Peerless Martial God Chapter 521: Get Lost!

Chapter 521: Get Lost!

Lin Feng was furious, his face was ice-cold and he was staring at the crowd.

Duan Xin Ye had been with him all the time, including the banquet, no wonder Duan Wu Ya thought that it was Lin Feng. If somebody had given a pill to Duan Xin Ye, then it was during the banquet, and that person had done it very discreetly, without being noticed. Lin Feng who was next to Duan Xin Ye and hadn’t even noticed it.

“Lin Feng, you’re really shameless!!!” Shouted Yue Tian Ming furiously while standing up and staring at Lin Feng. “You surprisingly use such methods to obtain the princess! How shameless! I’ve never seen such a shameless person in my entire life!”

Everybody was astonished and staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was most likely the suspect.

The first reason was that Duan Xin Ye had been with Lin Feng the entire day and Duan Xin Ye would never poison herself.

The second reason was that Yue Qing Shan had come to propose a marriage alliance between Yue Tian Ming and Duan Xin Ye, so that would ruin Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye’s romance. So, Lin Feng, infuriated, had probably secretly given her an aphrodisiac to keep her. Everything was pointing to Lin Feng.

Everybody was looking at Lin Feng which made his facial expression grow even colder. Yue Qing Shan had come to propose a marriage alliance between Duan Xin Ye and Yue Tian Ming… And this was happening, Lin Feng hadn’t been vigilant enough.

He glanced at the crowd in an ice-cold way but couldn’t figure out a suspect. It seemed like nobody had a reason to do such a horrible thing. However, there was no doubt that Duan Xin Ye had taken an aphrodisiac poison.

“Your Highness, the most pressing matter of the moment is to save Xin Ye, we need to find a solution.” Said Lin Feng, he wasn’t giving him face either. Saving Duan Xin Ye was the most important thing but Duan Wu Ya was blaming him.

“You think that I don’t know that Xin Ye’s blood vessels are burning, you better save her, Lin Feng, if you’re the one who poisoned her, it’s the end for you.” Said Duan Wu Ya, he didn’t sound as warm and friendly as before, he looked extremely malicious and was staring at Lin Feng with an evil glare.

Lin Feng was stupefied, he also touched Duan Xin Ye sending his soul into her body. As expected, there was a terrifying Qi burning Duan Xin Ye’s body and internal organs.

A fire was burning in her body!

At that moment, Duan Xin Ye was in a state of delirium, and her vision was blurry. She was just firmly holding Lin Feng and blowing a warm air into Lin Feng’s ear.

“Lin Feng, save me.”

Lin Feng shivered and his body started shaking, save her?

There was only one solution for the poison, to have intercourse.

Lin Feng looked puzzled and ferocious at the same time, he didn’t feel like taking her under such circumstances. Besides, everybody thought that he was the one who had given her the poison.

But if he didn’t save Duan Xin Ye, there would be two possibilities.

She would die, burnt by the internal fire.

Or somebody else would save her.

In both cases, he would lose Duan Xin Ye. He couldn’t let Duan Xin Ye die and he didn’t want anyone else to save Duan Xin Ye.

“I’m leaving with Xin Ye.” Said Lin Feng while gnashing his teeth. He then carried her and stood up, he looked resolute.

There was no other solution. He had to save her. He was convinced that Duan Xin Ye would forgive him.

When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were gobsmacked. Lin Feng wanted to leave?!

Who knew what Lin Feng would do if he left?

Many people looked extremely upset, did Lin Feng think that he was going to take Duan Xin Ye if she was left like that?

“Put her down!” Said Yue Tian Ming in an ice-cold tone, his silhouette flickered and he immediately landed in front of Lin Feng. His facial expression was ice-cold and he was releasing an ice-cold energy. He was obstructing Lin Feng’s path.

Lin Feng raised his hand and looked at Yue Tian Ming evilly.

“Lin Feng, I can’t stand it anymore.” Said Duan Xin Ye in a soft voice which made Lin Feng feel even more nervous.


Lin Feng took a step forwards and released a monstrous deadly energy, it was ice-cold as well.


“Boom!” Lin Feng took another step and wanted to leave the pavilion. Duan Xin Ye couldn’t wait anymore. He couldn’t let anything happen to her.

A terrifying deadly sword energy moved towards Yue Tian Ming and made his robes flutter violently. However, Yue Tian Ming didn’t move, like a mountain, he remained motionless.

How could he let Lin Feng leave? Even though he didn’t care about fame and glory, Lin Feng was leaving with the woman whom he had a marriage contract with. Besides, Lin Feng was leaving to have sex with Duan Xin Ye. How could he accept such a humiliation? Maybe Duan Xin Ye would become his wife in the future… If such a thing happened, Duan Xin Ye and Yue Tian Ming would be humiliated.

Lin Feng’s poison was really sly, vicious and malicious!

“Put the princess down!” Said Yue Tian Ming in a firm tone. He then releasing a piercingly cold Qi.

“Boom!” Another rumbling sound filled the air. Lin Feng jumped up in the air and the ceiling of the pavilion immediately broke and huge blocks of stone flew in every direction. Everybody under the pavilion started moving too.

“Where are you going?” Said Yue Qing Shan in an ice-cold tone, he then transformed into a light beam and arrived in front of Lin Feng, obstructing the way. His white hair was fluttering in the wind.

Immediately after, Yue Tian Ming also arrived and blocked the way while shouting: “PUT THE PRINCESS DOWN!”

He couldn’t let Lin Feng leave with the princess.

Lin Feng looked at them, they were stronger than him, especially Yue Qing Shan, even if he used all his strength, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“You really want to prevent me from leaving?” Said Lin Feng while looking at Yue Qing Shan coldly.

Yue Qing Shan’s facial muscles twitched, and he then nodded frenetically.

“Put the princess down.”

“And after that??” Said Lin Feng in an angry tone.

“Let Tian Ming go with her. Tian Ming and the princess have a marriage agreement. After that, everything will be fine. She will become Yue Tian Ming’s wife and the marriage contract will be honoured.”

“Grandpa??” Suddenly shouted Lin Feng which made Yue Qing Shan shake, he looked puzzled and stunned but immediately after he looked firm and determined again.

“Hahahahaha….” Lin Feng suddenly started laughing like a madman, his grandfather wanted to steal his woman and give it to his cousin, how ridiculous!

The people on the ground raised their heads and looked at the four silhouettes, what was going on?

Yue Qing Shan and Yue Tian Ming were blocking the way, Lin Feng would be forced to put Duan Xin Ye down. He couldn’t leave with her. Duan Xin Ye would become Yue Tian Ming’s wife and it was thanks to Lin Feng’s poison. Duan Xin Ye and Yue Tian Ming would then live happily ever after.

Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at Duan Xin Ye’s red face, the fire was still burning inside her body. But Lin Feng was holding her in his arms and had the feeling that he needed to protect her.

Duan Xin Ye couldn’t wait.

“Get lost!” Shouted Lin Feng in an evil way which stupefied Yue Qing Shan. Lin Feng was telling him to get lost? No matter what, he was Lin Feng’s grandfather, Lin Feng’s mother was his daughter and even she had never dared to say such a thing.

But immediately after, Yue Qing Shan and Yue Tian Ming saw Lin Feng’s eyes which looked demonic and evil. His two dark eyes were filled with an evil energy, he was absolutely emotionless and expressionless.

When Yue Qing Shan and Yue Tian Ming saw those eyes, they couldn’t help but shake, his eyes were too terrifying, too cold. Their spirits were shaking.

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