength against this barbarian. She wasn't his opponent in that aspect and the one to suffer a loss would be her. Fine then, I'll just attack with a softer method. More than anything, handling men required the use of tears as an offense. Gathering her thoughts, she fully immersed herself in her grievances. Her large eyes rapidly filled with teardrops and she let herself cry out loud wu wu. "All right, Zhu Zhu, don't cry, don't cry. Second Cousin will just untie you now." Yun Shi Wei immediately panicked and and roughly brushed away her tears. Ruan Zhu thought about how he had bound her and momentarily sobbed for real. Tears streamed from her eyes and down her cheeks, dripping onto her ample chest before sliding downwards. Yun Shi Wei fumbled with the knot. When he finally untied her, there were actually red scars on her delicate wrists that were especially eye-catching against her snowy skin. He felt even more panicked upon seeing those harsh red lines. If Eldest Brother were to know of this matter, he would be punished. Yun Shi Wei didn't care if he was scolded or beaten, but he was most afraid of Yun Shi Yi forbidding him from being close to their wife. Not knowing what was best to do, he brought her two wrists close to his mouth, gently blowing on them. This was good. It proved this person still had a brain. Ruan Zhu felt a little appeased but wasn't willing to forgive him. Noticing the basin of ice on the table that Nuan Chun had just delivered to help with the heat, she saw that there were a few ice cubes that had not yet completely melted. An evil plan forming, she reached out and selected two large ice cubes, placing them at the tip of his protruding tent at his crotch, very fiercely warning: "If you dare try to avoid this, I'll tell Eldest Cousin what happened today and have you unable to touch me for a month." "Ah!" Yun Shi Wei yelped loudly. He was originally going to dodge aside, but hearing her threat, could only obediently endure it. The ice cubes were pressing down on his family jewels and ice-cold sweat formed on his forehead. His entire body shivering, his voice trembled as well: "Zhu Zhu, don't do this. It'll be damaged." "Don't worry, if it's damaged, Little Sister will send you to the imperial palace to be an eunuch. With your martial arts const.i.tution, you might even be able to become a Head Eunuch." Ruan Zhu gently comforted him, her voice as warm as a breeze. Yet both of her hands grasped onto an ice cube, sandwiching that troublesome member. After several seconds, she saw it become soft and droop downwards. Seeing her plan was effective, she threw away the ice cubes and promptly stuck her ice-cold little hands on his chest to warm them."I'm done for. It's useless now." Yun Shi Wei pulled on his little brother a few times but there was no response. He sullenly said: "Zhu Zhu, you've broken it. This time, will Second Cousin really have to enter the palace to be an eunuch?" Ruan Zhu giggled out loud. It was only the theory of thermal expansion[a] so it was easy for it to break'. This second cousin of hers sometimes was really stupid. But seeing him so deflated, she felt invigorated and the disgust stifling her mind eased by quite a bit. Okay then, let's just give him peace of mind! Ruan Zhu used one of her little hands to grasp onto his member, gently stroking it back and forth. Under her careful ministrations, his little brother very quickly lifted up his head againYun Shi Wei's body leaned towards her: "Zhu Zhu, fastjust a little fasteruse both hands." Ruan Zhu disdainfully snorted humph! and reached out to grab another ice cube to put on top of him. The ice-cold sensation was pasted to his heat source. Yun Shi Wei wailed: "This back-and-forth torture really might turn me into a palace eunuch!" Ruan Zhu tossed the ice away and got up to drape a robe over her back. She retrieved three red mahogany cases from under the bed and carefully set them down on the table. Randomly opening one of them, she lifted up the silver chast.i.ty belt inside and very tenderly asked Yun Shi Wei: "Second Cousin, this is the gift that Little Sister has bought for you. Give it a try to see if it fits?" Yun Shi Yi strode over for a look and was puzzled: "What did you buy this for? I have no need for it. Father said that after a man marries, he no longer needs to wear one." "You've worn it in the past?" "Didn't you see it in the bridal room that day? You personally opened my lock and did the same for Eldest Brother. How did you forget all of that?" Yun Shi Wei was astounded and scratched his head: "You were too nervous that day so having a bad memory is also possible." He remembered after Eldest Brother had slept with her that day, she had even fainted. Ruan Zhu bit her lip, feeling jealous of the original soul for the first time. Handing over the chast.i.ty belt in her hand to him, she half-coaxed, half-warned him: "This is my first time buying you a gift so you must try it on for me to see. Otherwise I'll just tell Eldest Cousin about how you bullied me today." "Again with the same threat." Yun Shi Wei mumbled a sentence to himself before taking the belt and strapping himself into it. His member had just gone through another round of ice therapy' so it had deflated into a soft enough state where it was securely sheathed into the chast.i.ty belt. The size was very fitting and the fastenings were tight and secure, precisely so that even if he wanted it to get up, it couldn't. Ruan Zhu picked up the lock. Looping it through the belt, she locked it with a crisp kacha. The sight was really beautiful. The top was engraved with a picture of Li Jing's night a.s.sault during the Battle of Yinshan and around the belt, an adorned silver ta.s.sel made ding-ling sounds with his every movement. The entire ensemble was incredibly dashing and tempting. Like Yun Shi Yi, Yun Shi Wei was around an imposing 180 centimeters tall. With skin like ancient copper, both of their visible solid six-packs along with the rest of their tight physiques stole the attention away from other males, just like how a mountain stood out from its surroundings. "Second Cousin, you're so handsome! Can you please go down and walk a few steps for Little Sister?" Seeing him hesitate, Ruan Zhu stared at him with wide and hopeful eyes. Yun Shi Wei discretely slid off the chaise lounge and earnestly took it upon himself to be a fashion model, displaying a chast.i.ty belt performance that she had never seen before in her previous life. Yun Shi Wei was hard-pressed under his wife's eyes and had no way out. He could only continue strolling around under her gaze. All of a sudden, there was a noise at the doorYun Shi Yi had returned. The tall and handsome figure entered the bedroom. Seeing his own brother's comical appearance, the corners of his mouth lifted. He walked a few steps forward to embrace Ruan Zhu and lowered his head to give her a kiss: "Wife, did this husband miss a good show?" The author has something to say: There was a delay today so I'll work hard to make up for it tomorrow. [a] aka most things tend to expand/swell when hot and shrink when cold (Wikipedia) TN: So.RZ is an S and YSW is an M..?

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