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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1920: Demonic Punisher

Chapter 1920: Demonic Punisher

Aoxu had turned into a blood dragon. He was extremely strong, especially after having turned into a blood dragon, with explosive power, and his blood cosmic energies was also terrifying.

However, Juzi was also terrifyingly strong, his physical body was almost indestructible. The cultivators of the Ancient Demon Clan all learned how to improve their physical strength.

“Break!” A gigantic demon hand appeared and grabbed Aoxu. Aoxu shook violently, and his dragon scales started bleeding. His physical strength was incredible, but when facing Juzi, he seemed weak.

Lights twinkled. Jian Mang’s sword appeared again, moving unspeakably fast, but Juzi didn’t even look at it. An ancient demon imprint appeared and blotted out the sky. The light strength made the demon hand move aside, but the DEMON word crashed onto his head.

Juzi lunged forwards. His target was Lin Feng, he didn’t care about Jian Mang and Aoxu!

Aoxu’s dragon blood steamed so hard it was shrieking. Juzi sensed his blood boiling. His muscles twitched as bloodthirsty dragons moved towards him. Juzi moved his hand away.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Aoxu furiously. He wanted to warn Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still seated on the ground. He looked up at Juzi with his death eyes.

Juzi came slamming down from the sky. However, Lin Feng’s silhouette penetrated into the ground and a terrifying strength crashed on the ground, forming a crater. There was a passage under the ground. Lin Feng had made it just now, and managed to go inside. Juzi just sneered, convinced he could still find Lin Feng inside the hole.

Juzi continued moving down into the passage, but Lin Feng turned into a beam of light. He didn’t dodge or flee, he moved directly towards Juzi. Juzi didn’t look worried. Apart from his matters of his wife, nothing could affect him!

A mysterious Qi emerged. The earth and sky changed around Juzi. He frowned as Lin Feng disappeared. And then Juzi also disappeared.

“What’s going on?” Aoxu didn’t understand. He realized that both cultivators had disappeared and a mysterious Qi surrounded everybody.

“Don’t go inside!” shouted Jian Mang to Aoxu instantly. Aoxu was startled, and glanced at Jian Mang. “He will solve the problem himself,” said Jian Mang calmly, and his relaxed expression did more to convince Aoxu then his words.


Lin Feng was inside his spirit world on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Juzi descended from the sky and glanced around. He said to Lin Feng icily, “This is how you kidnapped my wife?”

Lin Feng nodded.

“You obtained a world?” asked Juzi. He was a bit surprised. This was rare. He knew that he had been tricked once already. Lin Feng had kidnapped his wife and brought her in here.

Suddenly, the gigantic Celestial Evolution Chessboard became dazzling, and Qi rose to the skies. Lin Feng and Juzi disappeared into a shattering deployment spell. A gigantic life and death pattern twinkled about them.

“Deployment spell?” Juzi was astonished. What a powerful deployment spell!

“Break!” Juzi punched out, ancient demon imprints shot towards the deployment spell. However, nothing happened. His strength had disappeared!

“That’s an illusion shattering deployment spell.” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death strength. His life and death pattern contained a terrifying death Qi. The death strength whistled and condensed around the deployment spell. Yet suddenly, the atmosphere became green and filled with vitality!

Death strength moved towards Juzi. His expression finally changed. Even though he had an indestructible body, he was still a mortal!

Juzi rose up into the air. However, he realized that that place didn’t contain death strength like Hell, and he couldn’t use the cosmic energies of the earth and sky like in the outside world.

Lin Feng then disappeared from the deployment spell, reappearing outside as Juzi attacked the deployment spell. The air started bending, like it was going to break anytime. Lin Feng’s expression changed. Juzi was still terrifyingly strong! With his strength, even with the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, inside his own world, with his deployment spell and so on, Juzi still managed to break the deployment spell! He was using physical strength to break the deployment spell!

Besides, the death strength didn’t corrode his body as Lin Feng expected.

“Let’s see how long you will survive.” Lin Feng took out his sun disc. Juzi saw a gigantic sun move towards him. The atmosphere shook, and Lin Feng’s silhouette flashed.

In Lin Feng’s spirit, Juzi could only use his own cosmic energies, but Dao power was connected to the cosmic energies of the earth and sky, and his physical strength was simply astonishing. Of course, Dao power without cosmic energies wasn’t very efficient. Juzi could resist, but it was going to be more and more difficult for him.


Three days later, Juzi was surrounded by a grey energy. He sat down cross-legged inside the deployment spell. His eyes didn’t look as demonic as before. He was imprisoned and he couldn’t do much.

He had underestimated Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng could be so terrifying. Even with Great Imperial Weapons, Lin Feng wasn’t supposed to be able to pose a threat to him. But Lin Feng had much more terrifying methods than Great Imperial Weapons. Deployment spells were dreadful!

Juzi stood up. He had to break the deployment spell, otherwise, he’d die in here! He started attacking, but he felt great pressure. A mountain was falling from the sky.

“Die!” Juzi shouted furiously. He released ancient demon strength, but his attack was suddenly destroyed.

After that, Lin Feng moved the mountain away. He took out a Great Imperial Weapon and reappeared in the deployment spell, staring at Juzi.

“Since you came to the Celestial Country, you won’t go back.” Lin Feng waved his hands. Death energy surrounded Juzi. Juzi regretted everything. He didn’t have Great Imperial Weapons with him, he should have taken some, but he hadn’t. He would have been able to break the deployment spell if he had. The problem was that in the Celestial Country he couldn’t communicate with the outside world. Now it was even worse, he was trapped in Lin Feng’s world.


Ten days later, Aoxu and Jian Mang sensed a strange Qi. Lin Feng still hadn’t come out. What was going on?

“What’s going on inside?” asked Aoxu to Jian Mang.

“Just wait,” said Jian Mang calmly. If Lin Feng died against Juzi, he would be free. If Lin Feng didn’t die, then Jian Mang wouldn’t be able to escape. Nobody knew when Lin Feng would come out. If Jian Mang went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds alone, it would be extremely dangerous.

The mysterious Qi disappeared and finally, Lin Feng appeared again.

Lin Feng’s eyes were still as black as a demon.

“Lin Feng, how did it go?” asked Aoxu.

“It’s over,” said Lin Feng calmly, as if nothing had happened. Aozu couldn’t imagine how incredible the battle between Lin Feng and Juzi had been. The Ancient Demon Clan would be devastated if they learned about this…


In the Ancient Demon Clan, some people were waiting outside of a palace. In front of them was a mysterious old man surrounded by an incredible demonic energy.

A dazzling demon light turned into two light beams. Two pitch-black eyes appeared. The crowd raised their heads and watched the two demon lights penetrate into the palace. The strong cultivators of the crowd began to sweat coldly.

“Ancient Demon Vision technique! When Juzi was born, the ancestor’s eyes didn’t even appear. Now Juzi fell and the demon eyes appeared. Is this the will of Heaven?” wondered the leader of the group. Juzi’s talisman had broken not long ago.

Someone cried inside the palace. People shivered. Their leader said, “The Ancient Demon Clan will do all it can to raise little Juzi, we have named him the Demonic Punisher.”

“Indeed, Ancestor!” everybody bowed. Someone continued, “Ancestor, should we avenge him?”

“Leave it to the Demonic Punisher!” said the Ancestor indifferently. Then, he flickered away and disappeared.

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