Dungeon Maker Chapter 49

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Since he had to take care of a lot of things as soon as he woke up, Yong-Ho only saw the war carriage on the report that Eligor gave him.

He did see it from afar when Foras brought it with him during the attack, but the only thing he could make out was that the color was black and it was a square shaped carriage.

"Hm, it's a KV-128. The KV series is one of the masterpieces. The fact that it's poorly designed is its flaw, but it's st.u.r.dy and powerful. The performance of the mana stored inside is pretty good as well."

The war carriage that appeared between Yong-Ho and Sitri wasn't the one that Foras rode in.

A number was written on the report and after the report on top of the magic circle, a model of the carriage was created.

Yong-Ho's eyes were filled with curiosity as well. The war carriage that was in front of him was like a tank.

The body reminded him of a car because it was square-shaped and the color was black, but there were six small wheels attached to it. Each of the wheels were armored and the window and door reminded him of a vehicle that escorted criminals.

"The war carriage can be pulled by various animals, but it can also be moved through mana. Of course, it'll be a bit slower."

Sitri spoke while pointing to various parts of the carriage and it reminded him of a narrator model at a car show. When she opened the door, there were equipments installed, which made it easy to operate.

'It looks like one of those trucks that's used at a DMV.'

The handle, pedal and the stick to change to gear was exactly like a car. The way to operate it may be similar to the cars that's in the human world.

Like the outer appearance, the inside was bland as well. There was a square box in the middle and there were chairs attached to the walls.

Sitri pointed to the box and explained.

"That's where the mana is stored and it moves the carriage. You can say that it's the core of the war carriage."

Sitri stepped inside of the carriage and after waving her slim finger, she opened the top of the box. And then, just like the Heart of the Dungeon, a rock that was as big as a fist emitted a bright light.

"It's not an exaggeration to say that the cost of a war carriage changes depending on how powerful of a mana was used. According to the report that Eligor wrote, it's equipped with KV-128's standard mana."

Yong-Ho nodded his head and looked at the armor that was attached to the carriage. If an extremely powerful mana was used, then he wouldn't have to use a horse or a beast and instead, could use it as an armored car.

'I'm sure I can cast some sort of defense skill, right?'

Yong-Ho remembered the defense skill that the Queen Ant used and looked at the war carriage after taking a step back. Sitri smiled lightly as she watched him.

"The KV-128 that Foras used is more for transportation use. But, there are war carriages that are used for a.s.sault and breaking through traps. That's why they're called war carriages."

After Sitri stepped off the carriage, the sound of the door closing filled the room. Thanks to that, Yong-Ho came back to his senses and focused on Sitri. He wanted to ask her to show him a catalogue of the war carriages, but held back. He didn't forget the reason why he came here.

"I would like to sell three war carriages and six horses that pulled them."

When thinking about just the size and the weight of the carriage, one would think that six horses are required to pull one carriage, but it only needed two. It's probably because of the mana stored inside.

Through the recent battle, Yong-Ho obtained a total of five carriages.

Out of the five, he decided to keep two and get rid of the remaining three.

Sitri replied right away.

"There are fine details when coming up with the cost of a used KV-128. The actual price will have to be determined by one of our staff after they look at the actual carriage, but since you're a valuable customer, I'll make sure to provide you with a good price. I think this is a good price for them."

As soon as she finished talking, a small window of light appeared before Yong-Ho. The minimum and maximum value were written, but it was 1.2 times more than what Eligor had calculated.

"You're satisfied, aren't you?"

Sitri asked as she tilted her head and Yong-Ho answered with a slightly sly smile.

The war carriage disappeared and there was nothing else between Yong-Ho and Sitri.

Sitri sat gracefully on the sofa again and stared at Yong-Ho. It was like she was asking him for the next transaction with her eyes.

Yong-Ho also sat on the sofa. Instead of playing hard-to-get, he proposed the next transaction.

"Since you've provided the minimum value…I would like to purchase spirits to use as workers and materials that are needed to maintain the dungeon, based on that minimum value."

Sitri didn't answer right away this time. She squinted her eyes and after touching her chin with her hand, she smiled while starting at Yong-Ho. This might be over exaggerating, but it was the smile that a teacher had when looking at their proud student.

"Valuable customer, please excuse my rudeness."

She fixed her posture after apologizing. She looked straight at Yong-Ho.

"Honestly, I was worried that you were going to be reckless and say that you were going to attack Foras's dungeon. But it seems like it was a baseless rumor."

"It's important to work on the dungeon right now. And…"


"As the one that has Greed, it's funny for me to say this, but by going after Foras's dungeon now, we'll suffer a big loss in going after a small gain."

Sitri giggled at Yong-Ho's comment. Even though it was kind of a thoughtless laugh, since it came out from Sitri's mouth, it sounded extremely beautiful and elegant.

"It's what I expect from you. You're definitely worthy enough to receive my love."

Like always, Sitri expressed her kindness. Instead of falling into her eyes, Yong-Ho gulped.

Yong-Ho predicted that Sitri may be the House of Mammon's guardian.

However, even if that was true, she watched as the House of Mammon fell apart. The two previous owners didn't get help from Sitri.

