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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 24

Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Threesome There was an air around Yun Shi Yi that always made one feel at peace. She leaned against his chest, feeling tranquil in both body and mind, while the corner of her mouth rippled with a faint smile: "Second Cousin is performing a striptease for me. He said doing this is beneficial to the mind and body so starting from today, he'll perform this once a day. Say, isn't this just like Second Cousin to do?" Ruan Zhu turned back to glance at the naked beauty, ridicule apparent in her eyes. The man being mocked by her scratched his head and awkwardly laughed: "As long as Zhu Zhu likes it." Yun Shi Yi saw the ripped trouser shreds on top of the chaise lounge and as his pupils shifted, the distinct red lines on the wrist of the woman in his embrace came into his view. His inky black eyes immediately overflowed with anger: "What is going on here? Why are there wounds on our wife's wrists? While I wasn't here, what exactly happened?" Ruan Zhu remained silent and looked at the troublemaker with schadenfreude. Being stared at, Yun Shi Wei felt guilty and forced out a laugh: "Spouse and I were joking around. Look, my lips have all been bitten by her 'til they bled by her. I even have to perform a lively show for her wearing only a chast.i.ty belt. It's obvious that the one that suffered a loss is me, your little brother. If Eldest Brother doesn't believe me, you can ask our spouse." Yun Shi Yi turned his gaze towards the female in his arms. Ruan Zhu lightly smiled: "I bought the chast.i.ty belt for Second Brother to wear. He's very obedient." Seeing as he had been honest, she wouldn't expose him. "Chast.i.ty belt?" His head turned towards the red mahogany cases on top of the table where two chast.i.ty belts, one silver and one gold, still remained. Picking up the golden one, he roughly judged it in accordance with its weight: "The craftsmanship isn't bad." "Eldest Cousin likes it?" Ruan Zhu was a little surprised. According to this society's thinking, this sort of degrading thing ought to be as unfathomable as a woman's bound feet. But the way her ancient hubby was acting was rather natural. "It doesn't matter if I like it nor not. It's something that I've had to constantly wear since I was twelve, with the exception of the occasional removal. Other than feeling relaxed when taking it off, there are also other emotions that I can't explain very well." Yun Shi Yi insipidly said all of this but tenderly looked at his wife: "If Wife wants to see, this husband can don it one time for you." Ruan Zhu's eyes sparkled with stars as she eagerly and continuously nodded. Her hubby's physique was so perfect and he was also shining with charisma. He could be compared to Keanu Reaves in The Matrix. Using a phrase from her previous world, he was truly too handsome to the extreme'! Yun Shi Yi undressed, revealing his masculine figure and . He lifted the gold chast.i.ty belt from the red mahogany case and strapped it on with confident and relaxed movements. His right hand pressed on the lock on the side of the belt and with a kacha, locked it securely. The shape of the chast.i.ty belt was the same as a thong worn by the women of her previous world. Underneath the crotch was a net-like sheath that slipped over a man's shaft, making an erection impossible. Ruan Zhu rested her hand on top of it, her pinky just barely able to fit inside the hole at the front. Under her exploratory touches, the soft flesh inside the sheath slightly twitched, and in a split second, actually changed, pushing against the top of the sheath as if it wanted to burst out. Yun Shi Yi's breathing was slightly unsteady: "Wife, get the key." Ruan Zhu found the key from inside the red mahogany case. Kneeling on the rug in front of him, she inserted the key into the lock. Pa, the lock was opened and she slid it off the belt. The chast.i.ty belt immediately slid off the stiff thing in the middle of his legs. She was still kneeling in front of him. Having lose the sheath that had restrained it, his little brother promptly grew in size and proudly stood upright not long after. His thing was right in front of her eyes, so close that it almost touched her nose. She stared straight at it and her mouth suddenly felt dry. Opening her lips, she went closer "Ah!" Yun Shi Yi moaned at the scorching sensation. Ecstasy nibbled at his bones as pleasure attacked his entire body. "OhWifeMy wife" His eyes swirled with with deep desire as he arched his lower back. Grasping onto the beautiful cloud-like hair of the head below him, he thrust his body forward in a series of tightly controlled movements. Ruan Zhu was also holding onto his rugged b.u.t.tocks, pandering to his movements and giving him the most wonderful of sensations. Suddenly, a pair of large hands ripped off the cloak she had draped over herself and held onto the soft mounds at her chest. It was Yun Shi Wei and his impatient voice transmitted into her ear: "Spouse, there's also me, don't forget about me" One of his hands tormented a soft breast while the other one slid downwards until they reached the desired target at the bottom, his seeking fingers sliding in An indescribable feeling spread and circled through her entire body in a continuous loop. And his fingers penetrated even deeper, rubbing and teasingShe writhed her body under his torment. "Spouse, you're so beautiful." Yun Shi Wei tightly hugged her, his left hand on top, his right hand on bottom, both of them continuously wreaking havoc on her sensitive areas, fanning the strong flame inside her belly. Ruan Zhu's enticing naked body was sandwiched between the two men, one in front of her, and one behind her. She was unable to move a single step but