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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1315: Plan and Plot

Chapter 1315: Plan and Plot

People sighed, they knew that there were tensions between the Yang Clan and Tiantai, many people believed it was Lin Feng’s fault.

In Tian Yuan City, Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian were in the sky, riding a boat which utilized empty space energies. The members of the Yang Clan stepped into the mountain range where Tian Chi and Wang Xiao were. Once the members from the Yang Clan and Tian Yuan City left the Yang Clan’s territory, Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian flew back as well. Their second fellow disciple, Hou Qing Lin, could take care of the rest, alone.

“You’re back!” Tian Chi opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian.

“Brother!” Lin Feng nodded at Tian Chi and Wang Xiao. Tian Chi said to Lin Feng, “You should catch up with the rest of the group.”

“Understood!” They both rose up in the air and left for the other mountain. Tian Chi and Wang Xiao were still alone.

“Brother, have the battles started?” asked Wang Xiao to Tian Chi.

“Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan’s members are going to arrive here soon!” said Tian Chi, closing his eyes again as if all this had nothing to do with him.

Wang Xiao frowned and said, “Brother, since they’re coming, shouldn’t we stay with our fellow disciples and get ready to fight Tian Long Divine Castle?”

“Not yet, when the right time comes.” said Tian Chi calmly.

Wang Xiao stood up and gazed in the distance after he heard Tian Chi. He couldn’t see anything and frowned, “Brother, where are the others?”

Tian Chi opened his eyes again and turned around. He looked at Wang Xiao, making him feel awkward.

“Wang Xiao, why do you keep talking?”

Wang Xiao smiled wryly, “We’re both here together, two brothers. If Tian Long’s people come here, we’ll die. I think we should gather together with the others, what do you think?”

“It’s too late.” said Tian Chi. Wang Xiao was petrified. Rumbling sounds became distinct as they saw an army arriving in the distance.

“Brother, what are you waiting for!” said Wang Xiao hastily.

“Are you a member of Tiantai?” asked Tian Chi. Wang Xiao was petrified, but then he turned to Tian Chi and smiled.

“Tian Chi!” said the leader of the army as he looked at Wang Xiao.

“How can you be so sure it’s me?” asked Wang Xiao to Tian Chi.

“I’m not sure, I still have some doubts even.” said Tian Chi calmly.

“Do you think you’re smart?” asked Wang Xiao calmly. Since Tian Long Divine Castle’s people were there, it was useless to talk any further. Why was Tian Long Divine Castle’s army there? Tian Chi and Wang Xiao were the only ones there, seeing how Tian Chi couldn’t be a traitor, Wang Xiao was the only one left to blame.

If Tian Long Divine Castle could control Wang Xiao’s location, they could also monitor Tiantai’s position.

“Smart?” said Tian Chi putting his palms together and closing his eyes. He said calmly, “Tiantai’s goals were to eradicate the traitor, that’s why the Yang Clan was annihilated already. Now it’s your turn, Wang Xiao!”

Wang Xiao was caught off-guard, he only saw a golden light streak across the sky. Suddenly, Wang Xiao rose up in the air.

“Imprison!” terrifying lights appeared around Tian Chi, they even contained holy marks. These lights dashed to the skies and Wang Xiao was suddenly petrified, his body quickly turning golden.

“Break!” shouted Wang Xiao furiously. The golden lights broke and a metallic ringing sound hummed.

“Soul Sacrifice, Holy Marks!” said Tian Chi. His body turned golden when suddenly, the marks moved towards Wang Xiao. A horrible shriek ensued. Wang Xiao’s body turned golden and he was riddled with gaping wounds. Tian Chi had been sitting cross-legged the whole time, not even moving an inch.

A gigantic hand moved towards them, but it was already too late. After Tian Chi’s holy marks attack, Wang Xiao had died.

“Tiantai’s goal was only to eradicate the traitor, that’s why the Yang Clan was annihilated?” thought the leader of the Yang Clan, recalling Tian Chi’s words. His face turned deathly pale when he thought about it more.

“Brother!” Yang Zhan looked at the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

“When you make decisions, you have to bear the responsibility for your actions, that’s a basic rule on the path of cultivation!” said that cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, when he saw that Yang Zhan was staring at him. Yang Zhan’s eyes were bloodshot, but he nodded and said, “I will not let him influence my cultivation, but I must get my revenge today.”

“You will. Tiantai sent people to destroy your clan, at the same time, Wang Xiao brought us here to fight Tiantai. Although it was a decent scheme, they definitely underestimated Tian Long Divine Castle.” said that cultivator. “Let’s go, Tiantai’s people can’t be too far. Maybe they’re still fighting people in the Yang Clan. In any case, let’s find them and kill them.”

Yang Zhan immediately released ice-cold energies when he heard that.

“Bzzz!” the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer took a step forwards and said, “We’re going to Tiantai to destroy them.” silhouettes then flickered away.

As they had guessed, Tiantai’s people hadn’t gone back and they weren’t very far. They were in a valley with cliffs surrounding them. Because of the geography, it was thus difficult to sense any Qi from the surroundings.

“Brother, what’s going on?” asked someone to Tian Chi, who had just come back. And where was Wang Xiao?

“The Yang Clan has been destroyed. Wang Xiao was the traitor and I killed him myself.” replied Tian Chi calmly.

“It was him! When I came back to Tiantai before, he was the one who wanted to get revenge the most. No wonder!”

“As expected, maybe Tian Long Divine Castle had prepared an incredible army. That would explain why Wang Xiao had hoped we’d act recklessly.”

“You think that you’re so smart and that your plan was perfect?” said someone at that moment. Tian Long Divine Castle’s people!

Qi descended from the sky. When they raised their heads, they saw countless strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle descending from the sky.

Tian Chi the Sadhu frowned and looked at them in a meaningful way, “Can’t you just tell me who else is a traitor amongst us?”

“Boom!” two silhouettes rose up in the air like arrows, as if they were afraid that Tian Long could injure them accidentally.”

“Xuan Ting and Lin Xiao, two more people!” Tian Chi looked calm as he smiled and said, “You really planned everything out carefully, nothing could’ve gone wrong since you sent three people.”

“Of course, and now you’re stuck in this valley, like an animal trapped in a cage now. We even casted a spell, so you can’t leave anymore. Unfortunately for you, Hou Qing Lin hasn’t made it back yet!”

“Who knows?” said Tian Chi calmly. Immediately after that, a sword Qi pierced through the cage and instantly destroyed it.

“Hou Qing Lin!” people from Tian Long raised their heads and frowned. Then, at the same time, all the members from Tiantai jumped into a gigantic boat.

“If you hadn’t come to the valley, how would we have destroyed you?” said a cold voice. Immediately after, bright lights appeared and Tiantai’s boat disappeared. It then reappeared in the sky above them!

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