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Peerless Martial God Chapter 1249: Sent by Emperors

Chapter 1249: Sent by Emperors

Skills for Zun cultivators, abstruse crystals and holy weapons!

All were extremely precious treasures, those items were even useful for Zun cultivators, but for Tian level cultivators, those were beyond precious.

Tian Chi didn’t have many holy weapons, so if all the Zun cultivators of Tian Chi could possess holy weapons, they’d become even stronger. In other words, Lin Feng was making Tian Chi stronger again.

“Alright, if the Xiao Yao Sect, the East Sea Dragon Palace and the others dare attack us again, we’ll teach them a good lesson.” said Tian Ji Zi. He was extremely happy.

Lin Feng gave the six leaders each a ring, but he had kept the best ones for his three teachers.

“Lin Feng, even though you taught your fellow disciples some things about cultivation, we still don’t know how strong you really are. Could you help your fellow disciples become more open minded?” said Tian Ji Zi smiling. Lin Feng had shown them that he was strong, but he hadn’t shown them how strong he really was. If he could show them how strong he really was, his fellow disciples would be even more motivated and inspired.

“Only Zun cultivators can see how strong he really is, I guess.” said Mister Bai smiling. “Is there a Zun cultivator who is willing to fight Little Lin Feng?”

“Indeed, with Little Lin Feng’s strength, a Zun cultivator should try and battle him.” said Tian Ji Zi laughing.

Everybody was excited. Could their fellow disciple Lin Feng defeat Zun cultivators?

Lin Feng smiled wryly. There was no difference between high level Tian cultivators and ordinary low level Zun cultivators to him. In the Ba Huang Province, he had already killed so many Zun cultivators.

“I’ll try.” said an old cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer. He was from Tian Shu Peak. He was looking at Lin Feng in a cold way. Back then, Tian Shu Zi had died because of Lin Feng, he had betrayed Tian Chi because Lin Feng hadn’t cast any holy marks deployment spell on Tian Shu Peak. Now, they had to go to the other peaks to practice cultivation.

Lin Feng sensed that person’s coldness and looked at Mister Bai.

“Little Feng, just use your full strength. Some intransigent people need to be taught a lesson.” said the snow Zun cultivator to Lin Feng using telepathy. He knew that there were still people who missed Tian Shu Zi.

“Alright.” replied Lin Feng using telepathy. He then said to the old man, “Let’s exchange views on cultivation, uncle!”

“Zun cultivators use abstruse energies and Tian level cultivators can’t. They don’t even know what abstruse energies are. Even though you are talented, I will show you what the difference between a Zun cultivator and a Tian level cultivator is.” said the old man with a lecturing tone. Lin Feng calmly listened and replied, “Thank you, uncle. Being able to receive your instructions is an honor for me.”

“Good, I will help you, but be careful.” said the old man. His silhouette suddenly flickered as a sonic boom sounded. A gigantic hand made from snow attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and raised his hand. Lin Feng’s hand looked like an illusion and could even make the space around them crackle.


A terribly loud bang sounded. The snow hand broke into pieces and the snowflakes floated around. Lin Feng’s Space Destructive Punch continued moving forwards and crashed onto the old man’s real hand, causing him to groan in pain.

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was standing there looking calm and serene as if nothing had happened. The Zun cultivator’s facial expression looked hideous and his mouth was bleeding.

“He couldn’t withstand a single attack.” the crowd was surprised.

Show Lin Feng what the difference was?

When the crowd thought about what he had said, they suddenly thought the old man was ridiculous.

“Uncle, I’m sorry, I offended you.” said Lin Feng politely to the old man from Tian Shu Peak. He didn’t look happy, he just looked calm. Even on the inside, Lin Feng wasn’t particularly happy that he had won, defeating a low level Zun cultivator was something normal for him.

“I’m old, I’m old… we old men should probably retire at some point.” said that Zun cultivator sighing. He sounded like a dying old man. Then, he shifted back into the crowd.

