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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 38

Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Glossary chi a Chinese foot, about one-third of a meter Meng Jiang Nu! Yun Shi Yi shook his head, knowing his wife liked to go off on mental daydreams: "Shi Wei almost cost you your life. Why should we let him come over?" "The two of you continuing to be in a deadlock is not a solution. After all, aren't we one family?" Ruan Zhu's eyes moved as if she had just been struck with a thought. Pointing at a trunk in the corner of the room: "Bring me the red mahogany case from inside that chest." This time, they had brought quite a bit of luggage with them when they left the residence, and there were several trunks dedicated solely to knick-knacks. The ancient era was not the same as modern times. A lot of time and money were required for a trip and as a result, journeys frequently resembled daily life. "What are you doing, moving your head around instead of properly resting?"[a] Although Yun Shi Yi grumbled, he still retrieved the red mahogany case for her. It was rather conspicuous and seemed a bit familiar. He recalled that this was the chast.i.ty belt his little wife had bought several days ago in Lan Zhou. "You intend to have Shi Wei wear this?" "You don't believe him it's quite fitting for him to wear one?" An evil smile hung on her lips, as she thought about his rash nature that had caused her to be this miserable merely because he wanted to satisfy his fiery l.u.s.t. A fire ignited in her heart. Opening the lid, she lifted the gold chast.i.ty belt and placed it underneath the brocade mattress before handing the case back. "It should be this way." Yun Shi Yi's mind came around. If they locked up Shi Wei's heat source, he'd like to see how he created trouble in the future. "His strength is so large, he wouldn't break this one as well, right?" Ruan Zhu remembered what had happened the day she had bought the belts and was a little worried. "If he dares to break it, I'll shear off his jewels." Yun Shi Yi laughed and put away the red mahogany case. His eyes overflowing with excitement, "I'll go call Shi Wei over." Yun Shi Wei was staying next door in Sky Room #2[b]. Pushing aside the door and entering, Yun Shi Yi found that he was currently bathing. Delivering Ruan Zhu's words, Yun Shi Wei became wild with joy. Having said everything, Yun Shi Yi departed and caught sight of Nuan Chun in the corridor. Recalling that his mother had always liked to eat sour fruits when she had been pregnant with his little brothers, he instructed him to buy some fruits for the Eldest Lady and to select for more sour ones. Nuan Chun responded in agreement and returned to the room for some money before leaving. Yun Shi Yi also made to return to the room but happened to meet another person in the corridor. A square kerchief was on the man's head and he was dressed in spotless white clothes. Well-defined facial features, fair skin that lightly shone and eyes that flashed with an amber light, his height was around eight chi and a guqin case was tucked under his right arm. Yun Shi Yi recognized this man. Over half a month ago, in the large hall of Yu Ping Restaurant, the other party was exiting while he and his wife were entering. Although he had only hurriedly glimpsed at the other, the other had paid extreme attention to his wife which had aroused his vigilance at that time. That person seemed to have also recognized him and looked over in a daze. Yun Shi Yi expressionlessly side-stepped him and entered his room. He did have the intention to arrange more concubines for his wife, but establishing a concubine was one thing and someone constantly thinking about his wife was another. His beloved woman being coveted by another maleno matter who it was, they would also not be delighted by this matter. Lu Piao Xiang looked at the figure that gradually disappeared from his view, and unconsciously followed him. Standing by the entrance of their room, he heard the sound of a woman speaking. The voice was soft and sweet, precisely the one who had recited the poem on the pleasure boat. He dazedly stood there for quite a while before finally going down the stairs and handing over his room keys to the a.s.sistant at the front desk. "a.s.sistant, check out." "Guest, the numbered Sky Rooms are expensive. Guest has stayed for four nights so the total is four hundred coins." "No need for change." Lu Piao Xiang threw over a silver coin. The a.s.sistant was so happy his face was all scrunched up. This silver coin was one tael! Subtracting the room fee, there was still enough left over to equal a month of his wages. As the owner was not here, he could feel free to take the change for himself. While the a.s.sistant was settling the accounts, Lu Piao Xiang took this opportunity to ask: "There is a young couple staying in Sky Room #1?" "Replying to Gentleman, they only arrived last night. Their family's little wife is sick and it looks to be quite severe as from beginning to end, they've invited the physician over twice. It's really caused the men of the family to be scared out of their minds. May the Heavens bless them and bless us, please may she not die in our inn." Lu Piao Xiang's face was originally as cold as ice but upon hearing those words, the severe look in his eye wavered and he faintly said: "Call over the innkeeper." "May I ask what Mister requires me for?" Just at that moment, the innkeeper had walked inside and responded He knew that this Mister was quite liberal with his money but was rather cold