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Peerless Martial God Chapter 63: The Trash Spirit?!?

The small snake was moving, it slowly started to open its mouth and the black fog suddenly started to pour into its mouth.

Swallowing the black fog…

Lin Feng could obviously feel and sense that his spirit had changed and was still changing. That small snake was becoming full of black fog.

His snake spirit continued to swallow the black fog. The more it ate black fog, the bigger it grew. It was gradually growing larger and larger.

Tentacles started to move towards the snake but it didn’t have any effect on the snake spirit. Strangely, the snake was swallowing them as well. Lin Feng was astonished. His snake spirit was consuming everything.

Lin Feng had been utterly helpless when facing the ferocious beast of the Ling layer and thought he was about to die. He would have never thought that his small un-awakened spirit, which was the reason for his nickname as “trash” would start moving so suddenly.

There was something strange about the ferocious dark eyes as if there was something wrong. There was a small twinkle which appeared in the eyes which were half filled with worry.

Then a formation of dark tentacles and the black fog started to move away but the snake threw itself towards them.


Lin Feng was utterly stupefied. His snake spirit looked excited. It opened its huge and ferocious mouth. Inside, there were a multitude of tentacles and black fog in the process of being swallowed.

It was not enough for his snake spirit. The previously little snake was growing bigger and bigger. From an initial size of a third of a meter, it had grown to a meter in length. It seemed like it was a gluttonous snake trying to consume the world.

The Imaginary Demon groaned and roared as it was fighting against the snake but its body was still being gradually eaten by the snake spirit.

The Imaginary Demon released Lin Feng and the black fog slowly disappeared.

“Rawwwrrrr…..” the snake made the same sound as the Imaginary Demon had made. It then swallowed as much black fog as it could and went back to Lin Feng’s side.

The snake spirit had become small again but was still much bigger than before. Then it rolled itself around Lin Feng’s shoulder and fell asleep.

“It swallowed the imaginary demon?”

Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open with shock. The black fog of the Imaginary Demon had completely disappeared without trace.

That’s… That was…..The trash spirit…?

Lin Feng was speechless. At that moment, he had the sensation an immense strength was invading his body and a loud buzzing noise was resonating in his brain. He felt his vision grow blurry and he collapsed, completely losing consciousness.

Lin Feng didn’t know how much time had passed when he regained consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he was in a cave. It looked like that of a ferocious beast.


Suddenly, Lin Feng’s body seemed like it was being crushed which terrified him. Panic filled his face and he felt pain that was indescribable.

His heart was pounding. His dark spirit appeared along with his celestial spirit and suddenly, his mind began to become clear and undisturbed. His Celestial Spirit was also floating before his eyes in the form of a book.

Immediately after, the small snake spirit also appeared. It was about one meter in length. Its body was becoming more solid and rigid. As before, it was still small and looked like it was asleep curled around Lin Feng’s shoulder. It looked like it had a lot of affection for Lin Feng. From a glance they seemed to be very close and looked to have a deep connection.

He had awakened his snake spirit!

Something extraordinary happened which made Lin Feng tremble from head to toe. On his back a face had appeared. It had two ice cold, pitch black eyes.

“Imaginary Demon…”

Lin Feng was still shaking and still trying to understand what had happened. How was this possible? At the moment when he had been swallowed by the Imaginary Demon, his snake spirit had suddenly appeared.

A third spirit!?!

Multiple spirits??… He was a real genius. He was truly gifted from the gods… On the continent, there was almost nobody who experienced such a thing. Out of a million of people, there was maybe one to who happened to have two spirits. Surprisingly, Lin Feng even had three. Was he a supernatural existence? A god?

Three spirits. He would be able to terrify everyone at the mere mention of it. He would scare his enemies to death.

There was an unceasing milky-white light circulating in and out of his body. It seemed to be the powerful Qi from heaven and earth. It was encircling him and circulating through his body.

“Did I just break through to the second Ling Qi layer?

Lin Feng’s brain was somehow short circuited with the shock of all these events. Even if he had released his spirit and was still able to remain calm to a certain extent, it was hard not to get excited considering the circumstances and the terrifying power of the things happening within his body.

Lin Feng was using all off his mental focus to try and understand all the things that had occurred.

“It looks like that small snake is able to swallow ferocious beasts and enables me to use them and their power. It also seems like it is able to absorb them into itself and use them to increase my strength.”

Lin Feng was just conjecturing what was happening but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Trash spirit?

People laughed at him because they thought his spirit was useless but it was actually extremely powerful. If all those people who constantly laughed at him, bullied him and called him a piece of trash because of spirit, knew that he had such a powerful ability granted from his snake spirit, how would they react?

“Damn, I only narrowly climbed from my own grave. I have escaped from the pit and this will be the end of all the hardships I have suffered until now.”

Lin Feng recalled his spirits back into his body. He looked up to the sky and uttered a long cry. He didn’t know where he was at that moment though. He could only analyze the situation considering all of his past experiences and knowledge.

