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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1725: About to Leave

Chapter 1725: About to Leave

Cang Xiao wasn’t aware that he was slowly turning into a demon. Cang Xiao didn’t even realize that Lin Feng was walking towards him.

“Die!” Suddenly, determination rose to the sky, and Cang Xiao’s brain felt like it was going to explode. At the same time, Lin Feng punched the air in Cang Xiao’s direction countless times. His Deva-Mara Kalpa strength was brutal and contained both fire and thunder energies. Cang Xiao gave a horrible shriek as he was struck.

He was going to die, Cang Xiao was going to be killed by Lin Feng!

His godly awareness and determination were falling apart, blood was already spilling out of Cang Xiao’s eyes. His body slowly collapsed. Even though he was still wearing the Heavenly King Armor, Lin Feng made it moot with his demonic willpower attack.

Cang Ling was still looking for Cang Xiao outside of Vast Celestial Ancient City. However, at that moment, the talisman which contained Cang Xiao’s soul broke. Cang Xiao was dead? He was petrified.

“How? Cang Xiao had the Heavenly King Armor. Lin Feng couldn’t possibly break it, so how did he kill Cang Xiao?”


Since Lin Feng had dared kill Cang Xiao, it marked his final time in Vast Celestial Ancient City. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was no longer a mystery, so a lot of the other cultivators at Lin Feng’s level had already left. Lin Feng was from a small world, so he couldn’t wait to see the Holy City!

Besides, Jun Mo Xi was in the Holy City, and Lang Ye and the others had gone there too. Lin Feng didn’t have any thoughts about Empress Xi and Yue Xin because he was still too weak. One day he’d come back and settle his accounts.

The eight vast exits of the city were not guarded, so anyone could go through as they wished, unlike those of the nine great celestial castles.

After a few months of searching, there was still no news from Lin Feng. The Heaven Clan kept spying on the Animal Clan, but Lin Feng didn’t show up there, either. The Heaven Clan slowly started to accept that Lin Feng had probably left Vast Celestial Ancient City.


“Who’s that?” asked someone who was far from Vast Celestial Ancient City. Someone was seated with their eyes closed, and even though he knew someone was there, he still hadn’t opened his eyes.

“Master Duan Mu, it’s me, Lin Feng.”

Duan Mu opened his eyes after he heard Lin Feng. He looked surprised, “I was wondering who could be so audacious. The Heaven Clan is not done looking for you, but you still came out.”

“Vast Celestial Ancient City is gigantic, they can’t find me, no matter how hard they try,” said Lin Feng with a smile

“Your fake face is incredible though, it’s really well made. Even I can’t recognize you,” said Duan Mu. Lin Feng could also hide his Qi, so nobody would realize it was him. No wonder the Heaven Clan hadn’t found him, it was as if he didn’t exist.

“By the way, Lin Feng, do you want to leave the city? You want to go back to the Gold Fire City, perhaps?” asked Duan Mu.

“I came concerning that matter, indeed,” said Lin Feng, nodding his head. He walked into the courtyard and said, “Master, I want to go to the Holy City, but I need a good map and a weapon to improve my agility. Could you please help me?”

“You came to the right person, little boy,” said Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor, smiling. Lin Feng shrugged. Duan Mu was a Celestial Emperor, so he probably had millions of maps stored in his godly awareness. Concerning the weapon, Duan Mu was a weapon craftsman, so who else could know weapons better than him?

Duan Mu gave him something for travelling.

“Of course, I can also exchange it with the sun disc and the thunder hammer,” Lin Feng said with a smile, but Duan Mu shook his head.

“I’m happy to give this to you. Besides, making you stronger and being your friend is more important to me than two great imperial weapons.”

“You’re too kind, Master. Many people are angry at me in Vast Celestial Ancient City.”

“I’m sure that you’ll become a monster in the future,” shrugged Duan Mu. Besides, for Duan Mu, helping Lin Feng didn’t require much effort. A small map and weaponry he didn’t use anymore didn’t count as much.

“Master, thank you very much for your kindness.” Lin Feng bowed before the Celestial Emperor.

“Alright, take the map,” said Duan Mu. Then, he opened his third eye and his godly awareness penetrated Lin Feng’s brain.

At the same time, his eyes twinkled, and an ancient boat appeared in his hand, as small as a hand.

“I’ve never imprinted it, so you’ll have an easy time connecting to it. With your strength, you won’t have any problems using it, either,” explained Duan Mu.

“Thank you very much, Master!” Lin Feng replied eagerly, before taking the boat. He couldn’t waste too much time traveling to the Holy City. And even after the Holy City, the boat would still have its uses in travelling to different places.

“By the way, if you go back to Gold-Fire Tower, can you help me take care of Mu Lin Xue? She’s my good friend and she’s fascinated about cultivation. If you refuse, I won’t hold it over you,” said Lin Feng.

Duan Mu nodded, “If I go back to the Gold Fire Tower, I will. Concerning you, Lin Feng, if you go to the Holy City, the best thing for you is to go to a university. The school will protect you. Once you’re in the Holy City, the situation can be dangerous sometimes. But if you are a student, people won’t attack you so easily.”

“Universities are that prestigious?” thought Lin Feng, surprised.

“I’ll remember that, Master,” replied Lin Feng. He had faith in his own abilities, but he didn’t have a powerful background in the region.

“Go. Leave Vast Celestial Ancient City as soon as possible, otherwise new problems could crop up unexpectedly. Take care,” said Duan Mu. “I can’t wait to see you become a great emperor. Then, we’ll be able to talk about so many things together.”

“I’m afraid such an ordinary person as me wouldn’t be able to do that. Anyways, I’m off,” said Lin Feng, bowing one last time before leaving. He had already used his talisman to talk to Qing Feng. Qing Feng, Wu, and Suan would be going to the Holy City too, and they would meet there.

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