and did not like to pay attention to others. "I never want to see this person again." Lu Piao Xiang threw a silver banknote at the innkeeper. The innkeeper felt faint after grabbing the silver banknote. A hundred taels! Even if he opened up this kind of inn in all nooks and crannies of this world, he wouldn't be able to earn this sum in a year. He hurriedly nodded his head and groveled: "Gentleman can rest a.s.sured, I will dismiss him this instant. That small one also does not understand the rules and often takes my food and steals my things. He has not been pleasing to my eyes for a long time now." The a.s.sistant was greatly alarmed: "Paternal Uncle, I am your nephew, you can't do this to me." "This old one has many nephews and won't miss one such as you. Scram." "Innkeeper, I am no longer checking out from Sky Room #3." With the guqin case still tucked under his arm, Lu Piao Xiang walked back in the direction he came from. "However long Esteemed Gentleman wants to stay is no problem! Xiao Er, hurry and change this Mister's bedding and tea set into new ones. The innkeeper bowed deeply and watched as the cold-faced Mister ascended the stairs before turning to the ex-a.s.sistant and scolding: "You still haven't scrammed, you disgusting and annoying thing?" Yun Shi Yi pushed open the door and entered, just to see his wife climbing down from atop the bed. He hastily walked over and hugged her: "Your body hasn't fully recovered yet so what are you doing? Hurry and lay back down on the bed and rest. You really make it so that I worry about you all the time." "But I need to use the toilet." Ruan Zhu innocently looked at him. This entire day, her belly had been stuffed with porridge and medicine so her not having to resolve bodily needs would be too bizarre. "One needs to relieve oneself. You won't block one's path, right?" "That's easy to handle. This husband will carry you there." "What?" Ruan Zhu shook her head with all her might. "You don't have to worry about this, I can go by myself." From the start of her memories, there has never been a man that had accompanied her to the restroom, much less carry her there. "Which part of your body has this husband not seen? Wife, don't be embarra.s.sed and don't try to go to the lavatory. In the back of the room, there is a readily available chamber pot so you can just settle yourself there." Yun Shi Yi pulled off her pants and rolled her skirt up before picking up the soft and tender body and entering the back room through the connecting door. The layout of the inn was quite rational. There was a bathroom connected to each room at the back that was not too big and only meant to relieve oneself. Ruan Zhu was held by him in an awkward position as she solved her bodily needs. Her face turned bright red from humiliation as she listened to the pitter-patter of water but he seemed to be rather interested as he stared directly at her. When she was finished, he directly carried her back into the bedroom. He set her on the bed and separating her legs, wiped her with a clean and moist towel while dawdling: "Be more careful of the child in your belly. In the future, when I'm not around, you must not move about in case something disastrous happens again." Ruan Zhu scowled miserably. She had hands and feet, she knew how to use the restroom and also knew how to take care of her personal hygiene. Why was it that her personal freedom had been deprived once she became pregnant? "I've let Nuan Chun go buy some fruits. When he comes back, and they've been washed, I'll give you some to eat. Those things have an effect on digestive systems and your spleen and stomach are weak, but it should be fine if you eat less and portion it out." Even snacks had to be restricted! But she saw Yun Shi Yi squatting between her legs, continuously wiping her secret entrance. The more he wiped, the gentler his movements became. His fingers lightly fiddled with her flower petals: "Wife, this place is very beautiful, the color is all light and shiny." Feeling embarra.s.sed, Ruan Zhu kept silent. But lifting her hand, she hit a stiff rod that had already grown very large and pressed against the thin silk material as if it would burst through its fetters any moment. The shafts of these two brothers were both extremely big. Was it that this size was relative to how strong their desire was? She placed her hand on top of it: "Husband Lord, I'll rub you, okay? Once the uncomfortable heat inside your body is released, you'll feel better." But unexpectedly, Yun Shi Yi stopped his fiddling and raised his head to look at her, his eyes stern: "Rub what? You're at such a young age yet you don't follow good examples. Hurry and lie down." This sentence again! Who was it that took the lead? And now he's acting so n.o.ble. Ruan Zhu's hand hadn't moved from his crotch; rather, she forcefully pinched his member. Yun Shi Yi sucked in a breath in pain: "How could your heart be this evil?" Ruan Zhu flushed: "Then I'll ma.s.sage you?" Saying that, she once again gripped it. "No need." Yun Shi Yi waved off her small hand. If she really did ma.s.sage him, how could he be able to endure it? He brought over a pair of light pink trousers for her to wear. "Hurry and put this on, don't always expose your b.u.t.t. If you want to entice this husband, this husband will tell youmy willpower is very strong, hmm? No more nonsense. Quickly, lie back down on the bed and properly raise the fetus. Don't take my son's life as a joke." After having been somewhat tormented for a bit, Ruan Zhu felt a little tired and laid on the bed with her eyes closed and actually