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Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 30

Chapter 30 "What is it?" Ruan Zhu was a bit baffled. "Do you have something that is inconvenient to say to me?" "It is nothing." Yun Shi Yi dismissed his mood with one phrase. She hadn't yet realized it so he wouldn't say it. Ruan Zhu blinked her eyes. Had she unintentionally said something that had upset him? She frowned as she deeply pondered for a whileOpening her arms, she tightly hugged him: "That Mister Peac.o.c.k is both fickle and unlikable, with the stench of a playboy. All day long he adorns himself like a male peac.o.c.k strutting around, showing off his plumage. There's not nearly enough time for me to dislike him, so you better not misunderstand. I have no relationship with him." One was very pure, one was not a red apricot tree leaning over the garden wall[a]. One has not made you into a cuckold, you have to believe this one. It was as if Yun Shi Yi had heard the thoughts running through her mind. He slowly lowered his head, the corner of his mouth slightly rising: "Wife, let's stay on the boat tonight and not return. We can find a harbor to dock the boat." "I've never dwelled in a boat before. Staying here overnight surely must be a unique experience." Yun Shi Yi gently kissed her neck, his two hands spreading her collar on her chest open. Two soft mounds promptly bounced out, dazzling his eyes. No matter how many times he saw her bare body, he still felt as if he had been rendered silly and driven mad. He lowered his head, sucking on a tempting fruit bud. Only thinking that this mouthful was extremely fragrant and delicious, he couldn't help but to deepen his action. His other hand grabbed her other peak, gently kneading. Under his touch, her ** began to harden, and she felt limp starting from her **, spreading throughout her entire body. Th sensation increased in strength and the quivering electric current burst into a ball of fire, tormenting all of her nerves. Yun Shi Yi's eyes were red and hazy with desire. He gasped for breath and stood up suddenly. His hands slightly trembled as he pushed aside the remaining clothes on the woman underneath him "NnEldest Cousin" Ruan Zhu's cheeks were flushed, red lips slightly parted, spilling out hot breaths. Her watery eyes were sparkling and cloudy. With starry eyes half closed, she indulged in the pleasure from the man's careful caresses. "Wife, don't call me Eldest Cousin'. You should call me Husband Lord'. At least at these moments, I like to hear" "Husband Lord, Zhu Zhu's Husband Lord." Ruan Zhu responded to his pa.s.sion, softly speaking the words of affection that made him happy. Her gentle words and voice was like a spring breeze that caressed his face and the man's eyes became even darker like a bottomless well of water. She saw a completely nude woman reflected in his black eyes and her cheeks unconsciously turned red. "That's right, call me me just like that. In the future, you also have to address me this way." He let go of the bud in his mouth and coaxed her in a low voice: "Wife, Wife, this husband begs you one thingNo matter how many secondary husbands and other concubines you have in the future, you have to remember that Shi Yi is forever your number one." Ruan Zhu held his head against her chest, gazing at him with deep love: "Silly, I only have you in my heart. What would I want all of those secondary husbands and concubines for?" It wasn't like she was always in heat. She already had a hard time handling these two brothers. Wouldn't she be f.u.c.ked to death with even more? Yun Shi Yi discarded the clothes that restricted his body, and looked at her. Their bare skin was touching, and her soft and pet.i.te body was enveloped in his own lofty and well-built figure. He lightly sighed in contentment: "My wife is actually this beautiful" His hands had already wreaked havoc on her two tender mounds. Resting one hand between her legs, he gently rubbed back and forth, fingers teasing as they explored her rose petals and entered: "You're so delicate right here. The color is such a pale pink and the taste is also very delicious" She recalled that they had both kissed each others' secret areas. Naturally, it was a sort of stimulation that could send them flying into the Heavens. She spread open her legs, welcoming his fingers, allowing them to plunge even deeper inside. Under his provocation, her entire body felt unspeakably comfortableEyes half closed, she was underneath a layer of haze, the sensitivity of her body becoming abnormally high. "Wu" She licked and kissed his perfectly solid chest. Her teeth gently grazed a small red bean, lightly grinding it as she took in the scent that was so characteristically male. "Wife, this husband wants to eat you out." He suddenly stood up from her body. Grabbing her two delicate ankles, he yanked them apart and the beautiful area that cla.s.sified one as a female was exposed right in front of his eyes. His rationality flew beyond the topmost clouds[b]. Cupping her snowy white and tender b.u.t.tocks, his head lowered, and he really ate her out, ah "Nn" She felt as if an impatient fire was burning across her skin. Her charming face was covered with a faint red glow, her breathing was heavy and rushed. The inside of her thigh as well as her derriere started to tingle, her chest also began to swell and the area that was under his attack unceasingly trembled. Very quickly, her entire body became hot and sweet-smelling perspiration dripped down as the exquisite sensation spread throughout her entirely, impossible to restrain. "Ah, ah!" She suddenly shrieked. She was drowning in the ecstasy that flowed through her entire body. Her back arched as she spasmed, her toes even curling up. "Darling, did you like that?" He wanted her to remember that he had accorded her the most exquisite pleasure, because in a few days, he had to head south for a business trip and it would be a long time before he could see her again. He was tormented by longing, but he was more afraid that when they finally met again, her current love would have become diluted. "You're really crazy, Husband Lord." She hadn't yet recovered from the earlier pa.s.sion and was still gasping for air, still faintly quivering. "But I really liked it." How had she forgotten? He was Yun Shi Wei's older brother. The same blood flowed through their veins so they both had wild and dedicated sides to them. "Wife, one more time." He kissed her lips, his mouth still full of her sweet taste. He returned all of it to her by sucking on her little tongue and dripping his saliva into her mouth. She involuntarily swallowed and when he once again ravaged her chest, all of her nerves came alive with bliss from being provoked. She once again quivered like a plucked string as ecstasy overwhelmed her. He turned her over and held her from behind. Among beautiful feelings and unusually strong stimulation, the man and the woman were linked at the most sensitive area, flying towards the most blessed happiness and pleasure in life. Outside the cabin sat two lonely figures. From a narrow crack through the windows, one could clearly hear the sound of the red muslin curtains fluttering and occasionally, hear a few faint fragments of a woman's alluring moans and a man's low roar. When the thin red muslin curtains floated upwards, one could see two intertwined silhouettes in the deepest part of the room. Nuan Chun and Nuan Qing sat on the deck, their faces flushed a deep red as a fervent fire gradually rose up from their underbelly. Between their hips, there was something that itched terribly and kept growing larger and firmer. But it was rigidly held in place by their metal chast.i.ty belts and cruelly suppressed. They were both young, vigorous males and have had their uncontrollable factor inhibited by a chast.i.ty belt since they were twelve years old. As such, they have never experienced the relationship possible between a man and a woman, but they had always hoped that sooner or later, there would be one day when they could offer their most perfect aspect of themselves to their most dearest Master. They devoutly preserved their chast.i.ty for their beloved and they did not regret doing so. Nuan Chun stood up, his footsteps somewhat unsteady: "The time is no longer early. I will go prepare the evening meal." Nuan Qing also stood up, his chest slightly moving up and down. Placing his hand on top, he gasped for air: "I'll go carry the water." Inside and outside the pleasure boat's cabin, there were two different worlds. Some people were happy, basking in pleasure, while some people were desolate, enduring loneliness with difficulty. [a] , idiom meaning wife having an illicit lover [b] , idiom meaning unimaginably far away TN: *fans self*

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