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Peerless Martial God Chapter 807: Magic Understanding

Chapter 807: Magic Understanding

“The supreme sword emperor, Xi Huang, the three lives sovereign, the demoniac emperor… I can’t control my body when I look at those statues, my strength and energies flow chaotically.” said Huang Fu Long surprised. How powerful! How did the Great Emperor create such powerful statues?

“I feel the same. If I look at them for too long, I have the impression that I’m going insane.” nodded Yun Fei Yang.

Xi Huang already died, but what about the others?

“A possibility is that the great emperor made the statues himself in accordance with what he heard and saw. If they were real cultivators, we wouldn’t be able to look at them, their terrifying intent would have killed us.” said Jun Mo Xi. Everybody nodded as if they understood something. Indeed, only the sword intent of the supreme sword emperor could kill them, but it was only a statue.

“I wish we could be as strong as them someday.” said Huang Fu Long sounding impatient. Emperors were incredible beings, even the emperor of an empire of average quality was nothing compared to them. Though, they had never heard of a real emperor in the Gan Yu Region. That kind of cultivator was extremely rare, they were almost almighty.

“We will. The Great Emperor also started weak, but step by step, he practiced and became stronger.” said Lin Feng making Huang Fu Long smile. He nodded at Lin Feng and said, “Indeed, maybe someday I’ll be an emperor too, and you guys too!”

Everybody smiled in a radiant way, dreaming of becoming an emperor.

“I am going to try and understand the statues. If you think you need them, feel free to do so as well. Otherwise, hurry up and go search elsewhere so you can find something useful for yourself.” Lin Feng didn’t want to leave too quickly.

“Everyone can go, I’m staying with you.” said Tang You You, acting detached. Jun Mo Xi looked at both of them and smiled, “Alright, we three will go elsewhere to try our luck with treasures.”

Yun Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long didn’t mind. If Tang You You stayed with Lin Feng, she could wake him up if something happened. With Lin Feng’s strength, only handful of people would attack him.

They closed the door as they left. Lin Feng smiled at Tang You You, “You You, even though those four statues have nothing to do with your cultivation, you can try to understand some things from them. Who knows? It may be beneficial.”

“I know.” nodded Tang You You. Then Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and meditated in front of the supreme sword emperor’s statue.

He slowly closed his eyes and visualized the supreme sword emperor holding his sword in one hand and assaulting the vaults of heaven.

“Supreme sword emperor, no limit.” Lin Feng released a deadly Qi and saw a gigantic sword in his thoughts. It was falling down from the sky as the entire universe became filled with sword Qi.

The sword Qi was becoming increasingly intense. A terrifying, endless sword Qi fell down onto the hall, it was becoming more and more powerful.

“Eh?” Tang You You was staring at Lin Feng, looking captivated. Her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise. Lin Feng’s power of understanding was incredible. He had already been able to understand the supreme sword Qi.

Tang You You wanted to participate too but it was impossible because Lin Feng’s sword was too powerful. She could only stand in the distance and watch Lin Feng.

She didn’t know that Lin Feng’s power of understanding was incredible and that the teaching of the three Zun cultivators taught him a lot. He learnt the sword formula skill and was able to visualize the eighty one patterns. It seemed like there were many mysterious veins in his head, as if someone was there, dancing with a sword.

Lin Feng’s brain and heart became one, there was only sword energy and nothing else. He lost track of time…

The supreme sword was filled with deadly Qi, its sword Qi could destroy the Earth. Its energy was like a million tsunamis falling on the Earth at the same time.

A heavy sound resonated as someone arrived in front of the room. They opened the door but shouted in surprise when they sensed the terrifying sword Qi.

“There must be treasures, what a powerful sword Qi!” That person’s heart was pounding. Tang You You closed the door again with a heavy sound. She wanted Lin Feng to practice in peace, she could feel his sword intent rising.

“Crrrr… crrrr….” the supreme sword Qi became more intense, it seemed like it could annihilate anything. It was emitting crackling sounds in the air as the statue began crumbling. Soon after, it turned into ashes and disappeared without leaving a trace.

The supreme sword Qi and intent disappeared with the statue.

“He leveled up.”Tang You You’s heart was pounding.

Lin Feng opened his eyes, looking proud and majestic.

“Crrrr…” Lin Feng clenched his fists and smiled. He didn’t break through to the Tian Qi layer yet but his sword intent was already level seven. People of the same level couldn’t defeat him anymore. After breaking through to the Tian Qi layer, others probably still couldn’t defeat him.

Lin Feng stood up and walked towards Xi Huang’s statue. He stared deep into her eyes and then walked towards the three lives sovereign. He sat down cross-legged in front of him.

Lin Feng emptied his heart as the strength of the Herukas started rotating with incredible speed. At the same time, in Lin Feng’s brain, a large battle between the Buddha and demon appeared.

“The owner of the palace used tricks to create the statues, but even though they’re not the real deal, they can still stir up my strength of the Herukas.” thought Lin Feng. The strength of the Herukas continued flowing through his body and muscles, his strength was amplifying.

Lin Feng couldn’t clearly understand the three lives scriptures at that moment. He pinpoint what connected the strength of the Herukas and the three lives skills. He was very curious and wanted to know more though..

Unfortunately, learning emperor skills was too difficult. Even if Lin Feng could only understand a tiny part of the sovereign’s scriptures, he would already become stronger.

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