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Godly Alchemist Godly Alchemist Chapter 5

A Mysterious Library

TL : Maliya_907 ED : Chinozuku PR : TehGodofDoooom

The warlock apprentice took Lei En to a manor at the foot of the mountain. There is the warlock apprentice, who had been guarding the mansion for a long time came up and looked at the warlock apprentice. Looking at Lei En who's behind him, he said, Pierre, the man behind you is

Pierre, a warlock apprentice, shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly:

Yes, the new apprentice, also a baron.

Pierres voice dropped once again, causing the laughter of the warlock apprentices who remained outside the mansion.

Oh, dear, this must be a thrifty baron.


"Yes, Your Highness Baron, you should put a few patches on your robe so that you will be more charming.

Suddenly, a female warlock apprentice came out from the crowd, have you laughed enough!? she said sternly. She grabbed the record files from Pierre and turned toward Lei En:Come with me, Ill take you to register.

Lei En looked at the woman apprentice with a grateful look, nodded vigorously and followed her.

Lei En must say this female apprentice is beautiful, more so than the most beautiful girl in Shuguang town, who was the little daughter of the restaurant owners house.

The beautiful female warlock apprentice walked to the mansion with Lei En, she said to Lei En, My name is Laura. I am an apprentice here. I heard Pierre mention, You're a baron?

Lei En nodded, smiled, said, Yes. My name is Lei En, the Baron of Margattis family in Shuguang town. All my family died to defend the town, so I inherited the title.

"Im sorry I made you recalling your sad past.

"Its okay, it's been a while now. Ive gotten used to it.

"Lei En, that building in front of us is where Kamaer actually works. I'll send you there."

"Ah, Your life experience seems similiar to mine so if there is anything you need me to help with, you can come to me later. Laura said, handing the record files to Lei En and showing a charming smile before waving to say goodbye to Lei En.

Lei En also waved to Laura and said Thank you, Laura.

Lei En tidied himself up until Laura's figure disappeared and knocked on the door of the Kamaer's workplace.

It happened that a new warlock apprentice came out from Kamaer's workplace. It startled Lei En who was knocking at the door.

The new warlock apprentice looked despised at Lei En, then reached out to press a red button in front of the door. Immediately inside the workplace, the sound of ding ding was heard.

After the new warlock apprentice shook his head and muttered "Country bumpkin", he turned around and left.

Hiss The Imperial College is extraordinary.

Lei En took a deep breath. He looked at the door bell near the door and continuously shook his head. He shakes his head and walked into the Kamal's workplace.

Teacher Kamaer's workplace is not too big, but it is bright. As soon as he entered the door, Lei En saw an arrow sign, following the sign, Lei En quickly found Kamaer's office.

The door of the office was not closed. Lei En looked up into the room and saw a thin, middle-aged man with glasses sitting at his desk. Like Fei Luo, wearing a red warlock gown, he is looking at the information on his hands.

Lei En gently knocked at the door and spoke quietly to Kamal:

Teacher Kamaer, Im here to report. Excuse me, can I come in?

Kamaer did not raise his eyes and continued to look at the information on his hands. He just hummed and signaled Lei En to come in.

Lei En stepped nervously into Kamaer's room and handed over his own information:

Kamal still did not look up. He just took over the information handed over by Lei En and looked at him arbitrarily, said: The Baron of the Majiatisi family in Shuguang town? Oh, ah! Welcome to Imperial College! Simultaneously Kamaer got up with a flattered appearance toward Lei En.

When he saw the washed-out robe that Lei En was wearing, he couldn't even see the gown's original color: You You are a Baron?

Lei En was somewhat confused by the sudden change of Kamaer, and nodded repeatedly, indicating that he was indeed a baron.

" Will a Baron wear something like this?

"Teacher Kamaer My family had fallen

" No wonder That is to say, you dont even have the staff's fee?

Staff's fee? Mr. Fei Luo didn't tell me about the cost.

" No wonder that he sent you to come to me.This is for you. Go to the library and see Fu Laiman. Later you will be responsible for the library with Fu Laiman.

" But

"Nothing is As for other things, the apprenticeship manual has the details. Go back and take a look at it slowly. You just go from here. Dont delay my precious time. Kamaer interrupted Lei Ens words rudely, threw a bundle of books to Lei En, and then looked down at the information on his hand.

Lei En took the books and looked at it, shook his head helplessly, and turned away from Kamaer's workplace.

Lei En didnt see where the library was. Outside of Kamaer's workplace, Lei En looked around where was the library which Teacher Kamaer said. Lei En had to rush to the door of the building to see if he could find Laura, so I could ask her the location of the library.

When Lei En started to carry his baggage, at the door of the building he attracted attention of the former warlock apprentices, and they began to speak.

Wow, our Highness Baron came out so quickly.

"I don't know what the result is, but I think His Highness Baron will be assigned to the inspector room."

No, no, no, I guess its the cleaning room, because I heard there was a vacancy for cleaning the toilet. Ha ha ha ha!

He looked at them with cold eyes, and said: Humph! Try laughing at me when I master magic and become a real warlock."

When Laura looked around and looked for him, Laura found Lei En too. She came up quickly and asked Lei En. What is it Lei En, is there anything I can help with?

" Lei En nodded and said, Yes, Laura, I wanted to ask, where is the library?

When I heard the word of library, the apprentices of the warlocks who were still laughing at Lei En seemed to be caught in the cold.


When I heard the word library, one of those warlock apprentices who was still laughing at Lei En was as if he was frozen. All of them made a cold shiver, and sent a sympathetic look to Lei En.

Lauras eyes widened, she covered her mouth and said, Library You were assigned to the library

End of Chapter

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