fell asleep. Yun Shi Yi grabbed a book to read and sat next to the bed. A sound came from the door and Yun Shi Wei walked over. Seeing Ruan Zhu asleep, he took the initiative to lighten his footsteps as he came inside. Ruan Zhu napped until afternoon. When she woke, there was only one person in the roomYun Shi Wei. "How come only you are here? Where's Eldest Cousin?" "Eldest Brother went to find the physician that treated you, saying he had some questions about the diet of pregnant women. He's been gone for quite a long while and I reckon he should be back soon." As Yun Shi Wei was talking, he saw Ruan Zhu attempting to sit up and hurriedly stretched his hand over to stop her: "Eldest Brother said you can't move about. If you want something, tell me and I'll do it for you." "I want to relieve myself." After sleeping for such a long time, she once again needed to resolve her bodily needs. It was entirely because of all the liquid food and medicine! "I'll carry you there." "No need to exert yourself, I can go there myself." Ruan Zhu had no time to think and hurriedly refused him. "Don't be afraid, I won't do that anymore. I'm already wearing the chast.i.ty belt, too. It's the one that you placed underneath the mattress. Eldest Brother had me put it on. If you don't believe me, here, touch it" Yun Shi Wei pulled her small hand over and placed it on his hip and sure enough, underneath the fine silk material of his clothing, there were metal chains. "I won't break the chain. You can safeguard the key and I'll keep wearing it unless you personally unlock it one day" Yun Shi Yi placed the key in her hand and she used it to lock the chast.i.ty belt. Why did she feel as if she had just done something inhuman? Looking at him with a pair of large dewy black eyes: "You decided to do this?" Yun Shi Wei resolutely nodded his head: "Seeing you last night, I hated myself to death. Thank the Heavens you're all right. I am very happy." As he was saying this, the large man's eyes unexpectedly moistened. "Zhu Zhu, I'm sorry." "Carry me to the lavatory." "En!" Yun Shi Wei wiped away his emotions and agreed. As expected, he was very well-behaved this time, obediently carrying her to solve her body's issue, his hands not roaming at all. After they had tidied up, Nuan Chun walked over with a plate of fruit. Ruan Zhu took a look. There were loquats; ginkgo nuts; pineapple; strawberries; Chinese bayberries. Luckily, she enjoyed strawberries and Chinese bayberries. Pineapples were sour but not that bad. Though it was a pity that there was only a small piece. Loquats Ginkgo (nuts) Chinese bayberry "This servant remembers that Miss has said before that strawberries and Chinese bayberries all carry insects and must be soaked in salt water to get rid of them. This servant has just followed that advice so Miss can eat them with confidence. However, Master has instructed that eating a lot will injure the stomach so these foods must be portioned." "Truly troublesome." Ruan Zhu looked at the vivid color of the fruits that still had drops of water on them. Added with what could be the reaction of her being pregnant, her mouth had already watered. She was just about to extend her hand to receive the fruit plate but Yun Shi Wei had actually already accepted it on her behalf. He took the proffered dish and sent a Chinese bayberry into her mouth. Ruan Zhu chewed the Chinese bayberry and swallowed. The tart taste with the tiniest hint of sweetness made the nausea that she kept feeling much more endurable, and she couldn't help but to open her mouth for more Yun Shi Wei fed her another one: "I heard from Eldest Brother that pregnant women need something sour to be happy. When Mother was pregnant with my little brothers, she was also like that. If you like eating these, wait til tomorrow and I'll go buy you some." Nuan Chun interrupted: "This servant did not buy the Chinese bayberries from the market. Luckily, the wife of our innkeeper knew that our Miss was pregnant and sent some over. It's just that this one is not sure what we should send back as thanks?" Ruan Zhu paused and thought for a moment: "Sending money is not appropriate. Just shear off two chi of red silk from the chest and send that!" In the ancient period, silk could be used in replacement of money. Sending silk would not incur the other's dislike and would also not be considered too out of place. Nuan Chun complied and went to open the trunk to take the red silk. Ruan Zhu felt completely satisfied after finishing the fruit. Yun Shi Yi returned at night and the three of them ate the evening meal together, and then afterwards, she drank yet another bowl of medicine. When they went to sleep at night, Yun Shi Wei returned to his own room. In the blink of an eye, four to five days flew past. Ruan Zhu's body was much better and Yun Shi Yi allowed her to support herself with the bed and walk a few steps next to it. But if she walked more than three steps away from the bed, she was still severely ordered to stop. On this day, Ruan Zhu was lying on the bed, pretending she wasn't feeling well, when she heard someone playing the guqin next door [a] He actually says which literally translates to moving your brain' and means using your brain'. Moving' is crucial to tie it back to when he told her to not randomly move about and moving your brain' isn't a thing in English so yeah.[b] I think this is a reference to a meme but I don't really know the origin so I just translated it literally as it is just a room. TN: YSY taking overprotective to another level

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