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Peerless Martial God Chapter 70: Lin Feng’s State of Mind

Mo Xie had never been as shocked and scared as he had been when he saw Nan Gong Ling growing furious. He had to think carefully about what his next words would be. He bowed respectfully then said: “Patriarch, Mo Xie admits his mistake.”

Mo Xie and Mo Cang Lan had power in the Yun Hai Sect but Nan Gong Ling was the Patriarch. Nan Gong Ling had become furious at Mo Xie’s actions. Mo Xie had no choice but to admit his mistake.

“Maybe I am too aggressive and too arrogant… Maybe I’ve been disrespectful to the Patriarch…” said Mo Xie while insulting himself and acting humble.

When Nan Gong Ling saw that Mo Xie acknowledged his mistakes, he started to calm down. He coldly glanced at Mo Xie and said: “Since you acknowledge your mistake, let’s forget about it this time. If this happens again then there will be no more chances.”

“Regarding the disciple on stage, Yu Hao was the first to provoke him and state his intent. He threatened that he would cripple the cultivation of this young disciple then planned to break his arms. He showed no intention of having any mercy and only gave the impression of cruelty. This was then returned onto him.”

“But Patriarch….” Mo Xie wanted to speak again. He hadn’t understood the reason why Nan Gong Ling was furious after all.

“Huh?” Nan Gong Ling glanced at him furiously. Mo Xie swallowed his previous thoughts and forced himself to say: “Patriarch, you are wise and brilliant.”

Nan Gong Ling groaned, he didn’t really care about what Mo Xie had to say. He then looked at Lin Feng and said: “What’s your name?”

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Nan Gong Ling. He looked incredibly calm at this moment.

“Lin Feng.”

“Lin Feng, good job, you are now an elite disciple of the Yun Hai Sect.” declared Nan Gong Ling. Nan Gong Ling was really impressed by Lin Feng’s abilities and actions. He personally asked Lin Feng his name and personally gave him the status of an elite disciple. Many others would never have that privilege. The other disciples would need to check the results with the elder in charge of the Elite Disciple exam.

Lin Feng was smiling from ear to ear. His smile seemed to be filled with a strange feeling which wasn’t gratitude. His smile contained the feeling of accomplishment.

“Only those who are strong enough can demand respect.”

Nan Gong Ling hadn’t forgotten that Lin Feng had once said words in that respect. At that moment, Lin Feng had showed that he held an extremely strong power and everyone had witnessed it. The question was as to how Nan Gong Ling was going to answer Lin Feng’s actions. He had given Lin Feng the answer he had wanted.

Mo Xie had tried to hand Lin Feng over to Lin Qian and Chu Zhan Peng. He hadn’t gotten involved in the incident at that time. He had thought that an ordinary disciple wasn’t worth creating a dispute with an elder. So he had just watched from the sidelines.

But this time was different, Mo Xie had wanted to kill Lin Feng again and Nan Gong Ling had stopped him. It was only because Lin Feng had shown that he was truly a genius and proved it by returning with such an incredible increase in power. Nan Gong Ling now knew about the Precipice of Zhangu so he was always going to value Lin Feng. Protector Bei had told him about it when he had wanted to kill Mo Xie. Mo Xie had been humiliated but Nan Gong Ling had actually helped him in a way. Did Mo Xie really want to continue making this talented young disciple his enemy?

But… was that enough for Lin Feng?

Obviously it wasn’t. Lin Feng was not satisfied at all. Would he really let someone who had made so many attempts on his life get away with only a slap in the face?

When the ferocious beasts had attacked the sect, Mo Xie simply handed Lin Feng over to them without hesitation. Lin Feng didn’t believe that Nan Gong Ling was not aware of these actions. Nan Gong Ling may have been able to overlook these incidents, but could the same be said about Lin Feng?

Just a moment ago while in the presence of everyone, Mo Xie had wanted to kill Lin Feng again and Nan Gong Ling had seen it with his own eyes.

Had Nan Gong Ling punished Mo Xie? Everyone had the impression that he had but in Lin Feng’s eyes, he had just humiliated Mo Xie. Was Nan Gong Ling just trying to make Lin Feng feel grateful for this minor kindness and make him serve the sect?

Lin Feng had never been a servile person. This was his second life and he had almost died at the hands of Mo Xie too many times. Were Nan Gong Ling’s words enough? They were too far from being enough. An elder was an elder and an ordinary disciple was just an ordinary disciple but because Lin Feng had proved to everyone that he was a genius, he was now an elite disciple.

“There is only one solution to this problem. If Mo Xie remains in this sect then I will make my own path, however if he is no longer within the sect then I will stay.”

Thought Lin Feng. He knew that Nan Gong Ling and the Yun Hai Sect had to choose one person. If they chose him then he would dedicate his life to the Yun Hai Sect. If they chose Mo Xie then not only would he leave the Sect but he would return one day to take his revenge… because of the hatred that he held for Mo Xie there was no longer a peaceful solution. If the Yun Hai Sect was unable to choose him over Mo Xie. Then he had no other choice but leave the sect.

Lin Feng didn’t say what he was thinking. He had hoped that Nan Gong Ling would choose him when the time came. This was only the beginning of the grudge between them. During the Elite Disciple Exam, Lin Feng had already planned how to take care of Mo Xie.

Lin Feng stepped down from the fighting stage and looked determined. Each of his steps were filled with firm determination.

