Swallowed Star 741 800 Years

Chapter 741: 800 years

Translator: Translation Nation Editor: Translation NationIn the blink of an eye, it had already been 800 years since Luo Feng was accepted as a disciple in name to the primal chaos city leader. There were another two domain lord level qualification battles (Actual universe every millennium, equates to 300 years in primal chaos city). Without a doubt, Luo Feng still got number 1 each time, everything else had been normal.

Altogether, Luo Feng had been here for over 900 years (Actual universe over 3,000 years). During this time, Bolan had become a primal region domain lord and Rong Jun had become an absolute beginning domain lord.

Virtual universe, within an island in a special s.p.a.ce, with palaces joining together, it was extremely beautiful, an absolute beautiful location.


"The master is back."

Many beams of lights immediately flew through the island. Many absolutely beautiful ladies and others rushed into the virtual universe the moment they got news from their friends, and silhouettes filled the island.

"Greetings, master."

Over one hundred million staff and ladies all knelt respectfully.

"Hahaha…hahaha…" mad laughter resounded throughout the island. A demonically beautiful man stood before them, he, was Yan Zhu emperor!

"You, you, you…" Yan Zhu's eyes burned with madness. He walked amongst the hundred million kneeling before him, and casually picked a few of them.

"Come with me." He ordered.


The over 1,000 men and women he had picked followed him, but their eyes were somewhat nervous. Ever since 3,000 years ago, their master Yan Zhu emperor wouldn't even come into the virtual universe, coming in only once every century, and at most staying within for only a month.

Everytime he came, he would find all sorts of methods to vent! None of the staff dared to resist.

There were cries of pain and shock, howling and all sorts of noises from the palace.

After awhile.

He rubbed off the blood stains from his lips, and put on a long robe over his naked body as he walked barefoot. His body flashed as he quickly reached another hall and sat in the throne above.

"Lord." Two men and a lady bowed respectfully within.

These three were all undying.

"Hu!" Yan Zhu let out a comfortable sigh of relief. Being cooped up in the 9th starfield jail h.e.l.l was too terrifying, he was set to be locked up for 1,000 eras. Normally, there was no way to connect to the virtual universe network from inside, that entire area was banned by the system from connecting.

However, he was Yan Zhu emperor and his father was s.h.i.+ Huo knight!

s.h.i.+ Huo knight had gotten a chance for his son…he would be able to enter the virtual universe network every century for a month. He knew his son's mental state too, if he were to be locked up in there for 1,000 eras without any connection, he would probably go crazy or lose his mind.

However, being able to enter the virtual universe every century to vent it out would help alleviate matters.

"I only get a chance every century, those other punks all have to battle it out to find ways to occasionally get a chance to connect, and they only get a short day." Yan Zhu thought, "However, I get a fixed chance every 100 years and for a month, if they knew…they'd be truly jealous."

It was only thrilling with comparison.

9th starfield jail h.e.l.l, that was indeed a nightmare. Those who were all locked within were all that had committed grave sins, and all of them were extremely powerful.

"You three, report to me the news of the past century." Yan Zhu sat in his throne, lifting his wine and sipping it.

"Yes lord."

"The Huge Axe Dojo has arranged for another manager at Wu Long starfield, Qi Li emperor to subst.i.tute you, he just took on the position." The black robed undying said respectfully.

"Sc.u.m." Yan Zhu's expression grew heavy.

"s.h.i.+ Huo knight's underling Bao Jin emperor has led a group of undyings heading to…" The undying continued with the reports. As all these were well prepared beforehand, Yan Zhu could easily and swiftly read through them himself. However, he enjoyed bossing them around from high above and listening to them report to him.

He enjoyed this feeling.

One report after another.

After awhile.

"With regards to True Yan's disciple. True Yan has been in primal chaos city these past 100 years, without any movement, his disciple Blood thirst emperor has been hard to locate. As for his smallest disciple Luo Feng, he's still training in primal chaos city, he's on his balcony almost everyday." The lady of the three undyings said below.


"Training on the balcony like an idiot? He really thinks he can finish the 1st form of the Nan Shen 7 forms within 3,000 years? He must be dreaming." Yan Zhu mocked. When he had heard that Luo Feng had become a disciple in name to the city leader, he was extremely furious, he felt unfairness within. He was punished because of Luo Feng to suffer in the jail h.e.l.l for 1,000 eras, yet this Luo Feng actually became a disciple in name to the primal chaos city leader. These were completely two different levels of fate, how could he feel at ease with this?

After which, every time he entered the virtual universe every 100 years.

Almost every report he got of Luo Feng was of him training on his balcony.

"Keep dreaming."


3 months after Yan Zhu got his report from his underlings, within virtual universe's thunder island.

Thunder island, it was the gathering point of the undyings of the Virtual Universe Company.

Within its highest quarters!

