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Peerless Martial God Chapter 869: Behind the scenes

Chapter 869: Behind the scenes

“Now, do you still want me to listen to your orders?” said Lin Feng mockingly.

How could it be? Where were all those beasts from? How had Lin Feng obtained so many wild beasts?

Their plan was ruined. In fact, the complete opposite was happening. They had guessed right about luring Lin Feng to them in the beginning but not about the outcome. Lin Feng had come with the intention of saving his parents but in the end, he had also brought a dozen terrifyingly strong beasts with him. They had all at least broken through to the third Tian Qi layer and above.The weakest beast there was able to kill the strongest cultivator of the group. How was this a fight?

“Now, we should talk. Where are you from?” asked Lin Feng while releasing some more terrifying Qi.

Nobody replied. Even if they talked, Lin Feng would probably order his beasts to kill them.

Lin Feng waited for a moment and saw that they were speechless. He smiled and said, “You can remain silent but I will show you what it’s like to be really scared.”

He needed to know who made his parents suffer so much. He had to get his revenge.

“Slaughter him.” said Lin Feng while pointing at someone with his left hand. In a flash, a beast roared and the ground shook.

The great roc flapped its wings and attacked the enemy with its sharp claws.

That person sensed the bestial Qi and he was terrified. He wanted to escape but the roc was extremely fast. It was only a moment before the claws of the roc pierced through the enemy’s skin. The roc lifted him up in the air and threw him away.

“Slash slash!” a snake spat some poison at him and the violent bear smashed his chest. Blood kept spilling. That cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was a play thing to these beasts.

The others were shaking, their souls were even shaking. It was so easy for those beasts to torture a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. It had been so hard to break through to the Tian Qi layer… but they looked so weak when compared to those beasts. If they didn’t listen to Lin Feng, they would all end up in the same boat.

“Who sent you?” said Lin Feng again.

As before, nobody talked.

“It seems like this is not enough.” Lin Feng’s evil voice was terrifying. Was he insane?

They watched as Lin Feng pointed at another person.

“Wait!” said that person suddenly. “I will tell you, but will you let me live? ”

“You can decide to talk or not, I can decide to let you live or not.” replied Lin Feng. “There are many people back in the palace, I need to know now otherwise those people might learn that I told you. ” said the person. If he didn’t tell Lin Feng, he would get killed, but if he told him, someone might learn about it and would kill him anyways…

“It seems like you’re not ready to talk…” said Lin Feng while slowly raising his hand.

“It’s Shen Gong!” shouted that person suddenly. He then looked at the man in the grey robe and said in, “You’re a bunch of bastards! If you hadn’t joined, we could have killed some people and left already! It’s Shen Gong’s fault! They sent us!”

“Shen Gong!”

Lin Feng wasn’t prepared for that answer. He hadn’t heard about them for so long. Now he was feeling a bit better. He had completely forgotten about them actually.

There had been some tensions between Lin Feng and Shen Gong. Shen Gong was a powerful group of influence in Xue Yu and they could, if they wished, invade the entire region and control some of the other influential groups… It looks like they had given orders to Tian Feng and Lie Yun this time… they had even used a powerful group from Tian Feng, the Tian Sha Sect.

“Shen Gong!” repeated Lin Feng. He thought that it was either the East Sea Dragon Palace or Jade Heaven, but surprisingly, it was Shen Gong.

But Lin Feng had never really done anything to Shen Gong… He thought about going to the mysterious world in the name of Shen Gong, but he never thought of joining them to practice cultivation. However, when Lin Feng had turned into a demon, Shen Gong didn’t help him so Lin Feng had given up on them. But was that a catastrophe?

Lin Feng had never thought that Shen Gong would resort to such means to capture him… it was as if they hated him more than the Jade Heaven Empire and the East Sea Dragon Palace… They had capture his parents, crippled their cultivation and hung them onto a wall to lure him in…

“So you’re from Shen Gong.” said Lin Feng to the man wearing a grey robe. “Who ordered you to come?”

“Does it matter? Lin Feng, you’re a genius and Shen Gong also thinks that you’re a genius. If you had joined Shen Gong and became a disciple there, you would be even stronger. Unfortunately, you didn’t seize the opportunity and chose to walk on a path which will lead to your own death… you betrayed Shen Gong…. now, when Shen Gong knows that I’m dead, they will send even stronger people to kill you and you’ll be doomed. It’s just bad luck.”

“I’ve never believed in luck, I control my own life.” said Lin Feng coldly. He then raised his hands to signal their deaths.

“Roar!” the violent bear stomped the ground making it shake. It then jumped… those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer turned deathly pale. They were going to die…

Nobody could escape, those beasts were stronger than them and could easily kill them. They were going to die in Xue Yue. The former imperial city of Xue Yue was going to be covered with the blood of so many strong cultivators.

Lin Feng looked expressionless. Shen Gong had resorted to such pathetic means, he was never going to forget that.

Lin Hai and Yue Meng He were on the back of the snow eagle and could see everything. They were so proud of their son. They thought that there were at most 5-6 strong cultivators, but it turned out that there were so many more. Even then they weren’t enough.

Tian level beasts were calling their son master and Lin Feng’s own strength was terrifying. He could kill cultivators of the first Tian Qi layer with a single punch.

“Lin Feng… you’re an adult now.” thought Lin Hai whose heart was filled with emotions. It was so painful… he had had to raise his son alone. preferring to protect him and keep him away from cultivation… he had to bear the responsibility for so many things… He had done his best to protect his son and now his son was protecting him.

His son was a grown up!

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