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Swallowed Star 730 Beast God 7 Techniques

Chapter 730: Beast G.o.d 7 Techniques

Translator: Translation Nation Editor: Translation NationAfter looking through the beast G.o.d 7 techniques again, Luo Feng got a rough idea of how, above the universe knights, there was an even higher level. Like the powerful Void gold master, beast G.o.d, and primal chaos city leader, it was obvious that they were much more powerful than the knights. Even Xi luo Duo…he supported the entire race.

"So it's that way." Luo Feng muttered.

Undying…Universe knights…Universe master.

As a middle level race, the gold horn race only had Xi Luo Duo back then as their leader, not requiring anybody else to protect them. And he had trained till the 6th level of the beast G.o.d 7 techniques back then, it meant that he was invincible amongst anything below universe master…he had true power.

And the universe master, even amongst a pinnacle race like humanity, was still a pinnacle being.

According to the information, Luo Feng began to get a grasp of the power levels of the absolute warriors of the universe.

"My teacher True Yan emperor is already considered an absolute warrior, and the knights are the next level. Universe masters however, they are the true rulers of the universe! Even at Xi Luo Duo's level…he was already a ruler." Luo Feng was extremely excited within, after which he began to read through the thick and valuable manual.

The entire 1st 3 volumes of the beast G.o.d 7 techniques.

Luo Feng simply read through everything at one go, even though he didn't fully understand a lot of things, he still learnt a lot.

"It actually…."

"Meld the laws?"

Luo Feng was shocked within. After reading through the entire volume, he understood the theory behind the beast G.o.d 7 techniques.

The universe had gold, wood, water, fire, ground, wind, thunder, light, s.p.a.ce and time. These 10 laws, according to Xi Luo Duo's manual, said that when the universe was 1st evolving, there were only two great laws. Of which one split into gold, wood, water, fire, ground and s.p.a.ce, while the other became wind, thunder, light and time!

Hence two sects were formed.

The s.p.a.ce sect with s.p.a.ce as the main and the 4 under it, gold, wood, water, fire and wood.

The time sect with time as the main and thunder, wind and light under it.


Completely comprehending the s.p.a.ce law would make one a s.p.a.ce knight.

Completely comprehending the time law would make one a time knight.

When one comprehended both these laws, truly grasping time and s.p.a.ce, with the unbelievable power to warp time and s.p.a.ce…that was a universe master.


Even amongst the trillions of races and countless warriors, there had never been one that had completely melded the gold, wood, water, fire, wood and s.p.a.ce laws into one, returning it to one of the original two great laws. And there hadn't been one that had melded thunder, wind, light and time back into the other.

And through the pa.s.sages of time, the countless warriors have discovered…

Simply melding gold and s.p.a.ce, or wood and s.p.a.ce, or water and s.p.a.ce, or fire and s.p.a.ce, or wood and s.p.a.ce, these alone were extremely difficult! Simply melding two laws as such would already make one an absolute warrior.

Melding gold and s.p.a.ce, once it reached a level of perfection, that alone was enough to become a universe master.

The beast G.o.d 7 techniques Xi Luo Duo created were very strange too.

The 1st level was a partial fusion between gold and s.p.a.ce.

The 2nd level…


The 6th level, was a complete fusion between gold and s.p.a.ce, forming a fusion law! Xi Luo Duo had reached this level back then…and he already was invincible between anything below universe master.

However Xi Luo Duo knew too…that the universe could produce something as powerful as the beast G.o.d with universe master level strength, and it was an embodiment of the fusion between gold and s.p.a.ce laws itself. Every attack was naturally infused with the fusion of laws, even the statue of it was a fusion of the laws.

Hence he strongly believed…the fusion of s.p.a.ce and gold could match a universe master.

The beast G.o.d 7 techniques he created should have a 7th level!

The 7th level should allow one to become a true beast G.o.d, akin to a universe master. Of course, these were simply his thought process and had yet to be completed, hence even though it was called the beast G.o.d 7 techniques, in truth it could only be trained till the 6th.


"Comprehending the s.p.a.ce law completely and becoming a knight, that alone is already incredibly hard, many absolute geniuses barely become a knight." Luo Feng exclaimed. "And according to Xi Luo Duo, melding s.p.a.ce and gold is thousands to tens of thousands of times harder than simply comprehending s.p.a.ce."

This path was hard!

However, at least Luo Feng got a clear path to follow now.

"Beast G.o.d path?"

"I have the beast G.o.d 7 techniques from Xi Luo Duo as guidance and the beast G.o.d statue to refer to." Luo Feng's mind flashed, he suddenly thought of something, sending his consciousness into his internal world.

Within his internal world, the s.p.a.cious gra.s.sland.

Black clothed Luo Feng was carrying the beast G.o.d statue, beside him was a continuous black mountain range like golden horned beast lying on the ground. Its large river like eyes were staring at the little beast G.o.d statue too, this statue…was the one he had gotten from Blood River world back then luckily.

