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Peerless Martial God Chapter 62: The Strange Metamorphosis

“How dare you!” shouted an extremely loud voice which made the ground tremble. That extremely violent and furious shout terrified the entire crowd. They were all trying to guess to whom that voice belonged and who could be that powerful within the sect.

There was a flying crane which appeared in the air above then transformed into a bright light. Its light was so blinding that the light from the sun was completely blotted out. The light immediately began attacking the ferocious beasts.

It seemed like these ferocious beasts could sense that the person who had arrived was insanely powerful. They all started neighing, roaring and emitting other noises but that Imaginary Demon didn’t seem to be affected as much. Lin Feng was about to get absorbed by that black fog when the Imaginary Demon suddenly rolled away as if he was suddenly trying to escape.

Ferocious beasts of the Ling Level were not only able to absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth but they were also very intelligent. They could feel and sense forces as well as powerful energies. It seemed like the imaginary demon had been affected by the force and energy emanating from the crane, which made it want to escape.

The wings of the crane starting emitting a brilliant and dazzling silver light. It then immediately flew through the crowd of ferocious beasts and suddenly, a river of blood seemed to be flowing down the mountain.

These terrifyingly strong and powerful ferocious beasts had surprisingly been defeated by the mysterious person. The possessor of crane spirit was extremely powerful. It was impossible to judge exactly how powerful he was.

After all these ferocious wild beasts were destroyed, the black fog of that Imaginary Demon started dispersing through the atmosphere and turned into grey ashes. Lin Feng had vanished.

“Imaginary Demon… as expected, it’s power is incredible.”

Some people in the crowed thought while looking at the Imaginary Demon. It was turning into a multitude of smaller Imaginary Demons. It didn’t have a real body. Even if you were stronger than an Imaginary Demon, it was still very hard to catch.

Suddenly, the wings of the crane started shaking very violently which created a hurricane. Everybody in the crowd was falling down onto the ground from the pressure. Right after, the crane flew away and disappeared leaving behind a massive amount of dead ferocious beasts lying down on the ground.

How strong! Everybody was speechless.

Chu Zhan Peng who had come to the Yun Hai Sect not so long before was also able to fly and had a Legendary Roc Spirit. Even though he had similar skills and was also extremely strong, in comparison with this Crane Spirit, Chu Zhan Peng was a weakling. In a fight between the Legendary Roc and the Crane, the Legendary Roc would not be able to withstand a single blow.

A great majority of the people who were present had never seen such a strength before. They were very excited. They were wondering who that person was and how he was related to the sect. He was so strong that not a single ferocious beast could have given him a hard time.

“Our Sect has existed for about a thousand years. We are really the Sect of the millennium… even in periods of great prosperity, there are always hidden cultivators of amazing strength which have hidden amongst us.”

Everybody was extremely excited after watching such a display of power. They all hoped that one day they would have the chance to become that strong.

At that moment, two people were moving through the sky. Even though their agility abilities were extremely developed, they were moving through the sky in a way which gave the impression it was an easy thing for everyone to do. These two people were surprisingly the Patriarch Nan Gong Ling followed by Mo Cang Lan.

“What’s going on?” asked Nan Gong Ling while falling from the sky onto the ground before landing in front of Mo Xie.

“Mo Xie has been trying to kill one of our disciples. He pushed him towards the ferocious beasts so that he would get slaughtered by the monsters.” said someone who was standing next to Liu Fei, whose eyes were filled with hatred.

Liu Fei hated Lin Feng but she hoped that she could become strong enough someday to regain her dignity and defeat Lin Feng. She didn’t like to see Lin Feng treated in such an unjust way. Lin Feng was a real genius, he was even stronger than her and no one could treat him that way. Lin Feng could become a pillar of the Yun Hai Sect. Liu Fei was sad to see an Elder treat Lin Feng that way.

“Patriarch, this is untrue. There is one ordinary disciple who was killing all the ferocious beasts and stealing all the precious items. Then, when the stronger ones arrived, he deserted. Damn him!” said Mo Xie who was, obviously, not going to admit what he had done. Lin Feng was already dead anyway. Even if he didn’t admit that he had killed Lin Feng, who would say anything?

“Alright, today, you clearly wish to die today!”

An extremely loud and aggressive voice emerged. A hurricane was rolling through the air blowing almost everyone away and no one was able to stand steadily on their feet.

Mo Xie’s face changed drastically. A terrifyingly powerful Qi appeared and was surrounded by a radiant light. It then flew threw the air and crashed into Mo Xie’s body.


The rock on which Mo Xie currently standing exploded into a thousand pieces and Mo Xie’s mouth spurted blood like a fountain. That single attack was extremely powerful.

The Elder Mo Xie had been defeated in a single strike, he was bleeding endlessly and all of this was done in the presence of his father, Mo Cang Lan.

The crowd had the impression they were watching a dream. They couldn’t believe that it was really happening before their eyes.

Then, the crowd looked again to see who had done that attack and saw an old man. Everybody recognized him.

“Huh? That’s the old man who is the entrance guard of the Xing Chen Pavilion.”