Nan Gong Ling was observing Lin Feng’s eyes and thought that he looked very mysterious. It was not surprising that this young disciple would have some secrets as many exceptional talents did.

“How strong and mysterious.”

“If I was that strong, I would act the same way that he does”

“Even if there were ten disciples who would join me to fight against him, we wouldn’t be able to win.”

“Lin Feng… I’ll remember that name.”

“Why would you remember his name? He wouldn’t even recognize you. He’s on a completely different level to us. We are just ordinary disciples. Even the highest ranked Chen Chen is nothing in comparison with him.”

“None of the ordinary disciples are as strong as him. Lin Feng and Chen Chen are worlds apart.”

Two disciples were talking loudly amongst themselves but didn’t know that not far away was someone who looked furious. That person was precisely Chen Chen who was the top ranked ordinary disciple. He was the one who had provoked Lin Feng in the Xing Chen Pavilion and who had been humiliated by Lin Feng.

“I’m the best amongst all the ordinary disciples.”

Chen Chen was thinking about the words he had said to Lin Feng in the Xing Chen Pavilion. Chen Chen had nowhere to hide from the shame he felt from saying those words to Lin Feng. Even though these two disciples were harsh with their words, it was the truth. Chen Chen was nothing in comparison with Lin Feng.

Yu Hao was an elite disciple with a sword spirit and he had been killed in a single strike.

“Maybe he has forgotten about me completely.” thought Chen Chen feeling hopeless while trying to understand his situation. He was terrified that Lin Feng would seek him out and kill him.

Lin Feng didn’t attach any important to Chen Chen and had actually forgotten about him. An ordinary disciple who kept repeating that he was the best amongst all the ordinary disciples probably had limited mental abilities.

“You… you’re so much stronger than me that it’s actually incredible!” said Han Man who saw Lin Feng. Why was Han Man always so enthusiastic?

“Lin Feng you are really incredible.” said Jing Yun impressed. She was wondering how Lin Feng practiced and hoped she would get the chance to join him.

The disciples surrounding them envied that little group of friends. Han Man and the others were all ordinary disciples but they were very close friends with Lin Feng. They were probably going to mutually benefit from Lin Feng’s rise in status. Han Man and the others also felt happy to have such a friend. They were thinking that it was too bad that they hadn’t met him sooner!

Lin Feng shrugged and asked Han Man while smiling: “When are you getting onto the fighting stage?”

“Hehe, good thing that there is nobody on the fighting stage because of your display. It seems like now it’s my turn.” said Han Man while smiling. He then moved towards the Life and Death Arena.

Because Lin Feng had just created a huge uproar when he unleashed his power, Han Man felt less pressure to go onto the stage. Everybody was waiting to see what Han Man would do once he got onto the stage.

The thing which shocked the crowd even more was that Han Man, like Lin Feng had no clue how to be subtle. He surprisingly stepped onto the highest fighting stage. Everyone, including Lin Feng, was shocked. What a brave guy……

“I did not really think about these things beforehand. Does anyone of the first Ling Qi layer want to come and fight me?”

Han Man was standing on the fighting stage as he asked the crowd. His manner of speaking sounded so rude that everybody was speechless. He was either completely clueless or he was indeed another genius!!

Lin Feng had challenged two elite disciples at the same time but he knew what he was doing and he had chosen his own opponents. Han Man was the complete opposite of Lin Feng, He didn’t know any elite disciples names and was challenging anyone who wished to fight against him. This was the first time that such a thing had happened in the whole of the sects thousand year history.

Lin Feng was speechless as he stared shocked at Han Man. His jaw had hit the floor and he was stupefied by Han Man’s actions.

“Hee Heee” Jing Yun couldn’t help but giggle. That big goofball was hopeless.

The entire arena was completely silent for a while until an elite disciple stepped onto the fighting stage and said: “Alright, I’ll fight against you.”

“Thank you, my name is Han Man.”

“I’m Wang Han.”

“I like people who are quick to accept a challenge. Let’s fight.” said Han Man while laughing loudly.

An extremely strong Qi emerged from the earth beneath his feet. In the blink of an eye Han Man’s body had transformed and looked like it was made completely from compact earth. In the Life and Death Arena at this moment, he was one with Mother Earth and Mother Earth was one with him. He had completely fused with the earth and become a symbiotic force.


Han Man took a step forward and the entire arena began to shake under his feet. It sounded like a thousand foot giant was walking and each of his steps made the ground tremble. The disciples who were watching from the crowd felt their hearts begin to race, some with excitement and others with fear. An incredible force suddenly crashed onto Wang Han’s body and it felt like he was being crushed.

“He has mastered his use of force too!” thought Nan Gong Ling whose eyes were sparkling with delight. There were no words to describe his shock and joy. It wasn’t surprising that Lin Feng could use forces but that unknown ordinary disciple could use forces as well. Even though he had to rely on his spirit and clearly didn’t understand forces to the same extent as Lin Feng, he could use and control them with an extraordinary strength. He could be regarded as another genius within the sect.

“Haha, it’s incredible. It’s fantastic. The Yun Hai Sect hasn’t seen such strong young disciples for many years and now two shocking geniuses have appeared at the same time.”

Nan Gong Ling felt an incredible surge of joy in his heart. This was without a doubt his best Elite Disciple Exam. The sect would actually rise to new heights within his generation.

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