Mister Bai and Tian Ji Zi glanced at each other and smiled. It was difficult to see how strong Lin Feng really was!

“Alright, let’s stop here then. Everybody should continue practicing cultivation to become even stronger.” said Tian Ji Zi.

“Lin Feng, are there so many geniuses in Ba Huang Province?” asked someone at that moment. Lin Feng smiled at that person and nodded, “So many strong cultivators and there are endless opportunities. However, before going there, you should ask yourself if you are prepared enough!”

“So many strong cultivators.” thought many people. Were they ready to go to Ba Huang?

Everybody dispersed, including Tian Xuan’s disciples. Very quickly, only the three Zun cultivators, Lin Feng, Huo Shi Yun and Tian Ji Zi were left.

“Lin Feng, tell us the truth, how much strength did you use for that punch?” asked Tian Ji Zi smiling.

Mister Bai and the others also looked at Lin Feng. They were also wondering.

“Honestly?” asked Lin Feng in a fragile voice.

“Of course!” said Tian Ji Zi.

“No strength, it was just a basic punch for me.” said Lin Feng. Tian Ji Zi was speechless, his heart ached. He had thought Lin Feng would say 20-30% at least, even ten would have been fine, but just a basic punch with no strength?

In other words, Lin Feng didn’t need to use any strength to defeat a Zun cultivator!

“Little Lin Feng, you’re hurting people by saying that.” said the fire Zun cultivator. He had already reached half of his life and had only broken through to the third Zun Qi layer. Lin Feng had just punched that Zun cultivator without using any strength and had even injured him. If he had used his full strength, would he have killed him?

“Little Lin Feng, do you want to try and fight us?” asked the sword Zun cultivator, his eyes looked sharp. Lin Feng rolled his eyes, “Teacher, how could I!”

“Don’t scare Little Lin Feng, you madman!” said Mister Bai to Jian Feng Zi. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, “Little Lin Feng, didn’t you say you wanted to tell us something?”

Lin Feng nodded and said, “Teachers, have you ever thought of going abroad?”

“Going abroad?” they glanced at each other and then Tian Ji Zi said, “Your teachers and I have already talked about those things. Back then, the leaders of Tian Ji Peak and Tian Xuan Peak were also my teachers and your teachers’ teachers. Back then, even if we left Tian Chi, it wouldn’t have been a problem, nobody would have caused any troubles for Tian Chi. But after that, they left and Tian Chi was too weak so we couldn’t leave. Besides, we’re not as talented as they were, therefore, we gave up the idea.”

“Teachers, real geniuses rise up in times of danger, when risking their lives. Thinking too much is a mistake, it makes one miss opportunities. Concerning Tian Chi’s biggest enemies, I’ll go and pay them a visit soon.” said Lin Feng. His eyes were suddenly filled with ice-cold lights. The East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven, they had participated to the massacre in Xue Yue. They had interrupted Meng Qing’s transformation process and caused Lin Feng to turn into a demon. His grandfather’s cultivation had been crippled, his teacher Yan Yu Ping Sheng were killed, many of his friends had died as well.

“Teachers, do you remember Hou Qing Lin, the one who came to tell us about the recruitment process?”

“Of course, we do. With his reincarnation sword, he blocked Yu Xiao. Otherwise Tian Chi would have been in danger.” said the snow Zun cultivator nodding.

“He’s my second fellow disciple. Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu have eleven direct disciples and he’s the second one. I’m the eleventh. Do you know why Hou Qing Lin came to Tian Chi to tell us about the recruitment process?”

Mister Bai looked surprised and said, “I wasn’t sure back then, was it something fishy in the end?”

“Back then, Hou Qing Lin didn’t know me, but he helped me a few times and had also helped Tian Chi. It was because the emperors had sent him!”

The emperors had sent him, when he said that, the teachers’ hearts started racing!

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