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Peerless Martial God Chapter 829: Demon Seal Plate

Chapter 829: Demon Seal Plate

Those beasts were all staring at Lin Feng like he was food, their death Qi was extremely thick.

Lin Feng condensed his own pure Qi, but he couldn’t move fast enough as a powerful death Qi crashed onto his body.

Lin Feng thought about it quickly and realized that condensing pure Qi would open the doors for death Qi to penetrate a cultivator’s body.

“The cultivator’s bane…” Lin Feng seemed understand why everyone died here. Cultivators could only rely on their physical body and strength, which usually was underdeveloped.

“Crrrr….” a ferocious beast threw itself at Lin Feng. Lin Feng tested whether he could use the strength of the Herukas and found that he could. Suddenly, Lin Feng looked delighted.

His hand turned into a gigantic hand and assaulted the beast. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the beast was propelled away. Lin Feng’s hand felt numb after the exchange.

“Why was its body that hard?” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and stared at the beast. Its body looked like steel, just like Lin Feng’s body did after using the Heruka skill.

“Rrrrr….” the beast roared in a low voice as it stared back at Lin Fen. Its four paws stomped on the ground and it jumped towards Lin Feng. All the beasts around him were releasing death Qi as well. Lin Feng felt extremely uncomfortable, like he was suffocating from their strength.

“Crrrr…. crrrr….” many beasts threw themselves at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes turned black like those of a demon. He made the strength of the Herukas rotate at its maximum potential.

“Go away!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He started punching in every direction. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the strength of the Heruka was rolling in waves.

“Boom boom…..” the strength of the Heruka crashed on their bodies and propelled them all backwards. However, the more terrifying beasts got up again. Their bodies seemed indestructible.

Those beasts were way too strong.

He looked at the beasts and they looked back at him in a cruel way. Lin Feng cursed out loud as he released his demon seal plate. Now a terrifying and oppressive Qi emerged.

The beasts looked terrified and emitted cries of alarm when they sensed that oppressive energy. All of them ran away.

“What a strange valley…” whispered Lin Feng. Those beasts were all Xuan level beasts and on top of that, they were not high level Xuan beasts. Even so, it was impossible to kill them with his physical strength.

“It could be that the legends were true. If those beasts have a demoniac soul, then it would explain why they fear the demon seal plate.” Thought Lin Feng while gazing into the distance. He could sense the demon sword’s energies the closer he got the center of the valley.

Lin Feng was walking with difficulty towards the depths of the valley because of the oppressive void.

Void, that was death.

There were many ferocious beasts in the valley and they all possessed death Qi. Lin Feng lungs burned from breathing in the death Qi, Lin Feng was dying slowly. Because he wanted to avoid further trouble, he took back out his demon seal plate to repel the ferocious beasts.

Lin Feng was walking when suddenly a wind picked up and a black silhouette appeared in the sky. Lin Feng raised his head and became afraid.

There were crows everywhere so much so that he couldn’t even see the sky anymore. Their death Qi entered Lin Feng’s body and he turned black. Now he was dying even faster.

The death Qi from the millions of crows was incredibly oppressive. Lin Feng could understand why it was so difficult to survive the valley while only relying on pure Qi. Using pure Qi just accelerated the process.

Lin Feng turned into a Buddha Shakyamuni and diffused magnificent golden lights all around. He looked pure and omniscient. The death Qi was quickly banished and Lin Feng could inhaled a little bit of fresh air.

However, the Buddha’s lights seemed to enrage the death Qi which turned into a hurricane and began to erode the Buddha’s lights.

Lin Feng continued to rotate the strength of the Herukas. At the same time, he continued running deeper into the valley.

The crows above him didn’t intend to let him off. They all followed him deeper inside. Lin Feng was getting desperate as he pulled out the jade emperor’s heart. He threw it in the air and a terrifying imperial Qi invaded the atmosphere, blocking the crows. Lin Feng hid under the palace while he ran forwards.

Bones were becoming more common the deeper he went inside. Those cultivators were probably eaten by the ferocious beasts.

Lin Feng was controlling the jade emperor’s palace with his left hand and the demon seal plate with his right. Lin Feng was pulling out all the stops this time.

“I’m very near.” Lin Feng could sense his sword. He continued moving forwards as a terrifying demon Qi became palpable. It seemed like the pressure was becoming too intense for the jade emperor’s palace to handle. Lin Feng’s Buddha lights became darker, as well as the demon seal plate.

A peak could be seen in front of Lin Feng. That peak was actually a huge stone plate, as large as a mountain.


Lin Feng stopped in his tracks and read the word “seal” on the tablet. That tablet seemed like it could seal anything and it contained an infinite explosive power.

Besides, in front of that huge stone was a sword. It was gigantic. It was the demon sword!!!

“Demon Seal Plate!” whispered Lin Feng… it was the real demon seal stone… It was infinitely more powerful than the small one he had and it contained a terrifying power to match its size!

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