Everybody was stunned. As a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, everybody had already been to the Xing Chen Pavilion. It had to be the old man. Who couldn’t recognize Protector Bei?

They were not used to seeing him like this though. They were used to seeing him looking almost asleep or lazy at the entrance of the Xing Chen Pavilion. They would have never imagined that he could be so monstrously strong.

At that moment, Protector Bei’s eyes were filled with murderous intentions and he was moving slowly towards Mo Xie. He then said in an ice cold tone: “You’re an Elder of the Yun Hai Sect in charge of enforcing the sect rules and yet you dare to kill a young disciple, a junior, of the Sect…? If I don’t kill you, it means that the sect holds no place in my heart.”

Mo Xie’s face was deathly pale. He wouldn’t have thought that, suddenly, someone would kill him just because of a simple disciple.

A silhouette appeared before Mo Xie and seemed to be vigilant. It was precisely Mo Cang Lan.

“Protector Bei, don’t you think that you are exaggerating a little bit?”

“Exaggerating? Mo Cang Lan, have you not educated your son.” said Protector Bei extremely sharply which made Mo Cang Lan completely lose face. He then shouted: “Get the hell away!”

“Protector Bei, do you have to be this furious?” asked Nan Gong Ling who came in front of Protector Bei at the same time.

Nan Gong Ling, of course, knew what kind of person Mo Xie was but when it came to the sect, he was still an important person. Besides, there was still Mo Cang Lan. He was extremely strong and in charge of the elders. Therefore, attacking Mo Xie would cause trouble amongst those standing at the top within the Sect.

“Patriarch, let me handle this business, I am about clean up the Sect today.” said Protector Bei ignoring everything which had been said until that moment. He regarded Lin Feng as the bright future of the sect. He thought Lin Feng was a gift bestowed upon his sect by the gods… and Mo Xie had fed him to the ferocious beasts.

“Protector Bei!!!!” shouted Nan Gong Ling extremely loud attempting to make Protector Bei regain his calm.

“Don’t kill Mo Xie, think about the sect above all!” said Nan Gong Ling to Protector Bei.

“Think about the sect above all?!” said Protector Bei with a sort of smile on his face. He thought that killing Mo Xie was particularly important for the sake of the sect.

“Nan Gong, do you know who that young man was?”

Protector wasn’t shouting anymore. His voice was low and sounded it was filled with emotions.

Nan Gong Ling was stupefied. He had no idea, there were so many young disciples in the Sect.

“If Protector Kong was here today, Mo Xie would be dead already!” said Protector Bei. That sentence was filled with meaning. His eyes were filled with pain and sorrow, he then said: “Think about the Sect first… Nan Gong… In your life as Patriarch… We will never be blessed with a talent like that again… ”

When he finished talking, Protector Bei transformed into a Crane again and suddenly vanished leaving a hurricane behind him.

“Protector Kong…” Nan Gong Ling couldn’t believe he had heard the old man pronounce that name. He was shaking from head to toe. Nan Gong Ling obviously remembered and understood everything. That shadow which had protected Lin Feng last time was precisely Protector Kong’s spirit. He had protected Lin Feng. He then remembered the eight sounds of drums from the Precipice of Zhangu which had filled the entire atmosphere of the Yun Hai sect.

“BOOM” Nan Gong Ling’s heart started pounding, his thoughts were flowing at full speed. He was getting more and more furious. He was starting to find himself being overwhelmed with murderous thoughts.

“Mo Xie!!”

Mo Cang Lan could feel that the Patriarch wanted to kill his son and that he was growing furious. What had happened? What had Protector Bei told Nan Gong Ling?

Mo Cang Lan glanced at Mo Xie. That bastard of a son’s behavior was really worse and worse. He was insolent and acted selfishly and relentlessly without thinking.


Lin Feng had been wrapped up in that black fog and immediately after he had had gone through a mystical event. It had seemed like his body had been transported through the universe. He didn’t know where he had landed.

An extremely cold Qi started to oppress his body and to dig into his flesh and bones. He wanted to struggle but he didn’t know what or how to fight against this Qi

He realized he was extremely weak in comparison.

When confronted with death, Lin Feng released his twin spirits. His eyes became pitch black and he became aware of all the universe that was surrounding him. However, as before, he was immersed in a world of darkness.

“Celestial Spirit.”

Lin Feng said in a low voice. A brilliant and resplendent light appeared. It was dazzling and mystical. Lin Feng suddenly saw two piercing cold eyes of a ferocious beast which was staring at him as if he was a prey.

“What’s that? Is that a real ferocious beast?” Lin Feng saw cruel eyes and a hideous face. It looked truly horrible.

Many tentacles were approaching him as if they wanted to wrap themselves around him. At the same time, a tentacle had touched his spirit. His strange small snake spirit as well as his celestial spirit were being swallowed.

Lin Feng was feeling so weak that he even thought that some of his vitality was slowly being consumed as well.

At that moment, something very strange happened to Lin Feng.

Something that had never happened before happened. His small snake spirit had moved for the first time, the snake was starting to move!

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