Ore Wa LV99999, Shikashi, Ore No Tokei Ga 1 Chapter 72-75

Village 72:Rampage

The boy's body started to glow a dark,purple light,

And a transparent man,with a big wide,creepy smile appeared behind him,

And he begin to slowly separate from the boy.

Within a minute,the two of them separated,

The transparent body started to turn gray,

And the boy's grey skin started to back to normal,and the strange eye on his forehead disappeared.

The man took out a giant top-hat,and wear it.

The hat looks similar to Mephisto's hat.

"Now,let me kill you."

He took out a sword,and begin to stab Kageyo's heart.

Kageyo and the boy got sucked into his shadow,and moved towards me.

"Didn't you say you'll die?"

"You should never trust a ninja."

Kageyo placed the unconscious body of his son to us,

And begin to attack the fat,grey goblin looking man.

"Kage Buns.h.i.+n!"(You all do this before,so you should know what this is)

A cloud of smoke covered my vision,

When the smoke disperse,there were 20 Kageyo.

"Rin-chan,use your healing magic on him,i'll go help Kageyo."


I took out my scythe,and begin to use String of fate'.

I unraveled the red strings and pa.s.sed it to one of the Kageyo.

5 of them came and help me,while the rest went and distract him.

As he is being distracted,the others tied the sting to his feet,

'Stop fighting and run.'

Nothing changed,

String of fate didn't do anything!

"Tch,tch,tch,99999-san,we millennium can't be affected by things called fate."

I took out the book,and being to summon Utopia,

And the giant soldier appeared in front of me,

"What is it,master."

"Help Kageyo!"


"Rin-chan,how is he!"

"He-he's still unconscious!"

Again,i opened the book,and summoned Meliody.

"What is your command?"

"Help Rin-chan and heal this kid."




All of the clone disappeared,

Kageyo and Utopia couldn’t even injure him.

How strong is he!?

There should be a stronger servant then Utopia.

I flipped the pages of the book as fast as i could,

Until i reached the last page.

Destroyer of heaven and h.e.l.l,Hades.

Age:?????? Height:666cm Weight:???Kg





Magic Affinity:Dark magic,void magic,destruction magic


Skills:Dark hole(1/1),void s.h.i.+eld(2/2),Roar of destruction(1/1),Ball of death(1/2),Voidless body(1/1P


Hates:Ruler of h.e.l.l


He should be strong enough.

"Come on out!Hades!"

As i shout,

A large black hole appeared from the ground,

A large hand raised from the hole,

As the creature climbed it's way up,Utopia and Kageyo was able to stand up.

"Kageyo,Utopia,go to Meliody to heal."



The creature fully climbed it's way onto the surface,

And a giant black dragon appeared.

It has some weird green pattern on it's body,



"What is it that you want!"

It spoke in a rusty voice,but it's voice is still intimidating.

"Defeat my enemy."

"Is that so,i won't and i never will."


"1,i can't beat him,2,i hate you."


"But i'll help you."


Help me,how?

"What day is it?"

"I don't know."

"Shut up,you three!!"

"It's strange for Hades to be helping master."

"Oo,Hades,the one who hates h.e.l.l,decided to help him!"

The millenium earl laughed in enjoyment.

I have no idea why everyone is so surprised.

Hades poked his sharp finger into my heart,

It doesn't hurt,

I felt somewhat different.

"What did you do?"

"I gave you some new skills."

"Oo,scary!I really want to fight,but my friend needs me."


"Don't worry,i have a present for you."




A kyons.h.i.+,wearing a chinese royal outfit,is biting Rin-chan's neck!

He bite her!!!

He bite her!!!!!

He bite her!!!!!!!!

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d,i'll kill him!!!

I'll kill the earl!!!!!!

"Now,while your wife become a mindless monster,'m gonna find my friend and admit defeat!Bye,bye!"

Within seconds,he disappeared.

If he didn't escape,i could have kill him!!

Now,i'll torture and kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d instead!!!!!

'Berserker rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

(Mephisto's POV)

"It's been an hour and no one is losing or winning."


"Ah,so who won?"

"He tricked me,so you win."

"Hahaha,is that so."

"Of course!"

"Then,why do you want to revive him."

"It's not why,it's why not!"

"……well,not my concern,i'm just an observer."

The earl,looking at the room where my cute 99999-san is at,

And he begin to talk to himself.

"Now,rampage,rampage.I want to see some quality entertainment."

Village 73:Rampage 2

Name:Kamado Souta [Villager] LV99999

Age:16 Height:165cm Weight:55Kg





Magic Affinity:None

Traits:Level show,Farming(1/5),breeding(1/5),Woodcutting(2/5),Scythe Mastery(3/5),Servant summoning(2/5)

Skills:Plot armour(4/5),String of fate(1/2),Berserker rage(2/2),???(?/?)

->Berserker rage Ugradeed

  ->When user is enrage when using the skill,all stats are double.


I took my scythe,and pushed the corpse away from her,

"Gah,you humando ,you know me!!"

"f.u.c.k you!!"

I don't want to listen to the person who is going to die twice,

I swing my scythe,and hit him with the blunt end of the blade.

"Gah!You,hit me!"


I hit his again with the blunt side of the blade,

And crushed his arms,


Again,and this time,i crushed his legs,


"Shut the f.u.c.k up!!"

With the last swing,i furiously slashed his head off,and crushed it.

It's not over yet.

There's still the fat goblin.

I destroyed the wall,and run out into the forest,


I don't care about what there are going to say,

I'm gonna kill that fat goblin!

