Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 375

Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 375: Not Afraid of A Little Spice? (2)

Only He Sanlang and Chu Lian were left in the tent now. Wenqing and Wenlan had already made their escape.

If this had been a normal day, Chu Lian would definitely have been stubborn and hardheaded. However, she just couldn’t summon up her courage today. She snuck a glance at the missing s.p.a.ce in front of the armour and made a silent prayer for herself.

Her body had just been warmed up by the soup, but now her lunatic husband had gone and made things all cold again.

When she looked at how He Sanlang was sitting up straight at the side without moving, as if he were a statue, Chu Lian felt extremely awkward.

After a long moment of silence, Chu Lian lost her patience first.

“It was my mistake today. I’ll compensate you with another set of armour.”

He Changdi looked straight at his wife, who had her head slightly lowered. All the anger in him had already disappeared when their guests had left.

Seeing how she had shrunk back into herself like a scared little bunny, the reprimand that he had been about to unleash remained stuck in his throat.

Thinking back to the ‘’ that she had gifted to him this morning, He Changdi’s heart softened.

This woman had thought about him at the first moment. She had given him that precious blueprint without any caution at all. No one knew the value of that better than he did.

His image of her was slowly pulling away from the wicked woman from his previous life.

When he thought of that, He Sanlang’s frozen heart melted into a pile of water, as if spring had already come. The issue with the armour became inconsequential to him.

Looking again at the timid-looking Chu Lian, he just couldn’t bear to speak any words of scolding.

Luckily, He Changdi was the kind who kept his guard up and his thoughts to himself. He wouldn’t share his thoughts just like that. Otherwise, if Chu Lian were to reveal the real reason for giving him the rather than presenting it herself, he would be the one to puke blood in anger.

Chu Lian was still waiting for her lunatic husband to scold her with her head lowered. Who could have thought that she wouldn’t hear anything from He Changdi at all, even though her neck was already starting to hurt?

She looked up and cast a quick glance at He Changdi.

Only to realise that he was looking at her with that deep gaze of his. The emotions swirling in his eyes were just too strange. Chu Lian s.h.i.+vered; why did she feel like he was going to eat her up in the next instant…

After getting caught by Chu Lian, He Changdi s.h.i.+fted his gaze away and coughed awkwardly. Following that, he picked up the chest plate from the floor. Under Chu Lian’s frightened gaze, he wiped the chest plate clean and placed it back over the brazier.

He moved a plate of raw beef slices that hadn’t been grilled in front of Chu Lian, “Cook this.”

Chu Lian thought that she was hallucinating and replied with a dazed, “Ah?”

He Changdi tried his best to adjust his expression and make it as neutral as possible, instead of cool.

“I didn’t eat just now. I’m still hungry.”

Chu Lian shot a doubtful glance at him. She hadn’t been watching him just now, so she didn’t know if he was speaking the truth. Had he really not eaten at all just now?

When He Changdi’s eyes met hers, Chu Lian could only admit defeat and help him grill the meat…

As Chu Lian skilfully flipped the beef slices on the metal plate, the meat made sizzling sounds.

She took up the plate of seasoning at the side and asked, “Do you eat spicy food?”

He Changdi was staring at Chu Lian’s fair hands, lost in thought. He didn’t seem to hear Chu Lian’s question at all.

Chu Lian made an exaggerated roll of her eyes.

What was going on with her lunatic husband? It was bad enough that he had chased everyone out of the tent. Now he was making her cook for him personally. However, when she asked him what flavour he would like to have, he was actually being absent minded.

Chu Lian continued complaining in her heart and ‘accidentally’ shook her hand twice, adding in twice the usual amount of chilli powder.

Hehe… Since you’re not going to reply, I’ll let you have all the spice!

She finished grilling the beef slices quickly and placed them neatly on a plate. They looked delicious and alluring.

Chu Lian personally set the dish in front of He Sanlang.

He Sanlang stared at the grilled beef slices in front of him, finally feeling satisfied.

His wife should only care for him alone and cook for him alone.

Although He Changdi was happy within, there wasn’t much change in his expression. Chu Lian sat back down next to him and watched as he used his wooden chopsticks to put a slice of meat into his mouth.

In the next second, He Changdi’s body stiffened up for an instant before returning to normal.

He Sanlang ate very elegantly. Even though he was moving his chopsticks quickly, his motions were still a joy to watch.

As Chu Lian watched him devour piece after piece until all the meat on the plate was gone, her eyes widened in shock.

What was going on? Had He Changdi been born in Sichuan in his previous life? How was he so good at eating spicy food?

She had been the one to grill the meat and she had brought the chilli powder over from the capital. She knew very well how spicy it was.

Chu Lian was already considered someone who could hold her spice. The chilli powder that she had made was already spicy enough when she used about a fingernail’s worth of it. When she had been cooking the meat for He Changdi, she had used two to three times the usual amount!

His expression hadn’t even changed when he had been eating that meat, as if nothing unusual had happened.

If not for the lack of any spicy seasoning like this chilli powder in the Great Wu Dynasty, Chu Lian might have suspected that he was the kind to eat only spicy food.

However, Chu Lian found out very quickly that she was wrong.

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