Expelled SSS-rank Architect, Rebuilding The Demon Kings Castle! Chapter 6

Chapter 6, The hero party fights the dragon

Looking at the second day of the adventure, it was awful.

“I’m so hungryyyy… My throat is dry….”

“Ughhh…. i want a bath…”

“……My body, is sore. …I want to lie down in a bed.”

To subjugate the thunder dragon, Bruges’ group ascended the mountain. However, their spirit was in tatters. But even if it only looked like it for a moment, they were heroes after all. Even whilst lacking physical strength, they somehow kept on walking. The hunger exhausted them greatly, and not being able to take a bath or sleep piled up stress, but it really couldn’t be helped.

Originally, practiced adventurers would persevere in a situation like this, right? However, they had been completely spoiled by Johann’s power. They only knew comforting adventures, climbing the mountain in this state was close to being suicidal.

“I want to…. eat….teriyaki meat…”

At noon they were half hungry and half losing their sanity. While Bruges walked around unsteadily, he gazed at the poisonous mushrooms Mis.h.i.+ gathered. The color indicated very obviously that it was poisonous. In normal situations, you would drop those without hesitation, they were impossible to eat.

But Bruges…


He ate it.

Right that moment, he screamed. And his abdomen roared.


Immediately he was attacked by severe abdominal pain. His stomach rejected the poisonous mushrooms furiously. Bruges hastily concealed himself in the shadow of a tree. And exerted himself to excrete the toxins.


The next time Bruges showed his face, he was thin and slender.

“G-guys… The mushrooms we brought back yesterday, under no condition eat those…”

Bruges called out to them, so that two new victims wouldn’t appear.


“….fufu, fu, fufufufu!”

The two who were nibbling at some laughing mushrooms, completely had their stomachs defeated.

“Oh my G.o.d! I was one step too late!”

Furthermore, their state was only getting worse. Large raindrops fell from the sky, and before they knew it, it was grey and cloudy. That too, with heavy lightning. The group’s body was violently chilled by the rain, and their body temperature was gone in one stroke.

“T-this is bad! Hey, quickly find somewhere to………. there, take shelter in that cave!”

“Hahahahahahah It’s raining! It’s raining! Uuahyahahahahahaha!”

“This is not a situation to laugh at! Come quickly!”

“…Pfffff. I wonder if you could satisfy me!?”

“That has nothing to do with those laughing mushrooms!”

Bruges forcibly pulled the two girls to safety in the cave nearby. While watching the rain, they were forced to wait for a while.

“Trying to defeat the dragon right now would be disaster, wouldn’t we completely die…”

Feeling the true harshness of nature, Bruges’ face was pale.

“Haaaa……haa…..haa….. Huh…… I almost died laughing~……”

“….I’m worn out.”

Little by little, they slowly came back from the toxins. And said in a rough voice.

“Hey, Bruges…. Can’t we use the transfer crystal already? Won’t it be dangerous if we don’t turn back right now?”

“…I also truly want to go home now.”

Keene who objected yesterday, changed her opinion.

“Aa…… I guess we have no choice…”

If the continued in the current state of affairs, it would be truly life threatening. As it is, mother nature would kill them. They had no choice but to try again, next time with proper preparations. It would be double the effort, but that was for the best. It was already clear that subjugating a thunder dragon would take extra time, the king would probably permit it. So finally, three people each prepared for their transfer crystal.

“Aaa. I wish Johann was here.”

Mis.h.i.+ suddenly grumbled.

The person himself probably unconsciously muttered the same inside him. Incidentally, Johann was comfortably resting back at his place. It would be unavoidable for an adventurer to mutter something like this.

But….. Bruges with his enormous pride, couldn’t possibly accept that.

“Oi, you… What did you just say?”


You wish you had Johann!? Did you just say that?”

“N-no… Errr….. i wonder what I said?”

At the abrupt outburst of anger, Mis.h.i.+’s face looked troubled.

“B-but! It’s that! Isn’t camping just awful?! It’s not that he is good!”

Mis.h.i.+ was giving a confused explanation, but it was already too late to reach Bruges’ ears. He put the crystal back in his pocket, and stood back up, annoyed.