"Where are you,a.s.shole!!!!!!!!"


No reply.

Since he didn't reply,

I'll run around the forest,

I begin to run,

As i run,i met more corpse,

I killed them.

As i run,i met some exorcist,

I push them away,

As i run,i met some ninjas,

I threw them away.

I can't find him!

I can't find him anywhere!

Where is he!

His not in the sky,

His not on the ground,

Where is he!

"Coward,appear before me,son of a b.i.t.c.h!!!"

"Gegege,did you call?"

He spoke,as he slowly float down towards me.

I swing my scythe,using all of my speed and strength,


He was able to block my attack!

My strength,have been increased more than 99999,

My speed,is 66666,

How did he block my attack!

"Surprised?Of course you are,with my millenium eye,i see everything."

"Shut up!"

I swing my scythe again,and yet,he block my attack.

Seeing my attack is one thing,

But the speed,precision and the strength to block my attack is impossible!


I felt a sharp stap from my heart.

I look down,and a hand covered in my crimson blood pierced through my body.


Blood was coming out of my mouth,

But i can still move,

I can still go on a rampage!

With all of my strength,

I slashed his hand off my body.


"Oo,look who it is?"

"Don't you dare!"

I run towards Rin-chan to protect her,

As i run,i noticed that her skin is still the same.

Her snow,white skin isn't tainted grey.

As i reach her,she begin to hug me.

"It's alright Soutsan,i'm alright."


I felt a sharp sensation from my body,

The goblin's hand regrew and stabbed right through me and Rin-chan.


I lost too much blood,

My conscious begin to fade away.


My vision disappeared,but my conscious is still around.


My eyes!!

It felt as if there are begin taken out!


My hand!

Now,my hands are being sliced off!

"Don't worry,i've enjoyed myself,so i'll give you another present."

My conscious slowly faded away

Village 74:Bond

Master,Rin-dono,please be safe.


"Kageyo,his waking up."

I moved closer to my son,Tsukikage,and looked at him.


"Kid,you're still recovering,don't talk too much."

"Why did you disobey me."


"Why did you disobey me!"

He didn't reply me,so i raised my voice each time he kept silence.

"Kageyo,his a kid.Don't be too strict to him."

"He’s not a kid anymore."

"Why didn't you return."


"Why didn't you return to see Mama!Ah!"

"Stop shouting."


"I was busy."

"Doing what?Tell me.What are you doing."

"a.s.sa.s.sination.The job that ninjas are trained to do."

"You didn't even return to mama’s funeral."

"…What did she say?"

"Why should i tell you?"

"Shut up.You're happy to see me,aren't you."


"Stop lying."

"How do you know?"

"I still remember that you'll always move your fingers when you lie."

"Sh-shut up.So what?It's just a habit"

"Then why are you crying?"

Meliody stopped healing him,and placed him on the floor.

"Kageyo,he only have 5 minutes left."

The tears on his face begin to increase.

He must have been scared.

"Why did you break the rule?"

"……I want to see you."

"I want to see you,so i can be recognized as a real ninja."

"If that's what you want,why didn't you ask Hikari to do it for you?"

"Mama didn't want me to be a ninja,she says it dangerous."

"Yeah,you were controlled by a fat goblin just now."

"The scroll,i thought with it i can find you.But,it wasn't."

"Meliody,go heal Utopia."


"What did she say before she die?"

"……Nothing.She didn't say anything.She smiled til her death."

"There's a note isn't it."

Tsukikage took out a piece of paper from his socket,

He placed the paper into my socket,and begin to age slowly.



"I'm sorry.I'm sorry for not being obedient."

"It's alright."

His body slowly aged,from a teenager,to a middle aged man.

"Can i see your face before i go?"

Without giving a reply,

I took off my mask.

"……EE!Utopia,Meliody,Kagayo took off his mask!"

"Meliody,what day is today?"

"I don't know?First Hades helped our master,and now,Kageyo took out his mask."

Tsukikage begin to age faster,from a middle aged man,to an old man.

Not long later,he slowly pa.s.sed away.

As i was about to dig a grave,

My body begin to slowly disappear.

"Something bad happened to master!"

"Utopia,keep quiet or i can't heal you while we are forced return to h.e.l.l."

I'm sorry,Tsukikage,for not being able to make you a grave,

And i'm sorry for being a bad father.

"Don't worry,Kageyo.I'll help you make a grave."


Since hades was different from us,

He cannot be forced back to h.e.l.l.

My body faded away,

And the sight of the room became a view of a city.

Village 75:Conscious fading away again

What's this?

Where am i?

Why is everything black?

I can't feel anything?

Wait,my eyes were taken out by the earl,and my arms were sliced off.

Suddenly,a flash of light blinded me for a few seconds,

I flinched,but after a while,my eyes adjusted to the light.

Now i can see.

How am i able to see?

My eyes were taken out!

And,why is my hand still intact?

As i begin to question myself,

The weird eye symbol showed up in front of me,

And it slowly begin to transform into me.

It didn't talk,and it begin to moved towards me,

And it begins to stab me in my heart.

But it didn't hurt.

'Skill:Millenium eye,Transferred complete.'

Wh-what is this?

There's voices in my head.

'Skill:Phantom hand,Transferred complete.'

The voice in my head stopped and my conscious begins to fade away again.

How is my conscious fading away if i'm not awake?

I don't know,

But how many times do i have to lose my conscious?

Within seconds,my conscious have completely ended.

The last thing i saw,was a sentence written in english.

'Choose your path:G.o.d of G.o.d or Millenium king?'

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