"On top of that…could I buy some information?"

"What kind of information?"

"I would like the buy information of the owners that are near Foras's dungeon. And if there are additional information regarding the owner that appeared in the north, I would like to buy that as well."

This time, Sitri looked like she was contemplating.

She squinted her eyes as she slightly bit her lower lip and then shook her head.

"You may think that I'm being nosy, but personally, I don't recommend you purchasing information. I briefly mentioned it last time as well, but the information in the dungeon shop is quite expensive. And…while we're talking about this, it would be best for you to know the methods of obtaining information outside of the dungeon shop."

It was definitely an advice.

'Don't think too deeply about it.'

In the human world, when you become a regular at a shop, they usually give you benefits.

He thought about this before, but Sitri was such a charming figure, that she was dangerous. No matter how he thought about it, trusting her recklessly would put him in a difficult situation.

"Thank you for the advice. I would like to purchase three Clay Golems as workers and the materials written on the list."

Just like Sitri, when Yong-Ho finished talking, he waved his finger and created a window of light. It was a list of food, materials and items that were needed at the dungeon.

"Since you're purchasing three Clay Golems at once, I'll provide you with a discount, which means…you still have some money left. Will you purchase any additional items? Or will you make a payment on the loan that you received by putting the gold mine as collateral?"

This time, a window of light was created in front of Yong-Ho. After seeing the marked amount, he had just enough money to purchase one Rank Three spirit.

'I don't like being in debt, but…'

Now was the time to focus on investing more. Since he purchased the Clay Golems, it was only a matter of time before the gold mine became normal.

"I want to purchase another spirit."

"If I were to give you a small discount since you're a valuable customer, you may be able to purchase a Rank Three spirit. Should I give you the Rank Three catalogue?"

Yong-Ho slightly shook his head at Sitri's question. He had already made up his mind when he decided to purchase additional spirits.

"Is it possible to only see the spirits that have the skills to make items? If possible, I would like to give them the Master Craftsman role."

"Understood. I'll have that ready for you."

Sitri moved her finger in the air as if she was typing on a keyboard. And in front of Yong-Ho, catalogue that looked like a restaurant menu appeared.

Sitri stood up from her seat. Like always, she spoke after gracefully showing her respect.

"Valuable customer, I hope you have fun shopping. I'll be going back to sle…no, I'll take my leave. I'll see you next time."

She cutely winked to cover her mistake and disappeared after turning into a light.

Couple of seconds later.

Yong-Ho ended up chuckling after staring at the spot where Sitri disappeared. He was doing his best to hold himself back, but Sitri was so charming, that he wanted to cross the line.

"Anyways, back to work."

After slapping his cheeks lightly, Yong-Ho looked at the catalogue. At the same time, a large window of light appeared and a list of spirits that had crafting skills appeared. The ranks displayed was from one to three.

'Now, which one should I get?'

Picking an item was the funnest part.

Yong-Ho activated the Power of Evolution.


Yong-Ho returned two hours after he connected to the Virtual s.p.a.ce. His transaction with Sitri was short, but choosing the best spirit took up most of his time.

'There was a large variety.'

After shaking his head, Yong-Ho stood up from the throne and stretched. Catalina was dozing off while sitting on the floor and woke up when she heard him.

"You-you're back. I have been waiting for you."

It felt like deja vu. Of course Sitri was a lot calmer than Catalina and didn't drool either.

'Women do need their beauty sleep.'

Yong-Ho thought optimistically about it and purposely touched his chin to embarra.s.s Catalina. Catalina found out what that meant and quickly wiped off the drool that was on her chin. It was fun seeing her face turn red.

"Heh, heh."

While Yong-Ho was laughing like an elementary kid, Catalina fixed herself and stood up straight. Even though it was a bit late and she could stop the cold female guard look, she spoke with that expression.

"Eligor said he would prepare the food. He said it will also be the Orcs' welcoming party, like you ordered."

"The Orcs are under Rik.u.m's control and are currently resting in the spirit dormitory."

"Skull, Treant and the salamander are with them."

"Jun has been leading the Goblins and are collecting the corpses of the Orcs."

"It was Eligor's decision. The reason why he made that decision was because an unexpected resistance can occur."

Eligor always had a thoughtful reason when taking care of a task.

The Spirit of the Dungeon, Lucia, continued talking.

"Eligor is preparing the food for the party."

"Kobold and the Princess Ant are watching."

Since he took care of the important tasks, he wanted to register the Princess Ant as a spirit as soon as possible.

'I don't think she needs to be watched anymore.'

"Should I round up Rik.u.m and the other Orcs?"

Catalina asked with caution. Yong-Ho shook his head.   

"No, there's still time until dinner. And I'm sure the living condition between the prison cell and the dorm is different. Let's not bother them and let them rest."

"Yes, sir."

The location wasn't the only issue. Up until yesterday, they were considered prisoners, so they were probably feeling uncomfortable. Letting them loosen up a bit before eating was the better choice.

"Right, then let's go help Eligor."

"Yes, sir."

For some reason, her reply this time was much more energetic than the previous one.

Yong-Ho left the throne room along with Catalina.


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