“…..Wait, Bruges. Where are you going?”

I decided on the mountaintop! Let’s hurry up and defeat that dragon!”

Shouting one-sidedly, Bruges left the cave like that.

“W-wait! Do you really feel like walking around in this rain!?”

“…Reckless. We better go back.”

However, Bruges disregarded the two, and kept walking. The stubborn Bruges was steadily moving along the mountain path on his own free will. With a bizarre force, Mis.h.i.+ and Keene were obligated to follow behind.

“I’ll kill him…. I will kill him so hard!”

Not specifically to anyone, Bruges shouted out loud. As far as Bruges was concerned, Mis.h.i.+’s proposal was completely denied. It was originally an idea of Bruges that Johann was kicked out. If any inconvenience occurred, it would be his responsibility. He didn’t want to admit it. Being dependent on Johann’s ability, meant admitting that his ability was better. Being dependent on another man, in his party, with his women. Bruges would not allow that.

He wanted to unconditionally crush the dragon, and show off his ability. Such thoughts made him forget the cold and the hunger, and drove his legs forward. As expected of one called a hero. Generally speaking a journey to the top would take two days, but he would do it in one.

Then they looked at the summit. The dragon flew with his large wings, and overlooked them.


His head looked like a horned reptile, and his body possessed four big legs. The scales that covered a body where charged electrically, and made a crackling sound. After that howl, it was without a mistake the thunder dragon they were targeting.

The dragon descended from the thunderstorm. It felt like the dragon’s breath was strengthened by the rain.


The dragon opened his eyes, and roared.

Bruges’ group ducked by instinct. The dragon was already angered.

“Heh… You feel like we’re intruding on your territory. Relax. We’ll leave soon enough.”

With a glint in his eyes, Bruges pulled out the sword at his waist.

“I’ll f.u.c.king finish you!!!”

Bruges’ skill, SSS-rank [Sword master] It improved the swordsmans.h.i.+p skills, improved attack power with a sword, and gave the ability to freely create and manipulate swords.

With that strength, Bruges was under the impression he could do anything. And in reality, it did have that much power. Just by activating this skill, no matter what sword master he encountered, he could defeat him. No matter what kind of demon he fought, he could defeat them. At least on the battle side of things, there was no one who would oppose him. That was why he attracted the dragon as an opponent, to activate the skill.

[Conviction edge, Judgement sword]

With something being chanted for moment, the dragon emerged from high up in the sky. The sword produced by Bruges’ skill, had an unbelievable size. Its size was comparable to the body of the thunder dragon.

“This will be hard, but i will finish this in one blow!”

Bruges said that, and swung his sword at the neck of the dragon, like it was a guillotine.


It was a direct hit on the dragon. With a thud, the hard scales cracked.

And the sword was shattered into tiny pieces.


The scales were tough due to the immense electrical charge, and the sword he was so proud of disappeared uneventfully.


“That was Bruges most powerful skill…”

“….Impossible. ….This is the first time it didn’t work.”

The event happening before the three heroes’ eyes, left them completely stunned.

“Goooooooo…. GOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Meanwhile, the thunder dragon only got angrier and angrier after that attack. It was as if the heavens were shaken after that roar, and Bruges quickly realized the danger.

“O-oi Mis.h.i.+! The barrier!”

“Eh……?” Ah! Yeah! [Defense expansion, Active s.h.i.+eld!]

Mis.h.i.+ and the rest began to gather under the dome-shaped barrier. This was all because of the SSS-rank [Barrier master] skill. Immediately after that, intense lightning struck Bruges. The roar of the thunder destroyed eardrums, and the flash would roast the eyes. The lightning hit the barrier, the Earth trembling at its impact.

Ughhh…… What is this…..power….!”

The barrier which once held back hundreds of demons, was now creaking with one blow.


The flash of lightning had not gone through as of yet.

But from the dark sky countless more strikes rained down. It wasn’t only Mis.h.i.+’s barrier, the ground, the surroundings, and every single tree was attacked without discrimination. The destruction was carved into the earth.

It was as if G.o.d was judging them. That is what Bruges thought, facing this terrible spectacle.

