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Peerless Martial God Chapter 394: Removing the Restriction!

Lin Feng didn’t even dare to think anymore about it. Just now, if he had chosen to release the nine swords at the same time, the evil swords would have immediately consumed his soul and taken over his body. Lin Feng would have died and the evil sword would have been reborn into his body.

The cat remained alert and was looking at Lin Feng, or more precisely at the evil sword in his hand. This time, his evil and bloodthirsty smile had disappeared from his face. At that moment, he even looked somewhat scared.

That sword had its own will. If Lin Feng was able to gain control of that monstrously powerful sword, who would be able to stop him? The Tian level cat would definitely fall beneath the full power of that sword, even if he was at the peak of his power before he started the transformation.

If that sword had its own cultivation, it would be even higher than the Tian level cat.

Fear was spreading through the cat’s heart… But compared with his fear, his greed was spreading much quicker. Even though he was only a ferocious beast and didn’t use a sword, in the future, if he managed to become a human cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, he would be able to go anywhere he wished if he killed Lin Feng and stole that powerful weapon.

At that moment, Lin Feng couldn’t see himself, but his pitch black eyes looked even colder, and even more expressionless and heartless, as if he had come from the depths of hell, only one glance from those eyes sufficed to make the cat’s heart start to pound.

“You want to kill me?” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought that the cat would be filled with killing intent at that moment. He hadn’t given up and now wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s hands, which were holding the sword horizontally slowly rose into the air, at that moment, evil clouds were unceasingly rolling through the atmosphere causing the very air to shake. Above Lin Feng, black evil clouds started to gather and cover the sky, it looked apocalyptic and sinister.

Wherever Lin Feng moved, the black evil clouds would follow.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously and his sword descended. The evil clouds started to emit loud noises as they rolled through the atmosphere. In the vast atmosphere, all of the Qi of heaven and earth was separated into two parts which moved in different directions. It was as if Lin Feng’s sword parted the sea of Qi contained within the atmosphere, the empty space in the middle of the parting was filled with the evil sword which was releasing an evil sword Qi.

The sword had gone into a frenzy, it was filled with intense wrath and wanted to take revenge against the world that sealed it.

“Whoosh!” The cat shot into the horizon like an arrow. That sword could lacerate anything. The sword was filled with evil energy and its own willpower, the cat wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack, dodging was the only option.


A mountain that was far in the distance was split apart. The cat did not stop moving higher into the sky, he had the feeling that he was in grave danger. He was monstrously quick but that sword attacked across such a large area. Lin Feng was able to attack as he pleased, that sword would be so powerful that it was almost unbelievable.

At the moment when the cat jumped into the air, Lin Feng gave chase. His evil sword emitted a whistling sound as it cut through the air, it was filled with an evil energy. The atmosphere was filled with another black evil energy.

The pupils of the cat went rigid when he saw the evil energy. He started to push himself beyond his limit, he was moving so fast that he was almost invisible, as if he had reached the speed of light, it was incredible.

“Die.” Lin Feng’s face was filled with killing intent. At that moment, even though he had gained a fraction of could control over the sword, his cultivation was still too low so the sword was starting to influence him and his actions. His entire body was filled with evil Qi and his mind was plagued with murderous intentions.

Lin Feng’s entire body transformed into a black cloud and shot through the sky. The evil cloud rushed through the air, it was moving with extreme speed and the evil sword was leading the chase. The entire atmosphere was filled with evil clouds, rumbling noises spread through the atmosphere and it felt like the apocalypse had come to the mountain chain.

Lin Feng’s body was being followed by the evil clouds. There seemed to be a beam of light trying to escape the evil clouds in the sky, it was the cat.

“Meoooowwww………” A meowing sound spread through the air. The cat’s eyes were filled with endless flames of rage. He felt a cold sweat forming and before Lin Feng he felt powerless. All he could do was dodge again and again, just like Lin Feng was, a moment before. He was in an extremely dangerous situation. Now that Lin Feng could control the evil sword, he had a clear advantage over the cat.

The cat was a Tian level beast, a monstrously powerful Tian level beast, surprisingly, a human that was weaker than him was putting so much pressure on him.

At that moment, the face of the cat had become rabid, he had flames in his eyes and looked incomparably ferocious.

He was staring back at Lin Feng in the hopes of spotting an opportunity, he couldn’t believe that Lin Feng could attack with the sword as he pleased. Even if the cat was backed into a corner, he still wanted to kill Lin Feng, he was an incredibly strong Tian level beast, even if he was in a weakened state, could a tiny little human have the power to kill him?

Lin Feng also knew what the cat was thinking. The evil sword was extremely powerful but with his cultivation, he couldn’t control the power. Also, he was much slower in comparison with the cat, otherwise, the cat wouldn’t have continued to fight, he would have run away a long time ago.

