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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1600: Kneel Down To Talk

Chapter 1600: Kneel Down To Talk

Inside a vast forest in the Qing Di Mountain, two people were playing chess.

“Brother Qi, you play chess as if you were casting deployment spells, you leave no room for criticism. I feel inferior!” said someone in a gentle way, smiling.

“Brother Ni Chen, you must be joking. This is nothing.” said the other one called Brother Qi, shaking his head and smiling.

“If you say the Everlasting Palace’s deployment spells aren’t powerful, then I, Ni Chen, don’t know what powerful means.” said Emperor Ni Chen smiling. “I’ve heard about a young man who’s an adept at casting deployment spells. With the strength of the eighth Zun Qi layer, he alone killed seven emperors. Even some medium-level emperors fear him. Do you know who he is and why he came to the nine great celestial castles?

“Eighth Zun Qi layer, he killed seven emperors, medium-level emperors fear him?” Qi Yun Lei frowned and said, “Really?”

“Of course, it happened just yesterday. News spreads quickly around here.” said Ni Chen nodding.

“It’s impossible to cast such explosive deployment spells using abstruse energies.” said Qi Yun Lei shaking his head, even though he knew that Emperor Ni Chen wouldn’t lie to him.

“He may have used fate seeds.” said Emperor Ni Chen.

“Even with cosmic energies, he would still need to cast a great deployment spells to defeat so many emperors.” whispered Qi Yun Lei. Even in the Everlasting Palace, there weren’t that many great deployment spells, so usually young cultivators didn’t have the opportunity to study them, apart from core disciples. Besides, there were only two young men in the Everlasting Palace who, with the strength of the Zun Qi layer, could pose a threat to medium-level emperors. However, they weren’t supposed to be there.

“Brother Ni Chen, do you know his name? Do you know where he is from?” asked Qi Yun Lei to Emperor Ni Chen.

“Apparently, that deployment spell caster’s name is Mu En and he’s staying in Celestial Qi Castle’s territory these days.” said Emperor Ni Chen, smiling at Qi Yun Lei. Qi Yun Lei was surprised, inside Celestial Qi Castle?

“Mu En, Mu En…” whispered Qi Yun Lei. Even though he wasn’t very high in the hierarchy of the Everlasting Palace, he knew the names of the most outstanding young people. There couldn’t be a such monstrously strong young man whom he hadn’t heard of before, and yet he hadn’t heard of Mu En before.

“Brother Ni Chen, I’m going to Celestial Qi Castle to see him in person. I wouldn’t have thought that something this interesting would happen.” said Qi Yun Lei smiling. He looked embarrassed for he had never heard of such a strong disciple from the Everlasting Palace. He feared that Emperor Ni Chen would despise him for his lacking knowledge.

“Oh?” when Emperor Ni Chen saw Qi Yun Lei’s face, he smiled and nodded, “Alright, you haven’t been to Celestial Qi Castle in a long time. But Brother Qi, you just got back, so you should have a rest. You can go tomorrow instead. Besides, I will also dispatch some people to go with you. If it’s possible, we’ll invite him to to the Qing Di Mountain too.”

“Sounds like a plan. Thank you.” said Qing Di Mountain nodding. He wasn’t in a rush. He belonged to the direct lineage of Celestial Qi Castle and he was very talented. That was why he had become a cultivator in Qing Di Mountain, and then, because his deployment spells were quite good, he had also been accepted by the Everlasting Palace.

Qing Di Mountain didn’t prevent their cultivators from joining other groups, after all, if people were talented, it was only normal for them to constantly seek better places to practice cultivation. If Qing Di Mountain had prevented them from leaving, it might hurt them in the long run. Besides, it was also a good way to gain new allies, for example, Qi Yun Lei was a member of Celestial Qi Castle and had joined Qing Di Mountain and the Everlasting Palace.


Buildings and towers in Celestial Qi Castle, which had been destroyed just the other day, had already been reconstructed.

Outside of their territory, some people appeared who were wearing golden robes and had golden lights flashing around them.

“We are from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and we came here to greet Celestial Qi Castle.” said Zhou Tian Xiao loudly.

A short time after, Jin Chen Jun appeared and smiled, “Brother Zhou, why did you come here?”

“We came to say hello to Master Mu En, we hope you can tell him that we came by.” said Zhou Tian Xiao smiling politely.

Jin Chen Jun’s understood what they wanted. There were tensions between the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and Mu En, so they came to resolve that.

Since they were saying they wanted to greet him, Jin Chen Jun didn’t prevent them from going to see him. Otherwise, if Mu En learnt about that, he might get upset.

Jin Chen Jun took them to Yao Yun Peak, and after a short time, they arrived near the bridge.

“Wait here, I’m going to inform the Master.” said Jin Chen Jun to Zhou Tian Xiao and the others. Zhou Tian Xiao nodded and smiled, “Thank you, Jin Chen Jun.”

Lin Feng was seated on a stone and his eyes were closed, so Jin Chen Jun stopped a certain distance away and shouted in a low voice, “Master Mu En!”

He didn’t want to disturb Lin Feng, however, Lin Feng opened his eyes and smiled at Jin Chen Jun, “What do you want, Jin Chen Jun?”

“Master Mu En, Zhou Tian Xiao from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness is here with some people. They came to greet you, so I was wondering whether you wanted to see them or not.” explained Jin Chen Jun.

“Zhou Tian Xiao?” Lin Feng looked interested and smiled indifferently. Zhou Tian Xiao despised Lin Feng, he had even told him he didn’t deserve to be called a cultivator and now he had come to make attends.

“Tell them to come, Jin Chen Jun.” said Lin Feng smiling. Jin Chen Jun nodded and a short time after, Zhou Tian Xiao and the others arrived.

It was the first time Zhou Tian Xiao saw Lin Feng with that mask. As expected, the deployment spell caster’s face was a bit yellow, making him look sick. He had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer and he looked normal, but in the end, he was an overwhelmingly powerful deployment spell caster.

“Zhou Tian Xiao from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, we came to greet you, Master Mu En.” said Zhou Tian Xiao extremely politely. Even though he didn’t enjoy saying that, the elders of his group had told him to do that and he couldn’t refuse.

“What do you want?” asked Lin Feng calmly.

“Some unpleasant things happened between the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and you, and it’s our fault. We hope you can forgive us. I came to apologize in the name of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.”

Zhou Tian Xiao walked to Lin Feng and gave him a ring.

Lin Feng took the ring, then Zhou Tian Xiao moved backwards. Lin Feng inspected the ring, after inspecting it, he smiled indifferently.

“The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness tried to kill me a few times, and if I didn’t have some tricks, I would have died to you already. So now, do you think saying you’re sorry is enough?” said Lin Feng impolitely while putting the ring away.

“What do you want the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness to do, Master Mu En? Tell us what you want, and we’ll do it for you.” said Zhou Tian Xiao as politely as before.

“Kneel when you talk to me and show respect.” said Lin Feng, slowly standing up and looking down at them. Zhou Tian Xiao quacked with anger, kneel?

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