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CHAPTER 32- Gentle conflict between kings

"Then, Kazuya, because of his resistance, can live in a castle so dusty and full of garbage" "Huh?" Marilín took his conversation to Kazuya, while escaping Izuna's debt history. "Kazuya, do you live in that garbage castle?" "Oh, well, yeah" "No doubt Kazuya's resistance is first class, if he can live in that castle." "... Marilin, is this misunderstanding, the environment of my castle is improving?" To the offensive words of marili, izuna replied. So, "Improvement?" Marilín said when he got confused. "What is that face ?, At least, everything on the first floor has been clarified, there is no more dust." "... ...." (Or rather clean it), but Kazuya kept silent since that is not what I should say now. That silence dominates the place and after a few seconds. "Pu ...... fu ... ..." "Marilin?" "Kuku - Ah, ahahahahaha!" Marilín was enthusiastic and began to laugh. "Oh, oh yeah, there's no way! Haha, that's it, nobody can do it!" It is terrible to burst into laughter You do not believe it? "But I did it correctly" "No, no, Kazuya-san, you do not have to support izuna-chan in a little lie like this, I know the old izuna customs ... But, this is the first time you make such an easy lie see". Certainly, Izuna hides the garbage while eating, and keeps some secrets, but is it that much? It seems pretty honest to me. "Well ... Kazuya is very obsessed with that, like my pet" "Is that so?" "But, a person cleaning that castle ... Impossible, that dust sucked magical power for decades, making it heavy." Just touching it would cause an abnormal state • • • •? "...... Eh? Is it serious?" If I remember it well, I felt the dust a little heavy and somewhat colored. So it was his fault "Oh, yes ... just because of the fact that Izuna lives things around are transformed, the dust was getting very bad". What thing. Did you handle those dangerous products? Thinking about it now, why am I doing something dangerous? Fortunately, as I am acquiring skills now, I am not going to get sick. "In addition, that amount, and the weight of months and years of grouping together with izuna, the dust has accumulated along with the fat". "Gununu ... It's true, however ..." "Izuna is pretty amazing" Marilin feeds the grinding of izuna teeth. Is not it credible so far, demon king-san? ...... Hmm, but still. Somehow, to make my family look like an idiot does not feel good to me. So I decided to stop it. At that moment. "Oh, yes ... you're very talkative, then you would not mind doing a Wang Zheng, yes." "Wang Zheng?" -note: here the characters of '' king '' and '' stimulation '' are used but honestly I do not think it is' 'stimulation of the king' 'or' 'fun of the king' ', so then, I do not know,' '王 戟' '- I wonder what it is. It is a word that I have not heard. While I was thinking about it, I saw izuna, she looked worried and talked while puffing her cheeks "Well, it's like a kind of battle between kings" "What? Kazuya did not know?" "Oh, I'm new to that." "Well, I will explain to Kazuya, Wang Zheng's rule is simple, only prohibits the intervention of the king and a bet is made". "Prohibit? How?" "When we built the city, we made a sealing system Wang Zheng, if you activate it with a spell, You can seal some of the king's power." Oh, can you do such a thing? But why do you bet after doing such problematic things? "...... Well ... For example, Kazuya, if we bet on horse races, you could alter the results using your ability to overtake your horse or disappear the other horses" "Well ... if you can use the transition, that's right." "The power of the king is strong, we can do everything easily and that makes everything so simple, as you think it would be a battle between kings at their worst." "... ... ... if the kings would fight?" "Well, there is a danger of slightly destroying the world" -Note: but just a little- "Hey hey" Certainly, it is predictable that it will be something serious if you use transitional magic for the battle. Is that so far? "Then, to prohibit the king from leaving, there is a system called Wang Zheng, which prevents his intervention." Then Izuna spoke when Marilín finished his explanation. "But what is the use of doing such a thing? Is not it enough if you come to my castle?" "Well, that would be boring, besides izuna is rich, I doubt what you say, as there is a discrepancy, can you bet, right?" Like Izuna, he knew the result so try to stop it. But Marilín would not stop. I guess that was known. Izuna shook her head disappointed. "Hey, why did this happen ...?" Why were you having a casual conversation and suddenly it becomes a bet? The British and German bookmakers would be surprised. "A king has favoritism towards betting and games, it is easy to do and has a pleasant feeling of tension, it is adequate to kill boredom ... Although it can not be avoided to a certain extent ..." -Note: who would say it, maybe if it was "the king's fun" after all? Speaking of which, Izuna was also playing online poker. "And Marilín is the brave king, there is a lot of blood" Is there a relationship between heroes? -Note: traditionally the hero becomes king by marrying the princess ... Those who survive at least ... And without counting those of our generation obviously- However, izuna seems familiar, the story goes on and on. "Ha, ha ... It's okay to do a Wang Zheng, if it's from this level, is not a certain