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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 3 Part 1

Translator: Kuhaku Chisaac

Chapter 3 part 1

A super handsome guy is taking care of me. I am truly satisfied.

Yun s.h.i.+wei, who is still sleeping in the bed, muttered: Zhuzhu, wait for a few more seconds. I will come put on clothes for you.

I was startled by his loud voice. As soon as Yun s.h.i.+wei finished talking, he turned over and went back to sleep. I could not help but smile. Yun s.h.i.+yi also laughed: This guy is heartless. All he knows how to do is eat and sleep. Lets not worry about him. Lets get dressed first. Oh, you should call him your husband too. I will give you a beautiful pendant after you are done dressing.

Yun s.h.i.+yi is a good, handsome, and gentle man. I do not know how rich these two men are. But the house looks very expensive, so they must be rich.

Unfortunately, I do not have much information about thisworld. I only have fragments of memories about this world.

I wore my clothes. The servants made tea and washed my face.

The two servants that were a.s.signed to me were very handsome. One was called Nuan Qing, and the other is was called Nuan Chun.

They were giving very good service.

Everything was tidied up. I had a bun and a hairpin onI looked at my face in the bronze mirror. I had the appearance of a 14 years old girl. My nose and mouth were small and exquisite.

Not bad. If I looked like this in my past life, I might have been a pop star.

Yun s.h.i.+wei finally woke up. He put on a random dress and hugged Zhuzhu. Then, he kissed her white face: My Zhuzhu. You are really cute. You smell really good today.

Yun s.h.i.+wei was very strong. Zhuzhu felt very uncomfortable being hugged by Yun s.h.i.+wei. She looked at Yun s.h.i.+yi for help: Big cousin

Yun s.h.i.+yi came over and pushed his brother away: Move aside. You have to go see if the carriage is ready yet. Once you finish breakfast, we will need to go back to the province.

Yun s.h.i.+wei was happy. He shouted out the window and said: Xiao Feng and Xiao Shan, doyou have a carriage yet? If you guys havent finished preparing the carriage, then hurry up and get it ready.

I couldnt help but cover my mouth and laugh. Yun s.h.i.+yi smiled bitterly: This kid.

There was a plate of fried pork, a plate of white fungus, a plate of braised pork, a dish of braised lions head, and a bowl of beef and pumpkin soup. The food was amazing, but Yuns.h.i.+yi said it was too simple.

Yun s.h.i.+wei loved eating meat. The braised pork and braised lions head were all swept away by Yun s.h.i.+wei. Zhuzhu and Yun s.h.i.+yiwere light eaters. After eating a bowl of soup and half a plate of food, they finished eating.

In ancient China, women were not allowed to return to their family. They had to go and live with their husbands family. Since women have a higher status in this world, I can return to my family anytime. In this world, the husband would go and live with his wifes family because the wife had too many husbands.

Hundreds of years ago, the number of women has decreased. Because of the decrease in women, many rules have changed. Women can stay in their homes and sit in the house. They can go to the husbands house or go anywhere.

In order to multiply the population, the poor people will eventually be sent to a woman to serve as husbands. Those women are of course happy to have a man to bear heavy domestic labor and earn money to support their families.

Many rules have changed. The only thing that has not changed is that the children must inherit the family name of the first husband.

Yuzhu only knows that the two brothers are businessmen. It is still unclear what they do.

I am in a place called Cangzhou, which is a thousand miles away from the capital. It is the second largest city after the Imperial Capital. The parents of the Yun brothers are landlords of a village outside the city.

Zhu Zhu was taken into the carriage by Yun s.h.i.+y. Yun s.h.i.+wei was about to follow them but he was pushed away by Yun s.h.i.+yi and was scolded: Go on ahead. You are not needed here.

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