Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator Chapter 369

Transmigrator Meets ReincarnatorChapter 368: Because I’m Lazy (2)

Wenqing noticed that Chu Lian was rubbing her hands together and huffing out her breath to warm them, so she quickly stuffed a new handwarmer into her hands. She hesitated before asking, “Third Young Madam, since you were the one who came up with the idea, why didn’t you give the blueprints directly to General Qian?”

After Wenqing blurted out the question, she immediately realised that it wasn’t appropriate.

She hurriedly tried to make up for it, “Third Young Madam, please don’t blame this servant. This servant went over the line. This servant shouldn’t have cast doubt on Third Young Madam’s decision.”

Chu Lian looked up just in time to catch the fear that flashed across Wenqing’s face. She reacted with a bright, yet cunning smile. Her beautiful almond-shaped eyes curved into upturned crescent moons.

“I have nothing to hide from the two of you. If you want to know, I’ll just tell you. Of course it’s because I’m lazy!”

There is a saying called ‘self-preservation is the first law of nature’. Everyone has moments when they’re selfish, when their beloved partners are no longer more important their own selves. Isn’t it more silly not to put your own survival first?

If you don’t even treat yourself well, how can you expect others to treat you well?

There was nothing wrong about Wenqing’s question. If Chu Lian had presented the to Great General Qian today, then she would definitely have gotten credited for the major contribution.

From their understanding of General Qian’s personality, if the northern border troops managed to overcome this trial, he would likely push for a promotion for Chu Lian. Even if she didn’t mention anything to him, she would most likely rise up another rank or even become a Royal Princess.

However, Chu Lian had gone straight to Third Young Master the moment she had arrived in the camp. She had even ordered the men in her party not to reveal that she had been the one to design the

Wenqing and Wenlan had been waiting with bated breath to hear what kind of righteous reason Chu Lian had for doing so.

Could it be that Third Young Madam’s heart was filled with Third Young Master and that her goal was to become her husband’s silent support? Or perhaps she wanted to become a hidden hero…?

Although there were plenty of hot-blooded reasons, those were completely unrelated to Chu Lian.

She had actually revealed without any shame at all that she had just been too lazy!

The flames burning in Wenqing and Wenlan’s eyes were instantly extinguished by a basin of ice cold water and disappeared without even the slightest trace of smoke…

Wenqing and Wenlan’s faces were now stiff. The corners of their lips twitched as they tried to think of a reply for their mistress.

Third Young Madam kept mumbling about Third Young Master being a ‘lunatic’, but from their point of view, Third Young Madam wasn’t any better.

Just take a look at the other n.o.ble madams. They fought for their husband’s favour all the time. When their Third Young Master wasn’t around in the estate, their Third Young Madam lived even more happily than when he was around. Other n.o.ble madams cared about their reputation. Their Third Young Madam treated her Honoured Lady t.i.tle as if it was just for show. Other n.o.ble madams loved to dress up. Their Third Young Madam was only occupied with eating…

Wenqing and Wenlan ranted crazily in their hearts.

Chu Lian glanced at her abnormally ‘silent’ maidservants and noticed that their expressions were quite blank, so she kindly explained further.

“Think about it. If I were to give the blueprints directly to General Qian, he would definitely keep me in his tent for questioning. Later on, the rest of the officers would also have to ask me tons of questions…” Following that, it would be having to coordinate the ma.s.s production of the s...o...b..ats, setting the principles and discussing the usage of the s...o...b..ats…

The moment she thought of all that had to be done, Chu Lian felt dizzy. Rather than working herself to the bone, why not hand over the tiring stuff to He Sanlang? He would definitely be willing to do it!

Wenqing and Wenlan: …..

The two of them were a little exasperated by Third Young Madam’s reasoning. “Don’t you want everyone to see you in a new light, Third Young Madam?”

If the Emperor ever found out about this, he might even praise their Third Young Madam in front of the whole court. That was an honour that most people couldn’t even dream about. With that, every time anyone in the capital mentioned Chu Lian, the first thing they would think about wouldn’t be how her fertility had caught House Jing’an’s eye.

Everyone would have to be respectful towards their Third Young Madam so as not to offend the Emperor then. That lady from House Dingyuan, Zou Yuanqin, wouldn’t have the guts to frame Third Young Madam any longer!

Chu Lian stared curiously at Wenqing and Wenlan. She hadn’t expected her two maidservants to be so compet.i.tive. She found it funny and smiled as she said, “Why do I have to make others see me in a new light? I think that it’s good enough for me to eat well and live well. Why do I need approval from others? It’s not like I’m living for other people’s attention. It’s good enough if I’m happy. I like to be comfortable and I don’t like to worry about so many things. Let me tell you girls. If you worry too much, you’ll age faster!”

Chu Lian reached out to poke Wenqing and Wenlan’s foreheads, copying the mannerisms of an elder educating her juniors.

Wenqing and Wenlan were shocked stiff by Third Young Madam’s strange worldview. Their jaws dropped in amazement.

Chu Lian smiled, “Does this mean that you girls think General Sima is impressive?”

Wenqing and Wenlan nodded furiously. Of course! General Sima was quite well-known in the army despite her young age. Even they had heard of General Sima when they had been in the capital. Any woman who knew a bit of martial arts would admire General Sima!

She was the modern ‘Hua Mulan’!

Even the Empress Dowager, who usually remained a recluse in the palace and never talked about court matters, had personally praised Sima Hui at the national banquet and awarded her with a set of custom-made armour.

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