official field required?" "Simple and nice, if it's just to verify the truth or falsehood, let's make the bet" Apparently, there seems to be a formal and simplified form. It's refreshing for Kazuya. "Then, the content of the game and the configuration of the bet." The content of the game is "Is it true that the ground floor of my castle is being cleaned? " "The price of the bet is ... ... Well, if I win I will get 10 million doratos!" "Well, Marilín ... ... would you bet as if it were fake?" In addition, the result is clearly understood. Kazuya tried to throw a lifesaver to the drowning hero. It was a futile attempt, "Izuna bet for real seriously? Do not regret it later!" Oh I see. For Marilín, victory is final, this is inevitable. I do not have ears to listen. "...... Marilín, do you understand? You have to make bets as equal as possible" Even izuna tries to stop her. It may be a bit ridiculous to try to forego safe betting opponents with full power. However, if it is not resolved to some extent, the aftertaste will be bad. Even mine. But, "Oh, I know, if I'm supposed to lose a million, I have to pay the same amount" "I do not think you can do it like a ruined king ......" "Well, how about this, I'll run around the city in my underwear, no, it'll even be a no-pans! I can not lose anyway!" -Note: Whore that offer- Oh, it's useless. This hero king does not doubt his victory. Although we are trying to save it! "Ok, Izuna-chan, are you afraid?" "... ...." Oh, now Kazuya felt with the skin that Izuna was irritated. "... ... Do not repent?" "Izuna-chan does not regret it, even if you pay such amount?" Oh, it seems that Izuna also surrendered. I can not continue. "... Haa, then, let's do it". When saying that, the two kings take out their fists and beat them together. "Participate without distinction in the contract of the king" For the moment, the two bodies shone. "... ... Everything is alright?" "Oh, Wang zenhg is established only with these words: after this, I will not be able to exercise the king's power in something related to bets" I see. Will it be temporarily sealed? You can not hurt your opponent and you can bet safely. "Huhuu, that kind of thing ... And this is where the bet is established ...... It is forbidden to exercise the power of the king after establishing the Wang zenhg! Therefore, from now on, hurry up to clean with transitional magic It's impossible! This is received! " "If I win, you're doomed to shame in the city, if you win, you have 10 million doratos, right?" "Oh, yes, squeeze the gold!" Kazuya thought that it is a game without any emotion, that is ... "...... Um, I can understand the result. Can you use this as a betting material?" "Can not help it, Kazuya, try to stop her?" Well, well, I know. "Brilliant brilliant" Only Marilín is happy with winning. "... ... Ha, the personality of this character, seems not to have changed" "To tell the truth, he has a feeling of the ancient 4 heavenly kings." Kazuya took away Marilín's sympathy. "Now, let's go to the scene where the result of the bet comes out - !!" Without realizing it, he headed towards the castle. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- - And, well, the result came out soon. "Why are you trying to enter through the front door, it's dangerous?" "... ...." Kazuya and Izuna go in front of Marilín in a silent way. By opening the main door without worrying about your warning. If so, inevitably the first floor of the castle will be completely visible, "...... Ah?" Kazuya looks at the person who has eyes of surprise at the entrance. No, although the opponent is not a person but a king. "Hey, idiot ...... It's impossible to enter from the front door ..." Marilin has eyes wide open enough to see to the end of the castle. There, Kazuya simply swept lightly at dawn, but a beautiful floor extends. "Why, why is she so beautiful ...?" Marilín runs around the castle. Being a king, it was a very agile movement. "The bathroom is also released, there are other rooms, stairs, there ... well!" It seems that he arrived around the facilities on the first floor in just tens of seconds. The doors around the room are left open. "No, there's dust nowhere ... or why?" "Naturally, take it to the dumpster properly" I did it. Kazuya speaks from behind Marilín, without doubts. Then Merlin turned his face towards this with a movement like a nut that forgot the oil. "Kazuya ... ... you, did you make fun of me?" "I did nothing?" It is true that he did not say anything. "Ohhhhhh, Devil, Noooooooooooooo!" The moment Marilín wept for the defeat, his body shone red. The red light is slowly released to the outside and concentrated near izuna. In that process, the red light residue leaves the character. "Completion of Wang zenhg through confirmation of the conflict - winner, Izuna" And the light that can clearly be read as a letter appeared between the two of us. After seeing the letter of that light, Izuna looked at Marilín, kneeling. The expression is a smile. "Well, what should I do? You did not call me a coward?" "Oh, ajajja, izuna-chan, are you angry?" "Fufufu" Izuna like an adherent smile grabs Marilín's shoulder with force. "Well, then, will we prepare to have fun running around the city?" "No, ah, I'm sorry, please be patient ... -!" The result of the discussion with Marilín that began to whine. The content of the bet will be fulfilled at a later date.


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