“Celestial Fangs. These Fangs can devour anything. That’s a good name.” Lin Feng whispered. That’s the best name Lin Feng could think of to refer to his spirit, to that small snake. Celestial Fangs.

“Mo Xie. If I don’t kill you, I swear, I will make your life not worth living or my name is not Lin Feng.”

Lin Feng stood up and his eyes filled with incredible killing intent.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and as he did, the air in his throat tasted filthy. It tasted like a ferocious beast.

Lin Feng looked carefully around him and it seemed like he was in the cave of a ferocious beast which made him feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous.

Lin Feng quickly moved outside of the cave. Outside was a huge forest. Its trees were crushed into pieces. It seemed like its trees had been crushed by ferocious beasts that had trampled through the area. The smell of ferocious beasts still filled the air. He could even sense the ground shake under his feet at times. He could hear them roar and neigh in the distance.

It seems like the flood of ferocious beasts hasn’t stopped.

Lin Feng had just encountered a large group of ferocious beasts where the Imaginary Demon was, but he knew that there were still other groups filled with extremely powerful ferocious beasts. The Black Wind Mountain was full of extremely strong ferocious beasts.

He released his dark spirit. His eyes became pitch black. His sense of hearing and his vision became extremely well developed. He could see and sense everything in his surroundings. His brain was also processing all the data it received very quickly. It was as if he could sense and understand the whole area around him, as if he was looking down on a strategy map.

At the same time, the strong Qi of ferocious beasts was revolving around Lin Feng’s feet on the ground. It had started enveloping Lin Feng’s body until it completely covered it. Lin Feng entered into a transcendent state of mind. Wrapped inside that Qi, it became impossible to see Lin Feng from the outside.

It was the Imaginary Demon which had given Lin Feng its power. That Imaginary Demon was extremely powerful and its impression was enhanced. This was why it was impossible to see the Imaginary Demons real body. It was just a gigantic black fog as far as anyone could see. Lin Feng, thanks to his spirit consuming the Imaginary Demon, now had that ability too. The Imaginary Demon’s skill was imprinted onto Lin Feng’s mind and could be used naturally.

In the Black Wind Mountain, there was an incredible amount of ferocious beasts. They were not only in one place but were everywhere in the territory. Because some ferocious beasts were extremely strong, Lin Feng had to be very careful. He could use his Qi to pretend he was a ferocious beast himself thanks to his new ability.

These ferocious beasts were running madly everywhere in the Black Wind Mountain. As the number of ferocious beasts had greatly increased, they were running towards the outskirts as if trying to conquer new territory.

At that moment, the Qi which surrounding Lin Feng really seemed to be that of a ferocious beast. Lin Feng started to walk.

Some small and weak ferocious beasts passed by Lin Feng. Surprisingly, all these small ferocious beasts emitted small and cute sounds indicating that they were submitting themselves to him. The world of the ferocious beasts was even rougher than that of cultivators. It was ruled by the law of the jungle: The weak would become the food for the strong.

Even some Ling level ferocious beasts were running away when they sensed Lin Feng’s presence. Adult ferocious beasts of the Ling Level were at least level five which was quite terrifying. However, ordinary ferocious beasts of the Ling level could not compare themselves to the Imaginary Demon.

“The depths of the Black Wind Mountain are really frightening.”

Lin Feng realized how terrifying the depths of the Black Wind Mountain were and he couldn’t help but think about before, when he was still at the Qi layer and dared come here without being scared at all. How ignorant was he? If they had met any of the ferocious beasts of the Ling level, they probably would have died.

Of course, in the eyes of a ferocious beast of the Ling level, a Cultivator of the Qi layer was like an ant. Maybe these ferocious beasts wouldn’t even have looked at them just like Lin Feng looks at ordinary low level ferocious beasts.

“This is a great opportunity, why am I not hunting and killing ferocious beasts to gather precious items?”

Lin Feng started being both nervous and excited. Ling Level ferocious beasts were not like ordinary ones. They could absorb the Qi of the earth and the precious items he could get from them were extremely valuable. If he gave these items to the Elders within the sect to trade, they could produce profound pills or weapons for the Ling Qi layer. Besides, some of the energies these ferocious beasts absorbed were also extremely useful in increasing a person’s cultivation.

Good Profound healing pills could cure injuries, including broken bones… It was even said that some pills could resurrect the dead.

Good weapons could help greatly enhance one’s attack and defense skills in battle.

All of these items could be acquired and bought in exchange for precious items recovered from these ferocious beasts. This is why so many people took the risks to travel here and kill ferocious beasts. They wanted to acquire precious items to trade.

Lin Feng had the feeling that he was far too poor. Apart from the soft sword, which was given to him by Protector Bei and the profound healing pills which Protector Kong had given to him, he actually had nothing of value. He had indeed never taken the time to consider his wealth and equipment.

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