At that moment, the cat was looking for an opportunity to kill him, he wanted to kill him and steal the sword.

Lin Feng’s emotionless and bloodthirsty eyes started to look like they were filled with wrath and hatred, as if his thoughts and feelings were being influenced by the sword. Lin Feng smiled coldly and then attacked with the evil sword again, evil clouds continued to spread through the atmosphere.

But the evil sword energy didn’t move towards the cat this time, which stupefied him. Immediately after, he smiled in an ice-cold way.

The cat’s silhouette flickered and he threw himself at Lin Feng with incredible speed.

It seemed like the cat had been gathering all his Qi to carry out this powerful attack in an attempt to kill Lin Feng, he moved like lightning. His face looked extremely ferocious, it was horrible.

Lin Feng didn’t even pay attention to the cat who was moving closer. Lin Feng’s eyes looked as emotionless as before, he looked absolutely unaffected.

The sound of waves crashing emerged in the atmosphere. Lin Feng’s purple lake appeared and started to move, an endless stream of purple snakes then moved towards the cat and tried to restrict his movements but at that moment, the cat’s body was surrounded by thunder flame. Besides, it was also monstrously quick, the purple spirit could only slightly slow the cat’s movements. In the end, it wasn’t very useful.

The cat was moving closer to Lin Feng and his face was becoming more and more animalistic as well.

The cat’s sharp claws were slicing towards Lin Feng at full speed, the beast was moving through the sky like an unstoppable meteor.

“Celestial Fangs.” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. His voice was ice-cold. A dragon with six heads appeared behind Lin Feng, it then grabbed the cat with its mouth and wrapped its body around the cat, restraining his movements.

“Meoooowww…….” The cat was meowing in panic. Lin Feng raised his sword and immediately attacked, his speed was incredible.

“Die.” Said Lin Feng in an evil and cold voice.

The celestial fangs spirit disappeared, Lin Feng recalled it back into his body. It seemed like there was nothing else but an evil sword filled with wrath and hatred left in the atmosphere.

The cat frowned, his face drastically changed. It was astonished, a dual spirit cultivator, an evil sword…

At the moment when Lin Feng’s sword was not aimed towards the cat, he thought that he had enough time to attack and kill Lin Feng, but it seemed like he had underestimated the power that human cultivators were capable of when their life was in danger. Besides, that dual spirit was enough to slow his movement for a few seconds, during these few seconds, the cat’s fate had been decided.

The evil cloud rolled through the air along with the monstrously powerful sword.

“Meoowww…..” A loud meowing sound resonated through the atmosphere, then his face became entirely animal. The energy which was restricting his power emerged from his body, as if the transformation had been broken.

The evil cloud made the entire atmosphere vibrate. Lin Feng sensed the power surge under his sword and a strong wind started to blow, Lin Feng had the impression that his body was going to be blown away.

“The restriction has been removed!” Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. The cat was releasing Qi which was at the Tian level.

While the cat was undergoing the transformation process, his strength was reduced, besides, the restriction was extremely hard to remove, but at that moment, the evil sword had struck against the cat’s body and when its life was threatened, it returned to an authentic Tian level beast again.

The Winged Tiger looked extremely excited, Lin Feng had succeeded in attacking the cat, surprisingly, he almost killed him and forced him to remove the restriction.

Transforming into a human was a once in a lifetime opportunity, it was given to the beasts of the world by the heavens, going against it was the same as going against fate. If the restriction created by the transformation process was removed or broken, the ferocious beast would regain its initial strength and become a ferocious beast again. From that moment on, the Tian level beast would be forced to remain as a beast. Unless a miracle happened, it would remain a Tian level beast its entire life.

At that moment, the thunder flame cat’s transformation process had been ruined. It was now trapped as a Tian level beast, all of its dreams were crushed.

The Winged Tiger slightly shook, this noble and ancient ferocious beast would finally regain its freedom. The nightmare was finally over.

It was sick and tired of being hugged and petted by the cat for such a long time. It was sick of acting docile and gentle, it had already lost its bestial nature because of it.

The Winged Tiger’s eyes looked extremely ferocious, it looked pensive. It was filled with hope, hope that the cat would be completely annihilated. The best thing would be if Lin Feng managed to slaughter it.

The cat meowed loudly, it raised both of its paws in the air, its ten sharp claws looked like ten dazzlingly sharp swords, the claws were much longer than normal swords.

“Die.” Lin Feng’s black eyes were filled with an unparalleled determination, he condensed his entire strength into another sword strike. A slicing sound filled the air as the ten claws reached the sword and were sliced apart.

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