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Crossing the Crowd to Chase Love Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 42

Crossing The Crowd To Chase Love Chapter 42

Chapter 42 The meaning of ji zhou was one was willing to wait upon your distinguished self'; furthermore, one was also willing to clean and sanitizethat is, forming a stable tie between partners, living our lives together, mutually helping each other in humble circ.u.mstances.[a] Ruan Zhu was momentarily stupefied. If the other had thrown such an explosive bomb under the circ.u.mstances where his qualifications and personality were not bad and she was an unmarried virgin maiden, she really might have considered it. Right now she wanted to sayBig Brother, I already have a hubbyand opened her mouth, but this excuse was obviously useless. The other person, Mister Lu, did not ask you to only accept him, and also did not ask to have a fling. He did not have such a black conscience like Chen Shi Mei.[b] "If Madam is willing, Piao Xiang is happy to become a secondary husband, attending to and following you, willingly serving you. If Madam is unwilling, becoming a small attendant or a bedwarmer is also perfectly acceptable with absolutely no objections." He has already said it to such an extent. What would be the best thing for her to do? Good men had disappeared in her previous society. It had been after she had transmigrated and was carefully cherished by the two Yun brothers that she felt that she was actually precious and treasured. Lu Piao Xiang was truly straightforward and had characteristics of Second Sister You[c] from Dream of the Red Chambersimple; direct; if one had something to say, they'd say it; talented and good looking. How could this kind of man not tempt women? What a pity her heart was already taken. "Cough coughMister Luthat, being a secondary husband is not that good of a position. With your distinguished self and name, Mister could become a husband of any large family. There is no need to bear this shame. Furthermore, would not your parents oppose this, correct?" "My parents cannot manage my affairs; only I can control my own destiny." "ThisThe way you do things makes it difficult for me." Distressed, Ruan Zhu stepped back two steps, as if afraid that if they came into contact, she would be unable to cleanly cast him aside: "My hubbyahemthe Head of my family is currently out on business, I cannot do things that would let him down, may Mister please understand." "I know and I understand. If I do become Madam's secondary husband, I vow to never surpa.s.s his authority and also will not give you worries. You can be at ease, I have very few requests. I only wish to constantly remain by your side and that will be enough." "You actually think this way, but why?" She looked at him in perplexity. Could it be that loving a person meant you did not need to have all of them? "I am impatient towards those empty things such as matchmakers and appropriate matches. Being a husband is good and being a secondary husband is fine. An attendant or a bedwarmer is also not a big matter. They're merely positions to strive for in this meaningless and boring life." Lu Piao Xiang's youthful and handsome face was currently glowing with a bright dignity, his eyes glinting with something that could be called love: "I only know that in this vast sea of people, I met you. Only you truly understand me and know my thoughts and understand my frame of mind when I play the guqin. I feel as if you are another me, the other half of my soul that I had accidentally lost. Only when I am bound to you will my life be regarded as complete." Ruan Zhu was thoroughly struck dumb. From those Wuxiaworlds she had read before, genuinely loving a person meant giving them the best, not to demand it from them! She had always thought it was the author trying to deceive girls and had viewed it as something that was impossible to exist in real life. There would also never be that sort of good man with those qualities. But the man in front of her had completely struck down that kind of thinking. She thought of Yun Shi Yi. Both men were the samegood men that were the most deserving of being dearly loved by a woman. Different social environments caused people's thoughts to be different. Just like how in this primitive era, women were considered superior and no one considered that that thinking was wrong; while in ancient China, where men were considered superior, all females thought it was reasonable and fair. Everything originated from its surroundings. Social systems; a common wifeit was hard for her to comprehend these things, but the men of this era actually believed it was heaven's law and earth's principle. "I need to explain, pertaining to that time on the pleasure boat with the poem, I actually spoke without understanding anything. It was all nonsense. I no longer have that sort of inspiration or insight and also can no longer compose that kind of wonderful verses. IJiang Yan has exhausted his talent, I've exhausted my limited abilities, my creativity has all been dried up.