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Peerless Martial God Chapter 828: Entering the Death Valley

Chapter 828: Entering the Death Valley

The dragon general slowly inched closer to Lin Feng and said, “If you enter the Death Valley, you’re going to die! Lin Feng, give the treasure you found in the mysterious world and perhaps we can be friends, we would let you live.”

“Do you think I believe you?” Lin Feng said smiling coldly. If he gave the palace to the enemies, they would immediately kill him for the same reason he killed Duan Wu Ya, to shut him up. They couldn’t have anyone else knowing about that grand treasure.

“You have no choice anyways, but don’t worry, we will let you live. We will cripple your cultivation however.” the other one said slowly.

“I admire you guys. You fear that I’m going to go deeper into the Death Valley but you still look so calm and indifferent.” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. He had the jade emperor’s treasure and those two were afraid that Lin Feng would take it into the Death Valley. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have stopped and talked to him, they would have fought immediately.

“If you enter the Death Valley, you’re going to be killed by demons.” said one dragon general while smiling coldly before adding, “The demons in the Death Valley are terrifying. They can eat souls and control human beings making their bodies become their own.”

“At least, nobody really knows what’s inside the Death Valley. It could be that everyone is still alive but not willing to leave. I must have hope though because if I don’t go inside, I will die by your hands.”

Whatever the enemies said, Lin Feng remained calm and indifferent. He couldn’t act chaotically.

“What do you want to do?” asked one of the dragon generals.

“Move back a few kilometers and I will feel safer. Then I will leave and you will continue chasing me.” Lin Feng offered with a resplendent smile on his face. If they moved back a few kilometers, he would have time to react. The problem was still the demon sword, what could he do about it?

If he didn’t enter the Death Valley, he would lose the demon sword.

“Dream on.” said one dragon generals furiously. If they moved back a few kilometers, they wouldn’t be able to see Lin Feng anymore.

“If I enter the Death Valley, will I still be able to give you the treasure?” Lin Feng replied, and the others remained silent. If Lin Feng entered the Death Valley, the treasure would become useless. The most annoying part was that the East Sea Dragon Palace people had already been seen in many places. On top of that, many people had died from Lin Feng’s hands. They couldn’t face the Dragon Ruler and the other higher-ups without bringing back something.

“Okay, I accept.” the other dragon general said. He glanced at the other general and they said nothing more. They slowly moved backwards, they didn’t want to make Lin Feng feel too nervous. The four dragons were following them as well.

“Bzzzz….” in the distance, a terrifying storm appeared around Lin Feng. Sand was floating around in the air preventing Lin Feng from opening his eyes.

“Boom!” Lin Feng used his power to sense the surroundings and saw a terrifying storm containing a terrifying explosive power and pressure.

“Go!” Lin Feng ordered the roc, putting it away and running into the depths of the Death Valley.

“Boom boom!” A terrifying deadly energy crashed where Lin Feng had been a moment before. If Lin Feng had still been there, he would have died. Fortunately, he reacted quickly enough but he could still sense the deadly energy lingering in the air. He then continued moving towards the depths of the Death Valley.

Someone appeared at the entrance of the Death Valley. He could move with incalculable speeds, he was wearing a beautiful and majestic robe, and his Qi was incredibly strong. It was one of the dragon kings. The strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace were not feeling comfortable in front of him at that moment.

He wanted to kill Lin Feng and take his treasure, but he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would notice and evade into the Death Valley.

Now he was pulling a long face, he had failed.

Even in the antiquity, many strong cultivators had entered the Death Valley and assumedly died inside. Anyone who entered would never be heard from again. Lin Feng took the treasure along with him inside, so nobody could possess the treasure now.

At that moment, Lin Feng was being bombarded by the energies from the plate and ended up deep in the valley.

“Cough cough.” Lin Feng was injured from the enemy’s surprise attack.

“Wuuu….” coming from halfway in the sky, there was a strange bestial sound that terrified Lin Feng.

Lin Feng fell down deep inside the depths of the valley, soon sensing a powerful death Qi approaching him. Lin Feng was probably going to die.

“The Death Valley…” thought Lin Feng. He had just entered and could already sense the terrifying Qi.

Finally, Lin Feng landed on the ground. He was suddenly surrounded by many ferocious wild beasts. Their claws were emitting metallic sounds on the ground and their eyes were twinkling with sharp lights. Their entire bodies looked like sharp blades.

“People die but not animals?” thought Lin Feng. Those wild beasts also had death Qi surrounding their bodies. They almost looked like the living dead.

“It seems like the dead can live in this valley…” thought Lin Feng. No matter, he was determined not to die in the Death Valley!

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