There was a majestic palace engulfed in primal chaos energy flow. This was the living quarters of the primal chaos city leader.

The palace was filled with primal chaos energies, one couldn't visibly see past 100m.

"Teacher." Huge axe knight bowed respectfully. He still carried his huge axe on his back, and he also had 6 arms and eyes.

"What's the matter" A voice resounded from the depths of the primal energies.

Huge axe knight had left primal chaos city long ago. Hence he had been teaching Luo Feng from the virtual universe all this while. Naturally, he reported to the city leader in the virtual universe as well.

"You let me give guidance to Luo Feng. In regards to him, I have some matters to report." Huge Axe knight said respectfully.

"Speak." The voice resounded.

"I've been teaching him every 10 years, yet I discovered…this Luo Feng is quite strange." He said.

"Strange? Explain."

Huge axe knight spoke at the endless primal chaos energies, respectfully, "Yes! When I was teaching him, I discovered his improvement speed is simply terrifying. Although many problems would slightly obstruct him, he'd swiftly breakthrough them every time. There was nothing that actually held him past 3 months, and currently…he's already close to completing the 1st level of the Nan Shen 7 forms."

"Close to completion?" A blur silhouette walked out from the primal chaos energies.

"Yes." Huge axe knight said respectfully.

The city leader stood before Huge axe knight. This was a strong looking gold armored powerful looking man, completely different from the one back in primal chaos city.

He looked at Huge axe knight: "How long do you think he will take to complete it?"

"If he's fast, in half a year, if he's slow, maybe 3 years." He replied.

"Looks like I did underestimate him when I gave him 3,000 years." The city leader smiled. With that smile, it felt like the entire s.p.a.ce about had livened up, "Looks like you'll be getting one more junior."

Huge Axe knight smiled too, "Luo Feng's talent in the beast G.o.d path is indeed shocking. Even though that Nan Shen 7 forms is a top cla.s.s training manual, there are no tablets to refer to or anything, it can at most be studied. And for junior Luo Feng to breakthrough so easily, it's very impressive indeed. His future is boundless."

The city leader smiled and nodded.

"800 years?"

"3,000 years?" His eyes gleamed satisfied.

Even though Luo Feng's gold and s.p.a.ce law improvement speed was heavenly, to the primal chaos city leader, it was but average.

And in the beast G.o.d path however, it had made him very satisfied.

Three months after Huge Axe knight's conversation with the city leader, on a balcony in primal chaos city.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged, suddenly illusionary scales appeared on the surface of his body. In an instant, there was a faint cloak of a single horned lizard all over his body, this was the beast G.o.d illusion.


He suddenly opened his eyes and two beams shot out, it was a terrifying power.

The Nan Shen 7 forms, also called the Beast G.o.d 7 techniques, it was a way of training to materialize the beast G.o.d itself. When one had finished the 7th level, he would be able to transform into a beast G.o.d (This 7th level was purely imagination, it had yet to be completed). And Luo Feng already had a sense of its energy now.



"The 1st level scales, completed." Luo Feng opened his eyes and gazed at his body below. During these 800 years, he had occasionally been studying the veins of the scales too, hence he was surrounded by many scattered veins as well.

"The city leader gave me 3,000 years to complete it. But, I've already completed it in 800 years." Luo Feng was gleeful.

"It's all thanks to the beast G.o.d presence, the beast G.o.d statue." Luo Feng was happy.

While he was training, he discovered that the beast G.o.d presence he had grasped from his trillions of times imitating the statue had helped him a lot!

Training the Nan shen 7 forms was ultimately for usage, and since he could already do it…it resonated well and made the 1st scale portion much easier. What's more, he could personally see the scales from the statue itself, almost like seeing a living beast G.o.d. Hence his improvement was so much faster.

After tasting the benefits of the beast G.o.d presence, he naturally imitated the sleeping beast G.o.d statue intensely. His comprehension of the fusion laws grew even more as he began to understand it, naturally, his grasp on the presence became easier.

From not knowing anything, he copied the statue trillions of times to get a grasp of it.

However after understanding the fusion laws, it only took tens of millions of times of imitation to reach the same result.

The beast G.o.d presence and the fusion laws were interlinked.

The more one understood the fusion laws, the higher the efficiency of control of the beast G.o.d presence.

The more one had a grasp of the beast G.o.d presence…the more he would be able to understand the fusion laws.

Luo feng had always maintained the beast G.o.d presence being above the fusion laws, both spurring each other, reaching optimum results. Just like that…it only took him 800 years to complete the 1st level.

Of course…

Within these 800 years, his benefits have been plenty too.

His internal world had grown to its limit, with a diameter of 90 million km. Golden horned beast and mosha bodies too had reached sector lord level 9!

"It's time to go visit the city leader." He thought.


He jumped down from the balcony and landed in the walkways.

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