(It’s strange….. Usually, judgement sword would easily kill something like this…..)

A while ago, this was the technique Bruges used to stab the Demon King. No matter how strong the dragon was, seeing as it buried the Demon King, this should have been easy enough. Because in the ranks of the Demon King there were overwhelmingly strong demons.

(And Mis.h.i.+’s barrier should have been way firmer…. It’s strange. Something’s different from usual…)

He had an unknown sense of discomfort. He couldn’t put this anxiety in his chest to words. Bruges couldn’t put it together, and was getting impatient.

“Keene! Can you stop his attacks for a little while!? It seems even his scales are electrically charged!”

“…..That is fine. I can do two minutes.”

Caine held her hands towards the thunder dragon.

Her skill was the SSS-rank [Sensory manipulator] Using her own strong aura, an enemy’s attacks could be restrained. But depending on the direction she took, it had various other uses.

Keene gathered her strength, and glared at the thunder dragon.


At the same time as that shout, the dragon’s body quivered. Then the movement stopped. By the power of the binding. All the thunderbolts and lightning attacks nearby also stopped.

“Alright! “[Thousand volumes of slaughter, Thousand slayer]!"

Making use of the defenseless gap, Bruges’ skills were put into operation.

The thunder dragon leapt to the sky. In that vast sky, countless large swords were created in quick succession. Each size of the sword was smaller than the previous one, but their sharpness was unparalleled. All the tips turned towards the dragon, and all the 1000 swords surrounded him.


So many swords were produced with this skill. Bruges felt the fatigue. However, a smile floated on his lips.

“With this I will truly end it!”

All the swords surrounding him, simultaneously moved towards the dragon. He couldn’t get away, and the electric scales couldn’t prevent it either. If you got hit with these swords, wouldn’t you die in an instant?

Bruges was certain of victory.

Shortly after, a huge lightning bolt hit the Dragon.


A super-thick lightning bolt hit the Thunder Dragon himself. The aftershock of that bolt defended him, and destroyed all the swords without exception.

“………No way. ……..The sensory bindings, were undone…….”

In the case of Keene, she should have been able to restrain it for two minutes, attacking and defending, it was supposed to seal even movement. But the opponent undid the restraints within a matter of seconds. Even the Demon King was tormented with his senses….


Furthermore, after that bolt of lightning hit, the body of the thunder dragon bore a powerful gleam. Far from being damaged by the lightning bolt, he seems to have gained power instead. It appeared the scales protected him, and also restored him.


More lightning strikes. .h.i.t the barrier. The barrier couldn’t hold up, and a “crack” sound could be heard. And shattered.

“Oi oi are you serious…..?”

And at the same time, the dragon’s jaw opened. The insides of his mouth contained a ma.s.s of bright electric energy.

It was Thunder-breath.

A seriously angry dragon fired off his species’ breath attack.

“O-oi! Mis.h.i.+! Quickly repair the barrier!”

“I-i can’t! We can’t defend! There’s something bad with the barrier today!”

“…..Lets run away already. ……More than this, is bad!”

Keene took out the transfer crystals, and urged the group to use them. The two desperate members, reflexively took them.

And the thunder dragon’s breath was released. Author notes

Thanks to you guys, we went into the top 10 rankings! (as of 7/28/2018)

Everyone who’s supporting me, thank you very much!

I’ll keep going, and doing my best.

“Shaaa…..shaaaa…” Felukia made some sleeping sounds. (It is not her turn yet)

Next, we will be returning to Johann’s story. A new heroine will arrive not before long. Translator notes

It took a while, sorry. Also i’m thinking about dropping translating for the moment, for 2 reasons. The author hasn’t posted a new chapter for almost half a year. With chapter 13 on 2018/08/06 being the latest. So even if i continued the chapters would stop pretty soon.  I’m just not experienced enough. Translation quality wise, i’m satisfied. But my j.a.panese is still poor, which results on me relying on MTL for the larger part. This works, but it’s frustratingly slow. So i’d rather return once i can translate more naturally.

That aside, it’s been really fun to do, so i’d like to return eventually. Maybe even to this series, if there’s still some left over chapters by that time. Editor notes


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