[d]" "I have made a living playing the guqin for many years and have wandered through various aristocratic clans. The number of Madams and Misses I have seen are not few and I cannot say how many of them were proficient in literature or calligraphy. But I felt no emotion towards any of them." Lu Piao Xiang's eyes were filled with affection as he gently looked at her: "I have feelings for Madam, not because you can recite poetry, but because you truly understand me and know my thoughts." One was plagiarizing, do you understand what plagiarism is?! Ruan Zhu was gloomily shouting this from the bottom of her heart but she could not say it aloud as she could never mention the fact of her transmigration. She lowered her eyes and silently walked ahead while he continued following her. After walking a while, she felt uncomfortable from head to foot and helplessly looked back: "Mister Lu, can you please not follow me?" A smile spilled forth: "I am returning to the inn." Ruan Zhu was embarra.s.sed. Oh yes, he was returning to the inn, he wasn't following her. The two people continued walking like soone in front, one behindwith a distance of only a few steps between them. The two bedwarmers in the back felt it was not good to disturb their Master and followed in the back at a distance that could not be considered far or near. Nuan Chun whispered in Nuan Qing's ear: "That guqin master seems to like our family's Miss." Nuan Qing was a bit sullen. He envied Mister Yu's courage in pursuing what he liked. Although the thought had long existed in his mind, he never had the courage to confess from the moment it was born. He slowly opened his mouth: "If Miss is thinking of receiving secondary husbands, Mister Lu is actually a good candidate. At least he is not like others who flatter in circles and like to change the rules to torment others." Nuan Chun had quite the same feelings but thought of another matter. When Miss has accepted enough secondary husbands, she would probably pay attention to the ones by her side, right? Ever since they were very little, they had been sent by their Master's mother to their Miss's side as bedwarmers. For over ten years, they only had her in their eyes and already could not accommodate other thoughts. On the other side, Nuan Qing was a bit dispirited, "I don't want Miss to give me a status or anything like that, I only request that she give me a tiny bit of her attention. Even if it costs me ten years of my life, it would be a blessing cultivated in my past life." Nuan Chun was startled. What his elder brother had been thinking in his heart was also what he has always requested. Based on their ident.i.ty as servants, requesting a status was basically a luxury. But they were only asking for a little bit of care and attention. "Do you see that? The appearance of that little wife walking over is truly charming. Added with that good temperament, it really is the same as a painting." "Her family's man is also not bad. Tall and handsome, the two of them were made for each other." Ruan Zhu turned her head and saw a few old ladies standing by the roadside, gesturing with goodwill in their direction and felt embarra.s.sed in her heart. With a flick of her eyes, she saw Lu Piao Xiang in high spirits, the corner of his mouth proudly curving upwards. It may be a.s.sumed he had definitely heard those words. Arriving at the inn, they ascended the stairsone in front, one behindand returned to their respective rooms. It was difficult to withstand the torrid heat of summer. If a bath was not taken each day, one would feel incredibly uncomfortable. After the evening meal, she soaked in a refreshing and cool bath and washed away the heat. Changing into a pair of light pajamas, she sat in front of the window to cool off. If Yun Shi Yi was home, it was a given he would be by her side, saying words that would satisfy her heart. Nuan Chun and Nuan Qing came in to tidy up and had yet to carry the bathtub out when Yun Shi Wei ran inside, entirely covered in sweat, and pulled Ruan Zhu into his embrace: "Spouse, where did you go? I went out looking for you for so long, you worried me to death. If you had met with a mishap, Eldest Brother would kill me." Ruan Zhu felt nauseated from the stench of his sweat. Pregnant women must not become stimulated, and she immediately started retching, bending her waist as dry heaves overtook her. Nuan Qing found a spittoon and let her vomit for a while before helping her rinse her mouth and then supporting her to sit to rest. Yun Shi Wei did not dare hover too close, and he worriedly looked at her: "Spouse, I was wrong, I'll go wash right now. Are you all right?" "YouHurry and go wash yourself clean. I am fine." Ruan Zhu gasped for breath. Yun Shi Wei turned around and saw the bathtub in the middle of the room that he knew had just been used by Ruan Zhu. With a few movements, he threw off his clothing and jumped inside, not caring that there were two bedwarmers still in the room. In any case, they were all males. There was only Ruan Zhu, the sole female, who was his wife. What part of his body did she not know? There was no need for