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It Seems like My Body Is Completely Invincible It Seems Like My Body Is Completely Invincible Volume 1 Chapter 1

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CH 01 : I've Reincarnated

It seemed like I, someone who had a weak heart and poor immunity system since birth, had died without able to step out even once from the aseptic chamber.

Father, Mother, for sending me off with a smile, despite how much you want to cry, for my own selfishness I was very happy Thank you. Aah, so my life would end so easily. I could hardly run or even walk up until the end, and everything I did I needed to borrow other people's hand Until the very end, I couldn't even be a good daughter for my parents. God If, if I could be reborn please

let me born in a Healthy Body that Absolutely Won't Lose to Anything and Everything

Slowly, I closed my eyes facing the end

[I shall grant your wish]


As I opened my eyes to a loud voice that resonated in my brain, dazzling lights attacked me and my vision was rendered useless.

(What? What's happening! I can't see well, I can't hear well, I can't even move my body well! Why! Noo, I don't like iiiit!)

Waaah! Waaaaaaah!

It has born. It's a girl with a healthy voice, Master.

On this day, I received a new life as Mary Regalia .

A few days since

Over time, I regained my composure and became able to think about grasping the current situation.

(Ee~~to, in other words what does this mean?)

(Calm down, Calm down, me, this kind of development for the protagonist, there's one in a book I read in the hospital, isn't there. E~to, what was it again? No, not rejuvenation, it's reyeah, Reincarnation!)

My thoughts were rapidly calming down after I knew the right word. I steeled myself and looked at my own body.

It was a small, baby hand. No doubt, I started a new life with my memories intact.

(I see, I hope it's a more durable body this time)

Maybe it was out of sense of security, I fell asleep while embracing my new life.

(Ooh, it's moving! This body is moving!)

With sneaking and skimming away, I pushed my way on the floor.

Hello, Mary Regalia here, I'm 1 year old.

I born (again) in the medical room where the medical instruments lined up, watched attentively both my parents in a room of peaceful and luxurious mansion and grew up quickly. For the time being, it doesn't seem there is difficulty in my body, I couldn't help myself to unintentionally and mischievously move around and get carried by older women dressed in maid clothes.

(Uuu even though I want to move more)

From the atmosphere of the room and the appearance of my parents, and from the way the maids and the butlers are dressed, everything has the feeling like medieval European nobles that are appearing in movies, anime, books, and games Ive seen in the hospital.

(Well, we indeed are nobles.)

It's because dad lifted me up in high spirits while saying joyfully to himself So this is the first born of my Duke Regalia!!.

(Is this what it means by becoming the daughter of a duke house, I wonder It just won't strike home for me who were born and raised in the modern Japan, though.)

As I had (all of) memory from my past life in this new life, I planned to fully enjoy things that I couldn't do in my previous life.

(Thank you, God. I want to grow up quickly and do various things~)

I believe that the voice I heard is from God and I'm grateful for it.

Time flew by after this and that happen; I grew up properly, nowadays, I could certainly walk by myself and was able to hold a conversation.

Hello, Mary Regalia here, I'm 3 years old.

I inherited my mother's silverrather than silver, the colour is close to whitelong hair and I walked around within the mansion while wearing a white, which is as white as my hair and skin, frilly dress. To tell the truth, I was able to move by myself since a long time ago (within few days after born birth to be exact) but, it's strange, isn't it? Taking my memories from previous life as a consideration, as a baby, I moved as normally as possible so I won't be taken as a strange baby.

(Fortunately, since the body itself was of a baby, impossible things remained impossible for me, so I don't think I've arose anything suspicious maybe?)

As I grew up, I began to understand the world I was in.

It turned out that this was not the modern society I knew of, but a kingdom called Ardia, the so-called fantasy world where there were Swords, Magics, Monsters, and even Fairies.

(It's RPG you know, that RPG! The world I experienced only in games is now right in front of me!)

However, in any world I might end up, I'd be happy as long I could live a normal life, so the thought of venturing the world never crossed my mind.

(I mean, isn't it dangerous, and since I don't want to bring my parent too much trouble in this world, I want to live a long life to repay their kindness, so I won't do, or even say, anything reckless.)

And that's why, even if my parents asked me what I desired, I would say I don't need anything.

Come to think of it, I was able to comprehend the language spoken and written in this world, despite not Japanese, without feeling off, was that also due to the God's influence though?

Dear God, thank you very much! I'm doing well again today.

So I said, while facing the sky I gave my gratitude to the God.

Aah how peaceful. If only nothing happened from hereon. Oops, no! That would be a flag desuwa. A~s if, ahaha, there's no such thing like that, just a jinx, a jinx!

And thus, I made a blunder.

It was a sudden accident born of carelessness.

While the heavy wooden boxes fell to the floor and produced a loud sound all over the room, I raised one hand and catched one of it. I easily lifted a wooden box that big enough to hide myself behind it with one hand.

Eeh, what is this???

The beginning of this matter dates back half a day ago.

Oh dear mee! So my cute pretty angel is in a place like thiiis

My, dear Father, how do you do?

I held the hem of my skirt, raised it a little and bowed gracefully, greeted the man who came running with a charming smile. My attitude and language use of a noble lady were long trained by my home tutor, I still had so many trouble on practicing them however. Nevertheless, my mental age was statistically over 15 years old, so I could swallow lessons pretty quick.


After letting out a weird sigh, Father looked at the sky once again.

His name is Ferdid Regalia

He is the head of Regalia household, Mary's (me/my) father, and served as the field marshal of Ardia Kingdom.

Dear Father?

As I tilted me neck, a ? mark floated above my head.

This time, Father let out a strange voice and held his chest.

(It's keep happening isn't it, this kind of exchanges)

Ahem Master, the conversation stopped

The butler who was waiting behind him spoke to him in a small voice and Father who understood the meaning of it straightened his grinning face.

Follow me, Mary. I have a child I want you to see.

With me, is it?

As I mentioned earlier, I had never wanted much from my parents, and they didn't force anything to me either, but today it seemed to be different.

(Rather, Father. Why did you pick me and and carry me when you already told me to follow you? Even though I want to walk on my own two feet.)

While sitting quietly at my father's well-trained arm, I was taken to the garden in which there was already a preceding guest.

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