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Peerless Martial God Chapter 870: Honor and glory

Chapter 870: Honor and glory

“Yes, he can’t be a child forever.” said Yue Meng He. She looked much younger all of a sudden. Her son had broken through to the Tian Qi layer and had killed Tian level cultivators.

“Lin Hai, it’s thanks to you.” said Yue Meng He while smiling. Lin Hai had raised Lin Feng alone. She, as a mother, had done nothing.

“Meng He, what are you talking about? Could I give birth to a child on my own?” said Lin Hai making Yue Meng He laugh and blush.

“Lin Hai, he mentioned Shen Gong a moment ago. Shen Gong is the influential group that started the Great Competition of Xue Yu… I would have never thought that they would harbor evil intentions towards Lin Feng. Even if he is strong now, he won’t be able to rival them just yet.” said Yue Meng He. She looked worried again.

“If he’s not strong enough, we have to take our close ones away from Xue Yue, very far away… that way, Lin Feng won’t have to deal with them. I don’t think that Shen Gong would be able to find us that way… the world is big, so it’s not easy to find somebody.” said Lin Hai.

“Why go far away? If you agree, we can all go back to the Tian Chi.” said one of the snow eagles.

“The Tian Chi Empire!”

Lin Hai’s whispered, “I’ve heard about that empire, it’s in the Gan Yu region. They’re very strong and their cultivators adhere to religion-like principles.”

Lin Hai looked at the snow eagle and asked him, “Master, did you meet our son in Tian Chi?”

“Don’t call me master! Your son is my master… call me brother, that’ll be enough.” said the snow eagle before adding, “Indeed, we know each other from Tian Chi and we are from Tian Chi. ”

“Tian Chi… you are Tian level beasts from Tian Chi…” thought Lin Hai surprised. What did it all mean? What was Lin Feng’s social status in the Tian Chi Empire?

“In Tian Chi, there are seven snowy peaks and we listen to the orders given by one of them, Tian Xuan. After our master joined Tian Chi, with his incredible talent and strength, he became the young master and offspring of Tian Xuan. He is the future real leader of Tian Xuan. Therefore, if you want, you can stay at Tian Chi anytime.” said the eagle as if it had guessed what Lin Hai was thinking.

Lin Feng had become the young leader and offspring of one of the seven snowy peaks of Tian Chi! He was the future leader of the group…. Were they dreaming? Tian Chi was a powerful empire in the Gan Yu region… Lin Feng had exceeded their expectations. He had become far stronger than what they would have ever thought.

No wonder those strong Tian level beasts were following Lin Feng and were calling him master.

Lin Hai and Yue Meng He glanced at each other, their eyes were filled with pride. Lin Feng was so talented… They had never thought that Lin Feng would actually become so strong… and now the snow eagle was explaining to them that their son was going to become the leader of a snowy peak in Tian Chi. Not only had he broken through to the Tian Qi layer, but on top of that, he was surely going to become a Zun cultivator someday… For Xue Yue, that would be incredible. A Zun cultivator could destroy an empire of lower quality easily…

Zun cultivators could also create a blood spirit and transmit it from generation to generation.

Yue Meng He had the blood of a Zun cultivator in her veins…. but in Xue Yue, Zun cultivators were legends and ancestors. And now her son was walking on a path which would maybe make him become a Zun cultivator…

Lin Hai and Yue Meng He felt relieved all of a sudden. As a future genuine leader in Tian Chi and as a current young master, it would be difficult for Shen Gong to threaten Lin Feng. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was also sought by two powerful groups of influence.

If they had known about that, they would have handled the situation in Xue Yue in a very different way.

It had started to get dark in Xue Yue. The sun was red like blood and it was shining upon the city covered with actual blood. It was the former imperial city… but it had been the center of an unceasing war for a long time now…

“Bzzz… bzzz…” the snow eagles returned in front of Lin Feng who had just finished killing the remaining survivors.

“Brothers, you can separate now, one goes to Lie Yun, one goes to Tian Feng. We’re going to destroy the imperial families from those countries. We also have to destroy the Wan Xiang Sect in Tian Feng.” Lin Feng directed the snow eagles. He knew how strong the snow eagles were. One of them alone could easily destroy a sect.

He had said it before, he would make Lie Yun and Tian Feng regret everything. They were going to pay the price for what they had done in Xue Yue and to his parents.

“Roger, Master!” said the two snow eagles while rising up in the air. They then opened their wings and started flapping them into the distance. The two countries were quite far from Xue Yue but with their speed, the snow eagles didn’t need much time to get there.

Lin Feng made the ferocious beasts come back into the snow tower and then went back to his parents. He felt guilty and said, “Dad, mom, you are hurt because of me. ”

“Lin Feng, what are you talking about? You came back, that’s what we should focus on.” said Lin Hai while looking at his son. Lin Feng had become an adult, so much more mature.

“Lin Feng, come here.” said Yue Meng He while opening her arms. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he immediately appeared next to his mother.

“Lin Feng, you went through lots of hardships…” said Yue Meng He while caressing her son’s face. She felt sad for her son. Lin Feng’s face looked resembled that of someone who had gone through many hardships. He looked older than he really was.

Many people of the same age as Lin Feng had never experienced so many hardships. Lin Feng had almost died so many times, he was already starting to have some wrinkles.

“Look at you, you’ve become so strong because of all your adventures.” said Lin Hai while shaking his head. Even though he felt sad for Lin Feng and had compassion, as a father, he had to talk as a man. They hoped that Lin Feng would continue becoming stronger, of course, the cultivation world was cruel… and in the world, Lin Feng was obviously still not strong enough, but he was strong enough to save them in Xue Yue.

“Dad, mom, let’s go back to Yangzhou City. Grandpa is waiting for us there.” said Lin Feng while smiling.

“Alright, let’s go back. My dad is probably worried sick.” said Yue Meng He while nodding. Lin Feng raised his hand and the snow eagle flew back towards Yangzhou City.

Lin Feng checked Yi Xue’s injuries, she was severely injured but he would be able to save her.

Local people from the former imperial city looked watched as the beast flew back, feeling reassured.

Lin Feng had come back, blood may have been spilled, but what an honor and a glory it was for them to have Lin Feng. He was a source of light for them. He was their leader, their king. Countries like Lie Yun and Tian Feng wouldn’t be able to continue threatening them, even if they joined hands. Xue Yue had become a powerful country.

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