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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1325: Traveling with Yi Lang Ren

Chapter 1325: Traveling with Yi Lang Ren

Yi Ren Lei instantly recognized Lin Feng as the black mage. He had seen him in the small world in Xue Yue where he obtained the demon flute. Si Kong Xiao, Yi Ren Lei and Mu Fan Chen all wanted to steal it, but in the end, Lin Feng had forced Si Kong Xiao to hand it over to him.

“Yi Ren Lei, I trust you have been doing well since we last met.” said Lin Feng, releasing demonic energies and looking particularly evil.

Yi Ren Lei stood there, looking at him in a seducing way, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours. You never introduced yourself.”

Lin Feng was extremely strong, he could definitely compete with one of the ten strongest young cultivators: Si Kong Xiao. Yi Ren Lei had seen him only once, but she had been amazed at that time.

Which powerful group did that black mage belong to? Apart from using the sorcerer’s arts, he also knew demonic skills. In Ba Huang, he could have been considered one of the ten strongest young cultivators.

“Mu Feng, I’m a loner. I travel around all the time as a nomad. I’ve traveled through Ba Huang in the past, so I obviously know about one of the four most beautiful women of Ba Huang: Yi Ren Lei.” said Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng, Lin Feng!” thought Yi Ren Lei recalling Lin Feng. Unfortunately, she had heard that he died.

“What’s wrong, celestial girl?” asked Lin Feng.

“I just remembered one of my friends, he’s similar to you. He’s also at the ninth Tian Qi layer. He defeated some of the ten strongest young cultivators. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him though.” said Yi Ren Lei.

“You mean Lin Feng?” asked Lin Feng smiling.

“So you know him. Unfortunately, the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle joined hands to attack him and they imprisoned him in an empty space, banishing him from ever coming out.” sighed Yi Ren Lei.

“Is he dead?” asked Lin Feng. Did everyone think he was dead?

“Yes, or at least, if he’s not dead, then he will have to demonstrate his extraordinary talents at the meeting of the emperors, which has been postponed.” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling.

“Postponed?” whispered Lin Feng. He didn’t understand what the meeting of the emperors was about. He hadn’t asked his teachers or high-ranking fellow disciples, “Yi Ren Lei, what is the meeting of the emperors and why has it been postponed?”

“Don’t you know about it?” asked Yi Ren Lei smiling. She looked surprised. If Lin Feng was speaking the truth, then maybe he really wasn’t from any influential imperial groups, but then how come he was such an incredible fighter?

Was he from Jiu You?

In Yi Ren Lei’s opinion, if Lin Feng had been a member of an influential imperial group, he would have been a core disciple, so how could he not know about the meeting of the emperors?

“I don’t know.” he said, shrugging.

“You’ll know when you join in. And the meeting has been postponed because the emperors of Tiantai asked for it to be postponed. However, it will still take place soon, in the next hundred days or so.” said Yi Ren Lei. Surprisingly, she didn’t hide any details from Lin Feng.

“Tiantai? A hundred days?” Lin Feng seemed pensive. It was impossible to see what he was thinking about though. During those hundred days, he definitely needed to break through to the Zun Qi layer, no matter what.

“Yi Ren Lei, us meeting is fate, we should travel together. What do you think?” asked Lin Feng. Yi Ren Lei looked at him as if she wanted to see Lin Feng, but she could only see his pitch-black eyes.

“Won’t you regret if you stay with me?” asked Yi Ren Lei, smiling in a seducing way. Lin Feng’s heart twitched, but he remained calm.

“Of course I won’t.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know how to go back to Ba Huang and there were only two directions out of there, one was to Ba Huang and the other was to Jiu You.

“Great, then you can protect me.” said Yi Ren Lei. Her voice seemed like she could bewitch Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei started walking. Lin Feng looked at her from behind and sighed. Did she need him to protect her? That girl already understood four different types of abstruse energies and her strength was unfathomable.

“Yi Lang Ren!” after a short time, a group of people appeared in front of Yi Lang Ren and Lin Feng. They were all medium level Zun cultivators. They looked deathly pale, as if they were sick.

“Church of Desire!” thought Lin Feng immediately. They had similar attacks as the Heavens of Desire’s Palace. They were evil, deathly pale, perverted, and they were terribly attracted by Yi Ren Lei.

But, they didn’t care about Yi Ren Lei’s social status in that place.

Yi Ren Lei smiled at Lin Feng, she looked so cute.

“You take three of them and I’ll take two of them, how does that sound?” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“I would love to offer my help to you.” said Lin Feng to Yi Lang Ren.

“In Ba Huang, many people believe that even though Yi Lang Ren practices the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion skills, she is still pure as jade and clean as ice. Could she still be a virgin, or is it that you are sleeping with that cultivator of the Tian Qi layer? Either way, we’ll show you what pleasure really means, all five of us.” said one of them, looking over Yi Ren Lei’s body.

They all laughed. Yi Ren Lei looked unperturbed when she said, “It’s better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously, deference is no substitute for obedience!”

Yi Lang Ren made their voices tremble and their bodies shake from head to foot.

“Be careful!” shouted the leader of the group. Yi Ren Lei’s voice was resonating in their souls and in their hearts.

On the left of the leader, one of the cultivators wasn’t as determined and seemed to be falling, but immediately, he came back to his senses as if nothing had happened.

“Piss off!” shouted a voice furiously.

“Illusion strength!” Lin Feng knew that Yi Ren Lei could use illusion strength to fight.

At the same time, Lin Feng also attacked, throwing himself at the one on the very right. Those five people didn’t care about him, instead, four of them threw themselves at Yi Ren Lei. Only the one on the right smiled in a cold way when he saw Lin Feng heading towards him.

“Look at me!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. That person fell for it and looked straight into Lin Feng’s pitch-black eyes.

“Kaboom!” Explosions sounded. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng punched his opponent’s head aggressively and killed him instantly.

Even though those five cultivators were medium-level Zun cultivators, on the battlefield, they didn’t seem that confident. They stayed together as a pack. Actually, they were far from being as strong as Lin Feng.

The others heard those sounds and turned their heads to look at Lin Feng.

“Boom!” Lin Feng released more demonic energies. He was trying to turn them into demons.

“What’s going on?” thought the others, looking at Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei smiled.

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