she also didn't want to. If only it was possible to completely sink into depravity even until the end of time she wanted to maintain this position forever, never having to get up. "Wu wu" She finally broke out in a series of indistinct moans, her body convulsing as if she was undergoing a seizure. Sparkling and translucent perspiration flowed down her forehead and moistened the hair at her temples. At the same time, Yun Shi Yi also furiously thrust a few times before releasing his body's scorching liquid pa.s.sion, gasping for breath as he held onto her head. "Spouse, there's still me" Yun Shi Wei's entire body was scalding and the heat source between his legs tingled and felt itchy. It was continuously swelling and the silver sheath netting had become contorted. Exerting some strength to tear at the belt, a kacha sounded out and the deformed chast.i.ty belt suddenly separated from his body. Ruan Zhu collapsed on her stomach on top of the rug and continued twitching as if she was floating among the clouds. Suddenly, Yun Shi Wei held her from the back, frightening her as she felt a humongous rod entering her. "Second Cousin!" She screamed, instinctively clamping down. "AhSpouse, just like this, so comfortable." Yun Shi Wei speedily rammed into the woman he was infatuated with, as if he was possessed. "Slowslow down.Second Cousin" Ruan Zhu painfully cried out as she sprawled on the ground. Her young and immature body was unable to withstand his forceful thrusts. "Wife, this time this husband will help you." Yun Shi Yi laid down on his back in front of her. Opening his mouth to suck on a trembling red plum, he used his teeth to gently nibble, teasing her. His thick hands roamed about, caressing her body, one hand cupping a full breast, the other roaming downwards, and finding the spot that made her go crazy, gently flicking it. "Nn, ah" Under the devastation of the two brothers, Ruan Zhu went crazy and a dazzling fire rapidly flared out. Yun Shi Wei firmly held onto the female's fragrant and soft body, continuously escalating the speed of his movements. In his brain, lights slowly gathered until abruptly a flame as bright as silver burst forth, and with a large roar, he sent his scalding liquid into her body. Ruan Zhu's sweat drenched her soft body as she collapsed onto Yun Shi Yi underneath her so that she was entirely in his embrace. His fiery pa.s.sionate eyes gazed at her: "Wife, can you do it again?" She could feel his solid member pushing against her belly so she weakly nodded her head. Picking her up, he flipped their positions so that she was underneath him: "I'll be gentle. Be at ease." Yun Shi Yi really was quite gentle and only at the final spurt did he increase his movements and strength. But she had came too many times through all of this and finally fainted when her body was physically unable to endure. It was too late for him to regret. Wiping both sides of her body clean, he carried her to the bed and laid down next to her. Yun Shi Wei sighed in despair: "Only this much yet she fainted. I still wanted more." Yun Shi Yi glared at him: "Get lost." "No way. These few days, I've had to sleep alone. It's really boring and difficult. Zhu Zhu is also my spouse, so I also have a share." Yun Shi Wei got on the bed and laid down on Ruan Zhu's other side, covering all three of them with a blanket. Yun Shi Yi snorted: "If you weren't my brother but another concubine, I would have long have you beaten and thrown you out of the residence." Using Ruan Zhu's words, he was merely a secondary husband yet still dare to act so self-important. Yun Shi Wei twitched his mouth: "If you really wanted to toss me out, you'd still have to go through our parents and there's no way you'd be able to cross that mountain. Furthermore, Zhu Zhu also won't agree." Recalling the exquisite pleasure from just a moment ago, he couldn't help but to extend his hand Yun Shi Yi endured it and coldly said: "You better be gentle with your groping. Otherwise I'll break your dirty paw." "I got it, okay!" Yun Shi Wei saw that his eldest brother didn't stop him and was secretly delighted. "I went out today and found a job. After I've earned some money, I'll buy some jewelry for Zhu Zhu to wear." "What kind of work?" "As a dock worker to carry sacks and other cargo." "Carry sacks?" Yun Shi Yi mocked him: "You certainly have more prospects the longer you live. You might as well go work in my Tianyi Pavilion as a waiter. I'll give you double the wages." Yun Shi Wei became angry: "I have hands and feet[a], I definitely won't depend on you." "Don't you have your martial arts? Why not be an armed escort or be a courtyard guard? There's also nothing wrong with teaching. How about I give you some money to open up a martial arts school, specializing in accepting disciples? Why on earth would you be a dock worker with no future prospects?" "I know it's a mistake but I can't help it. Is that enough for you?" Yun Shi Wei panted with rage. He had gone out for most of the day. There were no vacancies at the armed escorts bureau, taverns, or restaurants. Tian Chu was a country founded on their military so all the countrymen for the most part were proficient in martial arts. This expertise was even more so here with Lan Zhou being such a militaristic city. It was simply out of the question to be an armed escort or a courtyard guard without the right connections. He was naturally stubborn and wasn't willing to ask Yun Shi Yi for help. By chance, he happened to see on the bulletin board that the dock was hiring workers so he off he went. "Whatever you love you do, you can just do it. But when you go out, just don't say that you're my, Yun Shi Yi's, little brother and all will be fine." He couldn't afford to lose face. [a] , idiom meaning has the ability to work

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