him to conceal himself. No matter what he did, Yun Shi Wei was rather impatient and he quickly finished his bath. Nuan Chun handed a set of clean clothes over, but he responded with: "No need, I'll be sleeping in a while anyway. It's this hot and there are no outsiders here so I won't wear it." h.e.l.lo! Please, have some semblance of a Master! Ruan Zhu gloomily shook her head and looked towards Yun Shi Wei's flat abdomen, under which hung several glittering chains. The object at his crotch had been encased in the metal sheath and there were two delicate and small locks on his waist. Before his departure, Yun Shi Yi had given his brother double insurance' and had him layer another chast.i.ty belt over his original one. The two belts firmly secured his troublesome little brother. Ruan Zhu found it a little ridiculous and rejoiced in his misfortune as she looked at him. "Spouse, I've finished bathing." He did not care that servants were present. Walking over and pulling her into his arms, he extended his tongue into her mouth in a rough kiss, a big hand groping at her chest. "Don'tdon't be like this." Ruan Zhu softly refused him. "Spouse, don't worry, I'll just kiss and won't do anything that will harm you. Just for a little bit." Ruan Zhuwhen did I ever have that meaning?was embarra.s.sed and waved toward the two bedwarmers to let them withdraw. Nuan Chun and Nuan Qing absentmindedly tidied the room as they covetously stole glances at their Master that was being ravaged by Yun Shi Wei. Finished with their task, they lifted the tub and left, closing the door in pa.s.sing. "I've been stifled to death. These days really aren't ones that a human could survive." Yun Shi Wei kissed her for a long time before finally letting her go, gasping for air: "After a few more days, let me have you, all right? I've asked the physician and he said that during the period between the first and latter three months, it is possible for a man and woman to do that. You can be a.s.sured, I will definitely be very gentle." Once a man obtains the taste of love, his desire would become unusually strong. This over-month long abstinence has also been tough on him. Ruan Zhu found the keys from under the mattress and unlocked his chast.i.ty belts. With the locks undone, the belts subsequently slid off. Her hands reached forward, grasping onto a man's most sensitive member, slowly stroking. Yun Shi Wei's eyes turned red and his suntanned skin flushed with pa.s.sion. His entire body felt astonishingly hot and his solid b.u.t.tocks quickly twitched in accordance with her movements. Underneath her two small and soft hands, he throbbed with arousal. "EnSpouse, you're so good, faster" Ruan Zhu saw that he was almost unable to bear it and had reached the critical junction. Letting go with her hands, she buried her head and used her mouth to alleviate him. With the exception of Yun Shi Yi, this was the first time she had used her mouth on a man to solve their problem. It had not occurred to Yun Shi Wei that she would do this and his eyes widened in shock. But very quickly, his rationale was captured by the exquisite sensation. Not thinking of anything, he felt as if he was drowning inside that small mouth. It was as if he had grown a pair of long wings as his mind flew upwards. "AhSpouse, SpouseI" Yun Shi Wei groaned and spurted out his thick desire from his body. Both of his hands clutched her head as his b.u.t.tocks violently trembled, not stopping for quite a while. Ruan Zhu's head left his body, and she sprawled on the ground, continuously coughing. Yun Shi Wei hurriedly grabbed a towel to wipe her. "Spouse, are you okay?" "En, I'm fine. You feel better now, right?" Ruan Zhu rested for a bit, having been carried by him onto the bed to lay down. "If it's better, then properly put on the chast.i.ty belts. Both of them need to be locked. Quickly." She could no longer be soft-hearted. This guy's body and endurance was too strong. Yun Shi Wei picked up the belts and put them on, locking them, before crawling into the bed and laying down next to her. The night covered them. The sound of insects chirping from the garden outside the window came over, shortly followed by a clear and undulating high-pitched guqin melody that drifted in the air [a] yuan zhi ji zhou, tingcong chaiqian literal translationwilling to grasp a broom, complying with all errands sent on[b] , Chen Shi Mei is a fictional Chinese opera character and a byword in China for a heartless and unfaithful man.[c] Author actually put (Third Sister You) but according to Wiki, that character doesn't exist but Second Sister does.[d] , idiom meaning to have used up one's creative powers; to have writer's block. This sentence was a little hard to translate. She uses an idiom with the meaning of using up all creativity, then she uses another idiom that literally translates to using up all creativity, and then she says it using plain words. TN: Ranking of sweet-talkers: LPX>>>>>>YSY>>>>(LPX)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YSWAlso! YSW has received justice!!

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