In terms of pressure, it couldn't compare to the huge beast G.o.d statue in the gold horn race beast G.o.d canyon.

However, it was much more condensed, comparable to a true beast G.o.d.

Howl…The golden horned beast suddenly raised its head and howled, it was extremely happy and excited within.

"I know, I got it." Black clothed Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, he said excitedly, "I finally know why this statue gives off a special presence and pressure. It's because…because this statue itself is a fusion of the laws! A true beast G.o.d's every move is infused with the fusion laws…and this statue was from where it lived back then within the Blood River world. Who knows how this statue was created, however it's akin to a true beast G.o.d. As it's a fusion of the laws, even if this statue cannot be considered a full fusion, it is still infused with the fusion laws within!"

It's no wonder.

No wonder that while seeking the beast G.o.d presence, and constantly imitating it, he was able to grasp the pressure from the beast G.o.d presence.

So he was actually looking at the fusion of laws over and over, imitating it…


"I have this beast G.o.d statue, it is a body of the fusion laws itself."

"And now I have the beast G.o.d 7 techniques. It's extremely valuable, and is the gold horn race's most valuable manual." Black clothed Luo Feng's eyes gleamed with madness. "Even though…even though this path is much much harder than the path of becoming a knight. However with these two to a.s.sist me, I will definitely have high achievements."

The beast G.o.d statue and the beast G.o.d 7 techniques, these could be considered miraculous encounters.

And simply having these wasn't enough, one still needed talent, hard work, luck and many more factors. Afterall, standing at the pinnacle of the universe was simply too hard.

Even though the beast G.o.d statue was special, it was condensed and hidden. The undyings in Blood River world couldn't even understand it, and the golden horned beast is a favored child of the gold laws itself. It had a natural talent for the s.p.a.ce laws too. Like it's natural ability Swallow, that was a s.p.a.ce technique as well.

And the golden horned beast had the strongest bloodline with gold and s.p.a.ce laws.

The beast G.o.d was a fusion of gold and s.p.a.ce.

The two had a special connection, otherwise it wouldn't be that easy for the golden horned beast to absorb that many blood river crystals. Other life forms found it hard to simply absorb 10 crystals, but the beast could absorb a 100…and it was still only because its willpower couldn't take more, otherwise it could absorb even more! It could be seen that the golden horned beast and the beast G.o.d did have some relations.h.i.+p. Hence, he could faintly feel the fusion laws within the condensed beast G.o.d statue.

If it weren't for the golden horned beast, other life forms would have to reach an extremely high level of fusion between the two laws before being able to sense anything special about the statue.

Primal chaos city, True Yan's residence.

"Teacher." Luo Feng bowed with grat.i.tude.

"Sit." True Yan sat cross legged in the gra.s.s.

"Yes." Luo Feng sat beside him.

"Have you finished the manual?" True Yan laughed.

"Hm." Luo Feng nodded.

"How is it, does it fit you well?" True Yan's eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation. No one would know before beginning the training whether something would fit well, however his vision had always been accurate. Having frequently seen Luo Feng demonstrated his techniques, he discovered that Luo Feng was naturally talented in this field. Hence he bought the manual for him.

True Yan's entire fortune wasn't even enough to buy 1/10th of the entire 7 volumes! Buying the 1st 3 was still acceptable to him.

"It suits me well." Luo Feng said.

"That's good, haha, if it didn't, I would feel the pinch." True Yan laughed.

"However, back then I had planned to stay for a few hundred years in primal chaos city, and melding the laws is obviously a lot harder. I may have to stay for a few thousand years now." Luo Feng said. When he told his family that he would be leaving for over a thousand years, that was still actual universe time, and the time flow between the two universes was different.

1,000 years in the actual universe was only a little more than 300 years in the primal universe.

Hence, a few hundred years in primal chaos city seemed ok. But, from the looks of it now…it was obviously not enough.

"No rush at all, the basics are the most fundamental." True Yan said.

"Hm." Luo Feng nodded, filled with confidence within.

Walking the true pinnacle path of the beast G.o.d, he was filled with confidence.

"Ah, right." True Yan said, "Luo Feng, I know you are very strong, much stronger than what you show the Virtual Universe Company."

Luo Feng laughed.

He frequently sought help from his teacher, naturally he showed him quite a bit of his strength.

"You have no need to hide your strength, you have to show it." True Yan emphasized. "Show you heavenly talents, only then will they favor you more. And every primal region sector lord will get a sea of resources for nurture. The stronger you are, the more you'll get. If you perform very well…the moment you break through to sector lord, you will immediately be given a huge amount of resources!"

"If you are weak, you'll get less."

"The strong get more."

"Ah?" Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

That was right, he was in primal chaos city, there was no more need to stay low profile.

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